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Thread: Gatwick drone incident
20/12/2018 15:12:59

Shooting a drone down is not as easy at it sounds. I fly drones /UAV’s, call them what you want, professionally. I fly either the Phantom or Inspire around 100m above the ground. I don’t fly in the UK though. The drone is shot at very regularly where I work, with fully automatic weapons and very often there are several soldiers shooting at it. We’ve only lost 4 uavs in a year, yet we experience shooting twice a week, every week. I accept we never hover the machine but a shotgun would never reach us nor a water cannon. Jamming the GPS signal is the most effective but that doesn’t cause the machine to fall out of the sky and it’s not only us affected by it either.

Thread: Setting up a remote webcam at the clubs fields
10/12/2018 15:42:38


I've sent you a PM. Thanks.

Thread: Amazon Black Friday Sale
16/11/2018 17:38:05

Have a look at Airtek Hobbies, they’re £5 cheaper than Amazon already. I use them for things and have had excellent service.

Thread: Warbird Replicas Bf 110 club.
28/10/2018 17:21:14

I'm afraid to say I agree with you. Thanks for replying though.

28/10/2018 14:23:04

I’ll ask then, how many orders do you need to produce a kit? One that doesn’t leave you out of pocket?

Thread: log in
26/10/2018 08:22:04

Mine constantly asks me to log in, even if I tick the ‘remember me’ box. But there isn’t a box to write a reply unless you are logged so I’m confused about how you write a reply without logging in first.

Thread: Drone problems...
22/10/2018 15:07:36

I can offer no solution, the manufacturers have made them so very easy to fly, anyone with the money, can and does fly as we all know. The trouble is I can see no help over the horizon either. The Police have been cut beyond effectiveness so it will be near the bottom of their list of priorities even if you call them, and I'm retired Plod myself. In your case you can actually see the pilot, so the Police have got someone to talk to should they arrive in time. Most cases you wont know where the pilot is, even if the officer see's the drone in the sky, how do they find the pilot to talk to? I also now fly them professionally but not in the UK and regularly get them (DJI brand) over 4km away from me.

My club does allow and encourage them but there does seem to be the belief that once you've bought the machine, all responsibility for flying it safely and within the law can be ignored. A modern problem that will only get worse I'm afraid.

Edited By Bucksboy on 22/10/2018 15:08:34

Thread: For those that are always flying into trees or walls
08/10/2018 15:06:25

I saw one from two years ago that mimicked a mosquito. The theory was that the machine could fly somewhere, then attached itself to the wall or whatever surface. This allowed it to conserve power whilst the camera streamed pictures to the rescue services. As the situation changed, the machine could then fly to another perch to get a better view. It used large but very slender legs to grip, just like this one but it was quad copter based.

Thread: Hitec Aurora 9 help please
06/10/2018 14:46:55

I use the Aurora, I'll try to help. What is an RC exp V2.0 fill switch though?

Thread: Flightline Spitfire?
01/10/2018 17:01:03

I hope so, mine arrived last week! All the reviews suggest it’s a well designed plane that flies well and looks great. Mine won’t fly until November though so I’ve got to wait a bit longer yet.

Thread: Laser cut parts
27/09/2018 15:57:15

When I first started building from laser cut parts I was unsure how the charring would affect the glue. I tested numerous parts, some heavily charred, some sanded off. I then deliberately broke the joints, I couldn’t notice a jot of difference and consequently never bother about the charring, I glue them as they come. I use cyno a lot if this makes any difference.

Thread: Flightline 1600mm Spitfires????????
22/09/2018 19:08:24

I've just ordered mine from Motion RC Europe, they're now showing out of stock so I must have ordered one of their last ones. I looked at the upgrades and I could buy a 3d printed cockpit set for about £25. But, at the moment they're allowing you to download the files and print your own for free. Well, in my case, get a friend to print them for you. The downside is that I'm not home until November to fly it. laugh

Thread: Saito Glow Plugs
16/09/2018 14:47:10

Another vote for the OS F plug. Mine runs happily on 5% though.

16/09/2018 14:46:54

Another vote for the OS F plug. Mine runs happily on 5% though.

Thread: BMFA subs increase.
11/09/2018 16:07:37

It’s £4 a year extra. Heavens, let’s worry about something important.

Thread: Purchase of flying land
10/09/2018 14:59:38

Chesham model flying club own their own field too, they seem very happy with it. If you need a second opinion, contact them and ask their advice. I’m not a member so cannot answer any questions about it.

Thread: RC for Search and Rescue
07/09/2018 19:08:37

I fly off the shelf DJI Phantoms and Inspires at over 4 km distance but not in the UK. We use them as they’re relatively cheap and they work well virtually every time. I use them in the search role, going places it’s too dangerous to go in person. I’m sure they’re use will continue to grow but it’s not as much fun as proper model flying.

Thread: St Austell gets new strip
22/07/2018 04:11:24

We laid an AstroTurf strip a few years ago for exactly the same reasons. We were lucky enough to get ours for free but then paid to have it laid. Best thing we ever did, good luck with yours!

22/07/2018 04:11:22

We laid an AstroTurf strip a few years ago for exactly the same reasons. We were lucky enough to get ours for free but then paid to have it laid. Best thing we ever did, good luck with yours!

Thread: RAF's Finest Biplane? Hawker Fury MkI
02/07/2018 16:53:40

It's a tool that the plastic modellers use to bend their photo etched parts. I'd expect Hannants and others to stock them.

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