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Thread: 'Bitty' multi purpose micro glider
14/06/2020 22:27:40

I'm impressed by C.F's work there D.F.

Tell him well done from me, and good luck with the maiden. Will bitty fly off of the double diamond, plenty of room on there Guys.


Thread: Hatch Catch
14/06/2020 12:32:38

A couple of pics to try and show how I do it. The sides of the hatch have vertical tongues, the hatch is a friction fit, and the latch is simply a suitable servo arm turnbuckle, they look like a part of the nacelle. you can enclose them in balsa if you wish.


Thread: Walnut Scale Mr Mulligan
13/06/2020 21:10:42

OK.............I won't......................but it's sooooooooooo good......face 20


Oh yeah....forgot to say I threw the Sparrow hawk in the garden earlier, no power, and she flew straight as a die on a gentle glide till she ran out of garden. I had to add 6 g of ballast to both the S.H. and the Pilot.

The M.M. balanced without any ballast.

I used blutac inside the nose in the S.H. and a lead plug encased in balsa in the Pilot, which can be removed easily.






Edited By Dwain Dibley. on 13/06/2020 21:19:45

Thread: Simples anyone?
13/06/2020 21:00:42

Intrigued by this, I went off to find the mag...........only found july onwards... Doh !! Having watched the vid I got the urge to build one.

It's your fault Mike, that my house is now upside down after the search !!!.......laugh

I was wondering about dihedral, from the vid it looks like a flat wing but is there any ??


Thread: Walnut Scale Mr Mulligan
13/06/2020 19:31:55

Here at Dibley Towers Research Center (DTRC), copious amounts of reading has been done and guess what ??you can "Break in" your Rubber Motor....Who Knew ???

So, 3 Broken in motors later, everything looks just the same....surprise but the motors will last longer and won't lose gusto after 3 flights.

Stretch the motor to 3 X it's length, lube it up and leave stretched for 2 mins, then rest it for 15 mins. Stretch 5 X original length for 4 mins....job done.

I also made some different motor pushers ( that's what I call 'em) to get the motors over the peg in the fuz.

An un-braided motor goes in easily but a braided one curls up and doesn't "dangle" (technical term) down.

So the motor goes over the end in the grooves, you shove it in, and I use a wire to catch the motor, then insert the peg tube ( a piece of 3 mm OD ally tube) over the wire, pull out the wire and the motor is on the peg.

I know this is "old News" to some but I am in Anorack heaven learning all this. My thermos is empty and I've eaten all my fish paste sandwiches. Hopefully I encourage more rubber fanciers out there, cos it's tremendous fun chums..laugh


The one with the inlaid ply is the bestest.



The one with the foam was the first attempt.


Thread: DB Major Mannock
13/06/2020 11:58:52

Blimey Cymaz, Brian certainly knows his stuff, he has made a beautiful job of the model so far, well done from me.

You will certainly enjoy flying it, once you have taken a deep breath. 😉


Thread: Walnut Scale Mr Mulligan
13/06/2020 11:39:41

Do you ever sleep Johnathon 😉 Good song too.

The fleet will grow even more, with the way things are going with covid and all the chaos at work Davey. Lol. But yes, lots of fun so far, and lots to learn. It's a fascinating part of the Hobby.


12/06/2020 22:12:51

The fleet.......All balanced, lubed up, except the Spitty...... just got to wait for, time, weather, space or all three.



Thread: Another thread about the DB Auster
12/06/2020 17:10:21

Hi David, the struts on mine were spruce as supplied by DB sport and scale, the material for the strut fixings was a clear polycarbonate, that can be heated and bent to shape. I would use metal if I built one again, as they turned out to be brittle.


Thread: Help! New aerial for Spektrum Rx.
12/06/2020 16:47:44

I have a couple with aerials missing, but I only use them for testing in the workshop, and running my throttle servo on the test bench.

I just think for what they cost, it's not worth risking a model, or a flyaway, on a potentially "dodgy" repair.

Don't take offence, I am not dissing your soldering skills in any way, but if you are worried about range don't use it outdoors.


Thread: Another thread about the DB Auster
11/06/2020 09:51:48

Looks like my old Fiat Scudo Van with wings on. LOL


Thread: Walnut Scale Mr Mulligan
10/06/2020 23:37:12

Tail on and a bit more shrinking, then it's a wait for some space or build some more LOL





10/06/2020 20:28:41

D.F., i don't think I could stand the stress. LOL


10/06/2020 20:24:04

Because the Techies have got all their rubbish at the other end..

It's not so bad, when blk 4 is finished the stuff will go in there. We have 2 blks under refurb and two other blocks with works going on, plus to cap it all they are ripping up the all weather football pitch at the end of June and making it bigger

On the bright side, next year I will have it all back.


Thread: New Beginner to Model Helicopters
10/06/2020 19:28:15

What the other guys said but usually the most vibration comes from a bent main shaft.

The mini pred is now quite old, I have had 4 or 5 of them , they are good to learn on but as has been said ....can you still get parts. Midland helis have a few but not many and no main shafts.


Thread: Walnut Scale Mr Mulligan
10/06/2020 19:09:57

I definitely have, and look what they have done to my Sports Hall.........cryingcryingcrying



Thread: S1581 Hawker Nimrod MkI
09/06/2020 23:04:48

Very tidy Danny, How did you join the litho, assuming it was flat, or can you buy it tubed. I have never used it, but have seen some excellent results and items made from it.


Thread: Walnut Scale Mr Mulligan
09/06/2020 22:07:59

A bit more, work is getting in the way. lol



Thread: Guillow's Spitfire Final Part
09/06/2020 11:12:09

You may have seen this, but I will post it here for you.

A simple turnbuckle affair, but it beefs up the back of the cowl, probably lighter than Fibre Glass. Possible on yours if you don't have the lip on the edge.


09/06/2020 07:31:39

Ah, I see now. I thought the blocks in the cowl were for gluing it on. That should work, the only drawback is the fragility of these things. As I have found out to my cost. The simple nose block set up the sports type models is more robust.


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