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Thread: AirSail Piper Tomahawk restoration
12/03/2018 07:46:57

Sweet! I am glad I am not the only one that holds onto everything Jon but that was worth saving👍🏻

Thread: Vintage kit
27/02/2018 21:28:10

It was indeed a Kyosho Shrike Commander just over 1m in span for two 09’s if my memory serves me well, a friend had one back in the day with two OS 10 FSR’s IIRC flew really well I know he wore it out!

I thought I had a copy of the plan somewhere but it was a long time ago, I have recently gone through a lot of my plans and have not happened upon it yet but I do have another 3 very large boxes to go so will keep a look out for it, keep looking for the plan the model is worth the trouble.

Edited By Nigel Dell on 27/02/2018 21:29:52

Thread: Solarfilm
22/02/2018 09:52:17
Posted by Jon - Laser Engines on 15/02/2018 18:55:37:

without having the stuff in my hand its hard to decide how to use it. In my mind I thought of thinning the balsaloc to pretty much nothing and then slapping it on. Perhaps it wont work, if the situation arises I will test it and report back.

The reason I would rather have the glue on the covering is its sometimes handy to stick it to itself and having to wait for another bit of balsaloc to dry would be a right old game.


I had the same idea as you with fibre film on a glider about 15 years ago, I used Balsaloc neat, applied with a sponge, brushing would be too thick, I did also sponge on some to the framework as a belt and braces but in all honesty I don’t think I needed to, and here we are 15 years later and it still is stuck fast and the edges are still firm, certainly worth experimenting with whilst you can still get it.

Edited By Nigel Dell on 22/02/2018 09:53:35

Thread: Warbird Replicas Bf 110 club.
27/01/2018 10:09:04
Posted by Paul Johnson 4 on 27/01/2018 08:24:09:
Posted by Manish Chandrayan on 26/01/2018 14:12:37:
Nigel, how about making these tailwheel assemblies for others?

Hi Manish

The time it takes to do this is usually quite lengthy and if you were to cost it, would not be viable. Whilst we all use our time freely on our own models and are willing to share the info on how to. To start a small manufacturing run for others means huge effort and time for next to no reward. By following Nigels method, if and when he shares like the good egg he is, you will add a modelling string to your bow for any of your future projects.

This is the beauty of this forum in that ideas are shared, adapted and benefit us all with that knowledge....... now where did I put that glue lid????

Perfectly put Paul, I did do this once upon a time more as favours but one individual questioned why I charged £10 more than the cheap plastic ones, needless to say I never bothered again.

I will get this mini how to done over the next week or so, I am getting all the supplies together as my recollection of where I purchased them from does not seem to tally with fact! So a bit of reverse searching is needed🤪

25/01/2018 10:55:54

Hi Graham

Things are going very well thanks, can’t believe it was 5 weeks ago, no crutches or sticks still have to build up the muscle that side which is the main source of the pain now, I have had more problem with the viral infection than the hip! Still having to have regular blood tests as there are a couple of post op problems due to the drugs I have been taking but on the whole all is good and I am able to do a few things, just got to get the ok to drive hopefully in the next 3 weeks.

I think I still have the mould and plug for the tailwheel I will try and dig them out and do a mini ‘how to’ this will work for anything related to these builds, I was going to do this for the scale parts I intended to do on the 110 anyway, I will also make a list of supplies I use and from where, it has taken a while to find things that work well for me so I may as well save you some time and dosh.



24/01/2018 12:55:06

That’s good Graham, if you use the normal 24 hour cure one, if you leave it an hour then bung it in an oven for 15 - 20 minutes @ about 160 - 170 C that goes off really well! 😊

Of course with metal you can make things thinner if that is what is required but this did work better than expected.

