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Thread: Can I or can I not fly?
24/03/2020 18:56:21

No, you can;t go flying. The rules couldn't be simpler. No going out at all except for essential travel and no leaving your property apart from obtaining essential food and medical supplies. IMO It was a mistake to leave the option to go for a walk, run or cycle none of those are essential/

For those who are desperate to exercise they can indulge in some physical jerks or walk up and down the stairs for a few hours.

There was a very apposite set of pictures on FB this morning - a picture of a young family on a normal day, every one of them on their phones or tablets, not speaking to each other and all indoors, sitting down. Then a picture of a similar young family having been asked to stay at home so as to not overwhelm the NHS and save peoples' lives, all walking in a tight knit group in a crowded park. Said it all really.

Thread: Insanity seems to be setting in
22/03/2020 09:19:49

People need to get real and simply stay where they are. This is a global emergency - the closest parallel would be the 1918 Spanish Flu pandemic, though we should be better equipped to deal with it. It really doesn't help to have people talking about their need to head out for their Easter holidays. It's a write off and they need to accept that. What are they going to do if they head to Cornwall for their holidays and the complete lockdown comes to pass? They will be stuck.

Thread: Covid 19
21/03/2020 13:56:46

To buy cat litter, toilet paper, soap, washing powder?

Thread: Has Your Club Made Any Decisions Regarding The Coronavirus?
21/03/2020 08:27:11

That's the impression I get, it will be sooner rather than later that a full on lockdown is implemented here. There is a chance that will work, though undoubtedly there will be some who rebel against those measures, the general population having folk memory of wartime restrictions and the necessity of those, ought to recognise the seriousness of the situation.

21/03/2020 08:15:44
Posted by Dai Fledermaus on 20/03/2020 13:04:18:

As the OP when I announced, just a few days ago, the decision that our club had decided to close it's field, the post was met with a barrage of negative comments like " stupid " and " utterly ludicrous " .

Well, is it me, or have the posts become a little more sanguine in the past day or so? Now your fretting over wiping gates and locks, wiping everything down with anti bacterial wipes, and wearing gloves, standing up wind from others.

All I can say is good luck fellers, I hope we are all here after its all over to reminisce about it.

I think it is just that people are gradually coming to recognise how serious this actually is, which will ramp up in the coming weeks when we more than likely move to a full blown lock down. I'm reconcilig that to myself by comparing it to the foot and mouth outbreak which wiped out a whole flying season for a lot of people. Fingers crossed we can get through this and the social distancing might ease off in three months or so, but it could last longer than that.

Could be that it;s a time for an extended winter building season and time make progress on some of those long neglected projects with the intention of maybe being able to fly them later in the year.

20/03/2020 09:41:51
Posted by Peter Miller on 20/03/2020 09:03:00:
Posted by leccyflyer on 20/03/2020 08:41:48:

That's the thing though - for every case which has been diagnosed or tested positive it is estimated that there is at least on, possibly even two orders pf magnitude more undiagnosed cases, That's what the data from China and Italy has shown - where the number of positively identified cases on a given day can be compared with the number of people subsequently found to have had the virus at that time.

You mean that there might be twelve cases in SuffolKcrook

I mean that nobody really has any real idea of how many people are infected in Suffolk, or in your own club. So imagining that the fact there are only four confirmed cases in Suffolk means that you can have a false sense of security that it is vanishingly unlikely that anyone will have touched the hard surfaces at your club is exactly the sort of thing that should be avoided.

In the case of an order of magnitude underestimation from what you presented that would make 40 cases in Suffolk, whilst for two orders of magnitude it would be 400. The reality is that we just don't know for sure. You'll have seen the results of that sort of analysis a couple of weeks ago when with in the order of a hundred confirmed cases the government were warning that the likelyhood was of 5,000 -10,000 actual cases out there.

Edited By leccyflyer on 20/03/2020 09:42:53

Thread: Forum members' new models: Let's see them.
20/03/2020 08:50:38

New to me, courtesy of a recent swapmeet, but well flown and nicely weathered, my latest is a Durafly P-51 - lovely flyer, just like she's on rails as they say.04 banking mustang combo bw e.jpg

Edited By leccyflyer on 20/03/2020 08:51:16

Thread: Has Your Club Made Any Decisions Regarding The Coronavirus?
20/03/2020 08:41:48

That's the thing though - for every case which has been diagnosed or tested positive it is estimated that there is at least on, possibly even two orders pf magnitude more undiagnosed cases, That's what the data from China and Italy has shown - where the number of positively identified cases on a given day can be compared with the number of people subsequently found to have had the virus at that time.

20/03/2020 07:05:05

From the information I've seen it would appear that the virus can survive for several hours on hard surfaces so your scenario of being able to pass it on through things like gates, combination locks, chairs left at the field sounds entirely plausible. It's why the bus companies are giving advice about the bits on the bus that people commonly touch such as hand rails and the like.

19/03/2020 22:04:43

Our club has cancelled our regular indoor flying sessions, postponed the spring bring and buy and rescheduled a couple of the competitions. However for the moment flying can continue at the various club sites, for those who wish to do so, whilst following the advice for keeping one;s distance and best avoiding contact.

I think it's probably only a matter of weeks, at the most, before we have to take the same path as Italy and Spain, with wholesale lockdown and only being able to go out to get food, medicines and in an emergency.

Thread: Insanity seems to be setting in
17/03/2020 20:59:01
Posted by PatMc on 17/03/2020 20:48:52:
Posted by Steve J on 17/03/2020 18:13:13:
Posted by Gary Manuel on 17/03/2020 17:18:26:

I don't get the logic of keeping the schools open either David. My guess is that they have judged that the disruption of closing them and having parents off work or grandparent looking after the kids outweighs the risk of cross infection via school.

