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Thread: The Gov't, CAA, BMFA & UAV legislation thread
18/11/2019 06:52:11

If that's the case then it's a great example of what happens when someone tries to be too clever for their own good and seeks to have things spelled out which should be self-evident.

18/11/2019 06:40:13

Another example of over-thinking. If you've used a screwdriver to fit your hatch then clearly that isn't a special tool. If it's a TORX or star driver, or similar then it probably is a special tool.

18/11/2019 06:02:03

I think people are rather over-thinking the labelling thing. Practically everyone posting here has access to a computer, or at least to a biro and sticky label. For many years I printed a label with my email address and telephone number which was placed inside the model and on one occasion resulted in the return of a battery hatch from miles away. Quite a few of them still have that printed label inside. Anyone capable of getting a model aeroplane into the air ought not be defeated by being required to put a small label inside their model, in a manner accessible to anyone with a screwdriver.

If your model has a removable wing, then it has a place to attach a label inside - similarly if it has any sort of battery hatch or access to a fuel tank. You must be able to get at the radio and servos for maintenance, surely? The only models that I can think of in my own fleet that weight more than 250g and don't have space inside for a label are a couple of flying wings and an EPP Eurofighter.

For those a piece of white plastic 6mm high by however long it needs to fit the number would allow that to be written in with a felt tip pen, A wipe with isopropanol and new number added whenever necessary would seem to fit the bill.

Thread: Best Heating Option For Your Hobby Shed
17/11/2019 18:07:48

Looking at Peter's videos he is running the exhaust out through the wall of a timber shed, with some sort of hear resistant lagging around the exhaust pipe. I'm guessing that when these are used inside vehicles the exhaust must exit somewhere?

My workshop is stone, rather than brick, with very thick walls, so drilling an 25mm diameter hole through there is something to be avoided if at all possible. I doubt that there is 25mm clearance in the mortar between the stones.

Thread: The Gov't, CAA, BMFA & UAV legislation thread
17/11/2019 08:28:02
Posted by SIMON CRAGG on 17/11/2019 04:01:44:

As club sec. my job has been to collect the £9.00 per head from our 40 or so members. So far, not one member has whinged about it, and I have collected virtually all of it ready to send off. The competence test has turned out to be a non event, with several trainees having already gained their pass certificate. Non-event really.

I'm struggling to understand why you would have collected the £9 registration fee from your members before the BMFA AGM and BMFA subscriptions for 2020 have been set? What is the rush? The BMFA advice has been to wait until this is settled and to follow their recommended procedure in renewing alongside your membership renewal.

Thread: Best Heating Option For Your Hobby Shed
16/11/2019 17:47:05

Having read the glowing review of these and having not been very impressed with the electic space heater alternatives, I've hit buy on one of the 5kw units and a silencer from an ebay seller, which is promised to be delivered this week.

I'm assuming that I have to arrange for the exhaust to exit the building and don;t really want to drill a 25mm hole through the stone work, but could take it out through the perspex glazed side frame of a door. I thought I'd replace one panel with timber with a neat hole and fill the gap with something fireproof/heat resistant. Any guidance on suitable materials from those who have installed these exhausts through shed walls and the like?

Thread: The Gov't, CAA, BMFA & UAV legislation thread
15/11/2019 15:43:29
Posted by robert feltham on 15/11/2019 15:37:14:

Reading all of this and looking at all the hoops to jump through now I for one will be selling all my gear and moving to another hobby. I'm just fed up with it all I'm afraid. Flying RC for over 40 years. Hobby ruined by so called drones.

Do you have anything decent that you want to sell?

Use the Classified Ads section on here and those who aren't going to give up on the hobby might be able to pick up a bargain. yes

10/11/2019 21:38:32

Well said Andrew Ray. yes

Thread: Catapult Build for Ducted Fan Models
10/11/2019 21:36:31

Catapults are rather cumbersome and not very successful in my experience, having imported one from the USA some years ago, of the type used for aircombat launching funfighter sized models. My Bearcat made a shuddering ascent of the steep, 6' long ramp on the carrying cradle and simply fell off the end - the catapult didn;t throw it a full fuselage length.

