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Thread: cannot get it to work
10/06/2019 11:55:43

I concur with the guys above, just dug my manual out,...... to activate the Gyro move the throttle above 25% then back to zero. check the movement of the surfaces. i.e. nose down gives up elevator and nose left gives right rudder etc.

The surfaces will twitch when you move the glider once the gyro is active.

Lovely flier this , and the spoiler works a treat to get her down.


Thread: Colinís Spanish Fury
08/06/2019 23:04:35

Way to go Colin.....................Enjoy your hols Matey.


Thread: Interesting reply from email to Richard Moriarty, CAA
08/06/2019 20:52:44
Posted by ken anderson. on 08/06/2019 17:41:39:

**LINK** have a look here.....sign up if you haven't done so...

Ken hobby needs you dept.

Done it Ken..........I am 50% of the votes in Stourbridge.......frown


08/06/2019 20:41:31
Posted by john stones 1 on 08/06/2019 13:31:22:
Posted by Dwain Dibley. on 07/06/2019 22:15:08:

On the radio tonight, in the news bulletins, "if you have a drone or quad copter do not fly near weston park next weekend while the show is on"

First time I have heard that on the Radio, just goes to show how the paranoia is setting in.


Never heard it Dwain, was it paranoia or education ?

I suspect it was to educate really John, it was on Greatest hits, used to be absolute radio, so local to me I suppose.

I just found it sad that it had to be announced on the radio and that it's not just simply common sense .....!!


07/06/2019 22:15:08

On the radio tonight, in the news bulletins, "if you have a drone or quad copter do not fly near weston park next weekend while the show is on"

First time I have heard that on the Radio, just goes to show how the paranoia is setting in.


Thread: Handy bit of kit
07/06/2019 19:29:55

How much is it ?? cheeky


Thread: Building Brian Taylors Cessna 120
07/06/2019 13:45:07

I did some testing of my bitsa power setup today, here are the results.

The model weighs in at 1240 g, (2.5 Lbs) all up inc lipo. I should be able to tootle round on half throttle.

ESC is a hobbywing 50A. so 20% margin observed.

img_20190607_133114.jpg decals from Pyramid came today..............Just the d



Thread: Me, I like a glass of wine...
07/06/2019 13:16:53

A box of future antiques there David...wink

Were you uner the affluence of inchohol, when you took the pic. ?? party


Thread: Frog Jackdaw resurrection.
07/06/2019 10:56:25

Top Job, Colin old Bean.. It also sounds like Ms Jackdaw has interesting provenance, which certainly adds to her allure.

I am looking forward to the re-maiden, (is that a word ?). Will you get video ?

Good luck.


Thread: Interesting reply from email to Richard Moriarty, CAA
07/06/2019 00:42:36
Posted by Martin Harris on 07/06/2019 00:17:55:

Looked at another way, if those of us who wish to continue flying models over 250g do register and high profile incidents continue to occur from unregistered sources, will we not then be able to present a more meaningful case to discontinue a discredited and wasteful scheme?

Edited By Martin Harris on 07/06/2019 00:24:44

In a nutshell........................

That's what will happen, we all register and the idiots will still do the Mad stuff. We can then argue that the scheme is ineffective.

On a lighter note Martin, what if you are the only one to register...........Have you got the 2.8 million ???? cheeky


Thread: Building Brian Taylors Cessna 120
07/06/2019 00:03:44

A bit of fun......................but do you think I will be able to see her in front of the trees. ????

I found a rather loverly motor mount under the cowl, I just had to open the hole at the front of the cowl, to get the prop driver through.

Nice little interlude whilst waiting for the weather to brighten so I can go and maiden the 120.

I need to order one of Mr Smeeds creations next I think, I'm getting bored again.




06/06/2019 20:34:03

My Speedo arrived YAY !!

ESC) for those that think I have ordered some swimming pants.

The servos, Hobby king 9 g jobbies, same as the wing, are in the fuz and the fuz is covered.

I only intend to fly her in front of my face on the field at work so no heavy duty stuff needed. Total Spend £17.00.

Another plane out of Dibley Towers, that will own the skies above the West Midlands, Well..............,until it crashes into a drone from Amazon, bearing gifts from afar.



Thread: Hi, Iím Tom
05/06/2019 22:53:25

Hello Mate,

Sounds like you get up to some interesting stuff.

Welcome to the forum.


Thread: Electric Motor 'clunk' When Opening Throttle
04/06/2019 22:22:27

Hi Richard, you are correct, soft start is more common in Helis because of the bigger blades and the forces generated. However, I use the soft start option on my fixed wing models as well, stops them darting off like a nutter, and of course, looks more scale like.

Give it a go mate. also I always buy the associated programming card for the ESC, it makes life a lot easier.


Thread: Building Brian Taylors Cessna 120
04/06/2019 13:18:19

While we are waiting for the above, I was given an old Pony Electric model a while back, and considering i need some smaller/lighter stuff to fly on the Astro Turf, I thought I would have a go at this with what I have in the scrap bins.

I have called her "Scrapper". The only thing I will have to buy, is an ESC. face 20


This is the original covering, I did try the heat gun but it was sagging like Nora Battys stockings again the next Day.


The wing in the New Scheme.........ailerons are hinged with the film, I did hinges underneath with spare silver Oratex.


04/06/2019 13:02:56

Had a reply from Pyramid, courtesy of the Lovely Lee, and my decals are on their way.

So a big shout out to Lee and Pyramid Models.................YAY !!



Edited By Dwain Dibley. on 04/06/2019 13:03:16

03/06/2019 23:51:56

Thanks Danny, on both counts.


Thread: Corben Super Ace Build
03/06/2019 23:36:11

T'was Electric Phil. wink but .25 to .40 engines were recommended.


Thread: Building Brian Taylors Cessna 120
02/06/2019 23:42:51

I have sent an email to Pyramid models and await a reply.


Thread: S1581 Hawker Nimrod MkI
02/06/2019 23:38:27

Well done Danny.................................I knew you could do it, and sometimes, the only way is, just to do it. wink

Brilliant thread this Guys................Luvvin it !! thumbs up


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