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Thread: All Rounder Wot4
18/07/2010 19:46:08
If you can find one, Cermark Graduate. I still use mine (the second one that I've owned) as a winter hack and for when I'd rather not risk breaking one of my "better" models.
Goes like stink with an Irvine 46 upfront. Fully aerobatic, knife edge, etc but will slow down and land like a trainer.
Thread: ASP/SC or Irvine or JEN?
25/06/2010 17:08:02
Up until a few weeks ago I would have recommended ASP. However my 52 disintegrated in mid air after only about 60 flights a couple of weeks back due to bearings failing.
I have recently acquired two of the new OS made Irvines (46) and must say that first impressions are excellent. Bought them from just engines for a very reasonable £59 or so. Throttle response is superb even after barely running in.

Edited By Gavin Livsey on 25/06/2010 17:08:47

Thread: 4 stroke choke
23/06/2010 21:45:57
Thanks Bruce. I thought so, but always good to get a second opinion.
23/06/2010 21:09:37
I've never owned a four stroke but was lucky enough to get one from the in-laws to go with a YT P-51D bought by my wife for my 40th. Amongst the many issues I've had putting it together is getting a mount to fit. I've got an RCV 130cd but the T-bar mounts supplied with the kit are too short. I've acquired a traditional mount on ebay but to get the prop driver the correct distance from the firewall I'd have to remove the choke. So, is this likely to be a problem?
Thread: This weekend looks good!
10/04/2010 09:02:45
Well I won't be winning any awards.
First decent weekend in a while and I'm stuck chauffeuring the missus to a wedding. Four hour round trip from sunny Lincolnshire to Silverstone.
No flying tomorrow although at least I'll see some others having fun at the RAFMAA Warbird meet at RAF Scampton. Should have pulled my finger out during the winter and got my YT Mustang finished.
For those who do get out this weekend hope you have a blast.
Thread: soft version anytime soon?
05/04/2010 16:40:54
I subscribe, £8.99 a quarter, and even in these cash strapped times that's gotta be great value.
As for me, well I'll be sticking to the paper copy. Can't take a pc or laptop to the little boys room (where mine gets read)!!!!!

