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Thread: Christmas Present for a Two Year-Old.
13/12/2019 21:05:38
Posted by Robin Colbourne on 13/12/2019 21:01:30:

I seem to remember when Jeremy Clarkson bought one and had it delivered home, his wife's reaction was, 'Its like living with a two year old!'

So how about a full-size English Electric Lightning?

👍🏻🤣 and no he won’t be able to chuck that either!🤔😀

11/12/2019 20:25:57

That will be fun David for all of you, some people seem to over think this, it’s all about garnering interest, we know at that age interest soon moves on but in the case of my neighbours boy he has a thing about planes, sounds familiar! And it still is played with toy. His Dad already has recently got some of the BMFA models such as a Dart and the Aerojet that Martin mentions, yes his Dad is getting interested as well and the balsa models are there for a time when he can understand more, he may be a bit premature but is keen to do father and son things.

11/12/2019 13:42:42
Posted by Andy48 on 11/12/2019 12:19:09:
Posted by Nigel Dell on 11/12/2019 07:07:03:


Hi David

A foamy Chuck Glider such as the MPX Fox is very resilient but there does seem to be things about.

Not in the hands of a 2 year old! It will be wrecked within minutes and he won't be able to chuck it anyway.


Edited By Andy48 on 11/12/2019 12:19:33

Funny, my neighbours 2 year old got on fine with the one I gave him, admittedly it took a while before he got the hang of it, hours rather than weeks, but is happy throwing it of sorts up and down the garden bouncing off everything even over the fence, I guess it depends on the 2 year old, he is 2 and 7 months now, he has even slept on it apparently and it still survived, he has not however tried to eat it. Tough stuff this elapor

I also think his Dad gets some enjoyment out it as well. 😁

Edited By Nigel Dell on 11/12/2019 13:45:03

Thread: Beware using PayPal with HobbyKing (and maybe others)
11/12/2019 07:16:32

You can choose to pay in $ from you credit/debit card in the PayPal screen and your bank does the conversion and not PayPal, I find that is more favourable.

Thread: Christmas Present for a Two Year-Old.
11/12/2019 07:07:03


Hi David

A foamy Chuck Glider such as the MPX Fox is very resilient but there does seem to be things about.

Thread: DB Hurricane paint and finish.
04/12/2019 09:59:05

It is illegal in Germany as you would expect and quite rightly, not here though.

04/12/2019 09:24:17

Yes I meant to also put up the Finnish schemes but the door bell rang and I was waylaid.

04/12/2019 09:00:11

Jon as you wanted different, how about captured ones? They are different! 😳😉


Thread: Radio Queen.
04/12/2019 08:53:28

That is a cracking looking Radio Queen E/FB 👍🏻 These vintage designs still look great don’t they.

Thread: Any clock experts here?
21/11/2019 16:19:35

Hi Geoff

I know it is a picture I am going by but would be more sure if I was handling it but more likely than not I would say that is a Bakelite case, common for the period industrial clocks.

Does it keep time? I would imagine it could do with a bit of a clean as most do, sometimes just a blow out of the dust is all it needs, I use canned air or mostly the airbrush.

Thread: Laser Engines - Technical questions
21/11/2019 15:50:01

Jon count me in for the in-line multi glow, I have only test run the 300 black at the moment as the model build has stalled for the time being until my parents are moved in and settled!


Thread: BMFA numbers. Is this true, or a gross exaggeration?
13/11/2019 09:28:39
Posted by eflightray on 12/11/2019 19:37:40:

I will be honest and say this is probably my last year of building and flying. A combination of various, probably minor things, has led to my decision, the CAA/registration is probably one more of the minor nails in the coffin.

After 60+ years of modeling, with a few minor breaks, I realise the hobby was tending to control my spare time.

But the weather is now tending to control my flying more than ever before. I think I flew twice his year. Remember long calm summer evenings ?, trouble is they are just memories. The problems of good weather and no spare time, or spare time and poor weather conditions just add to the decision and frustrations.

