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Thread: What's the best tip you can offer to new modellers?
27/01/2007 00:17:00
My Instructor ( 30 years ago )told me this........
1) you ARE going to crash your plane...and
2) If this bothers you a lot, take up golf.
He was right, and NO I did not take up golf.
Our old club motto used to be ...
"Its only a piece of wood!"

Today, add in foam / carbon fibre / correx etc
Thread: Futaba 14MZ a dead radio?
26/01/2007 10:02:00
Andy -quoted from an earlier post of your's...
"ALSO - There is lots of chat on every forum I've visited. Still no comment from the manufacturers OR distributors about the same old questions we're getting here".

Almost ALL the chat on the other forums that I use ( 3 others )the "chat" seems positive. As for responses from manufactureres or distributors - what exactly are "the same old questions that we are getting here" ?
The only questions I ever see are things like
1) will the aerial be ok inside carbon ?
2) Is the system full range
3) how does the "binding process work"
4) what about service /repair

The answers to all these have been given many times across the forums, and also whenever I have contacted Horizon Hobbies via email - I receive a detailed answer by return, usually within 24 hours.
As I have stated on other forums, the set appears to do "exactly what it says on the tin". Just because the new set ( DX7 ) does not provide quite as many whistles and bells as the creme de la creme sets, is not a justifiable reason to condemn it as naff - as some people have done.
(not quoting you here... smiley inserted )
PS the glider guy you mentioned Mike Shellim seemed rather positive about it actually. Granted, he states it is probably not for the out and out top end glider stuff, but we know that !
One thing is for sure, it has provided excellent forum thread debate :) :)
25/01/2007 20:03:00
yeh sorry...that was a bit strong :):)
Just meant really to illustrate that for SOME applications, it is a V good system.
No offence or sarcasm intended :)
Thread: image posting
25/01/2007 18:49:00
I get "application error " when trying to upload a picture to my gallery. It is exactly the same size and file type as the 2 I did manage to upload !! ?????
Thread: Futaba 14MZ a dead radio?
25/01/2007 18:41:00
As stated earlier the aerial is NOT affected by carbon or metallic painted fuselages. I have it installed in a metallic painted EDF fuselage, which the manufacturers themselves warn "do NOT run the aerial wire down the fus, as the paint is an effective shield for the radio signal" My first few flights with this model used a conventional alpha schulze 5.35 35MHz receiver, and I did run the wire down the fus....just to see the result! Glitch counter on the schulze indicated "at least 12 reception errors" every flight ( approx 5 )
Aerial was then re-routed externally, but with about 4 inches still inside, and alongside the flight pack. From between 4 -6 errors and glitches were experienced every flight, one or two distinctly visible brown trouser moments too.
Aerial then re-routed AGAIN, straight out the fus, up a 4 inch plastic tube, and straight out free hanging, as per schulze recommendations. The odd glitch on the odd flight, but better.
Spekky AR7000 ( full range ) installed. Receiver sitting ON the ESC !!!
Every flight perfect ( approx 9 flights )
to date. No ugly aerial showing AT ALL, range checks done exactly as per manual instructions, ( 30 metres model on ground )
Got 50 big strides away before any effect noticed at all.
I can understand your concern about using it in an expensive big glider.....and NO it wont compete with your dogs danglies set, but as David says....this set is pitched at the mass market - your average club flyer - and in this sector it does damn well! As you say, show me the proof that it flies OK inside an expensive carbon glider - I me ANY 35 MHz set that gives this much performance inside a metallic, 49000 RPM, Electric model. You couldnt. Case closed.
Thread: help with gettin started propaly
24/01/2007 22:39:00
Hi Toby. Your first step should be to ask your local hobby shop about the clubs in your area. Joining a club is not essential, but almost !
For instance, whatever type of flying you expect to do, you will need proper Insurance ( which your club will arrange ) and also tuition which may well save you making some expensive and dangerous mistakes :-)
