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Thread: GooseV2, new lasercut kit build video series.
27/03/2020 05:37:16

A fantastic project! At every stage, your CAD design, the videos and then the build, they are all excellent. I’ve watched them all, it’s a very well thought out design and this shows when you come to the build section. Marvellous work from start to finish!

Thread: Insanity seems to be setting in
09/03/2020 14:50:03

There was a Doctor/Government spokesman on the news last week, last year 18,000 people died of flu in the UK last year. People need to look at this with a bit of perspective.

Thread: power for remote container.
28/02/2020 19:00:26

We’ve got a similar container without mains power. We have to haul a solar panel in and out to charge the leisure batteries. Leaving anything outside will eventually get destroyed. Not necessarily in the first week or month, but eventually.
We've installed LED lights in the hut and these are movement activated, members kept on leaving the lights on by mistake. These came from Screwfix or somewhere similar.

Thread: Web Cam?
08/02/2020 15:09:37

We've had one for years, its main use is to allow others to see who is at the field. It does take snaps of the occasional yob who finds our field but you'd have to know the individual to recognise someone though.

We have seen people up there and the nearest member has scrambled out there to scare them off, they've normally gone by the time he gets there.

We did run off ours from a small solar panel glued to the roof, this worked fine until the yobs climbed on the roof and smashed it. We now rely on a bigger panel that is carried out and back in each time a member is at the field. Admittedly we lose all the sunlight from windy days but we're not prepared to give the yobs another chance.

The panel is linked to a regulator and then two large leisure batteries. This runs the mobile phone web cam and the hut lights. These are LED and movement activated as members kept leaving lights on and running the batteries flat.

The old mobile phone looks out through a very small hole in the corner of the hut looking out over the pits and car park, it's linked to our club web site so anyone can view it (suspicious wives, everyone! ) It updates every few minutes during the day.

All in all I think it's seen as a positive addition and well worth the initial teething problems.

Thread: Making oracover Matt ?
21/09/2019 16:55:22

I built the same model (twice but that's another story) and covered it in Solarfilm. I then used a Scotchbrite pad to take the gloss off and then drew panel lines on with pencil, exactly as your suggesting. It worked a treat. The dirt and rust on here is pastel sticks, then a matt varnish over the top to seal it.

In the air

Thread: Airbus A400 - Anyone else built one
11/09/2019 07:10:58

Excellent build photos, the parachute drop system looks great. I built his Sunderland model, I never added any extra features but it certainly has a great presence in the air.

Thread: Hitec Optima Aerial Mount
25/07/2019 16:44:37

Use a fat straw from your favourite fast food place, hot glue gun the straw in place, insert aerial.

Thread: Local club attendance
01/07/2019 14:17:42

We've got one hundred members and struggle to get people to the field. Not that I can talk, I work abroad so I'm one of the 85 who rarely attend.

We've got a camera that can be accessed via the club website. The idea being that you can see the pits area and car park so you can see who else is there.

Thread: One Man Swap Meet.
27/06/2019 20:16:24


Which part of the country are you?



Thread: Is it now time for cyclists to wear an identifier and pay a tax?
21/06/2019 14:26:01

I'm against the suggestion, it's unenforceable. We cannot Police the roads adequately now, driving standards have fallen in recent years and there is a correlation to Police numbers despite what the PM says. If we cannot Police cars that are identified with insured and licensed drivers (well most of them anyway) how are we going to cope with cyclists? The vast percentage of whom are law abiding. I know we all see poor cycling behaviour but in reality it is a low percentage.

Everyone moans at the Police Officer issuing a ticket for no safety belt, using a phone, speeding etc. The standard line is 'why aren't you catching burglars/rapists?' But then we all moan about the poor standards that have resulted by reducing traffic law enforcement. We reap what we sow, it ain't going to get better for a long time.

Imagine the law comes in, the law abiding cyclist complies with all requirements. The reckless cyclist won't and therefore the whole reason for the law is made a mockery. Exactly the same point as MattyB makes above.

Thread: Design & Build Dornier Do 24
10/03/2019 20:39:39

Have a look at the Bucks Composites site, he gives advice on glassing using foam rollers. I’ve glassed four planes and it gives great results and very easy to do.

Thread: Big Trouble in Model Britain
10/03/2019 08:55:44

I too enjoyed the show. I watched a similar programme years ago about train collectors. One chap explained that he used to buy two examples of every train he bought. One to display in its box, it was never removed. The second one wasn’t even removed from the transit packaging to maximise its value in years to come. I remember thinking that he could be in for a big surprise when he sold the brown paper wrapped package some years later.

Thread: Forum members' new models: Let's see them.
02/03/2019 22:03:43

I saw the writing on the wall and bought kits whilst I had the chance. There was a big discussion on here about the demise of building kits as opposed to buying ready made foamies. I’ve got foamies, they’re great but I really enjoy building too.

Ill take some snaps of the bigger one and post them, it’s virtually the same kit just a big bigger.

02/03/2019 08:58:49

88f18b56-2d06-4d84-9953-d6bd4a971cc2.jpegI successfully flew this for the first time yesterday. It’s a Warbird Replica La7, the smaller 57” version. It’s electric using their motor and FMS spinner and 3 bladed prop. It’s not finished yet and I’ll get on and finish the detailing, the Solartrim stickers have lost their grip so I’ll paint the stars on. I’ll draw a few panel lines and weather it up a bit too. It’s painted with Matchpots over brown paper covering.

It went together really easily, it’s very simple. The beauty of it is that you can add, alter or glue extra bits on to cover mistakes, it’s a model plane after all.

I’ve made a start on it’s bigger brother but that one will have a Laser 80 up front, luckily I already have one.


Thread: YAD (Yet Another Drone) and its idiot
21/02/2019 20:17:26

Oops, wrong thread.  Sorry 



Edited By Bucksboy on 21/02/2019 20:41:00

Edited By Bucksboy on 21/02/2019 20:41:38

Thread: Futaba Orange fasst rx aerial installation
04/02/2019 14:52:58

It’s just the bared bit at the end that needs to be at 90 degrees. On Futaba these are silver, I don’t know about your receivers.

Edited By Bucksboy on 04/02/2019 14:53:30

Thread: Warbird Replicas Spitfire LF mk IXc
02/02/2019 15:15:04

You could slide a piece of the original blue outer over the exposed yellow to support it. But this time you'd have to support this 'extra' piece of outer as it's receiving no support itself. That would mean glueing a long triangular fillet between the outer and the fuselage. From the side you'd hardly notice it and once in the air it would be impossible to spot.

Of the two methods I'd prefer the long threaded steel insert into the middle of the yellow inner. The whole snake run looks nice and straight so the longest piece that will fit without causing fouling would be best. Use a power drill to grip the threaded rod to wind it in, the friction makes it hard to accomplish by hand.

I hope this helps.

01/02/2019 19:08:07


I wasn't too far off, Ebay has 12" of stainless steel 2mm studding for £5. Expensive for a short, thin rod but if it sorts out the problem....

01/02/2019 18:37:03

You can buy short sections, 6 inches I seem to remember, of 2mm threaded rod. Wind that into the yellow inner so its well into the fuselage, just leaving a short section to screw the clevis onto. That will support the yellow snake internally making it stronger. I seem to remember they were expensive, about £2 each but you only need one. Two if the rudder is the same.

Thread: Warbird Replicas Bf 109 club.
14/01/2019 21:13:40

Ed, I’ve sent you a private message.

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