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Thread: Messerschmitt M-19 (Civilian)
16/01/2021 14:46:39

Bit of a late start today, had to replace the bearing in the tumble dryer. I have done this 4 or 5 times now, just think how many people bin the machine for the sake of a few quid. It's an easy job, takes about 30 minutes to swap out the phosphor bronze bearing, sometimes the shaft as well if you leave it too long. When the squeaking starts, change it out.

So after the Tumble-dryer, the next job was to start adding the sheeting to the bottom of the fuselage on the Messerschmitt.

I had to raid the missus' peg stock to help secure things.

She was a bit upset when she realised I wasn't helping with the backlog of washing and drying. blush



Edited By Dwain Dibley. on 16/01/2021 14:47:46

Thread: NEW POLL - has the covid pandemic deterred you from attending shows and events in 2021?
16/01/2021 14:36:54

I am desperately missing the shows too, and if it means wearing a mask then I will, I'm probably best covered up anyway. frown

Regarding the mask, I wear my cycling tube/snood/buff thing, nice and comfy, then just pull it up when needed, it also keeps yer neck warm.

Lets all hope we can meet up at some shows this year Guys.


Thread: I could be the only one
16/01/2021 14:25:47

Having let go with one leg last year, it is important to stay on there....flying can wait. wink

D.D....Midlands......Hanging on Dept...

Edited By Dwain Dibley. on 16/01/2021 14:26:55

Thread: Panic! Damaged prop shaft threads - can't fully unscrew retaining nut. Help please!
11/01/2021 22:52:02

You need to buy the appropriate piston locking tool for your engine.

The other thing is, can you thread a new nut on, to recut the threads on the shaft.

Thirdly, post a pic as that will help us a lot.


Edited By Dwain Dibley. on 11/01/2021 22:52:25

Thread: Messerschmitt M-19 (Civilian)
11/01/2021 21:23:58

Regarding the missing Balsa sheets.

I wrote to Sussex Model Centre explaining the fact that they were missing and that perhaps they could give RBC Kits a nudge.

I got this nice reply:-

Dear Steve,
Really sorry to hear that some of the sheet balsa was missing would you like me to send you out some balsa?

I would just like to say publicly, what a nice bit of Customer service. All I wanted was to let RBC know, and SMC went above and beyond. Thanks SMC


11/01/2021 08:26:42

Good spot Max, the Messerschmitt has a square tail and rudder, similar tho at first glance.


Thread: Forum members' new models: Let's see them.
10/01/2021 22:43:59

That's a nice bit of trimming Sir.


Thread: First the Lidl Vulcan maiden, now the maiden all foamboard version - it was FAST!
10/01/2021 22:39:32

Lovin' your Mad Antics Bonzo.

I can drive my van again now so will be doing some of the same but with Rubber power.


Thread: Chris McG F-86 Sabre Dog build blog
10/01/2021 22:37:06

We're all still here Chris, it's too late to back out now. LOL

Nice job on the Glassing mate, it is something I have never done, apart from the odd wing joiner.

You seem to have mastered the "Dark" Art quite well.

Keep on Trucking Young Man.


Thread: Parallel packs
10/01/2021 22:32:30

It is possible, and I would treat them as one battery so all cells are balanced.

There are many balance boards on the market these days Matt.


Thread: Messerschmitt M-19 (Civilian)
10/01/2021 19:14:39

Last effort for today Guys, enjoyed this immensely, I need to take stock now and sand all the joints because the skins have to go on next and we don't want any lumps and bumps do we. frown


Rear bottom stringers from 3 x 6 mm.


You can see the side packing here, chamfered to fit on the angle.


Side sheeting pre-cut, as is all of it to be honest.


The top formers checked for fit.


A nice view of the curve on the side formers.



Edited By Dwain Dibley. on 10/01/2021 19:20:26

Thread: Curtis Condor biplane twin
10/01/2021 15:55:25
Posted by David Ovenden on 08/01/2021 14:06:30:

Some sort of "milestone" on the journey today. All 6 wing panels plus the 2 ailerons are largely complete. There is still a lot of sanding to do and some strut mounts to add, but nevertheless they are largely finished and I am happy with they way the wing joining works and that they seem very solid and warp-free.

2 wings.jpg

Seems a shame to cover it up David.


Thread: Messerschmitt M-19 (Civilian)
10/01/2021 15:46:40

More progress on the fuselage this morning Chaps.

It is all going together really well, it takes a little thought and a lot of looking at the build photos, mainly for the order of things, so you don't have to prise stuff apart to insert a bit you have missed.

The next job is bottom stringers, bear in mind the Fus is upside down at the moment. I will pin the assembly down flat to make sure there are no bends/warps etc.

Loving it so far, the glue is not drying quick enough for me. LOL I am using mostly Aliphatic on the ply parts.




While the glue dries I cut out the next batch of parts.


There are some small laser cut parts, including these lovely round captive nut holders. Laminated and glued to the wing retaining plate.


In situe.


Rear formers.




Side formers in. These had to bend around the front formers, no wetting required, in fact one side was too bent.laugh


10/01/2021 15:23:26

That's Great. What does he think of it ? How does it handle ?

I have been trying to find some cockpit detail, but no luck so far.


10/01/2021 00:40:28

Last little bit for tonight.

The Main crutch and the battery tray glued up.

The fire wall dry fitted to check alignment, and all is good.


From the top.


From the Bottom.


The full length.


Thread: The Dark Nights Fix-up 2020
09/01/2021 22:11:05

Gee Wizz Linds, that's a bit of a challenge Mate, but it's only wood at the end of the day. cheeky A man of your calibre an all that. kisswink


Thread: Weasel Carr
09/01/2021 22:03:20

Welcome back Weasle. smiley


Thread: Flying with Spectacles
09/01/2021 21:57:50

Varifocal is the way to go Nigel, took a while to get used to, but well worth it. smile d


Thread: Messerschmitt M-19 (Civilian)
09/01/2021 21:49:54

I made a start.

Some of the ply formers needed a soaking and a bit of weight.


RBC provided a conversion table for Me and Martin. laugh


The plan was cut up into convenient bits.


Checking the fit.


The main crutch is in two halves, this is now glued up and drying, along with the fire wall, also two pieces.

It's designed for an IC engine, but I am going electric, so will leave out the captive mount nuts.


From the instruction CD, I am leaving these out.


Sub crutch drying under weight.


Edited By Dwain Dibley. on 09/01/2021 21:53:11

09/01/2021 20:24:56

That is true Robert.

I forgot I had put a picture on another thread, but not this one.



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