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Thread: Building the Sunderland
02/06/2009 09:16:57
I crashed mine the other day and it's totally smashed I'm afraid.  It lost power on the climb out and then stalled and went into heavy scrub, the fuselage broke in two with the front reduced to match sticks.  The rear is complete but the wing has broken all spars outside the port engine.  I looked at re-building her but took the easy option and re ordered the ribs and former set.  I'm going to move the battery tray forward another inch to reduce the small amount of lead that I used to balance her.  The servo's can move forward another inch too.  Other than that she'll be the same, one engine feels a bit rough so I'll change for a new one.  After the crash all was checked and found to be working but later I found a broken soldered joint in the power train.  I think one motor failed, I failed to spot it and stalled her.  I had wired her up so that the two inners or two outers were together, to try and stop what eventually happened.  I'll check my soldering this time!
Thread: Dirtying up an ARTF Scale Model
23/05/2009 10:21:45
I've used a kitchen scourer to take the shine off ATRF covering.  Use one of the green plastic scourers not a metal one.  It leaves loads of minute scratches so use this to your advantage and rub in the same direction.  To dirty it up afterwards use ordinary pencil graphite applied on a finger. sharpen a pencil and rub the lead on a piece of fine sandpaper to get your dirt.  If you apply a bit of masking tape to a section and then rub the dust over the tape onto the plane, when you remove the tape you are left with a hard line.  This gives the impression that a panel is leaking oil, apply sparingly and keep looking at the effect before you dirty the whole plane!
Thread: Sunderland Flying Boat
17/05/2009 16:43:14
Dear All,
Here's mine, had three flights now. 

Thread: Building the Sunderland
16/05/2009 08:56:06
No real tips, it flies well.  I've kept it high and fast for the first flights out of sheer nervousness, it was a bit windy too.  On the third flight I managed to get her lower and slower for photos.  I'll experiment getting her even slower next time.  She flies at half throttle and really leaps off the dolly at full throttle.  The drone of the four engines is great though, the other club members have all landed before I took off so that the noise could be heard!
14/05/2009 21:40:40
Dear All,
Yes, she floats!  Alas the new pond is not big enough to take off from though, but bid enough to prove she floats.  Maybe a bit nose down but good enough.  She flew for the third time the same afternoon, I take off from a dolly after the first flight ripped a float off.  She flies well and lands nicely too.  Power from 4 2200 Loong Max Li Po's, into four speed controllers and onto the motors.

Thread: TN Hurricane
12/05/2009 19:33:45
Thanks for the quick reply, I'll try that method too.  Where did you buy your retracts from and where are you hiding the air tank?  What size tank have you fitted?  I've seen some on Giant Cod but I'm worried about where to sit the tank.
11/05/2009 21:50:40
Can I check something please?  I've got the basic frame and spine all stuck together and the 3 longerons along the front to support the sheeting.  Its says to add former 4a which is the plate at the rear of the cockpit.  My longerons have splayed wider than the pre cut 4A and there is only a tiny area of contact.  Do I pull the sides in and make 4A fit?  I thought about making the cockpit floor now as this would give increased glueing area allowing the stress to be carried in a piece of wood bigger than 4A.  Any suggestions please?
07/05/2009 20:53:03
My CNC pack and wood pack arrived today, I'm off to write part numbers on all the bits now! 
I'm still not clear on the retracts though, I take it that I can buy mechanical retracts and then slot sprung oleo's into them?  The sprung legs do look a lot better.
Thread: Pick a plane 2009
15/01/2009 20:35:48
Boulton Paul Defiant   
Me 110
Thread: TN Hurricane
04/12/2008 20:12:00


It looks fantastic, what motor did you use and where did you buy them from?  Let us know how it flies please.


03/12/2008 21:48:00


I feel such a fool.  I've become so fixated with building the fuselage first that I've not even thought about the other sheet.  I've carried the first around for ages studying it that I forgot about the other one.  Apologies to all, will sit back and watch someone else build for a bit.  No, not really, will carry on tomorrow.

Thanks again

Studid BB

03/12/2008 09:46:00


Great shots of your build, pictures speak a thousand words.  I still can't find F3 though, the headrest is F4A.  I'll have to line up F2 and F4 and draw my own F3.  I think it's been missed off the plan.

Off to a cold shed now!



30/11/2008 14:59:00

Is it me?  Is F3 shown on the plan?  I want to start cutting this week and have studied the plans in preparation but still can't see it.  Can anybody point it out to me please?



Thread: Sunderland Flying Boat
14/11/2008 08:08:00


Thanks for that, it's so much clearer when it's drawn, isn't it?

I'll post back my results!


13/11/2008 19:39:00


I'll be using 4 seperate batteries, all the same size and brand.  At the moment I have them wired up seperately.  One battery (2250 size) to one ESC then to one motor.  Is there a way of connecting two batteries together?  These then connect to 2 ESC and then onto the inner/outer motors.  The way you have described it is exactly as I want it.  If one of my batteries goes down as I have it, I'll end up with a 3 motor plane.  That is likely to cause me problems.  I want the motors taking power from 2 batteries at a time so if I lose anything it will be the inner or outer motors together.  Is it a case of making a simple harness so that both -ve and +ve leads from the battery join and then split again to feed seperate ESC's?

Any help needed!



12/11/2008 21:51:00


Your plane looks fantastic, I've also have one of these kits but seeing the lights in yours makes me wish I'd done the same. Mine has gone together very well, it's a well thought out plan and the cut out frames fit beautifully.

The wing is now ready to cover and the plastic canopy and turrets are all fitted. I've fitted the radio control for the rudder and elevators but still need to sort the ailerons out after covering. I've got one decent colour drawing of a Sunderland so will paint it up as that. Oh' and I need to buy two more Li po batteries too!Bucksboy.
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