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Thread: Radio link transmitters
26/08/2020 19:34:59

I have one Geoff, It's great. Easy to set up and has loads of good features. I bought it after I dropped my JR DX9, mainly due to the price. no complaints so far.

Got it controlling my Cessna.


Thread: Chris McG F-86 Sabre Dog build blog
23/08/2020 20:45:23

Nice work Chris, as usual......winklaugh

Weather here is torrential rain, then more rain......................Cycling to work is very interesting............LOL



06/08/2020 19:31:56

Cosmic Stuff Chris, nice to see it progressing young Man !!

Got to be 30 deg here tomorrow, so a hot commute on the bicycle for Dwain. crookhot


Thread: DB Major Mannock
03/08/2020 21:36:11

Well done Uncle Brian....... thumbs up

A splendid looking beast Cymaz...............the plane is impressive too.......................cheekylaugh


Thread: Dwains first Depron Model
27/07/2020 14:33:15

Complete.. laugh

Thread: Chris McG F-86 Sabre Dog build blog
26/07/2020 22:52:56

Well done Chris, Glad it has all worked out Mate.


Thread: Dwains first Depron Model
26/07/2020 22:38:38

Todays progress, I didn't start till the after noon, so I reckon two good days would see this model finished.


Battery/radio/motor hatch.



Under the mains.


Under the tail.


Better shot of the main fairings.


The rudder hinges are a big sticker, works great.



Just have to install the control rods.


26/07/2020 22:22:33

Thanks McG.

I had another fit/seizure on sat AM, so spent the night in hospital with pretty nurses sticking needles in my arms. They can never get blood out of me, so I have holes in both arms and hands and loads of bruises....LOL

I have been busy today tho, just waiting for pics to load.


Thread: Chris McG F-86 Sabre Dog build blog
24/07/2020 21:33:18

Can you add sheet material to the T/E stock Chris ??


Thread: Dwains first Depron Model
24/07/2020 21:20:08

I have been looking at MicroAces Depron model kits for a while now, but there was an issue with supplies of the micro Rx, ESC, and servo blocks.

That is now resolved , thanks to Jon, the main man, and I promptly ordered the Scrappee Trainer, along with the Spekky gear.

Good as Gold, he got all the orders out before he went on his hols....Got mine yesterday, and got stuck in today.

This will be a totally new way of doing things for me....the only thing I ever built in depron, was a shuttle from startrek based round a co-ax medivac heli.


The bare bones, cut from the laser cut sheet of 2 mm Depron.


The U/C legs are cut from plastic and help strengthen things up.


Here you can see the instruction manual, and the wings on their sprues, and some laminated plastic depron parts ready for installation.

These kits are kind of a cross between card and airfix (Jons words)



Dry Fit.


A lot of the work involves scoring and bending the parts ready for gluing, the scheme is pre-printed, as you can see.


All the scoring is done on the back of the parts, with the back edge of a scalpel...........VERY carefully.


The skeleton of a plane with a tail wheel fitted.


The skin glued to the bottom of the skelly.


Here you can see the White, oblong locating tab that lines up the whole thing.

These things are very well thought out.


The fuselage almost complete, I got to this stage in about 3 hours total.

All held together with POR glue. Apply the glue, leave for a bit and then.... BOOM !! it's on. If you need a bit of wiggle room, then join the parts straight away and slide the bits in/on/about for a good fit.


The kit comes with a RX,ESC, servo brick, a brushed motor, a prop and prop adaptor, all the rods and gear, wheels etc, needed to complete the plane.

So far so good, I'll probably get a bit more done tomoz, as the weather is bad, and I won't be able to get out on my bike like I did today.


Thread: Scratch Build Twin
24/07/2020 17:04:11

It's looking a treat Jim, one could even say "Cosmic"...... wink


Thread: Forum weekend prize draw - winners!
23/07/2020 17:25:47

Have you put yer tool in it yet ?????


Thread: Chris McG F-86 Sabre Dog build blog
23/07/2020 17:07:05

You need to lie down in a darkened room and get some medication.................cheeky

However,..............I understand your "disease", Cos I have it too...........

Have you heard the expression " anorakism", you can probably Google it.

Mine is often zipped right up with the hood on.... LOL

Stay Cosmic Man ....


Thread: 'Spiritual' Re-Maiden of my Ocean Breeze 'Junior'
19/07/2020 22:06:10

Sweet !!

My first ever flights were with a Veron Impala off a local slope.(Walton Hill) in the west Mids. Good memories.


Thread: Seagull Boomerang or Arising Star - any difference at all?
16/07/2020 21:50:12

If you look closely there is an Irvine 46 in the tree hugger, my mate swears by them. Properly set up they go every time on the first turn, and drag the model round like a rag doll.


15/07/2020 22:45:13

I have also taught people to fly with a Boomerang, both on buddy leads and in the grab the tranny mode.....

The boomerang will do anything you want. best on a .46. I have built in excess of 20 for people, and they are easy to repair. They will also fly extremely plump and overweight.

I passed my A on one , passed it on to a mate and he passed with it also. called it Tree hugger, as it ended up in one....

we got it back and wrote tree hugger on the wing, it's still flying

I still have one built from a kit, electric...Of course......


Here she is before the tree incident.


Thread: Chris McG F-86 Sabre Dog build blog
15/07/2020 22:33:40

It's the neatest "bodge" I have ever seen Matey... wink


Thread: GooseV2, new lasercut kit build video series.
13/07/2020 23:50:53

Beautiful Bart. Absolutely wonderful, well done mate.


Thread: Seagull Funky Cub assemble.
13/07/2020 09:26:03

Well done John, Glad to hear all went well despite the zorst moment.

I have an NGH 10cc engine, I had trouble setting the throttle up to get a good usable range on the throttle stick. How did you get on ?


Thread: tissue decals
07/07/2020 20:33:54

Hi, I made mine from layered tissue applied with glue stick. this was my very first attempt so don't judge me too harshly.. The right hand one was placed incorrectly and I had to move it, hence the imperfection. I have not doped over the "decal". hth.



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