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Thread: Ofcom trace interference to a lightbulb
25/09/2020 07:09:15
Posted by Geoff S on 24/09/2020 13:17:11:
Posted by John Lee on 24/09/2020 11:47:49:

Full size related but it just goes to show how interference can be generated from an unexpected source. Ofcom link

That's a very strange light bulb with an ES (Edison Screw) connector. I was involved with selling light bulbs in our family electrical/radio etc shop from childhood in the 1940s onwards and all mains light bulbs were bayonet fittings. Thiis was at a time when many houses had gas rather than electric lighting (and no indoor plumbing) in our small mining town. The only screw fitting bulbs we sold were MES (Miniature Edison Screw) bulbs for torches and bike lamps.

I can only assume there was a loose connection to the filament or perhaps a mechanical connection that wasn't really secure and thus generated a spark. As Bob mentioned early radio transmitters used spark gaps to generate the RF - and that's not so long ago in real terms. I bet it was an interesting investigation and very satisfying to bring it to a successful conclusion.

On the old TV interference I'm guessing it was a valve one with a CRT which needed several kilovolts for the EHT and again the source of the interference was a spark.


Lots of the ceiling mounted spotlights have Edison screw fittings these days Geoff, we used to have to carry two sizes for years until we got rid of them.14mm and 27mm IIRC.

Thread: October 2020 issue chat
24/09/2020 18:26:35

It was a pleasant surprise David, since it normally arrives round about pay day.

Thread: Future balsa supplies in UK
24/09/2020 07:34:22

Good point about the capabilty to grow balsa anywhere with suitable soil and climate. I can confirm that the UK isn't suitable. I've been planting balsa for many years and it doesn't seem to matter how deep I bury the aeroplane,I never seem to get the cuttings to take.

Thread: October 2020 issue chat
23/09/2020 19:24:57

Is it me or did the October issue come out a week early? I wasn't expecting it when it hit the mat the other day.

Thread: Getting Hard To Buy Lipo's
23/09/2020 13:04:53
Posted by Barrie Lever on 23/09/2020 12:55:03:

J D 8

Don't get me started on that one, they effectively wreaked the manufacturing interest in glow engines and then walked away from it once they realised that it was no longer serving their purposes.

The good thing about glow engines is that gradually manufacturers will spring up again as it does not require a huge factory to make glow engines like it does to make something like LiPo cells.

Point of fact you could go and buy a rough old lathe for a few hundred pounds and you will be able to manufacture an engine that runs after a bit of practise, try that making a LiPo cell !!


A more appropriate comparison might be between making a LiPo cell and manufacturing your own glow fuel from scratch -not mixing it from available chemicals.

Thread: Return of the SMA
22/09/2020 22:01:50

If past performance is anything to go by. as soon as anyone mentions either FMK, or 5- star, they usually pop up in double quick time.

22/09/2020 21:34:56

Thanks Robin - that is indeed my Mini Flying Machine in the article, still going strong 29 years later.

22/09/2020 18:27:06
Posted by Doug Campbell on 22/09/2020 16:33:41:

If you need any inspiration for models the plans service has many designs. If you want a kit FMK are very good

and Greyfish on ebay does some ready build ready to cover models at a good price

Peter Kent's Miniature Aircraft Factory was a great supporter of the SMA and I had a couple of Peter's prototypes at the time. His (now mine) Mini Flying Machine still gets a regular outing, having cone from Cox .049, to Sp400, Sp480 and now a Keda 2300kv brushless motor. She has the widest performance envelope of any model in my fleet and is great fun.


Thread: Airborne Battery Pack Duration
21/09/2020 08:10:35

20 years ago one of the main criticisms of electric flight was that of short flight duration. Back then we were typically using 500AR cells in small models, which gave 500mah but flights were around 6 minutes, compared to up to 10-12 minutes for a similarly sized glow model. Moving up in model sizes the other common pack would be made up of 2400mah sub-c cells and again, 6-7 minutes was common, larger model, more power, more current draw needed. Motors were typically brushed and or geared, so mostly relatively inefficient.

Nowadays small models very often use the "standard" 3s1p 2200mah lipo, and the brushless motors are a wee bit more efficient, so flights of >7 minutes are definitely achievable, plus for models that can stand a bit of extra weight, packs of 3s1p 4200mah and larger are readily available, so you can cut your cloth accordingly. These are still lighter than the old NiCd/Mimh packs.

If stuck on using the 3s1p 2200mah packs then flight duration can be hugely extended by putting another pack in parallel, making a 3s2p 2200mah pack, which will then give you 4200mah to play with. Have a word with Jim J next time you see him at the field, he makes great use of those packs both in parallel and in series configuration. With a larger pack, as described above you can stay aloft until you get bored - have a look at Derek's Twinjet that can stay up for a fortnight with it's 3s1p 4200mah pack.

As pointed out above by several others though, personally I find around 7 minutes is perfect for me and I typically don't use a timer that often -not that I recommend that. With a model that I know well I can tell when the power is starting to drop off and time to land.

Thread: New limit on groups in England from Monday?
20/09/2020 08:35:34

Franks - that's my point, the local Government guidelines here in Scotland include the local lockdowns - in Glasgow and parts of Lanarkshire, just like the local lockdowns in parts of Lancashire, Merseyside etc - but they also include the more general advice that i quoted from the First Minister, which is to avoid non-essential travel.

That's advice, rather than a mandatory prohibition on non-essential travel, so it's a grey area where each of us must make our own decisions.