24/01/2018 12:23:22


24/01/2018 12:22:39


24/01/2018 12:22:10


Hi Graham

These are a few pictures of my Pitts Python tailwheel, I made a wooden plug then made the mould from that, it is moulded in epoxy and Carbon tows with a sprinkling of glass fibres, the 3mm bolt is moulded in and is a strong unit, if you don’t mind the faff it is a good way to go.3b61471d-acec-4361-8a2c-774108d2d4fc.jpeg



Edited By Nigel Dell on 24/01/2018 12:48:45

23/01/2018 11:32:21



If you are not soldering/silver soldering my advise would be. JB Weld that gets the job done just make sure it has a good key and is de-greased also files very well and you can tap into it if you need bolt anything to it.

Edited By Nigel Dell on 23/01/2018 11:32:53

Thread: MVVS 90 PORTS
15/01/2018 23:33:10

I agree John it is a Modela, I have a 61 Modela with the square head with a brown anodising, might have been black once but most definitely brown now, I also have an early MVVS 61 which has a round head along with another 61 and 77 both MVVS and square heads and natural ali.

I know Modela did make the smaller engines, 1.5, 2.0 & 2.5cc for MVVS as I have a few, the only thing I did notice is the Modela 61 and the virtually identical MVVS 61 square head, the crankcase castings are what appears slightly thinner where the end of the crank/ counter balance runs, mine had a repair there by way of a screwed on ali patch on the outside between the mounts and looking inside there is a fine fracture, on the MVVS it is more substantial in the casting so I wonder if this was a weak spot and possibly a start of a hairline fracture on TM’s engine? It is along the machined part of the internal case on the edge of the channel the counter balance runs in for clearance.

Just a thought.


Edited By Nigel Dell on 15/01/2018 23:38:14

Thread: Filler for balsa/woods
21/12/2017 11:06:41
Posted by Bob Cotsford on 21/12/2017 10:16:03:
Posted by Nigel Dell on 21/12/2017 09:50:31:

I mix my own using either Micro balloons or Bucks Composites Super lite Fairing compound and emulsion paint, if you get the match pots you can get a near match to the wood, once done I have covered with transparent film and you don’t see it.

The secret is not to mix it too wet, goes on easily, dries quickly and sands perfectly, been doing it this way for years.

Edited By Nigel Dell on 21/12/2017 09:53:39

I like the sound of that as I find the commercial one pack fillers too powdery and quite liable to flake off. I had a polyester based two part extra light filler once upon a time that sanded like wood and actually bonded to the wood. Pity I can't remember what brand it was or where I got it from.

Yes Bob it works really well, you can experiment to find a formula that works for you, never had any let go and sands really easily so as not to damage the surrounding area, also only mix as much as you need, I had half a tub that went off hence me doing this, you can store it in an air tight container, I put a dampened piece of sponge in to help, you of course can do this with commercial products.

The best bit is the cost.

21/12/2017 09:50:31

I mix my own using either Micro balloons or Bucks Composites Super lite Fairing compound and emulsion paint, if you get the match pots you can get a near match to the wood, once done I have covered with transparent film and you don’t see it.

The secret is not to mix it too wet, goes on easily, dries quickly and sands perfectly, been doing it this way for years.

Edited By Nigel Dell on 21/12/2017 09:53:39

Thread: Warbird Replicas Bf 109 club.
20/12/2017 18:28:12
Posted by Paul Johnson 4 on 20/12/2017 12:18:50:

Glad to hear that your gonna get your itch scratched Nigel....surprise

Without the help of a medical professional as well, although I did try!🤪

Thanks Paul.

20/12/2017 18:26:03
Posted by Graham R on 20/12/2017 12:12:46:

Hi Nigel, glad to hear that you are making good progress. Trust that your doing those exercises, they do make a big difference with your recovery. I guess that once your ready to start building there will be no stopping you. The 109 should be an interesting build. I’m looking forward to receiving mine (hint hint Richard).

Thanks Graham, yes getting into the exercises, Physio was great today I seem to be ahead of what was expected just have to be careful I don’t go getting too confident and have an accident😳

But all is well just 2 weeks in I am almost off the crutches, outside might be a bit different from the safety aspect alone but just got to build the strength up in that hip, still I am not going to be able to drive for two months apparently because it is the right leg that is affected, just as long as I can get in the workshop to collect things to build that will be fine!

