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Thread: RCM&E Fly-In 2019 - general chatter
04/09/2019 10:20:05

David - Its been a while since I've posted here but can you clarify that Turbines will be allowed to fly at the fly in please?

I was with Manny after the Nats and he seems to think no arrangement to do so (as is required by Buckminster) had been made.

Buckminster is very careful re noise and advanced notice of turbine flying is required. He seemed to think that the next turbine date was a JMA event.


Thread: Navigation Lights
25/10/2018 11:18:45

I have recently bought and used a simply superb set of programmable nav lights for my 42% scale RV-4.

They were expensive but can be seen all around the circuit and switched to different effects from the transmitter.

They are from Unilight and Nexus Models holds a huge amount of stock.


Thread: What a Joke!!
05/06/2017 16:16:07

No axe to grind. I gurantee that attending the LM show cost me a lot more than it cost you! However I like to deal with facts. I have no problem with facts.

The flying was restricted to pilots who booked in. the guy who organised the slots gave slots to anyone who booked in. He did not however, cajoule his mates. In previous years the show has been so bad the pilots intervened to run the flightline. Most of the pilots who flew were under the age of 30. Most were in teams. This is how they booked in to fly. Nik Johnson is an exceptional heli flightline commentator. He needs to learn how to do that for fixed wing. The two types of display are very different not east the ages of the audience. It would also have been nice to see him mixing after the show and during the night flying displays. This would have served him well for Weston Park in two weeks time. He is not Dave Bishp but did bring live feeds to social media right from the flightline. It is certainly going to be 'different'. Different is good 'cos this hobby of ours is in decline and things need to be different.


05/06/2017 15:41:23

Ooo not really sticking up for it Essjay. It was very 'samey' with jets and 3D. However Chris would infer that this in some way is down to the organiser of the slots which is not true. He's been told this elsewhere but like to big up the LMA...

The flightline organiser allocated slots to pilots who booked in to fly (at their expense) for the public. the lack of variety is down to the lack of pilots booking in.

The trade was also poor, though I did manage to get most of what I needed.

I also hear that property development will mean no more Long Marston going forwards.



Edited By Slopetrashuk on 05/06/2017 15:41:54

05/06/2017 15:30:51
Posted by ChrisB on 04/06/2017 11:27:50:

Whats also interesting is that most modellers are over 50 and don't appreciate commentary such as "look at that bad boy" and we're hangin wiv da crew", "giv it up for..."

Gotta call you out on that one again Chris. Where you get your info from heaven only knows.

Pilots from Long Marston: Rory Tooley - 12yrs, Tom Edgecome - 14yrs, Luke Oliver 16yrs, Morgan Goule - 17yrs, Tom Lambert - 17yrs, Sam Bates - 17yrs, Dani Ge - 18-yrs, Max Strnger - 19yrs, Liam Clayton - 20yrs - All of the AZ Aerosports team under 30yrs. All of the Global RC team the same...All the propguy team the same...

Perhaps if the LMA hadn't been so restrictive to younger pilots until recently you'd be more at home with the lingo. Thank heavens they've realised they need to change as an organisation and dropped the show age to coincide with their young superstar.......

Andy Ellison



Edited By Slopetrashuk on 05/06/2017 15:31:56

05/06/2017 15:18:58

Ah Chris so this is where you are. Not content with peddling your misinformation on Facebook you've come to disrupt the smooth operation of the RCM&E forum.

It is obvious that you have some axe to grind with the organiser. I hope you're not acting in an official manner on behalf of the LMA, your prefferred organisation.

For the benefit of the debate I will add this.

All pilots who booked in got to fly. The shortage of variety is due to the lack of support from pilots.

Were it not for the AZ Aerosports / Team Rogue / Global RC / Prop guy and Cambria Funfighters teams there would have been one or two jets doing solo slots and that is it.

