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Thread: Building Brian Taylors Cessna 120
26/05/2019 16:05:13

I have covered the struts, and fixed the lock nuts with threadloc, I have labelled them port and starboard, for obvious reasons.................

I have put the lines on the fuselage and the cowl, I used masking tape to apply the thinner lines and the ones on the cowl. I made my own scheme.





26/05/2019 15:46:18

Thanks Percy....................Yes, in hindsight I could have got away with what you suggest.

I suppose the next job a test of the Rx re the covering.

I have already changed the position of the Rx from deep in the bowels of the fuz to inside the cabin, where there is plenty of "glass". If it still proves to be an issue I can easily put the Arial outside in the fresh air.

The Chrome covering is very good, easy to put on, but does show every mark. You feel like you need to polish it every five minutes. smiley


26/05/2019 00:08:09

OK............I have now made two struts, and have clad one in balsa. A bit awkward this, due to the way I made the struts, but I got round it OK, and they still fit................Good old clevises......wink




25/05/2019 20:03:59

Very close McG.................I have even made the struts...............Can you believe it ??

The prop nut is in a safe place. wink

The rivets...........another bit of fun, but I agree......they look OK don't they. ??

I cut down the 3 mm clevis rod and soldered it to the end of the 2 mm wire rod, measured up and put another one on the other end. Then I fixed this in place on the wing, and measured up for the rear strut, allowing for a bend on the front for soldering.

With 3 clevis the struts are very adjustable, and I have added locking nuts to all six.

The next job is to cover them in wood and sand to shape.



Bound with copper wire and soldered, then heat shrink was applied just for belt and braces.





25/05/2019 13:23:17

Under pressure this morning from the Family, all Female, so a LOT of pressure, to get the Wi-Fi sorted, so a lengthy phone call to Virgin media ensued.

A very helpful Chap went thru the motions and got it all up and running in about 30 minutes.

I am always amazed by this remote maintenance. 10/10 for Virgin media Man.

Anyway...................I thought I would assemble the 120 and get her on the scales, before I add too much weight....frown

Nothing to worry about, she came in at 2102 g, that's 4 lb 9 oz in old money. With just the struts to add, an AUW under 5 lb should be achievable.

The above was with flight battery and Rx battery on board.







Edited By Dwain Dibley. on 25/05/2019 13:24:24

24/05/2019 19:21:42

Not done much today, had a bit of a doss day, but have added a bit more to the cowl. Stuff made from twine, and cut up bits of metal from a door closure cover, rivets from good old blobs of Aliphatic applied with a cocktail stick.

Cabin side glazing from bits of clear packaging. Fixed on the outside and the frame will be painted in. door out line will be added later.





Pretend hinges LOL.


Thread: In The Newsagents ...
24/05/2019 11:18:37

Ken, re your lovely wife, have you tried words like "fish slice" and other similarly "slender" words.

I find this works well at Dibley Towers, when trying to get into the conversation. laugh

Personally, I avoid facebook like the plague, My girls (14 and 15) are allowed to use instagram and whatsapp, and interact with friends on the Xbox. They do not use Facebook, and their school discourages it.

If you use social media a lot, just be careful.

This forum is great, you can have a bit of fun, meet great like minded people, and learn a lot at the same time


Thread: Mr 4Max
24/05/2019 10:55:45

I have to agree with Peter, everything I have ordered has been here within 2 days, sometimes the next day.

Emails are answered promptly, set ups are bang on, and there is always time for you at the shows.


Thread: Gutted!
24/05/2019 10:50:13

Fantastic news Cliff. I am proud of you matey, many would have given up.

Well done.


Thread: Almost a disaster
23/05/2019 21:36:47

Well done on the save Buster, ........................keep em peeled as they say....

Good idea to put notes on things, you know it makes sense.


Edited By Dwain Dibley. on 23/05/2019 21:37:21

Thread: Building Brian Taylors Cessna 120
23/05/2019 19:55:45

In between coats of paint and filler, I thought I would get the control snakes connected up. I managed to get two inners out of one, so I have one left, .................Er.............out of two.surprise

I have permanently attached the tail fin, Rudder, and elevators.

It's a bit close at the back end but nothing clashes re the horns with full servo movement, and as I will have quite small throws, it's all good.



Rx battery position, viewed from the bottom hatch. I was going to put the Rx here as well, but comments re the covering and reduced range have changed my mind and it will go on top of the "suitcase" behind the pilots. I can hide the leads with a bulkhead or similar.


23/05/2019 17:48:29

Gutters and windows clean, rubbish off flat roof, gutter fixed.

Back to the important stuff...................

Cowl has dummy engine covers added, made from covering film with the edge folded, and is painted. I will make the hinges out of thin metal, and some catches out of the scrap bin.


Paint showed a few imperfections in the cowl, so a bit of filler required. Then a final sand, a few rivets, and final coat.



Thread: RC Mercury Marauder?
23/05/2019 15:39:47

Ahh....................Right...............I'll give you that one Simon.............frown

Still............It's a crying shame matey.


Thread: Best cleaning method?
23/05/2019 15:34:37
Posted by will -0 on 23/05/2019 15:29:07:

See here

Edited By will -0 on 23/05/2019 15:29:27

Where is the chuckle button.....................LOL

However...................Google may well be the ruin of conversation Will-O. kisswink

Simon..............That is clean..............cheeky


Edited By Dwain Dibley. on 23/05/2019 15:36:28

Thread: Building Brian Taylors Cessna 120
23/05/2019 13:06:36

Fitting the motor.


Lined up; side thrust and down thrust accounted for.


Marked up after carefully removing the cowl.




Fixed, note the bevelled cut outs for the motor wires, no chafing here Lads.



Clearance and side thrust.


I am now off to climb ladders and fix gutters before the Missus gets back from work. LOL

Thread: RC Mercury Marauder?
23/05/2019 11:27:34

Awwwwwwwwwwwwww Simon........................broken heart

i just watched the video and was thinking how great it was................Next post............BAM !!, all over.

Feeling for you man, was sweet while it lasted, and a great blog too.

Onwards and upwards......................not too hard to build a new wing B.T.W. ?????


Thread: Building Brian Taylors Cessna 120
23/05/2019 11:08:50

After a thrashing on the old belt/disc/bench sander.



Thread: Interesting reply from email to Richard Moriarty, CAA
22/05/2019 20:57:42

Thanks for posting that Martin, sounds promising. yes


Thread: Building Brian Taylors Cessna 120
22/05/2019 20:54:01

Last little bit for today Chaps..........the motor mount.

As you can see in the photo above, i have the last cowl block in place, with the cowl on and the motor in place i measured the distance from the prop driver to the out side of the cowl and added 4 mm.

This is the amount of wood i have to add behind the motor to get the prop nice and close.

I then laminated some balsa and the ply mount ( borrowed from another build , dunno what )

Once that dries I can mark up the firewall and fix the mount in place.




22/05/2019 19:00:13

Getting there. Just need cutting to length.



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