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Thread: Multicopter board
09/02/2013 17:36:51

Bought a kkmulticopter blue board from HK last year, about £20.

Built a test rig, with homage to Faireys late 50's Rotodyne, 4 x 50watt outrunners, 5 x 3 props (2 x CW and 2 x CCW), 3 cell 2200 Lipo. AUW 22oz.

First version was X config, but since photo I have reworked to give the Plus config as I reakised I have only got '+ config' s/w loaded.

Any one got experience yet? Also anyone know where I can get some 'flash' kit to upgrade s/w etc.

Tested (on tethers!), violent control movements and not very stable.

Set ATV's as suggestd but havent tried adding expo yet


Thread: Kestrel autogyro
05/01/2011 17:56:41
Only just found this thread.
I built a version of Kestrel in 2009 converted to electric.
Same problem with CoG but followed the route from my small autogyros balanced just behind the rotor masts to give slight nose down attitude.
Despite the time lapse I hav estill not flown her, but taxi trials showed up two issues.
I found that with the rotors mounted one way that the propwash cancelled out the forward motion and the rotors stopped ! Reveresd the rotors and blades ru up fine, but so far only fast taxi runs!
Details for interest/comments are:
Outrunner 300 watts running off 3 cell x 2200maH Lipo
12 x 6 APC glass/nylon prop
PIctures below:
The others are a full bodied Al foot Twirly (Blue) and a 2/3 rd size for Indoor(Red)

Thread: RCM&E 2010 Hobby Awards
12/08/2010 16:02:47
My votes are:
Best Retailler:        Sussex Model centre
Best Mail Order:    BRC Hobbies
Best Kit:                 Whats a kit?  Best plan to date has been Peter Millers Slingsby T31M !
Best Distributor:  Ripmax
regards NSA
Thread: Slingsby T31M
22/07/2010 20:10:46
My progress to date, decided to abandone the wwII fighter scheme that G-BZLK currently wears in favour of an 'homage' to my days in the ATC when I flew a few circuits in XB300, sadly she was consumed in the hanger fire in 1978 along with her sisters and a least one T22B Sedberg.
At this rate I'll not have the wings finished this Summer, so there should be some feedback on the to dihedral or not debate!

21/07/2010 23:07:17
Have just finished the fuselage and tail feathers today(will put pictures in my album tomorrow), wings next. I agree that in Peter's article he shows dihedral but then in the text reckons she had a little too much?
From Slingsby's drawings the original T31 had a flat, zero dihedral bottom wing, which coupled with the tapered thickness gave an anhedral look!
So I also would welcome some ideas, would just making the top wing surface at zero degrees be enough?
25/03/2010 15:51:38
Well not the fastest builder on the planet but at least I have started!
 I am basing my model on the fullsized plane G-BZLK which was based at RAF Kenley a few years back. This had a slightly narrower firewall than some conversions .
I am fortunate to have access to a small cnc router machine (after Easter I hope to move up to a laser cutter!). So I have built a box assembly that runs from F3 to front firewall. Formers are 3mm birch ply and the rest is 3mm Liteply. The main 1/4" square ladderwork of Petes design will be retained with this box slotted in between. All tho this is heavier it should compensate for the loss of the 'lump' of the 4 stroke. The cavernous front end will allow the lipos to be slid as far forward as needed.
The rest of the models construction will be as plan.
The initial 'e' choice is a low Kv 400W outrunner with a large prop (12" ish). AUW should be no more than the 4 stroke version so we are looking at 80W/lb, which should be fine for a gentle lady.