The only downer today was in the GP’s and I presented cold and clammy and lost colour, they think I may have an infection, so bloods taken and check up done, got to go back tomorrow to get results, I think this was the first time out and I rushed when I shouldn’t have, I feel fine but have picked up a bit of a cold but they are being cautious I guess which is great I just hope it was a one off.

20/12/2017 10:45:47
Posted by RICHARD WILLS on 19/12/2017 15:04:56:

Hi Chaps , the 109s are filtering through to people now , so the thread may liven up a bit .

A few people have asked me about the sound system .In many ways, the 109 is ideal for it . There is not the usual tail heavy problem associated with Spitfires and that means we have more options with where to put it .

On my one (shown a few pages back ) you can see the video of it flying past , The oil cooler radiator under the chin drops out like the base of a lift complete with the Mr RC sound unit and speaker . I think the whole thing weighs about 4-5 oz , which the 109 completely ignores .

The current draw is tiny and it just piggy backs off the main motor wires . The start up and running sounds are actual Daimler Benz V12 . The unit itself only has two plugs . One is for power , the other for a Y lead from the ESC .

Andrew at Mr RC sound is a very nice chap and very helpful . If you do contact him mention us and what we are doing . It wont do you any harm .

I would suggest that you make the actual unit removable (velcro is fine) . That way you can have sound in you 109 one week and Spitfire the next !


Plus 1 for Andrew at Mr RC Sound, I did get a unit from Richard for the 110 but as I have been unable to do much these last few months it has stayed in the box, I did not dare put the sound system together due to the heavy duty pain killers were making it a little difficult to remain focused on the job in hand but now I am on the mend in a much faster way than I could have dreamed of I will put one of these together and show you and me! what is involved without I hope damaging anything.

As I have a round of GP surgery and Hospital Physio today I intend to make a start on Thursday, as long as I can get to everything I need, still on crutches at the moment, I will be set.

Once given the OK to drive I will make my way over to Wills towers to pick up a certain 109 for the building of, the 110 will be done after now as I just need something to scratch the itch that has been festering for months of inactivity!

Edited By Nigel Dell on 20/12/2017 10:47:22

Edited By Nigel Dell on 20/12/2017 10:49:35

14/12/2017 17:01:43
Posted by Paul Johnson 4 on 14/12/2017 06:20:59:
Posted by RICHARD WILLS on 13/12/2017 21:35:59:

We are thinking kit /retracts/ props /spinners/decals /pilots


Hell I forgot to order me a Richard.....what choice of size and colour does it come in.....?

Sadly I made the big mistake of getting a Far East clone of a little R it really did not end well but they have rebuilt me now!🤪🤣

It did also have the charge socket and on/off switch in a very unusual place😏

Thread: Brrr chilly
10/12/2017 12:50:40
Posted by Jon Harper - Laser Engines on 10/12/2017 12:26:37:

The news said only travel on the roads if its an emergency, so I drive to Tesco for more cider as we are out. I assume this is what they meant?

That is not an emergency Jon, that is a disaster that is!🤪😂

Thread: Warbird Replicas Bf 109 club.
04/12/2017 23:46:57
Posted by peter harvey 1 on 04/12/2017 21:09:52:

Nigel, never tried a sound system, but it sounds great (no pun intended ), when you get it up and running could you give us an intro into how you do it, it would be much appreciated by someone like me who has just dabbled with the dark side



Of course Peter, this is my first venture too, I always thought they were a bit toyish but after hearing a few I am sold on them, I think the start up and ground running is still a bit lacking or at least a little difficult to be too believable which I think is the most difficult thing to replicate but in the air they are actually quite good and at least makes it seem authentic I have the MrRCSound units, the V 4.1 for the BF110 and the Aspire for the 109 they are on the upper end of the systems price wise but I do have an HK one and it does make great Farty noises!

I would have put them together before now and done a piece on them had it not been for the medication I am on, I have trouble concentrating with these painkillers so although simple and straight forward to put together I did not want to fry anything until I at least can remain awake!🤣😜

04/12/2017 14:36:18

Electric F/G for sure this time.

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