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Thread: OS 40 FP Mixture problem
30/08/2019 09:33:03

Cut a piece of silicon fuel tube to fit over the spray bar thread, with the main needle out of course. It should be long enough that the needle valve compresses it from about 2 turns in, iirc OS used to put a piece of fuel tube in the box for new engines just for this purpose.

Also check that the main jet is clean and that the idle mixture hole goes right through into the carb air inlet.

Thread: Seagull I-Sport 60
27/08/2019 16:50:21

Took 35 gms off the front, wound the tickover back 4 clicks and it's a bobbies job, lovely slow landings, best afternoon's flying in a long time, the weather helped as well.

26/08/2019 14:31:10

I'm into my second one of these, first one bit the dust because I had a Frisky faast compatible Rx installed, worked fine with a futaba cg 10 tx but first flight with the new 14 sg disaster. Like many artfs it simply became desiccated upon impact.

I had to drive a long way to pick this one up, but it was worth it.

My first one had a laser 80 up front and required about 20 gms of weight at the tail to make it manageable, this one has an OS 61 Fx that I've had for years and has been barely run.

I fitted it with a 14x6 apc lookalike and it flew really well, today I tried a Graupner grey 12x7 and couldn't believe that it didn't pull as well so I landed and replaced it with the 14x6, the engine is soooo quiet even at full throttle and is so reliable I really enjoy flying it. i've done in excess of 10 flights to date and as soon as I've bought some more 15% I'll get some more stick time in.

It turns out that rolls are a bit sluggish so I'll start moving some weight off the front and the rudder feels inadequate, it doesn't spin easily and neither does it do a stall turn really well. I hope the C of G adjustment rearwards will improve this.

My view a great model, if you can get one it's really good if a little flimsy round the edges.

Thread: ASP 21 vs OS Max 25FP
22/08/2019 13:05:40

25FP were schneurle ported but no great shakes, even on 15 or 20 % nitro, best easily obtainable 21 by a country mile is/was the irvine 20. There are more powerful ones but asp isn't one of them and cost could become an issue. The silencers of most 21s leave a lot to be desired.

Back to the OP the asp is a better bet than the 25 FP unless you already have an FP as they are good reliable engines with an OS no 8 plug and probably suited to your model if the design recommends it.

FWIW OS claimed a much higher output than was good for them for the FP series, in real terms the asp is about 15% more powerful and 15% more noisy, especially if the the os was fitted with the super silencer.

I have the 25FP, the OS 25 FSR and the Irvine 20, the fsr leaves them all for dead but they are a bit like rocking horse poo at present.

Thread: Buzzard Bombshell
19/08/2019 01:00:15

Yes, I noticed the variations with the CG, also the plane is built from a laser cut kit. the really annoying part has been the wood selection eg the top cabin rails are made from 3/8 triangle section that is soft as butter, some of the formers are soft 1/8 sheet and the beech engine bearers, which tend to stiffen up the structure, have been omitted.

It'll probably fly fine when I get it sorted but today I took off in flat calm and two mins into the flight half a gale blew through, high pucker factor.

Grandkids are a law unto themselves, mine is 7 going on 45 he's very technology biased and gets quite cross when I drag him outdoors, but he loves playing poosticks on the bridges over the streams in our village, as do I; it's all I have the energy for !

18/08/2019 21:23:43

Good point, Pat. I think I'll try some more lead in the nose as that's the easiest option even though my head tells me the c of g isn't miles out as it has a lifting tail section and my other oldies with similar arrangements fly with a c of g in excess of 50% chord from the leading edge.

I'll let you know how I get on, but it won't be for a while as the grandson is coming down for the week and all the old men up the flying site give him the heebie-jeebies.......disgust

18/08/2019 11:42:00

Well it flew, still seems either over elevated or the c of g is too far bck. I'll try 3mm of light ply under the wing trailing edge at first to see if that sorts it.

Thread: Seagull Super Chipmunk ARTF
16/08/2019 11:32:43

Thanks for that, I have a scratch built model that needs torsion wires like that, regrettably it needs 5mm otherwise I would have ordered up spares from seagull, just my luck, eh?

Thread: Buzzard Bombshell
16/08/2019 11:30:23

img_0029 (1).jpgPics of the lead gorilla glued in place, tried shifting it, it's well and truly fixed.

Also access hatch for the servos, 1/8" bass gussets and held on with servo screws.