I will probably renew my BMFA membership, ( I remember joining the SMAE), but sometime next year, will sell everything, (and I do mean everything), a total break.


That’s a shame Ray, I know what you mean about the weather, I have not had much of a chance to fly this year due to my elderly parents and giving them the help they need, least I can do, I must admit to considering giving it all up but have so far resisted.

I have enjoyed your projects.

good luck in what you decide.

Thread: The Gov't, CAA, BMFA & UAV legislation thread
11/11/2019 10:27:32
Posted by Steve J on 11/11/2019 10:09:14:
Posted by Michael Adams 3 on 11/11/2019 09:54:07:

Why does not every one wait & see what the end out come is

Says the man who has registered directly with the CAA and done the CAA test.


Thread: F3-RES
07/11/2019 11:51:54

The Slite is an excellent kit, I was hoping to be well into the build of mine but haven’t had a chance so far but you will enjoy the quality and engineering of this kit.

Thread: Laser Engines - Technical questions
06/11/2019 18:17:54
Posted by Phil B on 06/11/2019 17:09:36:

Hi Jon,

I need some advice on reassembling my Laser 75 please.

I got a new replacement front end with crank and bearings which spin nicely. (thanks to Graham who found one in his spares box).

I need to know the timing settings. Do the cam timing dots point to each other at tdc, or point at the cam followers at tdc, or what?

Secondly the o rings on the ends of the push rod tubes are hard, so probably need replacing. Are they 7mm diameter or what?

Thirdly, the spray bar in the Carb. Does the fuel venturi slot point downwards, upwards, front or back?

I know I should have seen these points during dismantling, but hopefully you can put me right please.

Thanks Phil

I am sure Jon will be along shortly to give you the answers but when I stripped my 90 years ago I asked Neil the same question about the cam timing and he told me the marks did not correspond with anything the timing had to be achieved with a protractor and inlet and exhaust opening in degrees before TDC as with most engines, easy to do if you have the figures, they escape me at the moment but are written down somewhere here!

Thread: Fairey Gannet
29/10/2019 11:29:41

Hi KC if you do get to scan could I have a copy please?

I had the mag but a clear out a few years ago seems to have cleared that one too 😳🥴

25/10/2019 23:41:50

Hi Colin

Thanks for that, I have used a few AEO motors and they have been very reliable, the ones I am using for the Gannet and Bear are the NTM motors as they were available at the time from HK although the larger two for the Gannet are no longer available but are of the chunkie variety! As the model could do with some weight up front these are not a problem.

I did get a set from HK when they did them as I remember at around 375w which I should really use just to get my inspiration kick started.



25/10/2019 20:33:40

Nice one Colin 👍🏻 Do you have details please? Nice to see work in this area.

25/10/2019 20:31:20

Why pointless?

I enjoy sorting out problems and anyway those systems work for that particular discipline not what I want at all, I know I have a set up, I am also making an adjustable variable pitch prop system to fine tune the set up which can be worked with servo or just used manually.

the idea if it works out is to have it run scale 4 blade system if possible, why? Because I can, modelling, for me, is not buying it all off the shelf, I have done that and am bored of it.

Edited By Nigel Dell on 25/10/2019 20:40:47

25/10/2019 19:20:34
Posted by Martin Fraser on 25/10/2019 14:48:02:

Nigel - I like the sound of your contra-rotating power plant, any details published? thumbs up

Cheers, Marty

Hi Marty

I am back home either Sunday or Monday and I will dig out the motors to give you some details, I think I was working on around 3000 - 3600w of power over the two motors if I remember correctly, I know I was working on turning 18” props but the gearing escapes me at the moment, I know originally I was going to have the motors back to back with the front motor having a hollow shaft but bearings and shafts were not really as reliable I as I liked so was in the process of mounting motors and converting to tooth belt drive but the challenge is getting it to fit but I will publish details on the project if there is interest once I get back on with it.

by the way there are wing fold details on the plan.

I am also developing a smaller motor contra- rotating motors for a large Tu 95 bear which is easier to develop with the hollow shaft one behind the other but the Gannet is the first one on the board.



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