Edited By Gavin Livsey on 05/04/2010 16:41:22

Thread: My Dilemma :S
25/02/2010 13:14:46
Whilst 2.4 clearly has benefits we all seem to forget that 35 Meg has been used, on the whole, without too many difficulties for many years. Unless you intend to fly high powered electric stuff I for one will not be racing to make the change. Like most, I've operated 35 meg for many years, within a club environment, with no problems. I would not want to fly 35 meg outside this controlled environment, but then anyone flying at a site near me will probably now be flying on 2.4 so the chance of a "shoot down" should be remote (?).
Forgetting to put the aerial up is something that I've witnessed several times. Then again, isn't that what pre-flight checks are for?
Thread: Are we an ageing hobby?
19/02/2010 12:44:45
IC Aerobatics
14/15 when I first dabbled in R/C and control line
Thread: T6EX or T7CP
14/02/2010 10:23:16
I have a 35 meg 6EXA and have used it for glow and electric models for three or four years now. The only time I ever had any problems was when I dabbled with EDF a few years ago. A significant glitch during a low level pass caused a pretty major crash, although the model was repairable. Having said that I see no reason to ditch the radio, it has enough bells and whistles to fly the average sport model, and seeing as most of my club have changed over to 2.4 there is less chance of being shot down.
In the last month I have acquired a 2.4 FF7. I needed to upgrade because of the limited model memory in the 6. I'll still be using the 6 for the models that are currently 35 meg and will gradually convert over to 2.4 as these models get replaced.
Thread: How many models do you HARDLY EVER fly?
04/02/2010 22:25:15
Make that two!
My Katana rarely gets out. I think I flew it half a dozen times last year, if that. Don't really know why. It's a beautiful looking 'plane, flies great, perhaps deep down I'm an ic man at heart.
Thread: ARTF 40 size Bi-plane
12/01/2010 21:52:34
I picked up a very tasty little Graupner Ultimate from Motors & Rotors at the Nationals for £99.00. Don't know if you could still get one for this price but the quality, as you would expect from Graupner, is A1. Everything apart from Engine and radio is included including an ali spinner and good quality fittings. Dave Wilshere told me that he has an electrified version and it flies great. If he says it's good, that's good enough for me!
Thread: No wind, for a fortnight, great for flying, if not so Cold
09/01/2010 11:29:32
From my model room window I can see the turbines near Donnington, Lincs. They seem to have been turning steadily, albeit rather sluggishly at times, for the last week or so.
There wasn't much of a breeze last Sunday so I headed off to the patch for a few flights and they were turning then even though the windsock was rather limp. Perhaps some are more efficient than others, or the ones oop North have frozen solid?!
Thread: The Mode Survey - what do you fly?
05/01/2010 19:55:52
1.    Mode 1
2.    Midlands
3.   Midlands
4.   Self taught 
Thread: What's happening to you in 2010
03/01/2010 21:35:54
Finally started putting together my YT P-51D bought for me by 'er indoors (complete with RCV130 from the in-laws) for my 40th earlier in the year.
Also awaiting attention are a Graupner Ultimate picked at the Nats for a bargain price of £99 and a GBD A-10 for twin 40mm EDF units, once I can work out where the radio goes!
Thread: 1st low winger
03/09/2009 09:25:00
A mate of mine has an LA Racer and he thinks very highly of it. He has said on more than one occasion that if he stuffs it in he wouldn't hesitate to get another. Enough said?
Personally, I went for a Cermark Graduate. This is a bit more cash and a trike but is an excellent model. It's a bit more substantial than the Racer and one or two other low wingers out there. I guess you pays your money and takes your choice.
Thread: Als Hobbies
07/08/2009 19:42:09
I'm afraid I won't be using Al's again either. I bought a Phoenix flight sim at Christmas together with the adapter lead to suit my Futaba TX. When it arrived the square connector plug was broken so I returned it immediately saying that it was faulty. After a two week wait my replacement arrived. Unfortunately, it was exactly the same one that I had returned!!!
Thread: Club mower insurance
15/07/2009 19:41:02
Thanks Guys,
I'll pass the info on and hope we can sort something out. We also have a large static caravan as the club house. I'll check with the committee but suspect that that isn't insured either.
12/07/2009 13:53:55
My club has recently been lucky enough to buy a brand spanking new mower to help maintain our already beautiful patch.
We are however having problems getting the thing insured.  For the time being the mower is kept at a members house just down the road. He has been unable to get it listed on his own contents insurance policy because it is not his property and the club has been told that we cannot separately insure it if it's not kept on club property. The alternative would be to get a container so that we can store it at the patch but have also been told that we can't insure it if it's kept there.
Surely, we can't be the only club with this problem. Anyone have any comments or suggestions. One thing is for sure, if it gets knicked or destroyed we can't afford to replace it.
Thread: New Phoenix 2.5 Beta now available
12/07/2009 13:43:47
I uploaded the upgrade yesterday.
Had a few problems loading the initial upgrade to 2.5a but a re boot of my pc sorted this out. There have clearly been a number of bugs to iron out as they are now up to version 2.5h or j. All credit to the guys at phoenix. They see to be on top of things. Just need some bad weather so that I can explore it some more but first impressions are that an already very good sim has been made better.
Thread: Is it just me?
07/06/2009 12:46:38
Good day all,
With the weather as it is this morning I've spent some time surfing the net looking at various videos on youtube, etc.
One thing stands out. What I want to hear when watching a model is the model as it flys about, not being forced to listen to some rubbish soundtrack that the film maker wants to shove down my throat (or should that be ears?). For example, I had started to watch Timbos Fly-fly Hawk but after about ten seconds turned it off because of the soundtrack. Don't get me wrong, I'm all for a good bit of music, but if I wanted to listen to music I'd put my mp3 player on. I suppose I could mute the sound but then watching a silent film doesn't appeal.
Am I the only one?
Gavin Livsey
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