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Thread: Mill 75 electric set up
27/07/2019 19:12:22

There was some discussion around the power of a Mills in this thread Richard which might be useful **LINK**

If it helps I have an electric powered Mini Tyro which is the sort of model a Mill 0.75 might have been used in & that flies very nicely on max 60W.....I did initially have about 100W in there & it really wasn't pleasant to fly...the torque of the electric motor made it want to roll every time I opened the throttle. Torque a theoretical concept where a Mills 0.75 is concerned however so I'd venture to suggest somewhere around the 50-60W mark would be about right....wink 2

Thread: Moon landing
21/07/2019 17:55:31

I was lucky enough to visit the Kennedy Space Centre during a work trip to the US a few years ago....if ever you get the chance...just's an amazing place.....

Some pictures....

F1 Engine...the Saturn rockets had 5 of these....

apollo engine (2).jpg

Some facts about the engine......

apollo plaque.jpg

Business end of a Saturn V rocket....

saturn v (2).jpg

And slightly off topic but worth showing. They had not long opened a new museum on the enter you walked under the main tank & between two of the solid rocket boosters....there's a person stood just next to the booster rocket on the right..... Big innit....

shuttle tanks (2).jpg

Just on the Van Allen belt too I read that travelling through this radiation would damage the eyes of anyone who passed through it. Apparently all the Apollo astronauts developed cataracts....wink 2

Thread: Newbie with some starter trainer plane balsa IC questions please.
14/07/2019 16:52:13

"mentioned fuels"....I wrote a book....teeth 2

Yes they do come pre-mixed....most usual to buy by the gallon....there are various suppliers hence the comment to choose something you can buy consistently. Model Technics are probably one of the biggest/most common suppliers...Opti fuel also quite common.

Consumption....I suspect you will have something around an 8oz tank in the model.....this will be good for easily 15 minutes, probably much more at the low-ish throttle setting you'll use in training & this will be plenty. 10 minutes per flight is usually enough as the concentration level needed are quite high & after 10 minutes you'l find your attention wandering. Obviously the more throttle you use the shorter the flight....

Forgot to mention glow plugs as well but I think the OS comes with one (most engines don't) so use whats provided. If not, an OS number 8 plug is a good match for the engine. (as with spark plugs you can buy different "heat ranges" of glow plugs)

Unlike Pandora's box you shouldn't WANT to put the lid back on....wink 2thumbs up

14/07/2019 15:25:53

I think we've missed another opportunity to help you spend even more money here Nu Me....

You'll be needing fuel & starting equipment for your engine.....

Fuel will probably fill another 5 pages but since I thought of it I get first go....wink 2

As you may or may not know model engine fuel consists of methanol, oil & often a small amount of nitromethane....methanol is the main fuel...oil is self explanatory & nitro methane (often abbreviated to nitro...especially if you're American) is used in varying percentages. Higher percentages (up to 30%) are used to boost power but for sport use 5-10% is the norm & it just makes the engine idle & accelerate more smoothly & generally be nicer to handle. Oil, back in the dim & distant past, was castor oil but times have moved on & synthetic oils are much better than castor. So, my advice would be to use a fuel with synthetic oil, about 5-10% nitomethane & (most important) a fuel you can obtain easily. Using different fuels will mean you'll need to slightly tweak the engine each time & this can lead to unreliability. Second bit of advice I would give....once your engine is run in & tuned correctly leave it alone. The number of people I see forever tweaking their mixture just isn't necessary. You'll also need a fuel pump to get the fuel from your container into the models' tank. Electric (12V) or hand operated versions are available.

Final thought on fuel too....the percentage of oil in them can vary....from around 10% to 20%. I think that the OS instructions will suggest at least 18% oil. Whilst the general consensus amongst many modellers these days is that 18% is a bit high clearly OS will be unlikely to honour the warranty on your engine if you've used less oil & damaged it.

Starting'll need a starter (a 12V motor you apply to the spinner to turn the engine over & start it), a suitable battery (most people use a large-ish lead-acid battery for this although my personal preference is for a LiPo but that's another 5 pages right there) & a battery to make your glow plug glow.

FYI once the engine is running the heat from the combustion & also the catalytic reaction between methanol & the platinum wire of the glow plug will keep the glow but to get the engine started you need to heat the plug.

Again there are a few options.

Many use a "glow stick" which is a single re-chargeable Cell that fits to the glow plug. You can also obtain a Power Panel that uses a 12V battery for power & reduces this to 2V for the glow plug. These panels often contain a fuel pump as mentioned above). My own personal preference is for a separate 2V lead acid battery as I find these last better than the glow sticks & provide more "ooomph" to the plug (which can be useful on a cold day or if the engine is a bit flooded).

You might like to consider all of these extra batteries when deciding on which charger to buy.....just a thought...wink 2

Thread: Giving up
10/07/2019 22:57:35

Wasn't it Quentin Crisp who said...

“There is no need to do any housework at all. After the first four years the dirt doesn't get any worse.”

