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Thread: Harrier Jump Jet- The aeromodelling Holy Grail !!!!
29/05/2017 21:12:54

Well its been some time since i last posted and hopefully the articles in the RCM&E were of interest.....

Needless to say i thought by the time I had done the four articles, i may have some good news for you but this project is still very much on going and sometimes i think I'm just treading water.

The hover is now very much sorted but (quadcopter) yaw control is poor and with any small amount of wind, the harrier will happily weather cock like a weather vane..... However today was the transition day down the Hastings club field and the harrier moved into into stage 1 forward flight with the fans switched from vertical to 20deg forward angle...interestingly, model did not accelerate is fast as i thought it would and didn't reach what i thought was a forward speed sufficient to go stage 2 (fans full forward 90deg).

So i increased the stage 1 rotation to 40deg..... this time the harrier accelerated from hover nicely and kept straight and level as she moved away (still in quadcopter mode) then switched to stage 2 hoping she would power away in normal acro mode but instead she reared up vertically, flicked on her back this point I thought that was the end so I hit the switch to return it to hover and incredibly she self righted an I hovered her to ground.....if i hadn't of done that, there is no way it would have survived.

Not quite sure why the model reared up but may be down to the fan thrust line still being at an angle when the when all 4 fans then go to the same speed and this kicked the model up. As the fans are under the wing, the thrust, even when the fans are horizontal, will cause the nose to rise.

Notwithstanding this....a positive day I think!!!!

31/03/2017 23:34:42

Thanks John,

That's interesting and make good sense......

Thread: Scrap Box Wellington Bomber
09/03/2017 23:37:26

Hi Robert,

A point to note with the old Wellington design is the wing from memory were flat bottomed. The reason for this was in the early 90s, electric power was so marginal, you needed a good lifting wing section to keep you airbourne. One of the down sides to flat bottomed wing is in windy conditions, lift can be excessive and cause the model to 'balloon' and feel twitchy.... i would suggest you only fly the Welly in calm or moderate wind will notice the difference and the model will fly slower and smoother....I still remember the first test flight of the model some 30 years ago as if it was yesterday.....worry is I can't remember what i really did yesterday!!!!

Thread: Harrier Jump Jet- The aeromodelling Holy Grail !!!!
08/02/2017 21:59:21

There will five monthly articles starting next month (April issue) about trials and tribulation to 10,000 words of explanation!!!crook

just waiting for some better weather before venturing to the flying field again

Thread: New 78" Vulcan for twin 90mm DF
25/01/2017 00:22:46

Hi Matt...totally agree....that's why there will be no mention of PSS in any of the formal information for this model... because is not tested .....gob now zipped on the subjectwink

23/01/2017 23:39:37

No Matt....but a few builders were going to try...soooo lightly loaded

23/01/2017 13:28:10

Hi Guys,

Just a quick note to say the 78" Vulcan should be availiable this week from the TND website...its taken a little longer than i had hoped as we had to source/manufacture some suitable retracts for it.....Make a great PSS model too

Thread: Harrier Jump Jet- The aeromodelling Holy Grail !!!!
22/01/2017 22:21:57

Thanks guys.....fortunately the wings survived and new fus is almost finished....Its too close to stop now.....

21/01/2017 22:28:14

Yes it was freezing and the usual cross wind so.....The plan was to transition today but the wind was across the strip and try to hold the Harrier cross will is almost impossible....... unfortunately after this video was taken I had a bit of mishap....was fly around in normal mode (rog launch off a dolly) when I must have slowed it up too much in the turn and she rolled in.......crying so on to the Mk4 version I guess...what a journey frown

21/01/2017 17:04:21
finally got some video of the mode hovering today

Edited By Tony Nijhuis on 21/01/2017 17:05:58

28/12/2016 18:32:24

Ok so one of the reasons why the Harrier hover to transitional flight will be achievable in some form or another is down to a guy called Mike Sayer who has assisted me with an alternative Harrier design and control..... this spin off is on going and a smaller version Harrier is being built using Mike's avionics installed......

