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Thread: Undercarriage Upgrade.
19/03/2019 16:18:23

Flew the plane today, success, several landings and only bent a bit yes. Time to cover it now.


Thread: OS 120 strip down problem
19/03/2019 12:03:23

Have you removed the almost invisible wire circlip that retains the gudgeon pin?

Thread: Gone,but not forgotten kit mfg
16/03/2019 19:48:31

In view of the resurgence of the Scots in the Calcutta Cup, I dedicate this old ad.


Thread: Six Nations 2019
10/03/2019 20:29:45
Posted by Peter Jenkins on 10/03/2019 18:21:48:

One mustn't forget that Scotland have a great track record of upsetting England - you only have to look at last year. Never write Scotland off when playing against England I say.

Not at HQ they don't.

Thread: If you only had one engine to use, which one would it be.
10/03/2019 15:40:12
Posted by J D 8 on 10/03/2019 15:00:47:

Irvine 46, been in my go to hack for some twenty years and still going strong.Irvine 46

I like the old jupiter, I've got a part kit of it in my loft, missing the fittings regrettably but I'll get them some day.

Thread: RBC kits A4 Skyhawk build
10/03/2019 14:57:47

Can I just say thanks for starting this thread. I looked up the model on his website and, lo and behold, there was the basis of the fuselage joining method I need for my flair scout series and my Ruhig Tiger.

Thread: If you only had one engine to use, which one would it be.
10/03/2019 13:33:35

The two I forgot were a hangar 9 pulse 60 and a kyosho Calmato 60 low wing. Duties were shared with both SC61 and 91 two strokes.

Suffice to say I've swapped or sold all the engines mentioned except the 91Fx and the 61Fx.

Edited By Braddock, VC on 10/03/2019 13:34:16

10/03/2019 13:29:19

This seems to be a common theme on many websites, I tried to be disciplined and finally came down to an OS 91 Fx.

My 91 has been in very many airplanes from a kit built acrowot with a 14x7 3 bladed graupner up to an Xtrawot with a 14x6 apc and with two dragon ladies, two WM midget mustangs, one BH midget mustang and a Goldberg ultimate in between. There may be a couple of others but I can't remember what they were but basically anything 60 sized.

I used to swap engines quite a bit and the 91Fx shares the same mounting footprint as the O 91 FS, saito 125 FS, Yamada 110/115 FZ and not forgetting my OS 61 FX.

It's been the most reliable engine I've ever had and I can't remember the last time I changed a plug.

Most of its time with me it's been fed 10% liquid gold but recently I've upped to 15% liquid gold and it still hand starts easily.

Thread: Seagull 80" DH Chipmunk
08/03/2019 20:03:47

Better still!

08/03/2019 19:39:34

Waste not want not or, in jockonese, every mickle maks a muckle.

08/03/2019 19:20:53

If you remove it carefully you can re-use the covering material, may require a dab or two of balsa lock but that's ok too.

Thread: Gone,but not forgotten kit mfg
07/03/2019 11:41:59

MicroMold kits, I bought the kawasaki hien and liked it so much I bought another "just in case" I sold the second at the 2004 nats for a bit more than I gave for it and two weeks or so later, just in case happened and an oak tree trunk v balsa proved the old saying a good big un will always beat a good little un.

Always wanted the spit mk 24 I think. Ho Hum, don't have the reflexes now to keep up with it though.

Thread: Undercarriage Upgrade.
05/03/2019 17:55:03
Posted by Nigel R on 05/03/2019 17:12:24:

How on earth do you drill through the piano wire? I suppose you have to start with filing a small flat then into a drill press?

Nigel, here's a clue from my 15.55 post "Then I heated the free end of the axle to red heat and enough heat trickled down to the nut to solder each of them to their etc" A coil of multicore solder around the axle next to the nut (after cleaning) when it melts and fuses the nut to the axle, the temperature is below that required to alter the temper of the steel ( the hole in the nut was a tight fit on the 4mm wire and I actually warmed up the nuts to ease their passage [with a soldering iron btw]).

