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Thread: Warbird Replicas Bf 110 club.
17/10/2017 07:52:42

Count me in for a 109 please.

Thread: Printing the perfect scale model
15/10/2017 19:40:21

I agree, what is the difference between making a scale gun turret from scraps of wood and plastic and designing and then printing one? None as far as I'm concerned, it's just a different skill to mine to get to the same goal. My turret is no better (probably worse in truth) than the 3D printers just because I made it out of bits found in my more traditional workshop. I'm sure we'll see a massive increase in 3D printed parts, even over what we've seen so far.

Thread: Rabbit Problems
15/10/2017 19:32:17

We tried all these approaches but they all take up too much time. No-one wants to go to the club field everynight for an hour or two to shoot rabbits or chase them with ferrets. We spent a fortune on proprietary anti rabbit products, even buying a purpose made spreader to drag behind the mower dispensing whatever it was. Everything failed, this was over a series of years that we tried, all without success. The AstroTurf is not cheap to lay but it is maintenance free, the rabbits go elsewhere, we get a fantastic surface to fly from and our flying has improved now there is a definite target to land on. Small foams with their tiny retracts love the surface. Nothing damages the surface, big glow powered props make no impact on it at all. After a couple of years we extended the area because we liked it so much.

The downside is the costs to fetch it from your donor and have it laid I'm afraid.

Edited By Bucksboy on 15/10/2017 19:32:48

14/10/2017 05:01:58

We had exactly the same problems. We tried everything we could find, garlic based stuff as used on golf courses, chilli powder mixed into the top soil that we filled the holes with, nothing worked. We had regular work parties to fill the holes in, men with guns came to shoot the rabbits, nothing worked. Our solution was to lay an Astroturf runway. Expensive but it works and is very popular. We were given as much Astroturf as we wanted when a school replaced their hockey pitch. Old Astroturf is like old tyres, very hard to recycle so they were pleased we took some. We had to pay to move it and lay it but it was worth it for us. We've now got a smooth, all weather runway which is of no interest to the rabbits.

Thread: Forum members' new models: Let's see them.
24/09/2017 15:58:41

Here's my Blackhorse Stuka that I bought second hand. The Saito 115 four stroke was swapped out for a proven Saito 125 and I finally managed to fly it on Friday. I added the cowl for Saturday and it flew really nicely. The mat finish for the covering looks really good, the yellow cowl suits the model and helps with visibility too.



Thread: Who Else Wants a 63" Lavochkin La7 kit?
12/09/2017 22:21:06


Sorry to hear about your cat.

I've sent you a PM about the retracts.

Thread: Southern Model Air Show at headcorn
11/09/2017 13:36:13

I agree with DW wholeheartedly. I know another shop owner who was of the same opinion. Plus, I can now buy 5 or 10 kits from China, pile them in the corner of my bedroom and then go to work. My website shows the cheapest price possible, undercutting shops with all their huge overheads. If I come home from work and if I've sold one, I package it up and post it. If I haven't sold one, there's always a chance I'll sell one tomorrow. There's been no cost to me except for the initial outlay, no rent, no business rates, no salary to pay. This practice is only possible since the internet. I used my local model shop but it still went. We are to blame, the one's who buy from the very cheapest place, even if it's from someone with 10 Acrowots stacked in his bedroom.

Thread: Spitfire Aerial fitting ideas
11/09/2017 12:06:00

I built the same plane and attached a small but powerful magnet to the bottom of the aerial and another in a shallow socket in the plane. Just make sure you get the polarisation the correct way!

Thread: Violent Thunder Tiger
05/09/2017 17:00:51


In my loft there is my TT that suffered crash damage and the carb snapped off in a crash. I'm sure it's the 130 but is possibly the smaller one, it's been up there 3 years which is why I'm vague. It ran perfectly prior to the crash, the cost of repairs equalled buying a new one so I just hoarded the useless broken bits. Except now I can send them to you and you can do what you want with them, compare them, strip them, take bits, whatever you want. It really is no good to me.

You will have to wait a bit though, I'm abroad for another couple of weeks. That is unless it's all solved before I get back. I'll PM you when I'm nearer to home.

Thread: Hi there. Se5a question
23/08/2017 04:59:47

The black plastic blob is a filler. There is a concealed section in the plastic running top to bottom in your photo. Hook your finger nail under the bottom and lever the centre bit out. This brings out the filler pipe. When shut like in your photo it's closed and sealing the fuel pipe shut.

