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Thread: Quality Models Cutlass 10
31/07/2013 23:21:56

Found the picture at last. That'll teach me to label things. The pilot was a HK Hawker Hunter pilot.


Edited By Chris P. Bacon on 31/07/2013 23:26:29

31/07/2013 22:20:27

I used to subscribe to American Model aeroplane magazines RCM and MAN in the 90's, I remember the Global Cutlass 40 because they were suddenly reduced drastically in price - obviously they couldn't sell them.

I think they were being sold off for $29.95 I actually tried to order one but they sold out.

I bought the RBC one as a kit really cheap with a Wemotec fan and Mega inrunner brushless Motor included, I sold the fan and motor for about four times the amount I paid for the whole lot and built the Cutlass in one piece for PSS but never got round to flying it. I did have some photos of it, but cannot find them now. I still have a book on the plane and it's chequered service history.

31/07/2013 16:36:49

Dane, I built a RBC (not BRC!) Kits Cutlass a few years ago. I think I sold the plan with the plane. The Dutch proprietor would answer emails quite readily, perhaps you could ask him the % figure on his kit.

I might be wrong but wasn't your Cutlass made by Global Quality Models from the USA? I think they did a big one and a small one.

More info. at...............**LINK**

Thread: Bixler motor.
31/07/2013 09:43:42

Thank you Steve. PM returned.

31/07/2013 08:30:06

Ted, if you go to the UK site and search for Bixler and click on the Bixler kit option (no electrics), on the top line, there is the usual nicely presented picture of the plane, below that is a description of the plane and its price.

Below that there is a small grey picture where it says recommended motors. Click on that and the picture turns blue and a photo of SK3-2822-1740 comes up. (Which looks like mine) - So I ordered that exact motor by clicking on it........

As I had never seen a Bixler in the flesh before and had no idea of how the motor was mounted, what it was mounted to, what the bolt spacing was I went with their recommendation.

I have spent a lot of money with HobbyKing over the years, mainly because they have a big choice of products and their website makes it easy to choose and buy. Having read of problems that other people have been having with them, next time I will be using their website to compare specifications, make choices, then buy elsewhere. no

31/07/2013 01:32:37

I think that I should have used the word HobbyKing in my title! Might get more attention.

After another 16 minutes wasted trying to contact 'Daisy' I have given up for now.

This is the non-fit of the motor supplied. Very unimpressed with HobbyKing

Thread: Losing patience with HobbyKing
31/07/2013 01:26:27

I have just exited HobbyKing's 24 hour live chat after trying to get some sort of reaction to my attempts to get them to refund me for or change the incorrect recommended brushless motor that was supplied with my Bixler 1.1.

The first time I held on for 21 minutes. No reply. So I passed them my email address, again. This time, tonight, the same operator 'Daisy' again asked me to wait 16 minutes, no answer to my polite questions again.

I get the impression that 'Daisy' rose is not a person and in fact is an automated reply system.

This is after emailing them in their main centre, sending a picture of the way the motor doesn't fit and leaving comments on their product description. Very poor customer service.

Thread: How to reduce wing loading/stall speed.
30/07/2013 21:53:17

Is it difficult to balance because the tail was built too heavy? 1oz. at the rear = 3 to 5 oz. in the nose. Then....

Is it not possible to locate the battery further forward?

If not, I would consider making the whole nose an inch or so longer if possible and removing some of the weight..

Making the wings longer is an option, but when i have tried it in the past it seems to not work as well as it should.

Thread: Bixler motor.
30/07/2013 12:21:09

No reply from HobbyKing. I found an alternative but HK have no stock of the propdrive for it. sad

So I have lost patience and ordered another suitable motor from a Hong Kong supplier I have used before and is reliable. I usually get deliveries in 4-10 days.

It might be convenient to have a warehouse in this country, but if they will not answer emails and live chat concerning orders, I will go elsewhere.

29/07/2013 23:42:51

Tried to contact HK UK today to ask a question via their live chat.

One 'welcome' reply then nothing. Held on for 21 minutes. Gave up.thumbs down

Thread: The 2013 Photographic Comp - chat thread
29/07/2013 10:34:13

Excellent. well deserved. film photo star star star

Thread: Rotary tools - what's good?
29/07/2013 08:10:46

These are a quality make. This one has a cord but it is 12v.........**LINK**

29/07/2013 00:27:42

I have just looked closely at the Maplin one again and it is 9.6v which probably means not a Lipo battery!

28/07/2013 23:29:38

How about this one from Maplin.**LINK**

I have had a similar one with a 3.7v lithium battery for a couple of years and it has been excellent!

Thread: Bixler motor.
28/07/2013 20:57:51

Yes, thanks, I already have. I would have thought that other buyers would have had this problem as well.

28/07/2013 20:11:07

I have just received my Bixler 1.1 kit from HK UK. Their recommended brushless motor, Turnigy SK3 2822 -1740 Kv, which I ordered at the same time is about 7mm too short.

As I no longer have a workshop this is a nuisance.

Anyone suggest a suitable cheap motor that I can fit straight into the plane without cutting wood, ordering special bolts or spacers?

Not looking for a more powerful motor as I am restricted to a park for flying, early A.M.

Thread: Ebay sellers...
27/07/2013 18:51:16

Apparently MacLaren have just bought it to study the engineering, in an attempt to improve their F1 car this year!face 1

I must admit I owned a bright green Citroen Dyane in the eighties, you could drive it flat out anywhere. I think they had sodium cooled valves.

One of my good memories is taking the back seats out completely and -

you guessed it, ...............driving 75 miles down to Beaulieu flying field one fine day with the fabric roof rolled back hot and my dog and my Super 60 in the

27/07/2013 10:34:43

I just love it that one of the two exhaust pipes has been arranged to emerge from and run over the top of the bonnet. Just like a Vanwall !!!

I wonder if it would be eligible for 2CV racing?

26/07/2013 22:29:29

Not a model, but..................the description is worth reading...**LINK**

That is not going to pass an M.O.T.!

Edited By Chris P. Bacon on 26/07/2013 22:31:07

Thread: Can anyone help???
26/07/2013 17:07:19

Vince, YT International, based in Birmingham do a 60.6" Span Me 109 ARTF. Although yours looks like a (nice) kit built one.

Might be that a spare YT International cowling would be a fit for yours. If you can get one.

Marutaka made kits in Japan. They were also re-labelled by Royal and the kits are now considered collectors items.

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