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Thread: New Laser engines. What do you want?
21/11/2015 20:15:42

I've got the Saito FG 21, it runs very well and is no noisier than the glow version. It's still a bit messy as all Saitos are. It sips fuel which is good but I bought it for its reliability rather than fuel cost.

Thread: What To Do If You Lose Your Field?
20/11/2015 16:55:58

We've spent nearly a year under the cloud of potentially losing our flying field. The owners wanted to allow a Solar Panel firm to build a solar panel farm on the land. We took expert advice from independent experts and from the BMFA. Luckily for us, the Government withdrew the subsidies for the solar panels and the company decided not to proceed. (We've no idea what other problems contributed to that decision so there may be other factors.)

The BMFA helped us and were easy to contact but now I see that Andy has been off which contributed to the delay. We've now negotiated a lease with the site owners so we've got to keep our fingers crossed that they don't come up with another idea to use the land. Both Manny and Andy gave us help and support so we're very pleased with their efforts. The lease has got a 'get out' clause but it was that or nothing.

We struggled to find any other land to fly over but we are in a densely populated area near London so there is hardly a field anywhere that hasn't got a house near it.

Edited By Bucksboy on 20/11/2015 16:57:44

Thread: Cambria Zero
19/11/2015 15:38:24

I do use a foam roller and find that it gives a much easier, smoother and thinner covering of the resin than the credit card method. There's never any excess that needs mopping up with kitchen roll. Plus, I find that the credit card snags and catches the glass cloth all the time. Bucks Composites website (nothing to do with them but I like their stuff) has a 'how to do it' section and he advocates the roller method. I use two coats and it always comes out very well.

I'm off to spare some paint on now, it will be Humbrol 28, its close enough for me, most Club members won't even recognise it as a Zero anyway. Plus, its not going in the Nats as a Scale entry so if I want yellow leading edges, its getting some!

18/11/2015 15:05:25

I sanded some wedge shaped bits of balsa in a ring around the rear of the cowl. I then stuck thin ply squares onto them. They then had epoxy dolloped everywhere from the rear, they are very vulnerable to damage, or were. Mine are rock solid. They aren't scale, everything was added by eye so it looked about right.

It will be powered by an OS 46 two stroke, the big, external exhaust is a pain but there is nothing to be done about it.

The servo tray will fit between the tank and the wing retaining mount on the right.

Thread: Jonah Lomu
18/11/2015 14:48:11

He was a big man but seem to remember that he could sprint 100 metres in about 10.5 seconds, it takes a brave man to try and stop him at full tilt. Very sad news.

Thread: Cambria Zero
18/11/2015 12:29:41

Not too much, I realised this before everything was glued. By taking a bit out from the bottom, the fuel tank can be removed for maintenance etc. If the part is not altered, you can't get the tank in or out. Thats the only thing I've changed so far, not too bad at all. Plus, this is the reason you've sent them out for a test build.


The image doesn't show it as well as I hoped, I've taken about 10 mm or so out from the bottom edge, in line with the width of the tank.

18/11/2015 08:41:34

Oops, forgot to add a snap of the cowl.



The bit poking out underneath is a solid hardwood 'air intake', its likely to take a pounding upon landing so it's solid wood.

18/11/2015 08:37:53

Mine has been built using the excellent plan and instructions. The only area I've needed to change is to relieve the lower part of former 3. It obstructs the fuel tank installation/ stops it coming out if you built it in situ.


I've added the rudder so have cut the rudder part in half. This left the lower piece very vulnerable to being knocked off so I reinforced it by adding the smallest bits of ply I could get away with.


The whole model has been glassed with Bucks Composites epoxy and their lightest weight glass. The photos show that the model has been sprayed to show up the defects and then small amounts of car filler added. Hopefully most of this will be sanded away today.

I've mounted the aileron servo upright for no reason other than I preferred it this way.


I'm going for the all grey colour scheme, both are going to be difficult to see in the poor winter light but thats the point of camouflage I suppose.

