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Thread: Bae Hawk by D. Crawford
06/03/2017 12:40:25


I like your colour scheme. Is it based on a full-scale scheme, as I've not seen a Hawk like that?

I'm a great lover of red and white schemes myself, having bought a huge job lot of red and white film many years ago at the British Woodvale Rally, which usually had a Solarfilm stall selling 'seconds' that were perfectly usable.




Edited By Steve Houghton on 06/03/2017 12:40:54

Thread: A4 Skyhawk - minimal build blog
27/02/2017 12:14:11

Fantastic craftsmanship, John. You've completely transformed the model's character and brought it to life. An object lesson to us all.

Don't go hitting the Great Orme rock piles after all that work!


Edited By Steve Houghton on 27/02/2017 12:14:29

Thread: Paint match for red solartex?
21/02/2017 12:07:37

Yes, the Solarfilm website claims that Solarlac 'matches SOLARFILM and SOLARTEX colours'. I can vouch for the red Solarlac matching solarfilm, but I haven't tried it with Solartex.


Thread: PSSA group visit to RAF Cosford Museum
17/02/2017 23:13:52

I'm hoping to be there with Cathryn and one of the girls. I Hadn't realised what a large collection of aircraft was on display. Been to the LMA rally several times but never to the museum. Looking forward to it.

Thread: Cambria Christmas Charity Draw
23/01/2017 00:07:33


Thanks for the Facebook info, but I don't indulge in social media (except for this forum). I hear all I need to from the rest of my family members. I thnik your build note will be perfectly adequate.


Yes, my first thought was to do a PSS version (see earlier posts), but I wondered if the cowl/fuselage drag would be too much, as suggested by others. Current plan is to put some motive power on the front, but no final decisions made yet. If you can point to any similar shapes that have been successfully PSS'd, I would certainly reconsider.

I know Phil has the Sea Fury (with a nicely streamlined spinner), and there are some P47s and Bearcats on the PSS website, but I expect these need quite a blow to stay aloft.

Thinking cap now in place while I consider..........

19/01/2017 23:16:16

Don't worry, Daren. The plan was just out of shot, to avoid it hogging the photos, and to avoid infringing your copyright. However, here is half of it to set your mind at rest! The plan is very nicely printed and is accompanied by a full list of parts included in the kit (not shown), and a diagram of the laser cut sheets:


I certainly am looking forward to getting stuck into this one, and have been re-reading the thread you ran for the builders of your sample kits in 2015-16 (zero build) - all very useful information.

14/01/2017 22:29:23

By way of a fitting finale to this thread, I am pleased to report that my fabulous prize Zero kit arrived last week and I have been studying the contents eagerly. A DVD with build instructions and photos is included, which will no doubt help with any of the trickier parts of the build.


It's all very nicely presented, with very clean laser cutting and virtually no burnt charcoal on the ply parts. All of the essential hardware is included; torque rods, motor mount, tank, horns, nuts, bolts, tee nuts, and even some wing joining tape.

A real traditional builder's kit, and a great price (for those who have to buy theirs!).


Once again, my sincere thanks to Daren for a fabulous prize and for the money raised for his charity.

I have a couple of other projects to complete before I can start on the Zero, but I shall look forward to this build eagerly.

01/01/2017 19:28:56

I have a Thunder Tiger 46 Pro that was earmarked for another project, but I might be persuaded to use it in the Zero first. (Don`t mention it to anyone in the PSSA, or I might be dismissed!).

01/01/2017 10:57:04

Hi Daren,

I`m delighted and a little excited!

What a great year this is turning out to be.

Many thanks for a fabulous prize. Shall I convert it to PSS, or keep it pure? I`'ll keep you informed.



Thread: Christmas Caption Competition!
07/12/2016 12:27:50

We tried to tell you.. that's not the entrance to platform 9 and three quarters!

02/12/2016 12:59:58

The winner of the Christmas aerobatic comp was eventually found out when the judges spotted his AS3X system.

02/12/2016 12:57:45

In the Christmas scale fly-in, the heartless judges insisted that the model be marked down when they spotted a non-scale feature lurking amidst the debris.

01/12/2016 13:36:39

'FInding your battery after an arrival' was a popular topic in the club's flight training programme.

01/12/2016 13:32:19

“Knife, Film, Permagrit” – the aeromodeller’s version of “Scissors, Paper, Stone” seemed the fairest way to decide whose turn it was to repair the club trainer.

