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Thread: Lavochkin La7 - Warbird Replicas Kit
26/01/2017 05:09:27

This is great, I also ordered the same plane and received the plane very quickly too. However mine is still in the box as I work abroad and can't take it with me nor build anything out here. I will be watching very closely to help me when I do start. I even ordered one of the 110's too so they'll be two planes waiting for me soon.

Good luck with the build and keep posting!

Thread: Who wants a Warbird Replics Hurricane?
22/01/2017 19:45:30

Yes but only when I've ripped them out during a poor landing. I used the plastic connectors to ensure the servo lead stayed plugged into the extension lead. However, when I ripped the retract out, instead of the servo plug unplugging itself, the connector held that joint together. So instead the wire ripped straight out from the circuit board in the retract and I had to send them back for repair. Don't use the servo connectors on this joint is the lesson here. The E Flite ones have never failed in day to day service.

22/01/2017 16:34:35

I've used both, Hobbyking and E flite, E Flite are better units. Plus, when I've had a problem, I've sent them back and they've been returned, fixed, free of charge.

I've also used E Flite in my Spitfire and put them into separate channels in the receiver. I then put a delay on one so that they both went up and lowered one after the other. This mimics the real thing, one being slower than the other. You can't affect the speed that they move though, I'm sure I tried that. However, they don't bang up or down like mechanicals, they are a motor spinning a screw jack so they are a lot slower as designed.

16/01/2017 06:29:49

Well done! I received the La 7 last week but have stored it away as I can't build at the moment. In the short time I had to inspect them, the contents looked fantastic. I'm really looking forward to building this plane and I'm sure that the Hurricane will be the same quality.

12/01/2017 16:26:00

I would love to say 'yes' but I can't. I bought the LA 7 last week and I'm already committed to buying one of the 110's. This is compounded by the fact that I'm working abroad at the moment and can't build a thing!

Thread: Kit builders, what would you like???
03/01/2017 15:13:36

Well, about 08.30 this morning I ordered a LA 7 kit from Richard, I hope to get a Bf 100 later on in the month too. At 2 pm today he e mailed to say the the kit would be despatched tomorrow, that in my book, is excellent service.

I won't be building for a fair bit as I'm working abroad at the moment and I'm only home for a short break so there won't be a build blog. I've decided to do my bit for 'I'm backing Britain', now that shows my age.

22/12/2016 03:56:18

Fantastic news, I can say on behalf of two of us, that we'd both like a kit. Model Monster has normally contacted you on behalf of both of us, I'll nudge him, he's going to pay on my behalf. Unfortunately I'll have to pay him back, it's just that I'm working abroad at the moment.

Thread: Amazon completes first Prime Air delivery in Cambridge
17/12/2016 18:37:20

Even if you ignore the technical aspects of the delivery side of this, there are other practical problems. So I decide to order something from Amazon and chose for the instant delivery. It's explained elsewhere that I have to go into my back garden and lay out the landing target for the 'drone' to recognise and then land on. What if I don't have a back garden and live in a flat? What percentage of dwellings in urban areas have their own garden these days?

The earlier advert showed a pair of trainers being delivered. So that means each centre needs to hold all sizes in stock, in all colours too. So instead of several huge centres holding vast amounts of stock you now need lots of huge centres carrying vast amounts of stock to cater for all sizes and colour variations. All these centres will need to be bought and paid for, adding to the cost.

Thread: Kit builders, what would you like???
14/12/2016 15:34:01

We are a club of 100, typical in that we have an older profile. We used to run a showpiece event every year, Scale Day. Competition was fierce and lots of people entered. Over the years, numbers dwindled, we allowed foamies to enter, we changed every rule we could to encourage people to enter. We've stopped Scale Day now, only a very few, about 5 or 6, wanted to build a plane and invest all the time and effort and then commit it to flight. We didn't try a mass build as it would only appeal to the same 5 or 6.

I naively assumed that there were more sales in the whole of the UK than there appear to be. I'm afraid the rest of the club like the ARTF and foamies. I'm afraid the future appears to be fairly gloomy.

13/12/2016 16:50:03

Looks like we were 40% of those interested between us. A shame but I totally understand, you can't fault his logic and wish Richard all the very best. Maybe, after I've built all the Brian Taylor planes I like I'll get around to a LA 7, it's certainly very pretty.

Thread: Laser 150 petrol conversion
02/12/2016 15:25:46

My TN Spitfire has a Laser 150 and weighs 15.75 lbs. It has E Flite retracts and is fully glassed. Yes, there is a huge lump of lead in the nose but it flies really well. It's a good looking model, easy to build too, but do keep the back end light. Mine was built as per the plans though.

This is it without the chin cowl in place.