Thread: Property damage
22/08/2017 09:47:48

Perhaps. But if I was working as an Ambulance crew and had inadvertently caused some damage there are other places to take advice than a Model Flying forum.

21/08/2017 20:26:41

No, and I accept that I could be wrong, the Ambulance staff don't have the legal power to force entry.

My point is that the Ambulance staff have been called to render assistance, they would have done everything they could to do this. If one happened to break a vase or scratch something they won't have done this intentionally. So, maybe give them a break? I know that the Staff won't pay out of their own pockets but did they intend to break/scratch something in trying to render their assistance? Highly unlikely. Why do we have to sue or claim for everything? Why can't we be grateful for help and pick up the pieces and count our blessings?

I've written this and then nearly deleted it several times. I'm not trying to cause an argument, I know virtually nothing about happened here, hence my reticence to comment at all. I just get a little fed up with the speed at which society wants to blame someone and claim off someone, anyone at all. I totally accept I may be wrong here with so little information but an Ambulance Crew on a call? I'd be grateful for their assistance, they do a job I couldn't do.

21/08/2017 17:30:21

So if the Ambulance came to your house and they scratched your wallpaper with their bags, you would actually claim? Astonishing that some people even think like that.

I'm fairly sure that Ambulance crew don't have the legal power to force entry, stupid I think we would all agree. When I was working they had to call the Police to force the entry, things may have changed though. Great if the Copper was close by...

Thread: Marutaka Ju87B
13/08/2017 13:30:51

Ah, that makes perfect sense now, the extra bracket makes all the difference. Thanks for the explanation.

13/08/2017 05:21:18

I've seen this arrangement before but I'm still a little confused. The oleo is hinged where it's fixed to the wing/brackets. Am I right in assuming that as the plane lands the wheel is forced back and then the tyre hits the bent wire and this stops wheel going backwards? I appreciate that it's still not finished but we're always learning new things and this arrangement is slightly different so I'm trying to understand how it works.

Thread: Kit builders, what would you like???
07/08/2017 18:47:11

Matty, you are nearly right in my opinion. There are some of us who enjoy the sticking of bits together but I agree that there are too few of us to sustain a business. I've bought three of Richards models in the last year, luckily because I have the cash at the moment but not the time. So when I finally get the time I won't need another kit for ages. But I agree, not enough to keep one business afloat or viable. Should I need another kit in years to come I'll buy a laser cut 'short' kit. If that's not available, I'll buy a plan and cut the bits out myself. If the plans aren't available, I'll design my own.

I enjoy the building nearly as much as the flying so I get more enjoyment out of a kit than an ARTF but I accept that I'm in the minority. I have no idea how to introduce others. My son can fly better than me but won't consider building an ARTF, never mind a kit.

Thread: Who Else Wants a 63" Lavochkin La7 kit?
04/08/2017 18:02:00

Heavens, what have I done? I've just committed to buying the penultimate kit from Richard. So thats 3 in the loft from his stable and Chris Gold's Boulton Paul Defiant too. Oh well, it's all good loft insulation.

Thread: New Laser engines. What do you want?
02/08/2017 16:25:32

I vote for Aspen, getting rid of that smell is the big selling point. I believe that the petrol fuel consumption is lower than glow fuel so you're still likely to use less fuel with Aspen/petrol, I may be wrong though.

Thread: hanger 9 60size razorback Cof G
02/08/2017 16:20:21

I've got one of these but it's un flown. I've electrified it with everything Hangar 9 recommend and I went to balance it. It does seem to want a lot of lead. My problem was that I couldn't get the wings to push in the last half an inch. Neither together nor one at a time so it's not the wing tube causing problems. I only had a short window of opportunity to get it ready for flight so gave up and shoved it back in the loft and flew something else. I bought it second hand but untouched. I never thought to check the wings actually fit!

Let us all know how it flies!

Thread: Glass clothing
31/07/2017 05:29:28

I've used the Bucks Composites stuff many times, by using the rollers to spread the resin you get a very smooth, even finish. I don't use the peel ply layer either. Roller the first layer on, let it dry, a quick sand over and then another roller layer of resin followed by another quick sand. I use the 25g per square meter cloth too. I think the West system resin is virtually identical so it will work using Bucks Composites 'How To' guide.

I'm nothing to do with Bucks Composites either, just a customer.

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