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Thread: Famous model flyers
12/01/2019 06:40:15

I listened to an excellent programme on Radion 4 Extra the other evening about Stepher Hawking and discovered that he was an aeromodeller in his youth, specifically a radio control aeroplane flyer.

Thread: Priory Models Silhouette
07/01/2019 20:48:02
Posted by martin collins 1 on 07/01/2019 19:25:16:

Look what arrived at my door today.......smiley

Someone gave me a club magazine and this was in the adverts. It seems complete and in good condition but there are no instructions, all the parts are numbered but i assume there was some form of instructions with it originally? Does anyone have a copy they could scan?


I think I still have the instructions Martin - will have a look at the weekend and scan them if they are there.

Thread: Keeping Warm In Winter Weather
04/01/2019 18:28:09

It was minus 5 degrees here yesterday, but still managed to enjoy a few hours at the field and kept nicely warm. I wear base layer thermals, then lined trousers and a minimum of three layers up top - total of five layers yesterday though. Over the thermals that's a woolen long sleeved shirt, thin fleece, thicker fleece and outer shower/wind proof coat. Thick faux fur lined Russian style flying hat with ear flaps and fingerless gloves, two pairs of thermal socks and walking boots. Did have a couple of themal hand warmers with me but didn't need them.

Mind you there wasn't a breath of wind. Minus 5 degrees with windchill would be a different matter.

Thread: Dave Burton (BEB)
31/12/2018 20:57:38

Sorry to hear that sad news. He always struck me as a very genuine and knowledgeable gent who was keen to help, Condolences to all of BEB's friends and family.

Thread: Christmas films worth recording
31/12/2018 18:30:57

633 Squadron on now! Mossie-tastic!

Thread: New building area.
31/12/2018 14:05:38

Best of luck Tony - will watch your progress with interest.

Here's a tip - fit a length of plastic U-section guttering along the front face of the worktop - you can use it to hold all sorts of useful things - straight edges, tools etc, when they are in use and it also saves anything from rolling off the bench onto the floor.

Thread: New year
29/12/2018 09:24:22

That's a great idea.

I always used to have my name, number, email address and model ID inside of every model, but had lapsed on that with the last couple of dozen models. It would be a good New Year's resolution to reinstate that for 2019. This has already reaped it;s rewards when my battery hatch, which departed the model at height, was returned to me from five miles away from the flying field a couple of years ago.

28/12/2018 15:40:48

That's a bit of a pain and a horrible thought for a scale model. Can you put that registration under the wing?

28/12/2018 12:21:26

Only 1 this year - to get the damaged airframes repaired during the winter, so that they are ready for the next season. I've a bunch of fully geared up airframes that mostly just need a fairly minor repair to make them airworthy again, and a few more extensive rebuilds, mostly nose-jobs.

Thread: Christmas films worth recording
28/12/2018 10:20:21

Tora Tora Tora on right now - Moooooooooo- Cowwwwwwwwwww!

Thread: Model shops / web sites having sales over Christmas
26/12/2018 17:04:11

Duff servos are a particular bugbear for me - Durafly put out lots of very nioely finished funfighter-sized warbirds, but I#ve lost two of them to a dodgy aileron servo and in future will replace all of the servos before flying one. A clear case of spoiling the ship for a haporth of tar.

26/12/2018 17:02:01

I though the Skyshark kits looked really nice - I bought their Dauintless as a 2nd hand model, unflown and still haven;t flown it - but they don't seem to be inported by anyone these days.

My point was that there have been plenty of "traditional" kits which were terrible, or very basic indeed and the very obvious example was the Aerotech stuff - used to see loads of folks at the shows with an Aerotech kit under their arm on the way out, but I saw very few of them fly outside of the shows and heard lots of horror stories about their customer services.

Anyway, it's an interesting discussion to have a blether on a dreich, dark, damp Boxing Day afternoon.

