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Thread: New EDF Mini Jets- Sabre & MiG15 RCM&E 2018 Special
26/02/2019 13:50:27

Just in case there was ever a question about the power produced from these little 50mm FMS  'gem of a fan', here's a video form Sunday and the new Hunter..The model size is identical to the MiG/Sabre and the cheat holes for this model is a 40mm x 70mm hole in the underside. On board was the FMS 50mm 3s version, a 2200mah 35C 3S cheap lipo and a cheapo 40amp ESC....the AUW at the moment is 20oz......excuse the rubbish hand launch

Edited By Tony Nijhuis on 26/02/2019 13:54:45

Thread: New- 2018 CONCORDE for 4x50mm EDF
25/02/2019 12:54:46

Thank you Josip and Greeting!.....hopefully it will be a success and based on my previous up-scaling antics, they do perform better the large they get....

I dont remember there ever being a Skyway's Concorde but I remember a Robbie foam version and of course the COX peewee pusher plan from the 1970's

24/02/2019 20:29:13

It only seemed right to enlarge the 50mm EDF version of Concorde to larger size and use the superb FMS 70mm EDF units.....picked up 4 of these from Banggood for £35 when they were on offer....delivers 2.25kg of thrust on 6S so 4 of these we should get upwards of 9kg of thrust.....The span is 49" and the length is 8'

All now laser cut and ready for me to build....not promising a quick start on this one but l'll keep you posted if any progress is made


Thread: New EDF Mini Jets- Hunter & Phantom
24/02/2019 20:13:11

Ah...bouncing aeroplane...not one of my best hand launches but definitely a first for me!!

I think a TSR2 is also a possibility....such a simple design

24/02/2019 18:10:34

And the Hunter.....terrible hand launch as she slipped in my hand but as you can see pretty robust
24/02/2019 17:56:07

Thanks Ray, not on to the moden stuff yet but these little fans are so great they really can power any design i can concock.....Tried them today at Headcorn on a bog standard 2200mah 3S lipo so now getting into the standard pack range

Hopefully the link below works

17/02/2019 20:46:30

The FMS are great little fans and im so impressed, I ordered and dozen more and started drawing up a Folland Gnat and Jet Provest....bit like shelling peaswink....well at the moment

17/02/2019 16:37:40

Yes 11 bladed......

Bangood can supply them. Only costs a few pounds postage too. Takes around 20 days delivery

Just retested the Phantom again this afternoon and ended up moving the CofG forward quite a lot, adjusted the tailplane incidence and bingo......all sorted

17/02/2019 12:29:02

Been test flying both models over the last few days and the Hunter really is the better one out the two....for the Phantom i used the FMS 12-bladed 50mm fan unit for 3s and a 40amp controller. For the Hunter I used the AEO 8-bladed 50mm fan on a 30amp controller....the FMS is such a smooth and powerful fan and soon decided to swap out the Hunter AEO fan and fit the FMS.....what a transformation....

Not sure i will pursue the Phantom as it just doesn't live up to my expectation especially when compared to the Hunter...

10/02/2019 19:42:45

So manged to knock out the Phantom over the past two days so haven't lost the knack!!!!


Ready for a test fly.....and the chucky glider to determine where the C of G....the chucky flew really well and stable too.. hope the model reflects it!


trying out the FMS 50mm 3S fan....lovely and smooth so really impressed with quality



04/02/2019 22:15:59

Glad to say I havent lost the knack of knocking a prototype up in a couple of evenings! (and enjoyed it..!!!!)....Full face mask need now unfortunately!!

Its the Hunter by the way.....25" Span


04/02/2019 22:07:11

Well its been almost a year since i have last 'pend' a design and the plan was (excuse the pun) to back off and do things at my own pace.....Well it seems my previous pace was a bit of a drug and going Cold Turkey hasn't worked so have to admit I have fallen off the waggon so to speak. I suppose the difference is I'm not now working to any deadline and that in itself is a sort of liberation!....Fortunately the health issues that materialized last year are now under control and as many of you know, modelling is great creative therapy for the mind and soul.....not being active i have come to realise has a detrimental effect! sure you will all agree....Unfortunately the Balsa allergy has not improved so that is the limiting factor at the moment.