Here's Mikes VTOL machine and remembering this machine only uses single directional fans so gimbling fans control the torque and is an incredible achievement


28/12/2016 00:39:29

Great for indoor .....a blimp harrier....similar to the helium filled airliner that's been kicking around youtube

24/12/2016 00:43:07

Lot of interesting comments

The operation of both transitioning from hover to forward flight and back to hover is critical so I have programmed the rotation of the gimbling fans to go from Hover Vertical- switched to 45deg (still in quadcopter operation but picking up speed so you begin to use aileron and elevator control too) then switched to 90deg with the quad board switched out and an IGyro operating on the aileron and elevator......

In the year and half I have been playing with this harrier I have thought of many alternatives to the type I'm currently testing. The one below is similar to Simon's suggestion and was going to use a central single fan with 4 outlet to the true Harrier...than use four 30mm fans to the stabilisation.... 2 in the body and 2 in the drop tanks .... The complexity and weight was not practical but I'm holding this design for a Turbine version one day....


22/12/2016 23:19:59

Thanks guys,

Crashes are all part of the journey and should always be seen as part of the learning process..... hopefully will have some video to post soon

22/12/2016 00:04:43

Hi Chris and All,

Things have moved on with some disasters and successes. The Mk3 (which is really only the second Mk2 of the 70mm edf version i built) crashed spectacularly on take off when trying conventional ROG. The reason was an incorrect C of G and the tailplane incidence was well out...


Needless to say a new version had to be built and was retested last weekend ROG and as a conventional flying model it is superb. So much so, the plan is to release the plan as a conventional ROG Harrier (not Hover) for next years RCM&E Special.

This latest Mk3 model now hovers and flies conventionally and flight trimms have all been adjusted to coincide......the only test left to do is the transition and I am only waiting for weather and the nerve to attempt....its that closecrook

Hopefully you will be pleased to know that a series of four articles have been written for the RCM&E with the first one due out in March edition and goes into the technical detail. The 5th and last article is dependent on what occurs in the next few days / weeks so fingers crossed....

Below is the final installation now flying on one battery pack and 


Edited By Tony Nijhuis on 22/12/2016 00:08:57

Edited By Tony Nijhuis on 22/12/2016 00:10:38

Thread: 67" ZERO- 2016 RCM&E Autumn Special
21/12/2016 13:07:41


Vulcan should be available in the late January....

Thread: New 78" Vulcan for twin 90mm DF
09/10/2016 22:43:00

Well finally had time last week to paint and finish the model and have to say i'm pleased with the standard of finish


So AUW is 21lbs and up to 7min flight time 4000mah's a few pictures of today's flight





The model is so lightly loaded and slippery I turned the motors off and glided in on base controllable and the IGyro3 just sorted the landing out for me

Thread: Harrier Jump Jet- The aeromodelling Holy Grail !!!!
17/09/2016 12:20:58

Just a quick update-

Prototype No.3 is finished and covered in lightweight film and managed to shave 6oz off the prototype No.1

Did some hovering tests yesterday didn't seem as stable as the first one but it was quite windy in the back garden... going for a standard ROG test flight tomorrow with a bit of luck with a simple tail dragging dolly. Plan is to lock the fans in horizontal mode, dis-arm the quad board and just use the RX with an IGyro3e on ail,ele & rudder so all being well it should fly ok




Thread: 67" ZERO- 2016 RCM&E Autumn Special
09/09/2016 16:41:40

Anyone interested, I will have a few plan packs of the new Zero available at the Southern Model Show, Headcorn in the SLEC tent this weekend....hope to see a few of you guys there....

Thread: Harrier Jump Jet- The aeromodelling Holy Grail !!!!
03/09/2016 23:34:29

Seraph, I use a hole saw attachment in a drill. they are not brilliant

Ian, The draw from each fan is around 60amp to hover so 120amps per pack (1 pack feeds two fan units). If reading the info on Graphene is correct, the benefit will be lower internal resistance and therefore the heat build up in the cells will be hopefully far less. If this is the case the more usable energy will be available for flying

We shall see!

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