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Thread: Winter is here....who's been flying?
21/02/2020 17:30:32

Haven't flown since before Christmas - the past month has been unflyable at the weekends and this weekend looks likely to be the same.

Thread: CAA ID number discussion
21/02/2020 15:38:15

Indeed - instead of going off on one, for situations that have already been described and discussed, would it be too much to ask folks to just read back a few pages?

Thread: The Gov't, CAA, BMFA & UAV legislation thread
17/02/2020 19:45:08
Posted by kc on 17/02/2020 19:42:04:

Nigel asked " Was that via the BMFA? "

Nigel, the email was from CAA and I paid the £9 via my BMFA sub. I expected to get a Flyer ID because I am a BMFA A certificate holder.

If you are a BMFA A Certificate holder you do not need to have a flyer ID - you are exempt from that requirement.

Thread: So what is the FAA trying to do in the USA ?
16/02/2020 13:54:33

There are huge areas here where you cannot even get a phone signal, never mind connect to the internet.

Thread: The Gov't, CAA, BMFA & UAV legislation thread
15/02/2020 07:55:45

That's what the discussion has been about for the past few pages of this thread - the next stage.

13/02/2020 21:12:20

Well Frsky or someone else had better come up with a tiny, inexpensive add on that you just plug into a spare port, Y lead or on a separate 1S battery. If it;s to be a requirement in the USA they might have got it sorted by the time it's implemented here.

Thread: Ebay sellers...
10/02/2020 13:36:23


Nine grand for a 10' span glider?

Thread: YT International
10/02/2020 08:10:38

Thanks - that;s great, there are indeed some photos showing the motor installation etc. Good STUFF indeed.

10/02/2020 07:13:39

Thanks Danny - this was just about the only thread that came up mentioning the YT International Hurricane in a thread. I'd wanted one for years - and their Bf109E - but never go around to it. Picked one up at a swapmeet on Saturday - the 72" version - and your's sounds like a very successful electric conversion.

Thread: Model shops - Edinburgh
09/02/2020 18:45:32

Wonderland is on the corner of Lothian Road and Bread Street, as I mentioned earlier. If you want a plastic kit it's an excellent shop - likewise for tools, paints and glues for plastic kit modelling. For RC stuff they have a very small selection of servos, a few accessories, batteries etc, aimed at the model car side of the trade. A few small foamie electrics - Hobbyzone stuff - and multirotor drones. They do however have a small stock of balsa sheet and strip.

Thread: YT International
09/02/2020 18:21:56
Posted by Danny Fenton on 28/12/2010 12:26:39:
Alan all this mentioning of the "E" word, you had better go and sit down and suck on a mince pie
I love my leccy YT Hurricane (original) sure, the duration is under 10 minutes, but that suits my short attention span anyway

Hi Danny

Do you have a thread with the details of your YT Hurricane electric set up? I'd be very interested to see how you'd done it - remember the huge success that you;d had with the Seagull Sea Fury and A123 cells some years ago.

Thread: Model shops - Edinburgh
08/02/2020 19:59:55
Posted by Erfolg on 08/02/2020 18:25:29:

There was, or is a good model shop just outside Aberdeen on the road, or general direction of Inverness. I visited it some 8 years back, so may no longer exist.

Aberdeen has a number of MFC, so may know more about what is actually there.

There was, or again is a model shop in Edinburgh, near to the meadows, at the Bruntsfield end. A bit of a toy shop, and bit of a dodgy area. The magazine shops have some uninteresting magazines for Heterosexuals.

There hasn't been a real model shop in Aberdeen since GTI Models closed more than 10 years ago. There is a small model shop in Inverurie, which was still there up to a couple of years ago - again mainly cars, railways, plastic kits with a small ARTF selection, small balsa stock, paints and glues.

08/02/2020 18:18:13
Posted by Paul Marsh on 08/02/2020 18:08:00:
Posted by leccyflyer on 08/02/2020 15:58:31:

Leeds Model Shop is indeed a decent shop, but it's unlikely to fit into a diversion on a trip from NE England to Dundee.

Could be, if he goes up the M1 and A1(M) then A68 via A696, depends.

Nope, Mike lives in Sunderland - calling into Leeds model shop on the way to Dundee via Edinburgh means heading south to go North.

08/02/2020 15:58:31

Leeds Model Shop is indeed a decent shop, but it's unlikely to fit into a diversion on a trip from NE England to Dundee.

08/02/2020 10:53:46

As John says you;re talking of Marionville Models - which was a great shop and I used to love to drop in there on passing. Haven't visited their warehouse premises in Livingston. Wonderland Models in Lothian Road is mostly plastic kits and toys, but has a few bits and pieces, a small balsa stock, drones and parkflyers, plus glues and paints.

The only other RC model shops that I'm aware of round these parts are Scoonies Hobbies in Kirkaldy and Tay Models in Perth - which is mostly cars and drones.

Thread: Capacity checker accuracy?
26/01/2020 13:03:24

I agree completely - the only accurate measure of capacity is to properly cycle a pack under an appropriate load and monitor it on test to determine what it can safely deliver. In practice though, in most sports applications I've found that the excess of power available is such that it isn't anything to really worry about and I prefer to determine the longevity of a pack in the air by having a comfortable flight and landing with power in the tank.

On rare occasions I'll push it a wee bit too far and land with the pack at a slightly lower indicated voltage that I'd ideally like. I use a timer with the more critical models, but tend not to use one routinely - I should probably change that.

I was far more organised and religious in the old NiCd and NiMh days, regularly cycling and monitoring the capacity of my flight packs, but we didnl;t have the surfeit of power available then and needed every mah we could get. Contrary to the popular perception though we actually were able to fly electric models successfully before Lipos were ever thought of,

Thread: FrSky Major Update for most TX and RX
26/01/2020 09:55:13

My Frsky DFT module was purchased in 2010 and is fitted to a Futaba FF9 tx that I currently use for all of my gliders (11 rxs)and a small number of powered models (10 rxs), my main system for the vast majority of models is Spektrum - DX7 and DX9 (33rx). I wouldn't want to unecessarily replace a large number of receivers, even if they are relatively inexpensive.

26/01/2020 09:21:24

Thanks Mike - that's good news.

Thread: Capacity checker accuracy?
26/01/2020 09:20:03

I've never looked at or knowingly read off the % remaining on a battery, but regularly hear folks say that their battery is at 35% or whatever. All my gear displays the voltage per cell, which is what I use - if it's <3.85v/cell it needs charging and if it's >4.1v/cell it;s fine to fly. If it's in between, then I'll pop it on the charger before flying. I have enough batteries to not have to need to try to eke more than one flight per charge out of them and I only charge at the field.

Thread: FrSky Major Update for most TX and RX
26/01/2020 08:35:52

I've read the thread and have a simple question. What does this mean for users of the pre-Taranis series of Frsky modules and receivers, such as the V8-FRII, V4-FRII and D8-FRII - I have quite a few of these in operation, don;t use telemetry at all and they have been working very well for years.

I assume that if I do nothing to the existing kit that they'll just keep on working and will be fully legal? Will those RXs be discontinued or will they fail to work with the old modules in the event that I buy more of them in the future?

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