So here are the latest offering with absolutely no time scale as to when they will be available (that sounded good!)

So designed with the same power set up as the MiG ad 50mm 3S fan, 30amp ESC and 1500mah lipo.....AUW 16oz



Edited By Tony Nijhuis on 04/02/2019 22:10:40

Thread: New EDF Mini Jets- Sabre & MiG15 RCM&E 2018 Special
14/01/2019 22:49:28

Thanks guys for all you kind well wishes......not designing for me is a little bit like going 'cold turkey' so i did some therapy over Christmas......hopefully following on in the same fashion from the MiG and Sabre.....Im going to do it at my own pace but always wanted to do a Hunter!!!!


14/01/2019 22:33:36

Movements are alway +/- so for the elevator it is 8mm up and 8mm down

22/12/2018 21:35:32

For clarity, both the mig and sabre have an AUW of 15oz with a wing area of approx 1 sq these little jets only have a wing loading of 15oz/sq' which is very low for any model so hand launch is very easy.....remember that the old hand launch 42" Cambrian WW2 fun fighters were approx 28oz/sq' !!!

20/12/2018 22:41:58

I can't see any cheat air intake holes in the sides of the fuselage? wont work unless you do.....the larger the holes are the more thrust the fan will give

15/12/2018 13:42:41

Im sure David Ashby took some video on his phone so maybe he can pop it on somewhere.....or of course post your own....there are a fare few flying out there now....

Ken, these HK Dr MT fans are from Lander so you can check their web site as it will give more technical info.....These fans are nice units and suggest they develop the same thrust at lower current than the AEO which are more power hungry (24amp at 450g) the Dr MT should be ok and you could use a slightly smaller lipo as the current draw is less.......the Dr MT is an ounce heavier though so it is a balancing act.

Depending on how I feel, i may produce another two modern jet around this size later this year.

Hi Ray, good to hear from you....had a bit of a falling out with the new editor of MB so gave Red October to SLEC to add their fleet of boat kits they do....

Some good new for those who are not up to building , the MiG-15 and Sabre will soon be produced as an ARTF kit !!!!.....Traditionally built to match the original plan design, covered in film and fitted with fan more detail at this stage.....

12/12/2018 20:28:41

Evening Guys,

I don't often get on to the forum and even less so due to putting a stop to building and designing due to health reason......

Firstly Ken....14 amps draw from the FMS 50mm fan is low so there is something wrong......25-30amps or more should be expected according to the data sheets. Suggest the ESC maybe at fault....for info, i used a cheap 30amp quadcopter ESC with the AEO 50mm fans as it a simple switch on a programming to screw you up.....current draw was around 25amps. Secondly, strangling or restricting the fan will not drop the current draw so it is nothing to do with restriction!!!!!

Regarding other comments concerning flying.. i think the photos speak for themselves taken by the editor... I'll say no more!!!....

What I will say and should be obvious is that if you put a more powerful fan in the model and keep the same air intake cheat hole you wont necessary get any more thrust. The fan will simply not be able to breath!!!. SO increase the cheat hole opening or you'll be wasting energy!!!!!.....A more powerful fan will need a larger battery....(possible a 2200) which will add to weight....QED more weight but no appreciable increase in thrust (if you don't increase the cheat holes).....results in poor performance.....It is a fine balance between AUW-and thrust ....

I have just bought some of these FMS 50mm fans so hope to try them out in the Concord soon, as they do look promising



Thread: New- 2018 CONCORDE for 4x50mm EDF
08/12/2018 16:50:39

It may take a little longer Steve as i have hung up the building gloves for a while......however I have bought some FMS 50mm fans for the the model which are lighter, cheaper, and more powerful than the Dr Mad thrust I was using

Thread: Harrier Jump Jet- The aeromodelling Holy Grail !!!!
24/09/2018 21:04:38

At the moment there's no firm plans to make this kit / ARTF....however there are some initial discussion underway so stay tuned!

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