Thread: Newbie with some starter trainer plane balsa IC questions please.
10/07/2019 22:52:27

Radio choice is a very difficult one....there are so many choices. Ask 10 modellers & you'll probably get 11 answers. I'm a Futaba man...have been since the 70s but even I have to admit they are a little bit behind the curve these days. For starting out I think a cheap 6 channel set will be fine.....then as you get more into the hobby look to upgrade to a more capable system. If more vintage flying is your thing then it could be that a cheap 6 channel set will be all you need. Like mobile phones transmitters often have much more functionality that most flyers need....

Your on board radio will need a power supply....for IC models this is often a small 4 AA cell rechargeable battery pack & will come with the radio set usually. The "controller" you read about was probably an ESC or Electronic Speed Controller...these provide the "throttling" of an electric motor & have a built in circuit that bleeds a little power off the large motor battery to feed the radio. This circuit is termed a BEC or battery elimination circuit.

Enjoy your new hobby....

Thread: Local Model Shops
03/07/2019 22:22:39

Slightly off topic but I think the most recent posters are referring (perhaps unknowingly) to new regulations coming in mid September.

SCA... Strong (or Secure) Customer Authentication is a new banking regulation from our friends at the EU coming to an online purchase near you soon......some details here **LINK**

Thread: Removing balsamic/coverloc
29/06/2019 20:42:14

I was tempted to change the thread name but after seeing Bob Cs comment I think I'll leave it just as it is....wink 2

Thread: Hi, Iím Tom
09/06/2019 22:01:43

Welcome to the forum Thomas.....thumbs up

Thread: Another thread closed
20/05/2019 22:50:03

I’m sorry if you think the model railway thread was closed prematurely.

It had already been reported by other members & from long experience on the forum we know these debates at best go around in circles & at worst degenerate into a slanging match.

Frankly we Mods have better things to do with our time so before any serious nastiness developed the decision was taken to close the thread.

I hope you understand

Thread: What a sick world we live in
20/05/2019 22:19:42

Gents, I'm going to close this thread.

We've all seen how these debates can quickly degenerate so let's agree this was a dreadful incident, send our very best wishes (& some money if you like) to the Railway Club & leave it at that.

Thank you

Thread: Using separate battery for servos and motor and how to connect them to Rx
11/05/2019 20:43:52

First question I suppose is why would you want to do this? I assume you have an ESC in there with a built in regulator to supply the radio....why not use that?

To answer your question though simply remove the +ve wire (usually red & nearly always the middle of the three wires in the Rx plug from the ESC). You can cut it but this makes it difficult to use the ESC in future models, or if you look closely at the Rx plug you will see that the contacts are retained by a little wedge of plastic....using a pin you can gently ease this back & withdraw the +ve contact & tape it up out of the way.

You can then simply plug you're separate battery into the Rx for power.

Thread: Glow Sticks
11/05/2019 18:17:03

SLAs usually charge using the Constant Current/Constant Voltage regime.....this means they will charge at a set current until a specific voltage is reached & then that voltage will be held & the current reduced until the battery is fully charged. For a single SLA cell the max voltage is about 2.3 volts.

Your smart charger should take care of all this for you though Graeme....tell the charger its a single cell (might be 1S on your menu) set the current to....well Denis' 500mA is as good as anything but you can go higher if you like....anything up to 1A will be fine.

Press start & the current & voltage should start to tick upwards until either the current hits 500mA or the voltage rises to 2.3V......the battery will start to charge. When it's fully charged the charger will switch off....

As Doc says a fully charged cell can be as high as 2.2V straight from the charger but this will soon drop back....make sure you charge the cell a few days before you go flying & it will be fine.... If you are concerned that the voltage is too high a long glow lead (1-1.5m) will drop the voltage sufficiently but personally I don't bother. If you DO go for a long lead make sure it can't tangle with the prop when in use.....that can really spoil your day...wink 2

09/05/2019 20:21:43

Hi Richard, welcome to the forum & welcome BACK to the hobby....

Although a Futaba user I don't do much gliding so not really able to offer you any guidance I'm afraid. I'm sure someone will be along in a short while to help you out...

Thread: Ben Buckle Mini Super - Build
04/05/2019 21:40:02

Ah....I can almost smell the diesel fumes.....thumbs up

Starts easily eh? I'm sure someone said it would......wink 2

Thread: Motor pulsing
01/05/2019 17:04:33

As the other chaps have mentioned it's probably a dodgy connection. Poor soldering of the motor connections would be my guess....

Thread: What have I done
22/04/2019 22:22:11

Yes indeed....I fear a sheared crank pin.....same thing happened to my ASP91 a while ago....sad

Removing the back plate is a fairly simple task & should confirm (or hopefully deny) my diagnosis...

Thread: Free seaplane plan from the 80s
12/04/2019 21:59:17

Hi Alex & welcome to the forum......

I can't help you identify the model unfortunately but I'm sure someone will know.....

Good Luck....thumbs up

Thread: Hi I'm Laura
12/04/2019 21:56:29

Hi Laura & welcome to the forum.

Sorry to hear about the loss of your Dad.

But you've come to the right place....centuries if experience on here so any question you like...ask away. Are you planning to join a local club & learn to fly there? If you used to fly with your Dad I'm sure the knack will soon return.

Enjoy your new hobby...thumbs up

Thread: Ben Buckle Mini Super - Build
09/04/2019 21:55:25

2nd flick'll see....thumbs up

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