30/11/2016 12:32:56

The club Chairman granted the committee permission to deploy the Adava Kedavra treatment to members who refused to pay their subs!

Thread: Bae Hawk by D. Crawford
08/11/2016 18:49:48

Nice steady progress, Jim. The Shrike looks great, too.

Thread: Impromptu PSSA gathering Sunday 6th Nov?
07/11/2016 12:48:36

Thanks to Phil for arranging this (and to Bob's idea). It was great to meet up with you all, albeit for a short time.

I maidened my A-4 Skyhawk, but either the lift was insufficient or the model was nose heavy, as I ended up landing at the foot of the cliff after a brief 10 second flight. I bumped into fellow out-lander Chris Barlow in the bracken, where we managed to locate each other's models and carry out an exchange.

The Skyhawk's fin was broken off, and the fuselage had a vertical crack ahead of the wing bolt plate, plus a few minor indentations elsewhere. Fuselage is now fixed, and I'll replace the fin tonight.

I had to leave to avoid too much rain getting into my exposed balsa!

Altogether a very invigorating experience, however.

Tom - I hope you managed some flying later in the day, when you eventually tore yourself from your bed!

Thread: Black Knights Skyhawk
17/10/2016 21:42:02

Thanks Phil. I must fit one onto the Jet Provost as well, as the JP battery is currently held only by the friction of a similar foam rubber bung up the battery tube. I did wonder whether the JP battery had shifted backwards during its fatal flight at the Orme in September, but after the crash it seems to be in its expected location - unless the jolt slid it forwards again!

16/10/2016 12:56:33

Radio Installation

I enjoy seeing radio installation shots, as there's always something to learn from others. Here are a few of mine.

Aileron Differential

Using a single Hitec HS-225MG servo, I had to set up the traditional mechanical differential by offsetting the pushrod output points on the servo output disc.


The connection points on the torque rods are in front of the hinge line, which gives a little differential. The ball links on the output disc then needed to be offset slightly towards the rear. A single hole offset on one side, at the minimum radius, was then sufficient to give aileron movement of +12mm -9mm.


Radio Bay

I placed the elevator servo behind F4 on spruce bearers. The JR receiver is mounted on a raised balsa platform, retained with a velcro band running around the whole thing.

During this process, my clumsy hands kept snapping the vertical grained F4, so I added 1/8" balsa reinforcements on each side, as seen below:


There are two aerials on my JR RG712BX receiver. One goes straight forwards into a plastic tube into the nose cavity. The other is held by a vertical plastic tube on the opposite side of the fuselage, for maximum separation.


The elevator snake is held by a vertically mounted support, as I have dreams of installing airbrakes eventually and wanted to leave the side areas clear for additional pushrods:


Th battery has a 0.75oz lead weight taped onto the front, and is held into the battery tube by a sponge strip:


Battery Retainer

Using a variation of Malcolm Baird's 'lolly stick' retainer, I designed a 1/16" ply sliding retainer. When closed, it is prevented from coming out by the wing:


With the wing removed, the ratainer can be slid up to release the contents of the battery compartment:


Now it's on with reparing the Jet Provost after a nasty mishap on 11th September.


Edited By Steve Houghton on 16/10/2016 12:58:43

Edited By Steve Houghton on 16/10/2016 12:59:50

16/10/2016 12:35:49

Hi Pete and Steve,

Thanks for your comments, and sorry for the delay in responding.

I like bright colour schemes, and knew I wouldn't have time for a painted camouflage scheme, so I opted for the simpler film covering. One day I'll push the boat out and venture into a glass/paint finish.

Steve, I was pleased to see one other Black Knights scheme at the event, built by a gent called Jim, I think. His was number '1', so no duplication with my number '2' of the aerobatic formation. Unfortunately, the other one suffered some damage and didn't make it into the group photo, which was a pity. He told me he had built his in 4 days, starting on the Wednesday before the event, which must take the record for the fastest build!!!

As you know, I failed to complete the model in time to fly at the Mass Build day on 11th September. The structure was ready and covered but the radio wasn't fully installed.

I managed to complete it for the last meeting on 8th October, but was then defeated by the light winds, so it remains unflown, albeit intact!

The finished photos from 8th October are on the 'Completed Model Thread', but here are a couple of repeats:



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