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13/01/2016 11:28:19

We used to travel up to north Wales to see my Grandmother in my Dads old A35. The rear brake slave cylinders used to leak and coat the brake shoes in fluid. He used to spend the time up there fixing the car to cope with the journey home. He used to boil the brake shoes on the cooker to clean the brake fluid off and then re fit them for the return journey.

Thread: 2016 RCM&E Autumn Special- Free Plan Modellers Choice
13/01/2016 11:22:17

1. Bf 109 e

2. Mitsubishi Zero

3. Aichi Val

Not bothered about the power plant, I use both.

Thread: Cambria Zero
12/01/2016 21:54:43

I've balanced mine again and it's at 70mm back from the leading edge. I've moved the receiver battery back so it's behind the trailing edge, the receiver is on top of the rear wing bolt, in other words, as far back as possible. I've added 32 grams of lead onto the tail. I'll add some snaps tomorrow.

Thread: What to do with unwanted aircraft
10/01/2016 08:40:11

I would rather they shoot at model planes than any animal. If guns are your hobby, you need to shoot them. After a while shooting a static target could get a little dull, I don't know, I've never done it. Its the same as when I bought a Tamiya buggy many years ago, it was great to start with, ragging it around any bit of gravel I could find. After a while you realise to have any long term fun, you have to race them. To an extent, it's the same with these guys. They are allowed to have them and its only a bit of fun blasting away at a plane/target. Heaven knows how much it cost the chap with the mini gun at the end though, he's getting through a serious amount of ammunition.

As BEB says, whether they should be allowed such weapons is best not discussed here.

Thread: Cambria Zero
27/12/2015 14:46:26

Mines nearly finished too. I've added some minor cockpit detail and the most basic pilot shape. I've added a small amount of lead in the port wingtip to counter the weight of the exhaust hanging out the side. I balanced it around 70mm back from the edge and it was really nose heavy. I've now added some tail weight and I'll have another go at balancing it. I've got a plastic spinner to use, I'll start with a 10 x 6 prop as its an OS 46 in there. I just need to build a dolly now and then wait for decent weather.

I've hand painted the canopy and its a slightly different colour to the sprayed fuselage but it all came from Humbrol.



Thread: Fastest Depreciating Cars Of 2015
16/12/2015 19:43:43

But the engine won't need to burn more fuel, it's only when it was in cheat mode that the engine ran differently. I doubt if my engine has ever driven in cheat mode as it's never been through the exacting emissions test that would trigger the cheat mode. They take away its ability to go into cheat mode, nothing else will change.

I use an app on my phone and have recorded the last three years figures collating how much fuel has been filled, what it cost, distances travelled etc. So, after a decent time after it's been to the garage, I'll know if it's performance and mpg has been affected.

16/12/2015 14:18:13

Why shouldn't it? It passes now, remove the cheat mode and nothing changes. The cheat mode didn't kick in for MOT's, it was for very specific tests like the American emissions. This was a well hidden cheat mode that only kicked in when very specific conditions were registered not some lad from Kwik Fit shoving a sensor up the exhaust pipe.

16/12/2015 13:34:52

My car drives perfectly well now but it's got some code in the software that recognises a test and then gets it to run super duper lean. I'm positive, I don't work for VW either, that they'll just get rid of the cheat mode. The day to day running of the car shouldn't be changed and I'm more than happy to let them do what they want to do. The markets show that they've taken a huge hit, they've set aside billions for compensation, why would they make matters worse?

Yes, I'm disappointed that they did it in the first place but hey ho, there is nothing I can do about it now. Do I think I'll get a cash lump sum as compensation? If I do, great. But I'm not going to pretend that the emissions were the main reason for buying the car, I'll leave that to others. The same sort of people who come into the supermarket where I work demanding compensation as they had a cracked egg/ split packet/ some other minor inconvenience and we've ruined their life.

16/12/2015 11:01:53

I doubt very much that a car dealer would scrap a range of cars, there is always a price for everything.

My second VW letter arrived this morning, it will take a 30 minute visit to the dealer in the New Year to sort it. No dates are given, but they will sort the 2.0 litres TDI's first. I've not tried to sell my VW Passat and whilst I can accept it might have lost a little extra, it won't be worthless.