The cowl was a delight to build with the parts being very accurately cut. I've added a representation of the rear cooling vents to the cowl, just to add some visual interest. I've cut the cowl so that the bit behind the silencer is attached to the fuselage, it all fits together nicely and gives the impression that its one complete cowl.

The cutting is very accurate and the plane has gone together very well. Mine too was missing the captive nuts but I'll get over that.


Thread: How is your flying club run?
15/11/2015 10:09:51


We hold monthly meetings at a nearby Social Club, we get 25-35 turn up to these from a membership of 100. The AGM in December goes up to around 50. Three or four of the summer meetings are held at the field where we have a BBQ and members are able to fly electric planes after 7pm, the club provides the food and soft drinks only. The other monthly meetings normally have 'an event' tied to them. We hold indoor pylon races with Vapours which are Club owned, 'Show and Tell' where members are encouraged to bring along their latest project and a guest speaker or two a year. We recently held a chuck glider competition, the club supplied the wood, the members bought along their own glue and knives etc. All this arranging and sorting out is by one of the Committee members with anyone chucking in ideas to keep people interested by having new events.

Our once a year Scale Day is dieing on its feet and has been over the last few years. We've tinkered with the various classes to reflect the change in the hobby, foam models and ARTF's have their own class but no-one wants to enter and compete. So, we're likely to scrap the competition element and have the BBQ, invite friends and families but without any formal judging.

We are lucky to have a Club Hut which contains a small gas cooker and the club provides tea and coffee with Cup a Soup in the winter. We have a tuck shop with sweets and snacks that is run on a Honesty Box system too.

So, we try hard to keep the members happy and make our field as best as it can be. Regarding attendance at club meetings I understand that getting 100 members in the same place at the same time is nigh on impossible. But, as I said earlier, they pay the same subscription as me, so they help pay for everything.

Thread: Anyone built a boulton paul defiant
12/11/2015 14:47:54

Never built one but I did try to buy those very same plans from America 2-3 years ago. I can't remember who from unfortunately because they took the money and never supplied the plans. Where did you buy your plans from?

Thread: How is your flying club run?
09/11/2015 12:42:29

We're 100 members and have an elected Committee and a modified BMFA Constitution. The Constitution is to protect the Club from a rogue committee (the most extreme example would be for the Committee to wind the Club up and pocket the cash, we can't do that now, anything left goes to a nominated charity)

We have a newsletter, monthly meetings where we organise something, work parties to keep the field in good condition and summer BBQ's. Half the Club pay their subscriptions and rarely, if ever, fly or attend any social event but they subsidise me doing it so I can't complain. We have a written set of rules to ensure safety and to keep noise complaints to a minimum but the most effective is the 'naughty chair'. An empty chair left out and as you carry your plane back to the pits you are called to explain any breach of the rules, this light hearted approach deals with 95% of all infringements and brings it home to all that we have the rules for a reason, safety and noise.

Thread: Cambria Zero
04/11/2015 21:13:02

My wings are joined, leading edges and tips all on and sanded. I glassed the bottom of the wing today, I just hate the waiting for the resin to harden but I like the surface it produces.

The fuselage is largely made and I'm planning routes for control snakes to work the bits. I'm fitting a rudder too, this will have a torque rod allowing the horn to be underneath the horizontal stabiliser. I only do this to hide it away out of sight a bit more. The servo tray didn't fit my Hitec servos so I recut it but holding three servos side by side. I'll have to take some snaps and post them to show everything.

I'm very pleased with the kit, the laser cutting is very good indeed. I've wasted hours choosing a colour scheme, probably going to use the light ish grey colour overall.

Thread: Rugby Union World Cup 2015
26/10/2015 11:29:50

I've been watching some games but I'm certainly no expert. Well done to both the finalists, they both deserve to be there. I don't hold with all this conspiracy theory about refs being swayed by teams or having favourites. They do a hard job making a sensible decision in split seconds where we all have the luxury of sitting back and watching the endless replays. So much happens in a game that if the refs stopped for video on every occasion we'd never actually have a game. Some decisions are for you, some against.