Just have to iron down the film and make the windscreen now , also some form of battery retention, stick on velcro hasn't taken to the battery.

img_0028 (1).jpg

Thread: Seagull Super Chipmunk ARTF
16/08/2019 10:11:52

I wonder if one of you kind gents could advise the diameter of the torsion wire for the undercarriage please.

Thread: Buzzard Bombshell
15/08/2019 18:06:35

Here's the glue setting, everything is wrapped in polythene sheet and the bands are holding the battery hatch on.

I'll have to make a pattern for the windscreen which was made out of thin mylar and disappeared on the first flight I had with it.img_0027 (1).jpg

15/08/2019 17:52:19

To continue, I fitted the wing and with the balance point set at 42% needed just 330 gms (the new servos are mounted at the C of G site)

Because of the flimsy front end I encapsulated the lead in gorilla glue as ther's nothing really strong enough to bolt the stuff to.

That's where I'm at at the moment waiting for the GG to set.

15/08/2019 17:47:00

A few years ago I bought a second hand buzard bombshell, mainly bought it to try out electric flight.

As soon as I got home I knew I'd made a mistake as the esc didn't work and the centre of gravity was literally miles out, so much so that I had to fit 700 gms of Pb up front.

It flew but it was still tail heavy so I lobbed it in the back of my workshop with a view to putting a nice little 2 stroke in it.

Fast forward to last week when I pulled it out to start work.

It's really too flimsy to pop an engine in so I started looking over how I could make it work for me.

There's a pic nearby showing a glued in hatch that covered up where the servos were, two massive metal geared chinese servos that weighed just over 100 gms.

I cut a new hatch in and made and fitted a ply mount with two corona HV digitals. Pulled the snakes out of their tube and substituted a 14 swg wire rod for the rudder and a 2mm round carbon rod as the elevator pushrod in the original tubes. The wire rod had adaptors soldered on and the CF rod had them glued on.

img_0025 (1).jpg

Thread: ASP prop driver stuck!
12/08/2019 11:54:24

As you've obviously hit a block try either using a dremel or a hacksaw to cut down through the driver cutting directly down alongside the prop shaft but away from it enough so it cuts the driver and the split cone the ideal position is shown on the attached photo. You'll see I've suggested at right angles to the split in the cone, as you cut it should relieve some of the pressure on the cone. If you apply yourself you can make the cut in 5 minutes flat. If you're going to hum and ha about it give up and send it back to just engines.img_0022.jpg

10/08/2019 01:27:05

From machine mart, battery/windscreen wiper puller about £10puller on saito 82.jpg

Thread: ED Hunter MK IV - Prop nut assembly damage
07/08/2019 08:41:53

Should be sorry

Thread: Best Dremel Clone
07/08/2019 08:39:34
Posted by Tom Sharp 2 on 07/08/2019 00:49:27:

I thought clones were things that flew over airfields, not workshop tools. wink

Should have gone to specsavers.....face 1

Thread: ED Hunter MK IV - Prop nut assembly damage
06/08/2019 23:46:49

Get in touch with Weston they make ED engines now and can probably help you though it might be helpful to have an extra arm and leg. Alan, the owner, is really he!lpful.

Thread: Best Dremel Clone
06/08/2019 18:05:36

I bought my corded dremel about 20 years or so ago, shortly after I forked out for an adjustable chuck. Best thing I ever did. 4 or 5 clones had come and gone by then but I've had absolutely no problems with the dremel since and it gets used for multiple trades.

Thread: YS 45 2 stroke
03/08/2019 18:09:23

Got my new keyboard and, as promised, my story from the 90s.

As soon as I got the engine home, I fastened it on the bench rig on my workmate in the backyard and ran it up, couple of twiddles with the needle and it was good to go, I must have left it ticking over when wifey called me in for my spag bol, wife and I shared a bottle of wine then started another and sat down to watch the box.

I was just thinking about turning in when she said something to the effect are you going to leave that thing working all night.

I can't remember the size of the tank I was using but it must have idled for at least 1.5 hours and picked up immediately with a twitch of throttle, I've always used OS no 8 plugs ever since.

What impressed me then and again the other day is at tickover the mini pipe is cool enough to hold even grip quite firmly when running and the cylinder head isn't that much warmer.

I've just been running up an OS 35 FP that I got for a vintage job and after a couple of minute tckover the silencer is appreciably warmer than the YS.

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