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Thread: Harrier Jump Jet- The aeromodelling Holy Grail !!!!
23/11/2017 23:22:23

Thanks Tim for the kind comment......its amazing how models do replicate the full size....even the Harrier. I once designed an 8th scale miles Monitor and it was not a nice flying model but never knew why until I read some original test reports on the full-size....the title was entitled 'tried tested and failed'

Since the Harrier article was published I have carried out some more tweaks on the loop tuning and have improved the control and stability further so its now a nicely sorted model....

now working on a turbine version (but not a Pegasus) ....using hot gas on all four outlets....

18/10/2017 00:05:28

Hi Joel

Apologies for the misnaming.....I have watched your ongoing exploits with great interest on YouTube and really admire your well done

The Pegasus looks great and i look forward to seeing the would be great to have a truly operational scale harrier at some point in the future.....

The video was taken of my Mk10 harrier, the Mk11 has retracts in and a little more detail so just waiting for some good weather and we'll video that to.....keep up the good work

13/10/2017 19:18:59

Thanks Steve for your kind comments.......The F35 is some what different and dare i say it a little easier.....there are a number of modellers out there if you troll through youtube who have got the F35 hovering (including Melanie) and one guy in china has it hovering/flying so the challenge was albeit achieved for that model....the Harrier was always my dream

11/10/2017 20:43:10

Hi Steve,

It would be a shame not to progress the idea which is why the discussions have started for an ARTF version....

The idea of a conventional flying Harrier (not VTOL) plan very nearly made it into the RCME special this year but i crashed it on testing so there was no time to sort it out.

hopefully next year.

09/10/2017 21:48:15

Thanks Guys,

It has been a journey and I shall be summing it all up in the December issue of RCM&E...unfortunately the design is just too complicated to ever produce as a plan or kit.........hopefully I will be having some talks about an 'out of the box' ARTF version soon so I'll keep you posted.

Out of interest and with all I have learnt to date, especially the software tuning and mastering transition , it can now be applied to a turbine version.....may be next week hey!!

Thread: NEW 50" Hawk (90mm fan) RCME Special
09/10/2017 21:23:11

It should do as it has the thrust.......

Thread: Harrier Jump Jet- The aeromodelling Holy Grail !!!!
08/10/2017 22:23:40
For those who have not seen the you tube video of the Harrier flying today, here it is....Its pretty well sorted now and
the final article will be in the December issue of RCM&E


Edited By Tony Nijhuis on 08/10/2017 22:28:18

Thread: NEW 50" Hawk (90mm fan) RCME Special
07/10/2017 21:38:40

Thanks Mark.....much appreciated

07/10/2017 18:54:23

Schubeler are a lovely fan unit but most thing in life you get what you pay for....

By the way, David Ashby has posted some video footage of the hawk on the home page so please take a look

The footage was taken on a dry summers day at the ground is softer, wetter and the grass longer, I'm having to use half flap to get her off the strip now..... soon have to pack her away for the winter....ho hum...

25/08/2017 00:20:13

Just some shots of the finished model taken last week....should have a few kits available at the NATS (in the SLEC tent)



19/08/2017 00:48:52

Hi Martin.....Do you have the YEP programming board.....It is a must as the YEP is set up for Helicopters as a default so this has to change.....and a few other things too. They are pretty strong ESCs so if yours has failed, it is most likely a fault rather than a programming issue.

I'll be at the NAT with the new 50" Hawk and we will have VAC sets which should fit yours ok.....

30/07/2017 23:11:18

David, the plan will be available in the RCME special mag in October

29/07/2017 23:51:47

the Lander 90mm 6s should give 3.2kg at around 80amp so it will fly the model no should save on weight with a 6s battery, the controller being smaller, the fan is 250g lighter than the one i used will need a short grass runway though

29/07/2017 15:14:58

When i did the small 42" Hawk a few years ago for a 70mm fan, quite a few of you guys said a slightly bigger version for a 90mm fan would be a welcome addition.....well its only taken me two years to get round to enlarging and building a 50" span version but this afternoon I finally got to fly the prototype and i wasn't disappointed with the few an absolute treat!!!laugh

The scale has gone from 1:9th to 1:8th so an enlargement of 20% or so. The weight has risen from 6lbs to 8.5lbs at the moment the wing loading is slightly more at 43oz/sq'

I used an 8s HobbyKing 90mm fan with a stated thrust of 4kg, a 120amp controller and a Nano Tech 4500mah 8S pack .....cruised nicely around on half throttle.