However, all the 'experts' say that there is a difference between the Southern and Northern hemisphere games. I'm not good enough to notice what the differences are but I accept that they are there. Why do we not adopt their style of play then? Theirs is obviously more successful so why not copy them?

New Zealand pass the ball along the line to their fast players, if that doesn't work, they pass it back to the other wing and try again. We seem to give it to the big guy in the middle and run head first into their big guys. And repeat this until we then decide to kick it to them giving them possession! We rarely pass it out to the fast guys on the wing who are there for that very purpose. As I said, I'm no expert but a small country is dominating the world at rugby, good for them, but can't we learn some of their lessons?

Thread: Will you be getting involved in the Mass Build 2016?
22/10/2015 06:50:54

I've already got a list of planes that I want to build so unless it happens to be one of those, I won't be joining in.

Unless someone could give me next weeks lottery numbers, then I could devote my entire waking hours to this hobby. Something my wife believes I do already.

Thread: Options for H9 Corsair f4u 20cc
21/10/2015 08:47:52

I've got both the 20cc and 30 cc Saito four stroke petrols and they are are both very good engines. I don't notice any difference in power between petrol and glow. They both start really well and don't miss a beat. My son has bought a second FG 21 to power his Seagull Tucano. I don't know what reported problems you've heard about these engines but they seem fine to us. Plus, they are no noisier than the glow versions with their supplied exhausts.

Thread: Well That Didn't Take Long........
14/10/2015 09:26:41

Skoda still think that you own the car, have you not told the DVLA that you've traded it in?

My 09 plated Passat is included, I received the letter yesterday, my son received one too for his Golf.

I'm not sure that the truth about how this came about will actually come out. I can't believe the story that its down to two software engineers acting on their own. Similarly, can you picture a board meeting where someone raised their hand and said 'I've got an idea about how we can reach these emissions test levels' The rest of the board then discussing it, including the ramifications of being caught, then voting in favour?

Either of these scenarios are ridiculous but in-between the two lies the truth. I'm not sure the VW could actually admit how it did come about. I never bought the car for the emissions though, I wanted an estate car to carry model planes....

01/10/2015 20:45:14

My understanding is that the defeat software recognised when the car was under test and then adjusted it to be hyper efficient. One 'expert' said that part of the recognition was that the cars rear wheels weren't turning when the front were. If the car was to run on a normal road with these settings, it would struggle to hit 50 mph.

If the recall takes out that line of code, it won't make any difference to how the car normally runs.

I think most of the people shouting the loudest are the ones with pound signs in their eyes. Yes I'm disappointed with VW, did they think honestly they would get away with it forever? I bought my VW because of its combination of build quality, design and value, the value may be affected but none of the others are

My Passat might be too old as it's a 09 model anyway.

Thread: 3D Printers.
15/09/2015 17:55:02

I looked at the 3D printer on the Sarik stand at the Nationals with great interest. I have no great skills or ability with the programming required to produce anything but I'm very interested. I can see in the years to come that I'll be able to buy a programme over the web that I'll then choose the correct scale, then print it off. For example I'll buy a pilot, choose a scale and then print it. This way, I won't need any great programming skills but I'll still be able print whatever part I need. The scale detail parts will be on sale like music is now. The little castle that they were printing off was fantastically detailed, perfect for exhausts, machine guns, pilots etc.

Thread: Slope soaring near Bude, Cornwall
28/08/2015 20:18:24

I'm off on my holidays in September to visit Bude for a week. I've got an old EPP Zagi clone and would love to visit a slope or two. I'm also conscious of not upsetting anyone by just turning up and flying anywhere. I've looked at the Slopehunter guide and Dizzard Point is mentioned. Can anyone supply anymore details so that we don't upset anyone? Or suggest other sites that I could visit?

I doubt that I'll be able to fly more than 2-3 times but would love to have some advice about where I could fly. Thanks"

Thread: How many regular flyers at your field?
21/08/2015 20:41:30

We've installed a camera that transmits a photo every ten minutes throughout the day. These can be reviewed at the end of everyday and viewed as a video. So, we can see who is at the field remotely and I know that over 50% of our club rarely, if ever, come to the field.

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