Covid-19 is not a big risk to the under 20's so the argument for closing schools would be to protect teachers and parents.

If you close schools now, what is going to be the criteria for reopening them?

If schools were closed a large percentage of medical staff & care worker would be affected by having to either take leave to look after their kid(s) or make other arrangements.
Grandparents are probably the most common child minders, which means the kids, who are least affected by this virus, would be in close contact with the most vulnerable group.

The modelling in the study I just linked to shows that closing schools and universities has the least effect of all the social distancing measures that have been considered, plus it has the issue that you describe of healthcare staff absenteeism which must surely result, as well as the increased risk to the over 70's.

17/03/2020 20:44:51

If you;re interested in some of the material that is supposedly being used to inform the government in making their choices of how best to deal with this situation this paper from Imperial College, modelling the spread of the virus and the different outcomes, together with the various measured proposed, might shed some light. It;s only 20 pages, so worth the read. The paper, published 16th March 2020 states that the conclusions have only become apparent in the past few days = it looks like a very long, nasty and tough time for a lot of us

Imperial College Armstrong et al (2020)

Thread: Winter is here....who's been flying?
15/03/2020 08:23:11

Finally did get a marvellous day flying last week, but didn't post. It was fantastic to get out for the day and to get a couple of successful maiden flights for some swapmeet bargains. No flying since then though and another washed out weekend this weekend.

04 banking mustang combo bw e.jpg

Thread: Drone crashes are now investigated by the AAIB
14/03/2020 20:17:38

Mike - aren't all of your crashes investigated by the WCOLOG, same as mine?

WCOLOG = Watching Crowd Of Laughing Old Geezers

Thread: Has Your Club Made Any Decisions Regarding The Coronavirus?
14/03/2020 18:36:49
Posted by GrahamC on 14/03/2020 16:42:53:

Its much much more dangerous than flu. Lots of people have some immunity to flu and so it doesn't spread anything like as quickly as this is. None of us have any immunity to this, Yes most of us will be OK if we get it, but some will get very sick indeed and if the NHS gets too busy....

We should certainly put in place sensible safeguards to protect members.

1. Stand further apart to chat. At least a metre preferably more. Chat crosswind, not upwind / downwind

2. Don't shake hands and avoid physical contact with other members.

3. Don't go to the field if you have a new cough of fever. Stay at home for seven days.

4. Use sanitizer or wipes containing Benzalkonium Chloride to wipe down and borrowed equipment / buddy boxes etc before and after use

5. Clean your hands when you get back in the car and when you get back to the house.

And don't close the flying field. This is going to take at least a few months to peak and decline. There are other problems that will emerge for those who are isolated for the long term. We (well most of us) are social creatures. Being able to get out to fly safely really could be a life saver over the next few months.

That's an excellent post Graham and a very sensible list of measures - one small point, the experts advise 2 metres separation as being the radius for cough or sneeze droplet splatter.

Thread: Drone crashes are now investigated by the AAIB
14/03/2020 18:18:06

No probs Pete - it's better that my mistake in the thread title is corrected - the change that you made is what I meant it to be.

I was surprised to learn that drone crashes were being investigated by the AAIB since last year and posted a report of a recent incident in CrudenBay, where a drone crashed onto a historic church during an aerial survey of the church roof.


Thread: Has Your Club Made Any Decisions Regarding The Coronavirus?
14/03/2020 18:10:10

Those who are saying that this is no worse than the annual flu need to take a long hard look at the data from China, showing the disproportionate effect on those over 60 and those with pre-existing medical conditions. It appears that the mortality rate of 1 or 2 percent of cases is at least an order of magnitude higher than the annual flu and alarming enough in itself. Looking at the data for the over 60's the rates rise dramatically - 3.6% for those of 60-69 years and 8.0% for those of 70-79 years. For the over 80#s the rate exhibited in the Chinese data is 14.8%.

If you have an underlying medical condition the mortality rates look like this - cardiovascular disease 10.5% diabetes 7.3% chronic respiratory diseases 6/3% hypertension 6/0% and cancer 5.6%. Those figures are the mortality rates of all cases, not confirmed cases.

It is also worth noting that those at risk groups probably represent a very substantial portion of our modelling community and we are going to lose flying friends to this disease, without a doubt.

The French modelling authorities have put in place a number of measures - suspending competitions, recommending that all shows and fly-ins that the public are invited to be cancelled and that flying should not be in groups of >10 flyers at a time.

Thread: Replacement Charger?
14/03/2020 08:35:46
Posted by Doc Marten on 13/03/2020 23:23:19:

I like the Turnigy Reaktor, it also has a foam cutting programme in the menu.

Yep, my Reaktor has worked very well since I blew up the main charging port on my iCharger so that it can only charge 3 cell packs. Nice bit of kit and great value for money.

Thread: Isolating A Lipo.
07/03/2020 18:56:34

Just the plugging in of the second 4mm bullet connector into the harness renders my models live. A very small number have a switch in the radio side. I see all of the extensions in the battery to ESC leads and wonder when we went away from the advice not to overextend those leads. A fuse in that linkage is a terrible idea and always was.

Thread: Anyone used the Spektrum AR410 or 620 receivers ??
01/03/2020 13:50:19

I've just installed a Spektrum 620 in a Durafly P-51 and the joy at not having to faff about with bind plugs certainly puts a smile on the face. I'll be interested to see how it performs compared to the 6210.

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