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Thread: Model shops / web sites having sales over Christmas
26/12/2018 12:45:47
Posted by Percy Verance on 26/12/2018 12:39:45:

And how do you suppose we've arrived at that situation leccy?

At least parially by a combination of the LHS not providing the service, prices and choices offered by some of the larger, more organised, switched on online retailers -including the larger model shops more attuned to modern retail - coupled with the legendary tightness of aeromodellers in particular, but hobbyists in general. I know personally of certain LHS outlets which have gone out of business having provided the most appalling service with the mantra "Oh, there's no demand for that" being all too familiar. Add in the increased cost of doing business on the high street to the reduction in the traditional model retail landscape and you have a situation where the world that we grew up in, where every significant town had one or more shops catering to the aeromodeller no longer exists.

26/12/2018 12:37:50
Posted by Percy Verance on 26/12/2018 12:13:14:

My point exactly. So perhaps supporting the shops that are still around is even more crucial? Think ahead. What's going to happen once Hobbyking and Bangcrash goes? What then?

Which local shops that are still around? There aren't any up here. Nearest shops are Scoonies Hobbies - just over 100 miles away and I believe there is one in Inverness, about 100 miles away, but I've never seen it and don;t know what they stock- their website is dead, as far as I can see.

Isn't that what the OP is aimed at though- providing a bit of publicity for the non-local shops with websites and Christmas sales? Wherever possible I use UK-based retailers via online ordering, FWIW, but not having a model shop within reach is a reality for a lot of people. Already.

26/12/2018 11:50:36
Posted by Percy Verance on 25/12/2018 08:59:13:

I'd have to agree Peter. The present situation for a good number of UK model shops will not be good.

In fact, although I live in the Lake Disrict I sometimes use (among others) a shop/supplier whom has been based in Devon for 40+ years - and not too long ago he was speaking to a chap whom I often fly with, and the current trading situation was mentioned. It seems this particular outlet's sales are about 20% down on last year......

I'd imagine a sale might just be the last thing on his mind........

Your local model shop. USE them or lose them, it's that apologies here. If all you are happy to be left with in a few years time are 2 or 3 Far Eastern based suppliers whose main aim is to shift boxes full of dubious quality items, or lots of accesories you don't get to see/handle over a counter before you buy, then fine.......

Just don't wonder where all the shops disappeared to, because it's happening right now under your noses. Sorry Simon, but that really is the picture at the moment........

Edited By Percy Verance on 25/12/2018 09:12:11

Local model shop? What's one of those? Some of us don't have a local model shop within a hundred miles -unless you count shops with trains, RC cars, plastic kits, a couple of drones and RTFs and a few sheets of balsa. That particular ship has already sailed.

Thread: Gatwick drone incident
24/12/2018 10:52:14
Posted by supertigrefan on 24/12/2018 10:32:38:
Posted by Lima Hotel Foxtrot on 24/12/2018 09:52:30:

Isn't it a good thing we have the judicial process?

Isn't it just.....

Released without charge doesn't mean innocent, it means there was insufficient evidence to make a case, how many perpetrators have been released through lack of evidence? Even justice has it's failings.

In this case released without charge means innocent- there is nothing pointing towards the couple having had anything to do with the alleged incidents at Gatwick.

24/12/2018 10:49:45

"Bruce's video" seems to be full of half-baked conclusions and assertions. He says he's glad that he isn't a model flyer in the UK, so that's one thing that we do agree on - I'm glad that he isn't a model flyer in the UK as well, with those sort of attitudes and hyperbolic exclamations being aired so publically.

23/12/2018 08:05:36

The story surrounding the couple arrested doesn't add up. It looks as though someone has just notified the authorities of someone in the vicinity who has flown drones and model aircraft -specifically helicopters.

The search for the guy's online activity, with the media showing pictures of his models and reviews of drone suppliers is the sort of thing which could be dredged up on almost anyone on this forum. It could simply be a case of being in the wrong place at the wrong time and, more worrying, being in the wrong hobby for some people.

Something to bear in mind in the rush to judgement.

22/12/2018 12:58:14
Posted by cymaz on 22/12/2018 12:44:39:

If Joe public sees anything small buzzing around in the sky they might not care if it’s scale, sport or a’s just an annoying drone that shuts down airports. It’s people’s perceptions and prejudices of model flying I worry about, they won’t care what it is......just ban it.

