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Thread: Build and fly a Jodel from plans, latest 7 day challenge
28/06/2020 00:35:30

I'm watchin Dude..


Thread: Maidened by 'Bird of Time' with two-axis camera
28/06/2020 00:13:57

Most enjoyable Cliff, one could say "Cosmic Man".


Thread: Fokker DV111
27/06/2020 23:16:06

Had a go at making some markings out of tissue, not too bad but I put one in the wrong place and had to move it, hence the rustic look... laugh

Also got the next one on the way......



Thread: Seagull Challenger - First kit Build - First IC
25/06/2020 23:38:11

You don't have to break the bank mate, a flat surface onto which you put a sheet of 1/2" plaster board (to take the pins ) and you're away. Needs to be flat and level tho. Don't forget to put clear plastic over your plan to save it from sticking to your airframe..

Also, just wet your warpy plywood parts and pin them flat on your board and let them dry overnight, they will be cured.

All the best....


Thread: LMA Shows cancelled
25/06/2020 22:23:24

That's a shame Cymaz, that's the show I was banking on being on, basically the last of the season.

I also like Gaydon. I wonder what will happen there then ?


Thread: Fokker DV111
24/06/2020 22:31:01

Crackin on despite the day to day grind at work Chums.




Thread: Is the hobby dying/dead
24/06/2020 22:07:53
Posted by Ray Wood 4 on 24/06/2020 21:59:14:

Hi All,

The simple answer to the original question is "No"

Happy days 😀

I agree......It's what you make it. Push yourself and get something done, It's all out there to do Chums.......


Thread: Fokker DV111
24/06/2020 00:48:00


23/06/2020 23:07:01

Being back at work after my week off is interfering with my model building Chaps, but I have another week off next week for my birthday, so should be back up to speed.

I have covered the aerofoil, the rudder and fin, and started on the wings. The wings have to be bound to the cabane wires, so the middle section will have to be covered last, that should be interesting on the underside................crying




This came today. LOL. I love Cessna's


Thread: Selling on ebay
23/06/2020 22:27:30

Hi Nigel, took me a while, but heres a link so folks can see you on Ebay Mate.

Gonna have me a browse now....thumbs up


Thread: Chris McG F-86 Sabre Dog build blog
22/06/2020 23:23:35

Yes, and without the pictures, for all we know, you could be making a right old bodge of it.......LOLwink

But as it turns out you are doing very well.


Thread: Sabre made in Belgium
22/06/2020 00:07:47

Absolutely "riveting" Dirk.

Seriously tho, It looks great Mate.


Thread: Fokker DV111
21/06/2020 21:47:20

Thanks John,Glad you like it.

Just using the PVA, and it's surprising the difference it makes to ones patience. wink


21/06/2020 21:27:51

Slow day today, had to do some book clearing in the house.

I managed to build the tail, and get it covered. I also made the aerofoil for the U/C, that was a fiddle to fit. I think I should have fitted it before fitting the axle.

I also got the wings made up, i have to fit the centre section to the cabanes first, then add the outer panels, with the 1/2 " dihedral. I may just build the wing and leave the bottom middle section uncovered till I fit it.






21/06/2020 01:23:10

2nd layer Chaps, I'm very pleased with the outcome. I will cut the cockpit out tomorrow.




Thread: Sabre made in Belgium
21/06/2020 01:06:57

A very good repair too Dirk, it will be invisible mate.


Thread: Rusty Fergusson
21/06/2020 01:04:30

I've just caught up Linds....Wow...What a read, really enjoyed it, superb detail and super pics.....

Keep up the good work Matey..


Thread: Fokker DV111
20/06/2020 21:25:52

I'm shrinking, i'm shrinking..............



Thread: Multiplex Smart SX / RX-5 M-Link ID 1
20/06/2020 17:24:48

Hi Piers, my old cockpit SX was able to switch modes, are you sure your on mode two, also I seem to remember I had to tell the thing to transmit by pressing something ??


Edited By Dwain Dibley. on 20/06/2020 17:25:04

Thread: Fokker DV111
20/06/2020 17:09:48

Hi Chums..............More wire bending today, great stuff EH??

I thought it through a bit more and decided I started in the wrong place last time, so I started where the thing is bound onto the wooden cross member and worked outwards/away from there.

Cosmic success...............surprise So onwards and upwards and I got it all fitted.

I jigged up to facilitate the fitting of the axle, one twist of thin copper wire and a brush of solder saw that sorted.

The wheels were a kit, 2 halves to be joined, I used good old Airfix glue. I had to drill the hubs to match the wire in the kit, then I fixed them on with heat shrink and a dab of C.A. wicked in to keep it there.

The instructions said to make a wire tail skid, bound to a 1/16 th cross member, I decided to make a scalish wooden skid, which allowed me to beef up the structure a bit.

I made a slot in the front cowl to let the prop driver out, so the motor can be wound easier on the winder. Even tho the max winds for this model are 350, it will still be easier than hand winding.

I am going to cover the fuselage next, as much for a change as any other reason.


The jig.


The under carriage.




A few bits of balsa inlet to cover the dinks, 1/32nd all around the cowl as that was a particularly bad fit, and the slot that allows the prop driver out.


Prop and dummy engine.


Wooden tail skid. I hardened this with C.A.


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