What are described in the links above are bungee launchers, with a launch pedal - surgical rubber bungee and a dog stake. Some incorporate a very shallow ramp, raised a few inches from the floor, and these do work well, if your site permits their use.

Thread: How many on-going projects and unstarted kits do you have?
09/11/2019 17:01:09

25 in the workshop for repairs/maintenance - some very minor repairs, others much more extensive rebuilds.

17 kits at various stages of completion, several just needing painting/gear installing. The bottleneck is typically the painting.

17 airframes being refurbished - these are models that I haven't flown yet, a few are IC to be electrified.

49 kits in their boxes not started, including short kits, trad kits, artfs and foamies/PnP types that just need a few hours assembling.

Thread: The Gov't, CAA, BMFA & UAV legislation thread
09/11/2019 13:33:54
Posted by Ron Gray on 09/11/2019 10:24:07:

@SteveJ - it’s a shame that the guide published by the BLMA as per leccyflyer’s link above doesn’t give the notice about exemptions only applying until June 2020

@Leccyflyer - nothing clear about the word ‘could’. There are a lot of people who resent having to register but still want insurance!

They can resent having to register all they want. They can moan and complain and whinge about it, but ultimately if they don;t register and continue to fly they will be doing so illegally.

As regards the insurance the use of the word "could" ought to make it quite clear that by not complying with the registration requirements there is an entirely unnecessary risk to one's insurance coverage. That ought to be clear enough for anyone.

Thread: The "drooling" stage?
09/11/2019 09:30:38

On occasion it can be ages between having a model ready to fly and actually flying it.I have a couple of refurbished models that have been waiting for a maiden flight for more then a year - one of which has even been to the flying site without having that maiden flight. This despite the fact that my pal had flown it hundreds of times! My Carbon Cub has been sitting on the bench for two months, waiting for just the right day to take her to the field for a maiden flight.

Thread: The Gov't, CAA, BMFA & UAV legislation thread
09/11/2019 09:22:07

The insurance side of things seems clear enough. Why would one take the risk that one's insurance could be invalidated by operating illegally. Honestly the whole insurance thing is a red herring. There's no legal requirement to have insurance for non-commercial model flying under 20kg, that's an individual's choice. There is however a legal requirement to operate legally under the new regulations, irrespective of anything to do with insurance.

09/11/2019 08:58:57



From the BMFA this morning - a simpler guide to what you need to do.

Edited By leccyflyer on 09/11/2019 08:59:30

Thread: CAA BMFA
08/11/2019 16:19:04

Aaah, right, when you said no concessions to Country Members you just meant no concessions to your own particular case. Understood.

08/11/2019 16:12:52

If you are a BMFA Country Member with an A, B or C certificate you will be able to register through the BMFA when you renew your membership and will not need to take a competence test. That's a substantial concession and does not depend on you being a member of a single BMFA affiliated club.

08/11/2019 15:48:57

No, they're not. The BMFA are, admirably, attempting to establish some clear blue water between drone operators and the BMFA members who fly model aircraft and have decades of safe operation and co-operation to evidence their participation in the hobby. They have secured important concessions for BMFA members in their ability to operate legally under the new regulations, with the minimum of fuss.

Edited By leccyflyer on 08/11/2019 15:49:42

Thread: New EDF Mini Jets- Jet Provost & Folland Gnat
29/10/2019 19:19:24

Saw one of my flying pals' scaled up JP at the field today - she looked lovely in the air and flew very well indeed. He has a surfeit of 64mm fans and no 50mm fans and so he scaled up the plant to fit, making for a larger model, with a built up wing and quite a large amount of the upper and lower fuselage sheeting removed to save weight.

Thread: The Gov't, CAA, BMFA & UAV legislation thread
28/10/2019 18:17:55

Anyone seriously considering giving up the hobby over a £9 registration fee + or - having to take an online test really needs to get a grip.

Thread: NEW POLL - do you use a throttle kill switch?
26/10/2019 16:43:37

No need to fit aftermarket switch on my DX9, and, as others have mentioned, it has a nice lady prompting when the switches for throttle cut and rates etc are operated, giving their status.

Interesting point on the positions of the switches Geoff, -for me it's entirely logical that the rate switches are up for high rate, middle for mid rates and down for low rates. I don't think of them as on or off switches,

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