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Thread: Destroyed Drone
23/07/2017 16:31:57

Without wishing to changing the course of the thread, most Police Services (they stopped being Police Forces a long time ago) have given up their Lost Property depts. Something has to give when budgets are cut and this is one of a whole raft of things. The sense of this can be discussed elsewhere.

Thread: Who Else Wants a 63" Lavochkin La7 kit?
25/06/2017 20:04:03


That looks really good, I've got one in the loft waiting to be built. What power system does it have? Is it brown paper covered? I hope mine comes out looking like that.

Thread: Alternative to Spektrum
18/06/2017 05:17:58

I understand what you mean about a can of worms, I've never tried the FrSky stuff, nor indeed Spektrum. I bought a Hitec Aurora years ago and I find it so very reliable and easy to use. I accept that there are only two of us in a club of 100 using it but it certainly gets my vote. I realise that someone will also say the same about another brand that will be just as reliable as Hitec so you'll be no further forward. As has been said here before, 100 replies, 100 different opinions.

Thread: Glass fibre repair
13/06/2017 20:39:46

Try Bucks Composites, they sell all sorts of bits and pieces. They turn up at several shows and their stuff is excellent.

Thread: Warbird Replicas Bf 110 club.
07/06/2017 18:10:52

I'm out here for 3 months or so at time. I work in the Separatist area so getting in and out is all very controlled as we literally cross the front line where the two sides face off each other. I could fit the kit in my suitcase but getting part built parts back out is impossible. I can't even fly anything here for pleasure when I'm off. The place is littered with landmines and both sides get very jittery at anything that flies so tend to try and shoot it down. The powered glider UAV is more successful as it's so very small and quiet, it's nigh on impossible to see or hear.

07/06/2017 15:10:21

Mines in the loft untouched I'm afraid. I work abroad in Eastern Ukraine where they're still fighting so bringing modelling stuff over here is out of the question. I do get to play with aeroplanes and DJI Phantoms though, we use both as UAV's to go where it's too dangerous to go in person. It's not the same though, programming a computer with waypoints just ain't flying!

Thread: twin engine model thread
31/05/2017 04:52:51

This didn't last too long either. It had a Saito front and back and an elaborate cooling system to force air over the rear engine. This involved a small ducted fan, separate battery and ESC all linked into the throttle servo. The idea was to switch the fan off above half throttle. In the end it was left on the whole time.


Thread: creating accurately sprung scale U/C
24/05/2017 16:27:03

I'm in awe, thanks for posting. I'm always very interested to read your posts so please, don't stop!

Thread: Forum members' new models: Let's see them.
19/05/2017 10:16:37

I've been back in the UK for just over a week, in-between visiting friends I managed to finish this Hangar 9 model off, I never got a chance to fly it, the winds were too high. Lets hope for better weather in July! It's my first 'big' model that's powered by batteries. It's got the E Elite motor in there as well as electric retracts, my fingers remain crossed.


The other one is nearing completion too, a Black Horse Stuka bought second hand but unflown.


Thread: Who Else Wants a 63" Lavochkin La7 kit?
24/04/2017 15:59:47

Got one, brand new unopened kit. When this whole group of threads started up and Richard explained the difficulties, I thought, I'd better get something quick. I went onto his website and the La 7 was available, nothing else was, so I bought it. I now have the Bf 110 too. And a Traplet Bouton Paul Defiant semi kit that somehow snuck in, I reckon I've got enough to build for a while!

Thread: drone footage
23/04/2017 17:12:24

I normally fly planes but I'm also on the verge of buying a nice, expensive foldaway drone. As a consequence I've watched a lot of these videos recently. I've looked at which one I should buy, what to do before flying and the manufacturers own output. I've also grazed the abundant 'what not to do with your drone' videos. I agree that most of them are caused by people rich enough to buy the drone but stupid enough to fly backwards in a forest! They then post a video telling others to beware. These are the Darwin Awards for the drone world.

Luckily, most are from other countries but not exclusively. The trouble is, the electronics have advanced at such a rate that nearly everyone can guide a drone around the sky. Paying £1100 in the morning and flying around Tower Bridge in the afternoon is possible. They then post a video wondering what happened when they flew backwards, hit some part of the structure and then plummeted into water.

Thread: Blackhorse Stuka
22/04/2017 16:22:24

Sorry to revive an old thread but how is the Stuka? I've just bought a second hand but as yet unfinished one. I've read the online instruction book, was the C of G correct?

Your does look very good.


Thread: Warbird Replicas Bf 110 club.
19/04/2017 20:51:26

Use a 3 or 4" foam roller to spread the resin, it doesn't snag on the cloth like a card does and leaves less on the cloth too. Its very easy to apply, I use the Bucks Composites stuff. One coat with the glass cloth, let it harden, a quick rub over to knock any lumps off then another coat with a foam roller, this second coat uses even less than the first. Very easy and leaves a very smooth finish.

Thread: Mavic or Phantom 4 standard
19/04/2017 17:02:23

Which one did you go for? I'm very interested in the Mavic at the moment. The small size is important for me too as it needs to fit into a suitcase to travel.

Thread: Who wants a Warbird Replics Hurricane?
19/04/2017 15:51:31

Stop it! I've got both the Bf 110 and the La 7 untouched and unstarted but I'm very tempted by the mention that there are 3 kits available, once they're gone, they're gone....

Edited By Bucksboy on 19/04/2017 15:51:53

Thread: Irresponsible ' drone' retailers
17/04/2017 04:46:49

But at the very least they should point out that there are some laws that apply to the drone they sell. Thats the difference and why model aircraft are singled out. Most of what shops sell are not covered by specific laws about their use. You can buy an axe from both Argos and John Lewis but there is not a specific law about it's use after you leave the shop. Both shops are selling the DJI Mavic, both have the same sales information about how far and high it can fly. Only John Lewis point out the 120m height and line of sight restriction and point you in the direction of the Drone Code. There is nothing mentioned at all by Argos.

I agree that both sell many things that can be misused after being sold but at least point out to people that there are restrictions and where to look for them.

Thread: Warbird Replicas Bf 110 club.
11/04/2017 19:53:22

Why not hinge it at the bottom? The big gap that will open up will only be visible from above and as it's landing at that point no-one will see it. You could even instal a shroud on the top to hide the obvious line for when the plane is on the ground surrounded by adoring fans. I've been thinking about this for when I build mine so thanks for your build and all the top tips.

Thread: New Laser engines. What do you want?
09/04/2017 17:23:36

Maybe where you fly Tom but not where I fly. We have one or two like that but they are very much in the minority.

09/04/2017 17:23:33

Maybe where you fly Tom but not where I fly. We have one or two like that but they are very much in the minority.

Thread: The Warbirds Replicas Macchi C.202 is Landing!
07/04/2017 04:24:38

The Yak-9 isn't offered for sale on the web site, unless you read the Wycombe build thread you wouldn't know about it. I fully understand the difficulties Richard is working under, I've bought both the La 7 and 110 from him, so I can see why he's not added it to the web site.

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