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Thread: Nightmare
28/08/2013 11:25:18

Well done, a satisfactory conclusion then.

28/08/2013 09:51:38

Interested to know if there was any news on this fiasco, Colin?

Thread: Build the spitfire (935mm) only 28 a month
27/08/2013 17:04:00

If I had that sort of money, I would buy....**LINK**

It will be more satisfying to build and would keep its value, built or unbuilt.

(No link facility available)

Thread: Ebay sellers...
26/08/2013 22:59:03

If only, if only they would post it, it could be mine...............................................: )

Thread: Fantasy Formula 1
25/08/2013 14:39:34

That reminds me. A few years ago two friends loaded their car up and set off to Spa to watch the Grand Prix.

When they arrived the place was deserted. They had gone a week too early!

Thread: Ebay sellers...
20/08/2013 23:19:32

Re Gibberish. If you look at the Picasso seats that the seller is offering as other items they are properly described.

20/08/2013 19:09:32

My son is a teacher. He assures me that the education system is better in every way than it was in the 40's and 50's.

At least I can spell, punctuate and use grammar. Innit....................................!

Thread: Biggles' Mess (the renamed cafe!)
20/08/2013 09:12:19

This could go in the jokes section, but as there are references to confectionery recently on this forum, the funniest joke at the Edinburgh fringe this year was judged to be one about about a chocolate bar. I won't repeat it, because although it is clean, it is well known, and not very good, but I remember one of my stepchildren telling it to me when they were teenagers, they are all in their late thirties and forties now.

Last years was just as bad.

Apart from that.

There have been some genuinely good jokes on here, (not mine face 7) perhaps we could resurrect say ten of the best from the distant past and vote on them. (I guess that Ken NE.1 will have three or four on the list.)face 1

Edited By Chris P. Bacon on 20/08/2013 09:14:56

Thread: Ebay sellers...
18/08/2013 23:43:25

This is nice................................**LINK**


'Wont take much to get flying again!' teeth 2

Edited By Chris P. Bacon on 18/08/2013 23:46:09

Thread: Biggles' Mess (the renamed cafe!)
18/08/2013 15:07:58

That's strange, I was just going to write 'Remember Spangles!'

Mars the firm, was founded by Frank C. Mars, so not such a silly name.thumbs up

Thread: Ceramic Knives, worth the price?
18/08/2013 10:51:52

I find this a bit sinister, and this shows how the internet is becoming intrusive.

Having mentioned the name 'Westcott' scissors, above and had a quick look on one, only, site (not Amazon) for the current price, which I did not actually find, I had a look for a used book on Amazon, today ( I have an account, but hardly ever use) and underneath the product is a line of pictures of 'Westcott' scissors from different sellers for my inspection. Yes I know how and why it happens, but I really object to this sort of marketing.face 19

Thread: Biggles' Mess (the renamed cafe!)
17/08/2013 18:52:13

To be quite honest, there's not much point in changing the penalty charges and modifying existing laws if there is nobody there to enforce them.

The attitude of the Modern Police Force, generally, is to wait until something happens then clear up the mess. (Observing from a distance in some cases).

In my area we have a situation where motorists and pedestrians including cyclists, mobility scooters, horses, dog walkers, children are having to mix it with vehicles travelling at up to 70mph in a 30 mph limit on a two way road passing old peoples homes!

I have been telling the local Police about it for nearly 2 years and I have seen absolutely no enforcement at all.

Yet 100 metres away on the next (wider) road the camera van 'partnership' are regularly giving out speed awareness courses for people doing 34 mph! (Not me). Seems very odd.

Thread: Chinese Grasp of the English Language
16/08/2013 23:29:24

There was an advert on TV, in Spain, can't remember the product, might have been for a department store, with the original version of the Phil Collins song 'Another day in paradise' used as the theme, so the phrase 'Oh, think twice' was repeated constantly all the way through it. face 11

16/08/2013 09:38:01

But, what about prices, are they inflatedquestion

Thread: Ceramic Knives, worth the price?
16/08/2013 09:32:31

On the same (sort of) subject. (Cutting materials) a few years ago I bought a cheap pair of scissors, about £4, brand name 'Westcott'. On the package and blades it says 'Titanium' and 'Non stick'.

Due to the price I tend to think they might be only titanium coated, but when new, they cut covering materials such as Solarfilm very cleanly. They also were very good when cutting through masking tape and other adhesives, when, for example, it has been stuck onto film and marked with a line for measuring. They have had a lot of use and the edges are getting worn and not so effective now, but they were well worth the price.



Edited By Chris P. Bacon on 16/08/2013 09:35:02

Thread: Getting back there....
13/08/2013 22:42:50

All the best Tim. Thinking of you. R...................hotsmile d

Thread: 'Epoxy in the tailplane'
13/08/2013 14:11:26

Personally I would never use epoxy in that situation, it does not evaporate like white glue, so the weight added in adhesive remains.

What I have done is to make an accurate pencil line or use tape where the tailplane has been located to the fuselage line, trim the covering to just inside of that line slide the tailplane in nearly all the way dry, add some white wood glue to the bare wood on the short side, top and bottom so that glue gets dragged into the gap, slide it through 5mm more than necessary add more adhesive to the other side of the joint, slide it back into place, repeating as needed. Until satisfied. Measure.

Then wipe the joint clean. Leaving a small smear of glue all along the joint. The glue doesn't dry that fast and the excess can be cleaned off with a damp rag. Measure everything again.

If a very small amount of cyano is introduced into the joint after location and before the white glue dries out, it makes an extremely strong assembly.

Thread: newbie to gliding, what to buy and little help with whats what
12/08/2013 20:30:20

There's the Multiplex Blizzard. Handle anything you throw at it ....seems to have gone out of fashion. Look up some earlier threads and reviews!!!

Thread: Model Identification.
12/08/2013 08:08:23

Looks like a Galaxy designed model. ( Scorpion?)

Edited By Chris P. Bacon on 12/08/2013 08:11:58

Thread: Ebay sellers...
11/08/2013 11:37:17

Nothing wrong with the item, but the postage rate just made me laugh out loud...........**LINK**

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