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Thread: OS Irvine 46 query
22/05/2019 18:18:01


22/05/2019 14:54:20

PS I'd get the gudgeon pin as well it's peanuts. Delamination usually starts at exhaust side following insertion of something hard enough to crack the plating through the exhaust port whilst jacking out the liner eg when replacing bearings wink.

Use only wood or plastic.

22/05/2019 14:46:56, mkiv irvine 46 listed at £26.99. Get part number from website, also part no of retaining circlips and order via sussex model centre, delivery within the week.

22/05/2019 13:18:58

Two things spring to mind, firstly the liner is shedding its chrome plating, can be checked by looking through the exhaust port though the delamination normally starts on the exhaust side in which case remove the cylinder head and scrutinise the bore, if it's ok the other thing that I've had with irvines is the gudgeon or wrist pin failing completely and breaking in two at the end of one of the relief bores in the pin, generally can only be found by dismantling the engine and, tbh, if it's that spares will be a problem.

Beneath is a picture of one of the two failures that I experienced, no spares so used the shank of a suitably sized hss twist drill dremelled off and trimmed to suit; circlips to retain the pin are hard to come by, remove with a magnetised scalpel blade for retention.


Thread: Engine for largish cw Cub
17/05/2019 21:05:02
Posted by Percy Verance on 17/05/2019 21:01:05:

I'm not in the least bit surprised a 7lb Cub was lively with a Laser 100 up front. I flew my 13.5lb 1/4 scale Cub on a Laser 100 with ease......

I've refreshed that, all components weigh 10 1/2 pounds, say 11 by the time fuel is added.

17/05/2019 17:24:15

Looking back, I think I should be alright, I flew the Brian Taylor Hurricane with the same laser 80 and it flew fine, I think the weight wasn't quite as much but hey, it's a cub.

17/05/2019 17:20:36

Just weighed all the components and, gulp, 10.5 pounds with the laser 80, 10.8 pounds with the laser 100.

Will 10.5 pounds (say 11 with fuel) be too much for a laser 80?

17/05/2019 16:51:50

One of the issues I have with this model of the Cub (it also affects the world models' version) is a stress raiser right where the aft fuselage joins the front half, just under the t/e of the wing.

Our strip is quite bumpy and tufty and a couple of planes, particularly the wm cub have tripped up and whiplash has snapped the fuse where this stress raiser is, I'll try and get a couple of pictures later.

I have a cunning plan to reinforce the strength of this area and will show it as time goes by.

17/05/2019 16:44:24

Cut a long story short, bought another YT Cub, an artc kit. Some covering has been applied, the wings and fuselage are covered in white solartex, the remainder is bald.

As white solartex is like rocking horse pooh I spent a morning googling and, true to form, picked a model that suggests the availability of white solartex!

I have some blue solartex of nearly the right shade so will strip the fuselage and salvage the white solartex to cover the tailplane and struts. Then I'll cover the fuselage with the blue solartex I've had waiting for a rainy day.

I spent part of the morning making up adaptors so I can easily swap engine mounts if need be.

g pooh pix.jpg

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Thread: World Models Cub Rebuild
13/05/2019 10:13:38

I just love cubs, don't know if I could get one this size past her indoors, she threw a wobbly when I brought my 1/4 scale clipped wing one in.

I've run out of white solartex and still have to cover the tail feathers and ailerons, cleft stick catching me here.


Thread: Wots with chris foss?
06/05/2019 21:53:06

Are you referring to the artf or artb ranges?

Thread: Futaba T14SG chat
27/04/2019 18:42:14

Thanks malcolm, I've had a twiddle and will check it out next time at the flying field.

27/04/2019 10:20:36

I have a problem with the engine cut and idle down facility.

I suspect it's my own fault but it only seems to happen when the throttle servo is reversed.

I've checked on my kindle copy of malcolm's book but it doesn't switch my light on (or cause my penny to drop) any pointers gratefully received.

Thread: Wash out
26/04/2019 08:44:31

DB cub was originally designed under the direction of the late David Boddington a man who really knew his onions.

Cubs are quite often mistakenly bought as trainers where the addition of washout can transform a plane like the cub, especially when flying low and slow if sudden evasive movements are suddenly called for.

Washout is not 100% necessary but if you lack experience it's not a bad idea, especially for the first few flights.

I have a Sig 1/5th scale cub and the plans and instruction book make no mention of washout but the kit is marketed as almost a scale model whereas the DB version clearly is not 100% scale.

Personally I'd follow the instructions.

Remember caveat emptor when assessing advice proffered on the internet.

Thread: Blackhorse Hurricane 46
21/04/2019 14:31:10

Still haven't got the hang of idle down and throttle cut on the futaba 14sg, had to abort after setting it up, as I thought, last night.

I'll have a read of my kindle book and see if I can get on top of it.

Apart from that, the systems test went ok, engine started and ran a tank of fuel through, didn't really want to but I had no way of stopping the little devil blush.

21/04/2019 08:56:53

Thanks, Chris. Just charging up a new set of LiFes and then it's all systems da di da di da. Probably I'll bottle out.

21/04/2019 00:32:38

Taking mine up to maiden it tomorrow, 5 months between completion of build and first wind beneath its wings.

Thread: RCM&E May 2019 issue chat
11/04/2019 12:35:48

My planes generally don't get that old embarrassedcrying 2

Edited By Braddock, VC on 11/04/2019 12:36:03

11/04/2019 10:57:03


With my scythe and black cloak, what caused their passing?

Edited By Braddock, VC on 11/04/2019 10:57:27

10/04/2019 10:19:51
Posted by Dwain Dibley. on 10/04/2019 00:04:04:

That's the Australian version...cheekylaugh


Dwain, in some offices it's a prerequisite to be able to read upside-down.....wink

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