Thread: Unlicensed commercial operator?
27/10/2016 17:42:02

Over the last few years the Police have suffered cuts and are there are now 15-20,000 less officers in the Country than in 2003/4. The average copper will be fully up to speed with many laws and their complexities, theft, assault and damage for example. However, ask one of them what the laws are regarding UAV's and the like and you will draw a short straw. Some officers, due to their specialism or where they work will know some pretty weird and wonderful law (the complexities around the the Badger Act was always a useful subject for Police Examinations) but I bet their are a handful who know anything about this. It is true, there are computers databases where they can read any written law in the country but when you are the only officer covering an area and the jobs are all calling for your immediate attendance, they may not have time to sit and read that computer. Don't forget, Theresa May has told the Police that they should deal with Crime and nothing else. Something has got to give and I bet this is one area where there will be no appetite.

Thread: Club member appathy
23/10/2016 20:32:49

We seem to be with the others in the thirds split. We do everything to try and attract members to events, the most popular being the Summer BBQ's where we supply the food. However, after a while a while I realised that everyone else was paying the same as me so in effect they're subsidising my flying. So, the few of us who regularly fly and meet at the field, chat amongst ourselves about what we want. We suggest things to the Committee and some\ all of the suggestions get approved and the field and club get improved. So, whilst there are 100 members and only 15-25 regular fliers, the others are subsidising us. We want the grass cut more often? It's put to the Committee who sort it out. We want a cooker in the hut? The Committee approves and buys it. I've accepted the rules of thirds long ago and it works to my advantage, they subsidise my flying.

Thread: Hawker Hurricane by John Timmis
27/09/2016 17:06:28

That fuselage looks very similar to my Brian Taylor Bf 109, he came up with a winning design and stuck with it as the basis for all his models. Well, the ones of his I've built anyway. The Hurricane looks great, I was donated a half built version thats waiting in the wings for another year.

Thread: amazon advert with hint towards drone delivery?
26/09/2016 12:51:45

No, you're right, I don't work for Amazon or anyone remotely connected to them. I do know a bit about current capabilities of drones though. The advert shows a pair of trainers being delivered, a very typical sized delivery. I accept that they may well have people working on their drones and overcoming all the technical problems that I believe they face. I have no problem accepting that they will overcome all these problems and more that I've haven't foreseen. But, I am only expressing an opinion that I believe they are being a bit adventurous in teasing people into believing this sort of delivery system is about to be launched. With the existing capabilities of drones, their lifting power and therefore their range, I believe it's not much more than advertising.

So come on, this is a bit of idle chitter chatter on a model flying forum, none of it's important.

Thread: Rotary drive system
21/09/2016 18:15:23

I used it in my 72" Laser powered Tony Nijhuis Spitfire for ailerons and they worked perfectly. As you say, no external linkages so it looked great. I can't remember how much movement I managed to achieve but I never needed much to fly smoothly. The pockets in the aileron were lined with sheet fibreglass to create a smooth friction free surface. I had to get a friend to make the 'top hats' that were bolted to the servo arms. These were turned in aluminium and he made space for two grub screws to hold the angled piece of wire coming out from the servo. The plane still flies and never needs any maintenance for the ailerons, I will use the system again. I've not seen them in other planes at my club, mainly because most don't build anymore and it is more effort.

Thread: amazon advert with hint towards drone delivery?
20/09/2016 20:36:04

They may well be thinking about it, they may well have people working on it but I don't think its anything more than advertising at the moment. The problems they face are massive, as model flyers we have a slightly better idea of the problems they face than the average person on the street.

1, Range. At the moment batteries will last for 20-30 minutes max with a tiny payload. So, they would need bases within 10-15 minutes flying time of our houses. Never mind the Civil Aviation side of things, thats a lot of bases that are required. All of which need to carry the stock that is being ordered.

2. What are they going to do if it rains? Will it affect the UAV? Never mind the customer who finds their package wet and ruined. It might not be raining where the UAV starts but it could be at the delivery address.

3. What if you don't have suitable landing pad? Free from obstructions and overhead wires. What will the people do who live in flats? Half the houses in my street have back gardens where a UAV could deliver a small parcel, but half the addresses are flats. The average customer will get pretty annoyed to find out that I can receive a delivery but they can't, just because I have a garden.

4. There are lots of 'no go' areas in the country where you can't fly, all of which will be in the way of the most direct route and therefore affecting point 1. How long would it take to fly around the Heathrow area? So, they would need a base to the North, a base to the South, one to the East and one to the West. All carrying the stock that we are likely to order, huge duplication for Amazon. All these bases would need to be built and staffed.

I am sure there are far more problems than this to overcome and they may well have clever people working on it. It may well happen one day, but not for a while.

Thread: eflite twist and turn retracts
10/09/2016 15:59:55

No, don't worry it's fine. Mine have two grub screws but the wire legs are designed to be removed, you can buy spare legs. Take them out, bend then straight and pop them back in. Use thread lock on the grub screws.

Thread: Brian Taylor Spitfire 69" - build only
09/09/2016 15:30:58

Have fun and enjoy the build, I've not built his Spitfire but I have built his 109, his designs are nice and light.

BT Bf 109

Thread: 67" ZERO- 2016 RCM&E Autumn Special
29/07/2016 14:45:50

Do these snaps help with cowl detail? I've got more of the whole plane if you'd like.




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