If you let people know which area you live in ( NOT the actual address )then perhaps someone local to you may help out . Good luck, and welcome to the hobby - much more fun than gaming :-)
Thread: Futaba 14MZ a dead radio?
24/01/2007 22:33:00
No actually - he wont.( insert face with protruding tongue here ) :-)
Horizon hobbies confirmed in writing to me that they work fine within any fuselage, including carbon.
I presume Andy that you have actually tried one of the sets, in order to condemn them so quickly? I would have thought that at least some of the unique features are of definite "use" to ANY flyer....such as model match, no channel clashes, and of course, an end to shoot downs.
Anyone who has suffered from either being shot down, or shooting someone else down, knows the feeling all to well.
24/01/2007 20:48:00
I agree it is a bit off not supplying a charger, but most people nowadays have something suitable, or just buy a wall wart style JR enough :)
Thread: missing piccies
24/01/2007 19:34:00
Where are the results in picture form ??
Thread: Futaba 14MZ a dead radio?
24/01/2007 19:14:00
Yes.....and of course JR "proper" as it were. ( smiley inserted about here ) :-)
24/01/2007 17:27:00
Hello Brian...thought we might see you here (winky)
Mixing is "limited" to 6 free mixes-which I would have thought enough for most folk ?
My throttle trim is fine ( cheesy grin)
I think the set you refer to with the throttle trim problem was the same one which was giving range trouble -it was after all purchased direct from a US supplier, and despite paying a fair bit less than us who chose to support our UK dealers, .. there may be a moral there (wink )
I have not personally heard of more than one that exhibited the low range problem -as you did say "some sets". Seems that the set had a faulty aerial mount /connector and has now been exchanged.
I dont know about antiquated - but it is not that difficult to program it - it is pretty much a JR interface after all
( wink again )
Mine switches quite easily between heli and fixed wing mode - done in the early screen as you switch on - perhaps the user has not mastered the art of holding the correct button sequence ??
Granted - the set cannot be changed between flying modes...however I do not see that as problem for most people. I appreciate that SOME peeps fly fixed wing on one mode, and heli on the other...but that just serves them right for trying to fly a bloomin eggbeater ( big wink )
Just thought I might add my .02p worth in balance. I actually HAVE got the set, and find it very good -especially with electric models, where glitching is now completely eliminated, AND I have chucked out the ferrite rings etc. On one model the receiver is actually stuck to the ESC !
try that with a 35MHz if you dare !
Remeber also folks..... this set is NOT at the same price point as the top end 35MHZ stuff - it is available in UK for 230, including full range receiver, AND 4 Digital servos ...not bad I reckon.
It will NOT replace the 14MZ, was never meant to, but it is still a damn good radio in my experience. I too have a top end 35MHZ PCM9X and look forward to the modular system,at wehich point the Speky goes to wifey.
Thread: Gallery
24/01/2007 17:07:00
Well I actually tried what was suggested EG: if using IE (which I am-version 6.0 )changeview /text size / medium
It already is medium! I tried knocking it down to small, and the very top of the upload button is JUST visible, I have uploaded a new "face" and will await the results. It does appear that email notification is now working.TY
24/01/2007 16:58:00
Yes thanks, I will try again
Thread: Avatar Query
21/01/2007 15:43:00
still no email resonse, or indeed any response from the admin to this one.
Thread: Hellooooo
20/01/2007 13:56:00
Im here too
Thread: Avatar Query
20/01/2007 13:53:00
I am also NOT receiving any email notification of replies to forum postings, and yes, I have "asked for them"
Thread: How local is your 'local flying field'?
19/01/2007 17:00:00
approx 25 mins depending on traffic of course.
Thread: Avatar Query
19/01/2007 16:59:00
when trying to upload an image for "face" change, again, the window just does not have /show a upload button
Thread: Gallery
19/01/2007 16:56:00
Basically ...its naff.
Every time I use the browse button, find the image i want uploading, the window has shrunk so small that the "upload" button is not visible. I guessed which one it should be, and just get an erorr messsage every time.
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