More pics in my album
05/03/2010 22:46:27
I contacted the Vintage gliding club and their archist kindly found some sketchy details of a T21B conversion. It was using a Fuji Microlight motor mounted on the rear of the mainspar in pusher mode with some mods to give a tricycle u/c. I have some pics but dont know how to get them to you? Will try to put them in my album
regards NSA


25/01/2010 23:04:00
Sorry I missed off the html bit, I'm only a model builder afterall. Following up its history I found that the example in question now sports a psuedo military colour scheme, loosely based on early WWII Brown/Green camo upper surfaces with one black and one white under wings, very personal choice somewhere!
Well I rang myhobbystore midday and they were in the middle of uploading the T31M plans, lo and behold they were up later and I duly bagged a copy, cant wait to get started.
Sorry but mine will have to go electric.
In the course of web searching on T31's both plain and motorized I discovered my treasured T31's and the delightfull Sedburgh were destroyed in the infamous Kenley hanger fire in the late 70's, very sad.
Also noted that the T31M Club are now seeking to stop further T31 airframes from being converted to preserve type! 
Last titbit was that at least 2 Sedburgs were converted to power, at least one with an overwing power plant. Anyone got more info/photos?
This could become obsessive !
24/01/2010 13:10:03
Its one of those projects you cant ignore! Like so many I have fond memories of the T31 from the early 60's when I was taught to fly in the ATC at RAF Kenley. The fleet consisted mostly of T31's and a T21 Sedburgh (side by side 2 seater). Winch launching from Kenley gave very little height and relatively short flights, but great fun.
I cant wait to start this project (if only MyHobbies had the plan online I would have ordered it staraight away!)
Like many others I have searched the web and amongst several great sites I think this is the best 
Bags of detail shots of the conversion, dashboard, undercart etc.
Thread: The 2009 RCM&E & awards
07/12/2009 22:50:56
Best high street retailer - 
Great stock and they understand models = Sussex Model Centre
Best mail order supplier - there are so many but the best is BRC Hobbies
Best UK distributor - Ripmax

Best Kit - Sorry dont do kits
Thread: West Wings cub conversion
18/04/2009 13:36:23
Just a couple of pics of my Westwings r/c conversion of the Piper Cub in mock L4 disguise.
Weight 9 ozs with 360 mA  7.4V lipo
22 mm dia brushless Outrunner

17/04/2009 11:50:41
Good luck Gary,
When this kit was first released I think on eof the mags ran a review of an r/c conversion. 
I tried this using the K&P02 brushed motor and a small nimh pack. Couldnt get the weight down and it wouldnt fly. Left it in the loft until last Summer when I recovered it and put in a small 40W brushless motor, 350mah Lipo etc.  Only had one flight so far and it was very twitchy, but more than enough power!. I think it was mostly a Cof G problem.
So my advice would be mount the battery right behind the motor and use 9g or there abouts servos mounted as far forward in the cabin as possible. I used light weight snakes but guess c/f pushrods would be better.
Prop size was 6 x 3
Regards the building board I use a peice of 5/8" MDF with 3 mm cork self adhesive tiles on top Could do with another layer of cork really but its stable, warp free and has a good flat surface.
Thread: Pick a plane 2009
23/02/2009 11:33:14
Sorry the spellings gone crazy again, but you should get the gist!
23/02/2009 11:31:58
I have to say that as yet I have not completed either the Spi,Hurri or Typhoon!  But I have managed to 'redraw' the Spit and some fo the Hurri and produced a full CNC kit for the 'smaller' spit and ribs for the Hurri using a small cnc router bed. The Spit is up to fuselage built bit in the 'block, and I have made wing skins etc. ROll on the Summer as I work in a scholl and its the long break that gives me the building season!
I digress, my 3 are:
   Short Sealand amphibian
   Fairey Gannet early marks, NOT AEW
regards Nsa
Thread: The November Grand Prize Draw
15/11/2008 16:54:00
Please count me in for the draw.
Thread: The October Grand Prize Draw
02/10/2008 15:46:00

Please enter me into the draw for this, always had a soft spot for the WOT 4

Thread: Win a brushless motor and ESC
19/09/2008 09:36:00
Just watt I need, please enter me, NSA
Thread: London Model Engineering Exhibition 2009
19/09/2008 09:35:00
Please enter my name its a great dayout.
Thread: The September Grand Prize Draw
01/09/2008 18:37:00
Please enter me again this month, regards NSA
Thread: The August Grand Prize Draw
01/08/2008 11:19:00
Please count me in too.  NSA
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