There was no preference given, no special arrangements made, no behind the scenes slot fixing. Pilots who booked in, flew. Cant watch pilots who dont show up can you now. Where were all the LMA guys then? No warbirds other than young Tom Edgecombes and Andy Johnsons Mustang. No Dawn Patrol....nothing. Not even a Piper....

As for the volume - move your chair. the speakers were covering a flightline 500m long.

Andy Ellison

Thread: Visiting the Great Orme
23/07/2016 01:25:45
I will but dont forget your ballast. I am fuelled by pasties. Dont let me down.
23/07/2016 00:58:06
I'll sort it for you James. Give us a shout with your dates and I'll call in a favour.

Thread: Which for max speed?
11/07/2016 11:17:16

If you want to fly fast you need both rpm and pitch.

Pitch comes into play when you decide how long you want to accelerate for and whether you are being hand launched of not.

A typical F3D or Q40 pylon racer (i.c.) would run 7x7 to 7x8 props on a 40 sized motor (they would be carbon). They need to reach top speed quickly and not really slow in the turns. A sporty pylon racer at lower (17K to 18K) rpm would turn 8 or 9 inch diameter props at 8 or 9 inch pitch.

I used to run my speed delta's on 9x9 and later 8x10's. Any more made a hand launch difficult but I could afford to take my time to build up the speed.

The electric speed model I flew at Greenacres on Sunday (220mph) runs a 7x10.

Worlds speed record models would run multiple (5 or 6_ blade props with pitches of 20+ inches on 15+ cells.

Andy Ellison

Still.....British I.C. Speed Record Holder.

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Thread: Greenacres 2016 Fly-ins
10/07/2016 23:01:45

Tim. You're forgetting that Netty is the first Greenacres Pie Face champion.

Thread: Any German Translators here?
07/07/2016 17:09:29

Martyn. If you are coming to Greenacres please bring it. Klaus Uhlein will be with us and he'll read it to you at bedtime to send you to sleep.


Thread: Visiting the Great Orme
01/07/2016 21:29:10
Park in a different spot near the cable car lines for the n orth and ne but otherwise head for the tank track.
01/07/2016 21:21:11
The main slope does west to ssw with a nw 100yds away and a walk uphill to a nice south bowl. A north to a ne will be on the pier side. A walk from the cars for those.
01/07/2016 21:19:15
It will do pretty much anything except E to Se
Thread: Great Orme needs a tenant
18/05/2016 12:53:01

You're all amateurs at getting told off...... You don't put them on the edge so they can push back, you turn them to face you so you don't miss out on all the kissing.

Thread: Why can't I "enter" to a new line?
09/03/2016 13:01:21

Should have got a Taranis....

Thread: Large scale P47 Thunderbolt - source?
05/03/2016 09:37:11

Thread: Dear Mr Spektrum
03/03/2016 12:40:08

So, the considered advice to the gent who raised a sensible point about the screen on (most) modern transmitters is "Get a Taranis".

This place hasn't changed then....

The Taranis is a radio for nerds programmers and geeks. There are a number in our club. They are cheap you see. Do you think the non nerdy, programmer type geeks can use them? No. No they can't. Nor do they really want to and many, like Glynn44's are unused. Especially when they see an instructor programme from scratch, bind and test fly a model on a Spektrum/Futaba/JR/Hitec etc. set in mere minutes.

I would also suggest Glyn44 that your dude who programmed your 9 with a thousand clicks, may not have been overly familiar with the depths of the Spektrum programmes. It is a pain felt by many instructors when asked to programme models on a different brand of gear than their own.

Taranis users can often be spotted heading home to plug into the laptop and reverse the rudder servo......


(Who thinks a video outlet socket on a DX18 will make for a great club night presentation on setting up models)....

Thread: Air Shows under threat
11/02/2016 20:39:55
10/02/2016 14:16:16

For completeness. I have applied to be part of the public consultation and I have written to my MP.


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