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Thread: EBay Ads by Forum Members
26/07/2013 13:12:44

Yes, I must admit I was a bit disappointed, but the other sale made up for it. I was expecting about £10 for the two.

I 'bought' an item from a seller in the U.K. on the 7th July. It still hasn't arrived.

All I have had from the seller is excuses, three different times he has 'sent' it, won't tell me if it was by courier or Post Office, refuses to give any tracking number or proof of posting.

Ebay have repaid me in full within a few seconds of escalating the dispute.

The last dispute I had was over a badly described item worth £2, I was threatened with personal harm by that seller. I just wish they would close these people down.face 17

Thread: Ebay sellers...
26/07/2013 08:45:59

I do like a bit of optomism ... **LINK**!.................

Thread: Ripmax buys Amerang
25/07/2013 17:44:31

That should be good news for the assistants who work in the shops. (Unless they close some down.)

One would hope that RipMax might put some of their larger toys in the outlets.

My nearest Modelzone is quite convenient because I use my bus pass a lot and the bus stops right outside their door!

Thread: Fuel Proofing
24/07/2013 22:11:56

The only one I have ever used was made by International, mainly because a large tin goes a long way!

They are made to stand up to salt water and long exposure to sunlight. I don't know about ordinary varnishes.

Ronseal do a yacht varnish why not ask them what solvents, hot and cold it will stand up to?

24/07/2013 19:55:27

International Paints yacht varnish (if you can still get it) is great for internal fuel proofing. Too yellow to go over a paint finish.

Thread: Nasty incident
24/07/2013 18:37:27

I think that the 'normal' person would never start their I.C. engine in the lounge or kitchen or bedroom for obvious reasons. Shed or garage, maybe with ventilation etc.

It is so tempting do do that 'last check',( bit like that 'last flight' with an electric motor indoors 'because there is no smoke, no oily spray and very little noise'.

My own experience was that I was checking some control function or other on a 0.40 size brushless motor plane and decided to do it indoors whilst swmbo was out. I actually loosened the prop right off. The motor started unexpectedly at full throttle. The plane didn't move, but the prop spun up very fast, shot forwards and up and one tip embedded itself about 6mm into the ceiling 3" away from a flourescent tube light fitting. I had to remove it and fill the hole pretty rapidly. Now, that could have been my eye that the prop hit.kulou

It could also have smashed the tube and brought it down on my head or face.

So, whenever I have changed anything, battery, transmitter function, between flights or if I have any doubts or second thoughts, brief distraction, I always take the prop completely off.

If I had been working on an I.C. engine, I would have had to physically start the thing and I have had 55+ years of practice and ingrained habit keeping clear of them, partly because they are noisy..

Thread: Forumites first posts
24/07/2013 14:40:18

The first one I found was on 29/1/2007 and I just started off going on about the Martin Baker M.B. 5 as I still do, sometimes.

But ------------------ I thought I joined on the first day. Which was question

Thread: EBay Ads by Forum Members
24/07/2013 12:03:16

Oh, well, thev have both sold. The book that I thought was the better one sold for far less than the other, due to it being older, (rarer?) I suppose. Nobody seems to want my Blohm & Voss replica manuals.

Thread: Landing is the hardest thing? !
23/07/2013 08:49:42

I don't see the point in telling anyone to let the plane go past and land it when it is going away from you! That shows a lack of control and confidence.

If Jez's landings were smooth and under control earlier then he should be at the stage of landing it on a particular point, on the runway or imaginary 'runway' approaching him so that it stops close by,so that he can shut down the model and remove it quickly out of the way of other flyers. (Even if flying on his own this is still good practice.)

I think the way to go is to make lots and lots of short flights, not a few long ones. Learn to approach accurately and land it in one selected spot, not just anywhere in a field before attempting anything more than a few simple rolls and loops.

Lots of take-offs and lots of landings. (Safe ones!)

Thread: EBay Ads by Forum Members
23/07/2013 07:23:28

Just a gentle reminder! The auctions of these two books end tomorrow! enlightened

Thread: Stuck Wrist Pin
23/07/2013 01:35:18

There is a source on Ebay USA at........


If you need one!

23/07/2013 01:25:42

Gents, this is what is shown on the O.S. discontinued engines site for the O.S. 48 Surpass, so I guess its all one assembly, one pin, two pads. Part No. 45806000. I doubt if there are none available at all!

Edited By Chris P. Bacon on 23/07/2013 01:28:29

Edited By Chris P. Bacon on 23/07/2013 01:36:41

Thread: Ebay sellers...
22/07/2013 18:44:29

Worth looking at the seller's other items, and their prices, including a beautiful Thunder Tiger piece of nostalgia!

Thread: The 'share your photos' thread (not model flying)
22/07/2013 15:26:28

This was taken yesterday evening with my Canon Compact camera, hand held, think it says a lot for the quality of modern cameras. Full frame.

Thread: New site appearance
22/07/2013 15:13:36

It was veeeeeeeeeerrrrrrrrrryyyyyyyyyyyyy slow for me this morning but seems to have revived itself now.......sad rose

Thread: Stuck Wrist Pin
21/07/2013 21:17:16

I would try cleaning it and putting it in a very hot oven. Stand it on its side on something like an old cup and the pin will probably slide out on its own.

Thread: LMS are not alone
21/07/2013 09:52:09

In my nearest big town, on one of the main streets there was a new block of flats erected, underneath there was space for three big shops.

In the last month there have been reports, generally, that tanning salons are showing a downturn in customers. Two of the shop premises have been taken over, in the last six weeks by -------- one enormous tanning salonhot.

This looks to have been a bad move, especially timed, as it was, to the current cloudless weather!

The other unit was taken over by a wine warehouse, now I bet they are doing alright! cocktail

Unfortunately my nearest big model shop is 40 miles away.

Thread: Ebay sellers...
20/07/2013 14:04:26

I was bidding on a USED Bixler on Ebay. With motor and servos. No ESC No battery, no receiver.

Cost for the same item ...New - £40.91 direct from HobbyKing's English warehouse. I was prepared to go to £30.

Somebody paid £56 ! Why? crook

Why not research something for 2 minutes and save £15 and get something new with a guarantee? They are not that hard to assemble are they?

20/07/2013 13:17:01

Filthy item, why not give it a clean before listing?


Thread: The current law on selling photographs
20/07/2013 00:07:10

I think that if I were to start up a photography business to sell aerial photos in a professional manner I would investigate the use of a tethered helium balloon carrying a camera rather than a radio controlled model, for several reasons. (One being that a digital SLR photo could be used.)

Although again I do not know the legal position!

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