Edited By cymaz on 22/12/2018 12:49:49

That's the point that I made earlier - the public isn;t likely to make that distinction, so it's difficult to see how the BMFA could take the initiative and frame the conversation to make that distinction, unless the expression of lumping us all together had been explicitly made. How could they become in the public discussion of the incident?

22/12/2018 12:39:20
Posted by cymaz on 22/12/2018 12:30:13:

To me, it seems a shame none of the media I saw or heard didn’t contact or interview anyone at Chacksfield house..They would have put the media right on a few things and shown that model flying is done by a responsible and law abiding bunch of individuals.

I haven't seen any explicit mention of model flying in the media in connection with this incident, so it;s difficult to see in what manner the BMFA could have been involved with something which really shouldn't be anything to do with model flying. How would such a conversation/report have been framed?

22/12/2018 12:27:50

What we, as aeromodellers, need to remember is that whilst we see clear blue water between our activities and those of the drone flyers, the general public doesn't really see that - they lump us all in the same basket and drones have suddenly become even more unpopular than they already were. Interfere with the liberty of the British public, take away their rights, increase their taxes, destroy their democracy and you;ll be met with a shrug, but interfere with their holidays and that;s a different matter entirely.

22/12/2018 11:00:45

Perhaps the authorities were waiting for a re-appearance of the drones with the systems actually deployed to let them do their work in detecting the perpetrators. It obviously took quite some time to get that equipment in place, then there was a gap with no activity and the airport operations recommenced -pretty much as soon as the drone popped up again last night they announced that they had made the arrests.

21/12/2018 08:34:26

There is nothing in my post which is an over-reaction. I merely reported what the Transport Secretary said - his comment that legislation does not stop criminal acts was a sensible comment, but he did say that further legislation would be brought in.

21/12/2018 08:01:24

The Transport Minister in the news this morning pointed out that these are criminal acts and that laws already exist which these activities are breaching. However he then went on to say that the laws were recent and would be added to in order to further discourage this type of activity and to employ measures to make closing down an airport like this to be impossible. Expect further legislation in the not too distant future.

Thread: Rimfire or AXI
16/12/2018 08:41:50

Had my first AXI 2820/10 in 2003 and have had several of those marvellous motors in different sizes. Only lost a magnet on one, after an arrival and that was glued back. Have bent a couple of shafts with heavy arrivals, including punching a dent in the front bearing of one. Other than that, I've burnt out one of the coils on one motor. I'll be replacing the bearings on two that have gone a wee bit noisy after hundreds of flights and >10 years service.

I've had decent results with some Chinese outrunners as well, but I recently fitted a 2nd generation AXI 2820/10 in my Ripmax Mustang. Together with my Mega inrunners the AXIs have been great examples of fine Czech engineering.

Thread: More flying sites needed!
15/12/2018 16:57:19

Well, Fresh Fields and French Fields have both been in the box this past week. Mot the best examples of British TV Comedy mind you.

Thread: Christmas films worth recording
15/12/2018 16:55:19

Battle of Britain is on now. No other film comes anywhere close to that masterpiece. Must have seen it hundreds of times now.

Thread: Rimfire or AXI
15/12/2018 13:43:41

The Rimfire motors are made in China, with all that entails, the AXI motors are higher quality, made in the Czech Republic and pretty much launched the brushless outrunner revolution in this country coming up to 20 years ago. You pays your money and you takes your choice.

Thread: More flying sites needed!
15/12/2018 12:22:57

Citizen Kane? Think you mean Citizen Smith, laugh

Thread: Retractable SLS Systems
08/12/2018 12:17:01

What's an SLS system?

Thread: What's the best way to uncover a Wots-Wot
03/12/2018 22:40:23

Don;t use solvent, you'll just drive the colour deeper into the wood.

Try the parcel tape method - that works very well on film that has delaminated as you describe. That's described in an earlier thread - see link below.

Thread: Reach for the sky
25/11/2018 21:20:46

Have always followed that advice.

It's been some years since I've seen the film. The air to air footage is pretty low grade, but forgiveable for 1950's - even with the dominance of late Mark Spitfires with bubble canopies and a number of FW-190s shot down in the gun camera footage of the Battle of Britain sequences.

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