Thread: Harrier Jump Jet- The aeromodelling Holy Grail !!!!
12/07/2017 22:03:27

Some more testing done in the last few days and a little more detail added including intakes and canopy....Really getting the hang of flying the Harrier now....but weight is still a limitation at 1750g....Almost finished a Depron version which has reduced the AUW by 20% (1400g).....with luck this should give around 3.5 min hover time or 8mins normal flight time on a 4500 4S lipo.....

Note the anti-stall fences on the absolute must as i have found out to my cost on early prototypes




06/07/2017 23:45:10

Thanks Guys,

This has been very much a personal crusade and I one I will no doubt share at some point. The model and avionics in it current form is quite complicated and reliability is still a slight you said Tom, it may need a big corporation to push it into a reliable worldwide product....At some point in the future it has to be shared with global modeling public.....flying it the Harrier this evening has been an experience like no other. If anything the limitation is my flying ability.... the stability of the Harrier is amazing and the only time you can stall it is in normal flight....and if you do, flick it back into hover and she saves her self...

What I will be doing is a follow up article in the RCME which will track the changes to this latest prototype and hopefully in a finished colour scheme with scale detail.....

06/07/2017 21:50:56

Its been a few weeks since I last posted so I thought I would give an up date and to nights successful attempt!

Edited By Tony Nijhuis on 06/07/2017 22:13:45

04/06/2017 23:26:33
Posted by Tony Nijhuis on 29/05/2017 21:12:54:

Well its been some time since i last posted and hopefully the articles in the RCM&E were of interest.....

Needless to say i thought by the time I had done the four articles, i may have some good news for you but this project is still very much on going and sometimes i think I'm just treading water.

The hover is now very much sorted but (quadcopter) yaw control is poor and with any small amount of wind, the harrier will happily weather cock like a weather vane..... However today was the transition day down the Hastings club field and the harrier moved into into stage 1 forward flight with the fans switched from vertical to 20deg forward angle...interestingly, model did not accelerate is fast as i thought it would and didn't reach what i thought was a forward speed sufficient to go stage 2 (fans full forward 90deg).

So i increased the stage 1 rotation to 40deg..... this time the harrier accelerated from hover nicely and kept straight and level as she moved away (still in quadcopter mode) then switched to stage 2 hoping she would power away in normal acro mode but instead she reared up vertically, flicked on her back this point I thought that was the end so I hit the switch to return it to hover and incredibly she self righted an I hovered her to ground.....if i hadn't of done that, there is no way it would have survived.

Not quite sure why the model reared up but may be down to the fan thrust line still being at an angle when the when all 4 fans then go to the same speed and this kicked the model up. As the fans are under the wing, the thrust, even when the fans are horizontal, will cause the nose to rise.

Notwithstanding this....a positive day I think!!!!

Decided to give it another go toady, but made a few modification in particular moving the CofG forward by 1/2" (because of last week's violent 'rear up', positioning the fans at stage1 to 45deg (to give greater forward speed) and decided to keep the quadcopter board operating until the fans all all became horizontal.

The wind was quite strong so she was get blown back in the hover so back on the ground I decided to take off at stage 1....(45deg fan position)...doing this the harrier gently rose off the ground, accelerated forward and climbed to around 20' under quad controll before gingerly switching to stage 2 (full transition).....this time, no change in pitch, she just accelerated away into normal flight.......fantastic....Managed about 5 circuits before and decided to land conventionally with no bother.....Finally get somewhere!

Doing some further test this afternoon and hovering into a head wind, all the fans need to be set at 10deg forward for a 10mph wing and I would suspect 15deg for a 15mph wind.

Thread: Tony Nijhuis, Daviid Ashby, or a well known designer connected with RCM&E
04/06/2017 22:51:01

Now that will fly..........

Thread: Harrier Jump Jet- The aeromodelling Holy Grail !!!!
29/05/2017 21:37:30

i suppose being an engineer, i alway like to have a backup plan so this is the latest design which now overcomes the yaw problem.

Model has now test flown in hover and work uses a nano Wii board instead of a KK2 quadcopter board.

The difference is that fans are pivot controlled independently by a servo so yaw is now done with gimbling the fans, backward on one side and forwards on another. The result is the model now yaws with authority and better still, i don't need contra-rotating fans .....they all rotate in one direction and the yaw control deals with the torque effect.

the test model is purely a hovering test bed and the model AUW is just over 1kg.....




Edited By Tony Nijhuis on 29/05/2017 21:38:40

Edited By Tony Nijhuis on 29/05/2017 21:39:23

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