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Thread: 1/4 Scale CW Cub + Feeney Twin
02/12/2007 17:47:00

David, it was the second of a two part series about the tempest twin in the june 04 edition, in it he said he'd report on the flying etc next month.

As it happens, I don't have the July 04 edition, but I'm fairly sure there was no follow up detail.

Thread: Please kill off Bertie Barnstormer it's just not funny!
02/12/2007 13:24:00
I, too, find barnstormer tiresome, but hey Alex Whitaker is almost a scouser so you can forgive him this rubbish.....
Thread: 1/4 Scale CW Cub + Feeney Twin
02/12/2007 13:13:00
About 2004 or 2005 IIRC May or June
Thread: Engine choice for Graupner Extra 300s?
02/12/2007 11:46:00

You may well be surprised by the power of the laser, remember to prop it to suit the torque characteristics that'll mean largest diameter and finest pitch that'll fit the airframe.

I had a WM midget mustang about 4kg and 62" ws IIRC and a laser 80 on 10% nitro was definitely up for it, only about 2 vertical rolls going upward but unlimited downward dependent on starting height. I used 14 x 6 and 14 x 8 props on that a/c.

Thread: 1/4 Scale CW Cub + Feeney Twin
02/12/2007 11:36:00
I was leafing thru some old rcmes and read alex whitaker's article on the WM cub which he was using as a test bed for a home made twin, he was going to write another article on the flying but I don't recall reading it, was it ever published?
Thread: Clubs seeking members..
09/11/2007 18:59:00
Bloobirds Radio Flyers operate out of Dover, Kent. We have vacancies, limited only by the number of frequencies on the 35 Mhz as each member is allocated a frequency for his/her sole use. Send me a message and I'll give you the necessary phone numbers. R/C power is the main discipline with electrics making big inroads. There are some helicopters and at least one jet has flown from our current field which we share with a flock of sheep.
Thread: How Many flyable planes do you have ?
05/11/2007 21:02:00

KK Falcon with laser 70

Southerner Major (84" ws) saito 62

Junior 60 os 26fs

Windy aint it (plan built) os 26 fs

ARC Cardinal saito 82

Arc Jupiter os 52 fs

Another ARC Cardinal ( I like Them) TT 61

Another ARC Jupiter ( I like them, too) YS 45

25 size cub, os 26 fs

GP slopoke tt 42gp

Flair Fokker D7 laser 80

in the loft T180, kyosho cw Cub, Flair Black Magic,

Just putting the finishing touches to with engines and gear mounted Wot4 saito 62, Acrowot saito 82

Building ,CG cw Cub

YT Cub ( you can't have too many cubs) another Flair Fokker D7 this one's gonna have lozenges, Slopoke 40 kit, another Flair black magic kit, another acrowot kit 1/4 scale zlin 526

Repairing, smallest damage first, Flair magnatilla tt 42 gp, Kyosho agwagon saito 82, WM midget mustang, another magnatilla, middle phase.

I wonder if I'll get round to finishing them.

Thread: Let Us sPray
13/10/2007 07:59:00
Netto - air compressor - 24 litre air receiver - £30.00
Thread: The great RCM&E caption competition!
10/10/2007 08:35:00

Help, dysfunctional antiperspirant came up on the screen.

Thread: ED Engines
06/10/2007 07:10:00

Mike/malcolm, my old eyes are assisted by reactolites, the shade is grey not rose tinted.

I didn't get my first ED Racer until about 56 and learned combat and team racing with it. What I also learned was that the same airframe belonging to a mate with a paw was significantly faster than my own ed powered one.( KK Ranger) then my own with an enya 15d was faster again. My enya hit a tree and was completely stuffed after a line cut and that was the last of my controlline in the 50s.

The ed bee mk1 which I sold for a small fortune at the 05 nats powered many small control liners and free flight models and the hornet started life in a KK phantom that my elder brother built, this model was still flyable after several years even with all the oil it absorbed until I foolishly used it for target practice. As I've said I still have the hornet, it still starts well and compared to some modern products (MDS) looks extremely well made. The super fury I had the bridge pieces on the liner between the inlet ports failed before it was even run in, I still sold the bits for a lot more than I gave for it at the 05 nats as well.

Hate thread burgling so I'll shut up now.

05/10/2007 20:14:00


      Just re-found this thread, you've done a bloody good job there mate, and you deserve all the plaudits you can get.