Thread: What is happening in Futaba?
15/12/2015 08:51:06

I started with Futaba and did jump ship to Hitec when I could see that they were being left behind, (not because it was the latest whizz bang set) but I did this 5 years ago! Futaba have finally started to catch up but its far too late. I'm now well established with Hitec so won't go back. You can replace the word Hitec with several other brand names, Futaba have taken too long and allowed others to take the market.

Thread: Graupner MZ24 vs Hitec Aurora
14/12/2015 11:29:08

I've got the Aurora and have been very pleased with it, the programming via the touch screen is simplicity itself. I rarely use the instructions except for fail safe setting, it's not on the screen and I ensure that I do it right.

The radio link has been infallible too.

Thread: Which kind of models can be flown at your site?
14/12/2015 11:26:03

Anything except for turbines. We've laid an AstroTurf runway so we can fly anything from small planes with retracts up to the big stuff. Plus, it's no really affected by the weather.

Thread: Cambria Zero
12/12/2015 06:30:52

That would cover all the points raised in the build. I've been very impressed with the fit and finish of the kit, those tweaks will address all the issues. Due to the weather and Christmas approaching, I can't see my one flying until well into the New Year.

Thread: CMPRO Mitsubishi Zero engine thrust settings
11/12/2015 19:49:44

I had a CMP Pro Zero a couple of years ago, I can't remember if it was this one but how many different sizes did they make? Anyway, the C of G as stated in the manual was wrong and too far back. The plane had one eventful flight and one only. Sorry, I can't help with information about the engine thrust but make several enquiries about the c of g on the web, I found loads of evidence after I'd crashed the plane.

Thread: Seagull super tucano undercarriage change?
07/12/2015 22:38:07

Sorry, I've used the E Flite retracts but with Hobbyking Oleos. I couldn't stand the 'as designed' system, far too impractical.

Thread: Man blinds himself flying helicopter in his flat
01/12/2015 09:46:23

I agree that a lot of the time it's the newspapers and their desire to sell papers that causes 'stories' to be changed to suit. I'm not talking about this poor little thing, that's truly appalling. At work I get to read a wide selection of newspapers and you can see the same story appearing over the whole week. Each paper reads the competitors and then re hashes the same story, I can read the same story over a whole week all with a different slant.

Thread: Winter Flying
22/11/2015 19:48:43

Transmitter mitt with Hobbyking model car tyre warmers in the base. Add a small battery and the tyre warmers warm up keeping your fingers toasty! I made one last year but never used it as last winter was so mild.

Thread: New Laser engines. What do you want?
21/11/2015 20:15:42

I've got the Saito FG 21, it runs very well and is no noisier than the glow version. It's still a bit messy as all Saitos are. It sips fuel which is good but I bought it for its reliability rather than fuel cost.

Thread: What To Do If You Lose Your Field?
20/11/2015 16:55:58

We've spent nearly a year under the cloud of potentially losing our flying field. The owners wanted to allow a Solar Panel firm to build a solar panel farm on the land. We took expert advice from independent experts and from the BMFA. Luckily for us, the Government withdrew the subsidies for the solar panels and the company decided not to proceed. (We've no idea what other problems contributed to that decision so there may be other factors.)

The BMFA helped us and were easy to contact but now I see that Andy has been off which contributed to the delay. We've now negotiated a lease with the site owners so we've got to keep our fingers crossed that they don't come up with another idea to use the land. Both Manny and Andy gave us help and support so we're very pleased with their efforts. The lease has got a 'get out' clause but it was that or nothing.

We struggled to find any other land to fly over but we are in a densely populated area near London so there is hardly a field anywhere that hasn't got a house near it.

Edited By Bucksboy on 20/11/2015 16:57:44

Thread: Cambria Zero
19/11/2015 15:38:24

I do use a foam roller and find that it gives a much easier, smoother and thinner covering of the resin than the credit card method. There's never any excess that needs mopping up with kitchen roll. Plus, I find that the credit card snags and catches the glass cloth all the time. Bucks Composites website (nothing to do with them but I like their stuff) has a 'how to do it' section and he advocates the roller method. I use two coats and it always comes out very well.

I'm off to spare some paint on now, it will be Humbrol 28, its close enough for me, most Club members won't even recognise it as a Zero anyway. Plus, its not going in the Nats as a Scale entry so if I want yellow leading edges, its getting some!

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