26/12/2018 16:44:52
Posted by Percy Verance on 26/12/2018 16:38:58:

So Pat, you might buy a kit from, say, DB Sport & Scale or Stan Yeo at PMP, and have an issue with the build. You can readily contact either company , and in the case of PMP actually speak to the bloke who designed and produced the kit. That has to be worth something surely?

Does that sort of thing go on at the big box shifters? I'm asking as I've never bought a model from them.

Edited By Percy Verance on 26/12/2018 16:39:34

If you're going to make that sort of comparison, I respecfully suggest that you also need to throw such firms as Aerotech into the mix. Did you ever buy any of their kits? It's not a particularly symettrical comparison to include only firms that you've had positive experiences with.

It did used to be possible to speak to the block who designed and brought the kits into production with Hobbyking - to name but one box shifter - the chap was a well known forum contributor and very approachable - nice chap too, I've flown with him a flew times at fly-ins in years gone by and he definitely used to go the extra mile, especially with new models coming out with the inevitable teething troubles.

26/12/2018 16:40:02
Posted by PatMc on 26/12/2018 16:28:31:
Posted by Percy Verance on 26/12/2018 15:54:07:

the big Far Eastern box shifters, whom have little or no *feel* for our hobby or the furtherance of it, and are simply interested in profit margins.......

That's just about the daftest statement I've heard in a long time.

All vendors exist to sell their goods at a profit in order to make their own living. It's in their interests to give their market what's demanded. The ones who fall short disappear, the ones who fullfil the demands florish.

Agree - Hobbyking get a right slagging off in this forum, but they are certainly instrumental in putting out some interesting models in a very rapid turnover of products if one reads the threads on forthcoming models from Dynam, Durafly, FMS, Fliteline, Freewing and the like then those big volume box shifters certainly do have an impact. That's just in the RFT/ARTF areana as well, they also produce a slew of balsa CNC and laser cut kits if that is what takes your fancy - and then the power systems and accessories.

They do produce some awful rubbish as well, and some of their customer service procedures are similar to the labours of Hercules to complete, but it is for the purchaser to sort the wheat from the chaff.

26/12/2018 16:27:26

FWIW, outwith the fictional and long since consigned to history aeromodelling world which consists entirely of home grown balsa, banana oil, bamboo and dyed silk, the hobby has changed in many ways, including the provision of a wide variety of what on the face of it look like very new things (but which aren't all that new, when examined in depth). Take ARTFS for instance Pilot (Eeze Build), Retlas, Kyosho, Graupner, Robbe etc etc were making ARTFs way back on my first foray into the hobby in the 1970's.

Those who decry the subsequent rise of ARTFs/foamies/BnF models really ought to consider where the hobby would be if it were entirely reliant on an ever diminishing clientele buying a couple of sheets of balsa, some balsa cement and a kit at Christmas and one transmitter, one receiver transferred between models and a set of servos for life - that business isn't sustainable in the current economic climate and with the many other things to do and attract our hobby pennies. If it wasn't for the companies producing those mass popularity models then the model shops which make their living selling that stuff would probably have gone to the wall a couple of decades ago.

In terms of the much villified Far Eastern "box shifters" they have actually driven a lot of innovation and made many aspects of the hobby affordable and accessible to the ordinary modeller - you can now buy and fly a very credible full house, perfectly workable "warbird" for a reasonable cost in preformed foam - something that would have been beyond the skill level of the average club modeller even fifteen years ago. Now it is noticeable that as such models become more sophisticated they are definitely becoming more expensive, and that looks set to continu. However without the global market and global sales for that type of model, the average modeller would have been left with building a very rough facsimile from the very basic kits that were available 20 years ago, building from a plan or scratch building these subjects -requriing very high skill levels to achieve anything reasonable.The hobby would also be in significant financial danger, because there simply wouldn;t be that many of us and our numbers would be diminishing with age.