I have to say that I always regarded the ed stuff, with the exception of the b mk1 and the hornet ( which I still own) as rubbish, much preferring the paws and enya 15 diesels that knocked them into a cocked hat but that's just personal preference and should not in any way be regarded as a criticism of your work.

Thread: Nigel Hawes / Bungee Help !
15/08/2007 11:53:00
Don't want to pour cold water herebut please don't make brash comments re drugs and modelling, it only takes one anti....just my 2p
Thread: August Issue Feedback
08/07/2007 08:15:00
Mike and PM,
The reason I suggested that was my YT cub, same size as the WM one, changed direction that flipping quickly that the speed scrubbed off and she just fell out of the sky.
I had to do it, someone decided to run across the strip just as it got to head height after take off, really peed me off.
Thread: WOT 4 Built-Up Wing
07/07/2007 11:10:00
Chap I know built one (or two?) used the sandwich method to produce the wing ribs, fuz was as OE, tail feathers all built up a la Goldberg IIRC and flew one with an LA 46 I think, if there was a second one it had a 40 fp in it and I don't think the performance was disadvantaged. It was sheeted back to the spar, webbed out with webbing out stuff and had rib caps too.
Thread: August Issue Feedback
07/07/2007 10:49:00
I liked quite a bit of this month's mag, especially the candour that seems to be creeping into the reviews.
With regard to the cub, short coupled and tip stalling, I think that this should have said perhaps they're more prone to t/s, as in my experience with the yt one it was possible to change attitude/direction v.v. quickly and mine bit the dust as a result, it's probably due to my limited ability as a pilot but it was repaired and lived to crash again; on this occasion I like to think it was rx problems rather than my stupid digits.
I'm not fussed about electric or scale preferring model aircraft to resemble, well, model aircraft and that's why I enjoyed the bush wacker article, after all we can all learn or relearn something valuable from such scribings.
I did get enthused by the cap plan but why the ffffflipping heck PM stuck the engine out like a chancre is beyond me. Dimensionally I think that new saito 40a will fit in no problem but only if I can't get my mate to part with an OS wankel.
Trade account was interesting as was andy ellisons a cert thingy as for the rest it didn't move me much apart from, of course, the readers free ads which has to be the most avidly read bit of all for me.
If you asked me what I'd most like to see included it'd be how to repair artf fus' and a bit of thermal without the electrickery, I'd also like to see an article or two on pylon racing, but only if it's ic.
BTW, it's also impossible to get too many cubs, I have two to finish and I'm looking for a third.....
Thread: July Issue
06/06/2007 16:40:00
Graham, don't think there's much chance of that, I was trying to get a new cowl and fus out of steve webb he said that the model still sells well, all the various colours doing equally well.
Trouble is I've just put my laser in a flair fokker d7 wonder if a saito 82 would have enough go?
Thread burgling now ended.
06/06/2007 07:54:00
My first copy of my latest subscription arrived Monday, I'm sorry but the balance doesn't seem right,too much electrickery for me; the one model I'm interested in, mini-magic, electrified so didn't do much for me.
The article by alex on his *n*a? was quite interesting, I experienced similar problems with a taiwanese copy of an OS 15, but as I'm not a journo got short shrift at my lms. It runs great now but took at least 11/2 hours to make it; there again that was about the length of time that the 4 stroke pictured in the article ( a sample of which I had in my Junior 60) took to wear out.
Liked the article on the rascal 40 too, also the comments in the cub article re the Midget Mustang, with which I fully concur, mine bit the dust following battery lead corrosion, I must get another.
I'm not a scale buff, but was tempted by the spit, though it's not my favourite, has he ever done a Hurricane?
That's my 2p, though there again looking at the mag's title I shouldn't realy complain, perhaps you should bring out a title just for IC users....
Thread: Subscription only
30/05/2007 10:33:00
Why don't you put the whole mag on the website, I think I mentioned this sometime ago. I used to subscribe to an american mag and subscribers could access the whole of the mag plus past issues, RCM IIRC.
It would stop all the whinging so and so's from complaining.
Just my 2p.
Thread: ED Engines
30/05/2007 10:21:00
Might try westons of teynsham in Kent, I know they were selling ed carbs until well into the 80s and the owner is the same now as then. I even think that he acquired the remnants of ed but am vague on that point.
Thread: April issue feedback
30/03/2007 12:36:00
Just a thought, when I subscribed to MAN (I think) they gave me a password and I could access the mag on line, could RCME not do this?
David, I'm a bit like Bomber Harris, Dortmund, Nurnberg they're all the same to me......
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