Thread: The Dark Nights Fix-up 2020
20/09/2020 08:15:38

Matty - are we supposed to wait until 1st October to kick off on these repairs? I'm afraid I couldn't find the hatch that I'd started on for the Mini AstroHog, so I'd cut and laminated some semi-formers yesterday before realising what I was doing, so your call to arms is certainly having the desired motivating effect.

Thread: New limit on groups in England from Monday?
20/09/2020 07:55:13
Posted by John Lee on 20/09/2020 07:52:28:

Fair enough in your case but the title of this thread is: New limit on groups in England from Monday?

The post that I replied to was Andy Symonds post containing the links to the British Model Flying Associations advice for England and Scotland.

So, like I said, I did not publish any false information.

20/09/2020 07:37:00
Posted by John Lee on 20/09/2020 07:18:43:

Leccyflyer please stop publishing false information about non essential travel. That restriction was lifted at the beginning of July in England. Present Government advice is available on the official Government website Link

I'm not publishing false information. I'm not in England.

Here is the information I am referring to.

Updated Covid Guidelines- Scotland 18th September

"So right now, and I mean right now, today, over the weekend and into next week, that means following all of the rules and the advice currently in place.

Work from home if you can, that remains our advice. As I said a moment ago, avoid if you can non-essential travel. Don’t meet up with any more than six people from a maximum of two households, indoors and outdoors."

Thread: Old Warden.....URGENT!
20/09/2020 06:45:15

Looking forward to the piccies Tim - Old Warden is a very special place.

Thread: New limit on groups in England from Monday?
20/09/2020 06:43:55
Posted by Keith Miles 2 on 19/09/2020 22:15:47:

My final comments on the issue are, firstly, that we should all feel much safer flying models in accordance with the guidelines than taking part in, for example, a game of Rugby, the latter of which would also appear to be legal!

Secondly, the only people likely to complain about the likes of us will be those whose social activities, or intended social activities, are not covered by an exemption and who would therefore, presumably, prefer a free-for-all with maximum health risk or a total lockdown with minimal health risk. Nobody, of course, would ever complain out of pure spite, would they?

As for non-essential travel, whilst I believe that this is also covered by the exemption, if anyone feels uncomfortable about this or any other perceived anomalies or contradictions, the simple solution is to not go flying.

Oh, and a group of six flyers at a field, hugging and kissing each other is probably not within the sprit and intention of the legislation!


I'm not seeing how the dispensations granted to organised sports circumvents the non-essential travel advice, or how getting to the flying field could be deemed to be essential travel, but yes, that's exactly what I did yesterday and missed what sounds like a fantastic day's flying. It's a choice that really is left up to the individual, as it is advice, not mandatory.

19/09/2020 12:59:10

@Ron - as I said in my first post this morning, I think that is essentially the situation here in Scotland now -it's largely academic in terms of following the spirit of the law. This weekend has been flagged as a test. If the beaches, bars and cafes are crowded out in the lovely weather that will provide the impetus to put the brakes on even harder and we'll be back to square one.

19/09/2020 12:09:56

Irrespective of numbers, Covid-unfriendly preventative measures, the agreed exceptions for organised sports against those numerical limits. How does all of this sit with the Gov advice to avoid non-essential travel?

19/09/2020 08:12:11

So, to put that in context, do you leave the bag of corn with the chickens, or leave one of the chickens with the fox? Or simply row across the river with the chickens and leave the fox and the corn on the bank? Then what?

Does the rule of six actually apply within the larger group which is currently permitted under the auspices of "organised sport"? Shouldn't it be x individuals who are all practicing social distancing, turning up to fly, not to socialise and so shouldn't actually be in groups at all?

It is a bit of an academic distinction up here anyway with yesterday's advice to avoid non-essential travel if you can.

Thread: The Dark Nights Fix-up 2020
18/09/2020 20:20:23

No Geoff it;s a Mini Astro Hog, that's a bit bigger at 41" span than the Astro Oink at 25" span - they both look quite similar to the full scale Astro Hog. This one flew lovely on the little OS.10FP and I was flying the Mini Astro Hog and the Birdie 10 in the early noughties when I still had some glow models. I electrified the Birdie, which worked ver well, before losing here in the Mersey - and the Min Astro Hog was earmarked for e-conversion too.

18/09/2020 18:31:01

Okay Matty - I'm in

Three projects to get moving

1. Mini Astrohog e-conversion - I took the OS .10FP out of this oil-soaked little beggar many years ago, stripped off all the oily covering and set about an e-conversion. The wing is done, the noseblock is carved ready for a vac-formed cowl, the fuselage is in progress. Here she is as of today.

Mini Astro Hog Conversiont

2. HVP Modellbau Henschel HS-129, which I had a bad crash with many years ago. The motor cowls and motor boxes were shredded, the formers were popped inside the fibreglass fuselage, every one of the tail surfaces was broken, both ailerons off and the undercarriage mounts now very floppy inside the nacelles. She needs repairs and replacing the fixed U/C with retracts, remotoring and control runs all fixing.

HVP Hs-129 Repairs

3. Kyosho Spitfire swapmeet bargain picked up in the period between the Kyosho Spitfire 40 being available and the Kyosho Spitfire 50 coming out. She's been largely recovered but tail feathers all broken off, e-conversion started then stopped- with the battery hatch long since lost, firewall is a mass of mounting holes and needs replacement. Retracts had been ripped out, but I've repaired those - still a couple of holes in the wing skins though. I do have a new cowl to fit, since the old one is destroyed. She'll need a repaint when she is all fettled.Kyosho Spitfire Repairs

Think that's enough to be going on with - these have all flown, but have been in the U/S Category B pile for many years.

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