The folks who come into the hobby wanting to fly a Spitfire can now do that and, whilst some may fall by the wayside, a number will be retained and will be able to branch out into other parts of the hobby. That is where the recent Channel 4 series on the Battle Of Britain flyers was such a good thing, it showed people that the hobby can be fun and it doesn't just consist of geezers taking nine months to build a model that they then fly twice a year - the hobby has wider appeal as a result and they can get into those other aspects if they want to. The pounds that those folks spend help to support the hobby and make sure that everyone can buy a packet of clevises, a pair of wheels and yes, even a few sheets of balsa.

As a single personal example I wouldn't have a 3D printer if it hadn;t been readily available from one of the Far-Eastern "box shifters" and I've found it a great addition to my hobby. Likewise for LiPos - at the time that I switched to Loong Max lipos, which were excellent, the choice at the LHS was limited to the grossly overpriced overhyped and horribly unreliable FlightPower packs. Those affordable Lipos came in via one of the companies villified as "box shifters" - my position is that all of these firms have a part to play in the hobby landscape and a recognition of the part that they play would not go amiss, warts and all. The same goes for LHS and the national mail order retailers -they all have their pros and cons.

26/12/2018 14:30:16

Talking of Pipers it should also be borne in mind that not everyone wants to buy a Cub for an OS .40 FS

26/12/2018 13:18:42

Yeah, I've bought from all of those and more besides . That doesn't alter the point that I am making, which is that for a lot of people there simply isn't an LHS within a large distance, so "encouraging" those folks to buy from their LHS isn't particularly welcome, since such shops simply do not exist.

26/12/2018 12:45:47
Posted by Percy Verance on 26/12/2018 12:39:45:

And how do you suppose we've arrived at that situation leccy?

At least parially by a combination of the LHS not providing the service, prices and choices offered by some of the larger, more organised, switched on online retailers -including the larger model shops more attuned to modern retail - coupled with the legendary tightness of aeromodellers in particular, but hobbyists in general. I know personally of certain LHS outlets which have gone out of business having provided the most appalling service with the mantra "Oh, there's no demand for that" being all too familiar. Add in the increased cost of doing business on the high street to the reduction in the traditional model retail landscape and you have a situation where the world that we grew up in, where every significant town had one or more shops catering to the aeromodeller no longer exists.

26/12/2018 12:37:50
Posted by Percy Verance on 26/12/2018 12:13:14:

My point exactly. So perhaps supporting the shops that are still around is even more crucial? Think ahead. What's going to happen once Hobbyking and Bangcrash goes? What then?

Which local shops that are still around? There aren't any up here. Nearest shops are Scoonies Hobbies - just over 100 miles away and I believe there is one in Inverness, about 100 miles away, but I've never seen it and don;t know what they stock- their website is dead, as far as I can see.

Isn't that what the OP is aimed at though- providing a bit of publicity for the non-local shops with websites and Christmas sales? Wherever possible I use UK-based retailers via online ordering, FWIW, but not having a model shop within reach is a reality for a lot of people. Already.

26/12/2018 11:50:36
Posted by Percy Verance on 25/12/2018 08:59:13:

I'd have to agree Peter. The present situation for a good number of UK model shops will not be good.

In fact, although I live in the Lake Disrict I sometimes use (among others) a shop/supplier whom has been based in Devon for 40+ years - and not too long ago he was speaking to a chap whom I often fly with, and the current trading situation was mentioned. It seems this particular outlet's sales are about 20% down on last year......

I'd imagine a sale might just be the last thing on his mind........

Your local model shop. USE them or lose them, it's that apologies here. If all you are happy to be left with in a few years time are 2 or 3 Far Eastern based suppliers whose main aim is to shift boxes full of dubious quality items, or lots of accesories you don't get to see/handle over a counter before you buy, then fine.......

Just don't wonder where all the shops disappeared to, because it's happening right now under your noses. Sorry Simon, but that really is the picture at the moment........

Edited By Percy Verance on 25/12/2018 09:12:11

Local model shop? What's one of those? Some of us don't have a local model shop within a hundred miles -unless you count shops with trains, RC cars, plastic kits, a couple of drones and RTFs and a few sheets of balsa. That particular ship has already sailed.

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