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Thread: Instructions for Balsacraft Extreme
05/02/2019 21:01:15

Hi I have decided to sell off some kits and I have obviously taken the instructions out of the box and have misplaced them. I know its a long shot {really long shot} but would anyone still have a set that they would be willing to copy or sell.

Hopefully Jim.

Thread: Scam alert
25/12/2018 21:09:29

We had the same email sent to our club they wanted £875 when our treasurer replied and told who ever is behind this that our committee is only authorised to spend £300 the cheeky sods replied that would be fine.

Like you say its hopefully unlikely anybody would send them money, but the bank account they wanted it paid into was marked as a BMFA account so somebody may have fallen for it.

Thread: Anybody know this plane.
17/09/2017 17:35:22

Thanks for all the help and info guys. I have found an OS 40 la which will fit in nicely so I am going to move forward with that.

13/09/2017 09:24:25
Posted by Denis Watkins on 11/09/2017 17:05:16:

Jimmac, due to reflections on the photo, the registration number cannot be read

And this could be a clue

Please type out the registration

Hi Dennis the reg is PMC -29 Idon't think it has any relevance other than possibly being the initials of th eman who built this second version.

13/09/2017 09:22:26
Posted by onetenor on 10/09/2017 23:57:44:
Posted by onetenor on 10/09/2017 23:15:46:

This may help the CoG question. We would like to know the success; or other wise; too


This is a work in progress but I will use the calculations as I get closer to completing it. Regarding the veneer I did use a large syringe to force pva glue under it on the first part. This was a partial success as i ended up with far too much glue under the veneer, if i was to use a syringe again I would dilute the glue a bit . I ended up using long coffee stirrers as supplied by various nice coffee shops for the smaller parts of lifting. I just dipped them into my bottle of glue and stuffed them under the veneer and moved it around to cover the foam before weihing the veneer down with various weights. The action with the sticks is like a reversal of the procedure you sometimes see on tv of people having liposuction were instead we are forcing it back in.teeth 2

10/09/2017 21:14:37

I will look for the calculations, at the minute I am re-glueing the veneer back onto the foam in places. It also has a sliding plate for the elevators that I am ditching and I will use my transmitter to set it up.

10/09/2017 20:52:55

Thanks for the input guys, I will try and get some info such as the c of g and throws. the kit doesn't have the elevons so I need to guesstimate sizes for them. Don't worry Percy I just put the Irvine onto the mount to try it for size. I may well have been give the engine in the picture with it, the silencer looks like either an hgk or como.

10/09/2017 19:49:19

20170907_222024.jpgHi I have acquired an unfinished version of this plane. It is a kit as there are stamps on the fuselage former's. It is about 40" wingspan and I have tried an Irvine 53 on the engine mount which isn't going to work, so it must be for a smaller engine as the 53 is in a 40 crankcase I believe. So does anyone have any ideas on its identity.

Edited By jimmac on 10/09/2017 19:54:19

Thread: Model Flying in Mallorca
17/10/2016 20:15:25


I am going to Sa Coma are there any model shops near that area we wont be there for the weekend to see any flying.

Cheers Jim.

Thread: Petition to get Eric {winkle} Brown a knighthood
19/01/2016 21:51:22

Thanks John F ,

I don't usually get bothered about these things, I saw some program on one of the TV channels which included Captain Brown and then on the news it was talking about some person who was famous for nothing more than being on TV that it wrankled me. He may have been given some honours but a seat in the house of lords would be more fitting.

19/01/2016 20:24:49

Hi John F,

I have looked at the link on nominating someone for a national honour. Unfortunately it is set up for someone who is very close to the nominee, they require extensive personal details and the timescales are not in our favour as it can take 12-18 months for a nomination to be processed. They also say that if you have not heard anything by 2 years you should consider it to have been unsuccessful.

So if we can get everyone we know to sign and promote it on to their friends we may achieve something, i would be happy to know that we tried.

19/01/2016 19:35:27
Posted by John F on 19/01/2016 08:32:28:
Posted by Colin Leighfield on 19/01/2016 08:06:46:

Good point John F. Probably one of us needs to do this as a model application for others to copy? That's perhaps the best way to maximise the support. Has anyone done it already?

I would have thought that the privilege of filling out the honour nomination application form would be with the OP, jimmac, or he might think we are stepping on his toes.

Edited By John F on 19/01/2016 08:33:23

Not at all John F, I will look at the link. I had no idea we mortals could do such a thing. I still think that someone in government needs a good kick up the rear for the travesty of ignoring this man in place of some of the unworthy sods who got there before him.

18/01/2016 22:10:29

Thanks Martin.

18/01/2016 21:18:13

Hi All,

I set up this petition after seeing another bunch of worthless "celebrity" types getting recognition far beyond their abilities. Captain Eric {Winkle} Brown has been overlooked yet again for some football manager or celebrity. So if you could sign and share it we may get somewhere before he gets any older.

For the guys who haven't heard of him he was a test pilot during the war and afterwards, he is recognised as having flown the greatest number of different types of aircraft ever. Without him and his fleet air arm colleagues the Americans would have never gotten their corsairs onto a carrier, they showed them how to do it.

Thread: Sad News - KPMFC to Close
25/11/2014 19:13:21

Try your local farmers weekly paper, an advert in there might come up trumps. When we were looking for a new site to start a new club it took us a year and an advert done the trick. Good luck in your search and for the future.


Thread: Model and Hobby World Lancaster
06/11/2012 20:23:04

Great Link just cost me an hour of build time, must contol my habit. At least my credit card wasn't nearby.cheekycheekycheeky.


Thread: Movember
02/11/2012 20:59:56

Hi Worden, I know its about the hobby , but unfortunately our is a male dominated hobby. I thought it would be a good place to post especially in the chit chat section as we probably have an average age well into the group of guy's who get prostate problems. I am glad your are well also, the disruption is nothing compared to getting back life and our hobby. Thanks to everyone who is doing their bit for Movember.





Edited By jimmac on 02/11/2012 21:03:19

02/11/2012 09:31:12
Posted by Rentman on 01/11/2012 23:16:28:

Good on yer, Jim.

I've avoided it but have a couple of friends who have/had prostate cancer. I would say that problems peeing can also be from a benign condition called BPH (Benigh Prostatic Hyperplasia), but it still needs monitoring/treating so get it checked.


Thanks Ian ,

There are a lot of problems which aren't cancer but the only way to find out is to get checked out. One of the guy's in our club had problems peeing, he had an enlarged prostate which was treated with green light laser treatment. Terry is now a very happy chappy, in his words he can now pee like a 15 year old boy again. SO GUY'S IF YOU HAVE ANY PROBLEMS GO AND GET THEM CHECKED OUT IT ISN'T ALWAYS THE BIG C.

01/11/2012 22:41:06

It is November and time to grow a moustache in support of Movember to raise awareness and funds for mens cancers. I am asking for all the men on here to support people like myself and anyone else you know who may have been affected by Prostate or Testicular cancer. We all know someone orsomeone who is related to someone with cancer. Please go to and donate or if you know someone else who has signed up please go to their page. My motivation is that this year at age 53 I was diagnosed and treated for Prostate cancer, If any of you guys have any problem peeing at all please get it checked out. I didn't have a problem peeing so that is not the only symptom, I had to go again immediately after going for a dribble.

Thanks Jim.

Thread: Support for injured UK servicemen
18/07/2011 18:05:14
Thanks for that.
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