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Thread: Indoor Fun Flying Ideas
16/03/2017 11:59:33

Flying thru hoops and Limbo competitions ??

What about pylon racing, say over a number (n) of laps ?? You might need model identification ribbons for this one, as all vapors look the same.


Thread: DB Cirrus Moth build
16/03/2017 11:47:54

Cymaz........there ain't enough hours in the day...Lol but it is tempting !!

I have done a couple of my models in miniature Robert, including the DB Auster, and my W/B Replicas LA7.

I find they help with the colour scheme if you are not quite sure which way to go.

I have soldered up the connections on the ESC to day, and tested the arming plug, all works as it should.

I always colour code the leads, just to make it easy to get the motor rotation right, if they are pulled apart for any reason.

A test fit in the fuz, to see whats what and where the arming plug lead will go through.



As you can see here, the battery is connected but the system is not "live" until the little arming plug (far left) is fitted. No chopped and diced fingers for D.D.  wink


There will be a couple of vents in the front cowl ( thanks to Cymaz, and his piccy link ) so the ESC will get some cooling. The back of the plastic part of the cowl is also open.


Edited By Dwain Dibley. on 16/03/2017 11:54:28

16/03/2017 01:00:09

Just bought this to compliment the Moth.

Never built an amodel plastic kit before but they look ok, from what I can see from a couple of forums.

Anybody built one ??

I like to have a little model of the big build, like a mini me ...smiley Anybody else do this ......or is it just me ?? surprise


cirrus plastic.jpeg

Thread: Easy Built PBY Catalina a 20 year wait is over
15/03/2017 20:31:39

Very nice Robert, I enjoyed reading your thread. There was a happy ending which is great......Well done

Try and get the next one in under 20 years tho.......wink


Thread: Warbird Replicas Bf 110 club.
15/03/2017 19:58:20

This is a great scheme, I like it a lot I do !!

If I had one, I would do this I d


Thread: DB Cirrus Moth build
15/03/2017 01:22:13

Nice...Thanks Cymaz, me old tater !!


Thread: Design & Build FW 200 Condor / Syndicato
15/03/2017 01:06:07

Well Robert, I am totally impressed by your skill and ingenuity. I have just read through your blog and have a big grin on my chops. it was the shampoo story that did it for me matey, bloomin' hilarious but brilliantly simple.

Kudos my man.. Kudos...wink

Keep up the good work.


Thread: Time to go from Wheels to wings
15/03/2017 00:13:11

Hey Billy Binns,

Welcome to the forum. You're on the right track matey.

Start with a good trainer, boomerang or summat like that, you won't regret it, lots of guys who have flown for years, including me, still love to throw a boomerang around.

Here you go.

Transmitters and/or radio equipment is a personal choice and can be an emotive subject, I suggest you make your own mind up......otherwise you will get 30 different opinions a minute....wink


Thread: DB Cirrus Moth build
14/03/2017 23:59:59

Messing around with some things.....

The inside of the cowl area.


What do you think ?


Thread: Warbird Replicas Bf 110 club.
14/03/2017 20:23:50

Novak an Gudd. surprise


Thread: Electrifying a pedal cycle
14/03/2017 15:39:33

Cool pics Geoff.

A splendid Beard also.


D.D. (fellow cyclist and commuter ..Crossrip 3..)

Thread: DB Cirrus Moth build
14/03/2017 12:27:58

Even more fiddling with the cowl this morning Chaps.

Holes filled and balsa added and all sanded to a nice profile. I was aided in this task by one of Alexs' photos from Old Warden in the April mag. Good on Yer Alex, for such a timely shot. yes

Just need to cut a nice tidy new opening for the prop driver next.

Happy Days !!





Thread: Forum members' new models: Let's see them.
14/03/2017 00:58:27

Well done Matey, a real phoenix from the ashes, so to speak. !! yes


Thread: DB Cirrus Moth build
14/03/2017 00:30:18

A bit more fiddling with the cowl revealed that my motor was too high and I had to chop my motor mount down by 15 mm. I had already formed an opening at the front of the cowl, which I shouldn't have in hindsight, but hey ho.

The beauty of the plastic cowl is I can just fill the hole in with more plastic.

I added the ply blocks to take the cowl screws. I may add two more yet, cos it's a bit flexible in the middle. A fiberglass cowl would be a lot better. I am thinking of a way I can add a bit of a dummy engine.

I played about with the mount until I had the proper amounts of side and down thrust, more meat had to be taken out of the front formers, to accommodate the motor being lower. I am going to make the cavity a bit neater by adding some balsa sheet. That's the beauty of balsa, you can keep sticking it on and sanding it off, to your hearts content.

Some of the pics show alarming amounts of thrust, I added them for amusement purposes only.




Too high.


Cutting the mount down.


In the ball park now.


Just right.


The Ply blocks added, they will be sanded to shape at the front, two more will be added in the middle.


Edited By Dwain Dibley. on 14/03/2017 00:45:22

Thread: Tim's Skywriter Build
12/03/2017 19:16:39

Very nice Tim....wink


Thread: DB Cirrus Moth build
12/03/2017 18:05:32

Cheers for that Chris, yes......It dawned on me as I was typing to be fair....but as I said...Thanks for the confirmation.

That's whats great about this place, folks looking out for each other. yescool


Thread: Warbird Replicas Bf 110 club.
12/03/2017 17:57:41

They are good Richard, does they Guy have a site or is it strictly thru you. thinking 1/6th for the Moth type of thing....


Thread: Skyways Percival Mew Gull
12/03/2017 17:50:10

Good for You Geoff.....laugh

Glad I could be a source of inspiration for you. .....and a mention in dispatches too...blush

I'll be keeping an eye on this thread.


Thread: DB Cirrus Moth build
12/03/2017 15:56:35

I covered the top decks today, with natural solartex, this will add more strength but also allow me to fit the cabanes permanently to the fuz if I want to. Dunno if I do yet tho, until it's all covered. In fact, it might pay to have the wings built and then set it all up together.

I also put the two cowl halves together, this is a job you just have to start, and not think about too much. Just cut the pieces out and then tidy them up. I fit some strips of the off cuts to one half, and let them dry. I used Airfix Glue.

Be careful as these things can be brittle.

Once there is no fear of the joiners moving, offer up the other half and sand to a good fit, trial and error.....

9 times out of 10 you will have gaps, don't worry about this, just fill them later.





The joining strips. And the revell (airfix) Glue.


Edited By Dwain Dibley. on 12/03/2017 16:17:32

Thread: Dave Tappin
11/03/2017 23:30:16

Sad News. I also used to enjoy his commentary whilst the DP and other models flew at the shows.


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