The end of the wire is then normalised (sort of annealed), file a small v notch then drill with a good quality drill.

I use my dremel with a drill chuck to do it.

The piano wire remains piano wire except for 10 - 15 mm at the very end and it's still tough enough there to resist bending by landing.

Some folks put a piece of brass tube over the axle which is 5 mm or so overlapped then drill that, after soldering the brass to the axle.

05/03/2019 15:55:23

Found I'd run out of those brass wheel retainers so I drilled a 4mm hole through a couple of 4mm nuts and tapped them onto the wheel axles. Then I heated the free end of the axle to red heat and enough heat trickled down to the nut to solder each of them to their respective axles to act as wheel stops, when I get a moment I'll drill a 2mm hole in the end of each axle as I have a packet of 1.5mm split pins from the year dot, a washer inboard of them then split pin and the wheel's held on without any expensive bits of brass. I think the nuts are just about visible in the picture.img_0102 (1).jpg

05/03/2019 09:53:43

All downhill now. Just have to wait on the epoxy curing on these last two bits of 4mm ply which hold the u/c steady, then just shape the edges and cover or paint whichever falls easiest to hand.img_0101.jpg

Edited By Braddock, VC on 05/03/2019 09:55:00

Edited By Braddock, VC on 05/03/2019 09:55:54

04/03/2019 23:30:13

Knocked up the 6mm ply plate, installed several pieces of triangle balsa to increase gluing area and also replaced some iffy parts of formers with hard 6mm square balsa.

Test fitted the u/c legs and then gorilla glued the plate in place. For those that don't know, superglue dissolves gorilla glue once it has set so care must be taken not to get the two in close proximity as, as gorilla glue sets, it appears the fumes from ca have a deleterious effect on the gorilla glue.

Getting close to the finish now.img_0100.jpg

04/03/2019 18:14:47
Posted by Nigel R on 04/03/2019 17:23:40:

"After 10 minutes "

You work fast.

Takes me about an hour to cut and bend a U/C!

Anyway. Preaching to the choir here. I'm sold on this method.

It was freezing outside where my bench is so I had to be quick or cold

04/03/2019 17:59:52

You say that, C8 but iirc correctly the BT FW 190 and Hurricane were balsa apart from a couple of chunks of ply round the retracts and the firewall, but almost 25 years have passed since they flew out the door.

Clamps away!

The gorilla glue looks manky but I'll trim it back with a stanley knife and a router bit in my dremel then drill out the u/c channels with a 4mm drill to clear them.

I put an extra 4mm birch ply doubler over the anchor slot, this should stop any flexing and premature failure (I hope!)

The panel screws I put in to pull the structure tight over the glue interface and I'll probably leave them in.


04/03/2019 16:21:16

Geoff and Cuban, I can't speak for all artfs but Black horse have a reputation for inadequate u/c mounting and my own experience of lower range seagull models is similar. When I built my black Horse Ultimate back in 2010 I installed the torsion bar u/c from my crashed goldberg ultimate and they are still on the plane and undamaged as we speak.
On the other hand the wheels that came with this blade are not half bad. I have a couple of sets of trexlers that I toyed with fitting but the economics say the kit is cheaper than the trexlers so I won't bother and they'll go back on my J60.

I've bent up a couple of sets of 4mm wire to fit to my seagull spacewalker when I get round to repairing that one.

Besides it beats doing nothing and each time I perform a bit of maintenance like this I learn a little more, what I've learned this time is to store my flipping clamps where I can find the damn things!

Edited By Braddock, VC on 04/03/2019 16:21:58

04/03/2019 15:46:30

img_0097.jpgGorilla gluing the ply into the fuselage, while I was at it I made a doubler from 4mm birchply to glue to the forward face of the wing retaining former as that was shot. All will be revealed when the glue sets. I'll add the triangle cross section reinforcement and 6mm ply base later on.img_0096.jpg

Edited By Braddock, VC on 04/03/2019 15:49:17

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