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Thread: Best modern fillers.
21/07/2020 15:39:13

I find the lightweight fillers from the DIY store useful for dings & marks. If you pick up the tub & it feels empty you've got the right stuff...teeth 2

This is the stuff currently on my shelf.... **LINK**

No good for carving & suchlike but perfect for gaps & gouges. The classic dope & talcum powder mix takes some beating for such application too....

Thread: Small Metal Fuel Tanks
13/07/2020 14:19:29

It IS simple Neil....if I can do it anyone can.... wink 2

See here....**LINK**

Thread: Laser Engines development.
09/07/2020 11:00:05

Chaps, please can we try & stick to the topic under discussion here.

This thread is for discussion of the new Laser multi cylinder engines, the testing there-of & the interest level in a reduction gearbox. Posts on producing smaller Laser engines & the new low oil fuel, whilst interesting in their own right, are not the subject of this particular thread & simply serve to dilute the topic under discussion....

Many thanks for your co-operation....thumbs up

Thread: Diesel anybody?
06/07/2020 15:15:50

Diesels are great fun but very smelly as others have observed.

Model Technics still offer D1000, D2000 & D3000 as in days gone by...see here **LINK**

The problem can be getting hold of it. Easy enough if you live close top a Model shop that stocks it but few are willing to mail it to you. As I understand it it's classed as a "hazardous substance" & given that it's about 30% ether it's hard to disagree....

Thread: Silencer Gaskets
06/07/2020 14:46:58

I created drawings of the commonly used muffler/silencer interface. OS/ASP/SC are all the same after's just the dimensions that change....

When needed I print them onto sticky labels....stick the sticky label onto the gasket material....a couple of minutes cutting around the template with a scalpel & a 3/4mm hole punch & Hey Presto! A new gasket emerges....

Happy to share the templates if anyone would like them...just drop me a PM with your email address & I'll whizz a copy over to you....thumbs up

06/07/2020 12:05:55

Have to say I always use a gasket on the muffler to manifold joint. I can't remember the last time one came loose on me. Use the correct gasket material & tighten the bolts correctly & it should be fine.

I contacted a local gasket company & begged an off-cut of Klingersil 4500....carbon fibre reinforced with a nitrile rubber binder...good for 220C continuous....

The Nordlock washers work well but they are a little wide to fit on the muffler screws unfortunately. Or at least the ones I have are...wink 2

Thread: Laser Engines - Technical questions
26/06/2020 14:58:56
Posted by David Davis on 25/06/2020 07:22:38:

Jon I'd like to make a plea for the return of the Laser 45 or 50 even if it's just a limited batch.

One on Ebay just now DD...wink 2


Thread: Returning after a long time away
20/06/2020 12:48:47

Welcome to the forum Jim.....enjoy your new old hobby.....

Sadly Solarfilm are no longer with us so the film products & Balsa Loc are no longer available....

Thread: Lipo lead question
09/06/2020 13:01:09

IMHO the leads each perform a different function.....

A is the connection to the Tx

B is the balance lead/connector

C is for charging

The JST connector will probably handle up to about 5A max so can be used for fast charging...the white Molex connectors won't handle that sort of current.....1A max I would think....

Thread: Radio Queen.
03/06/2020 14:29:11

Sounds like a great project Ernst....we wish you well....

One of the UKs traditional kit suppliers Ben Buckle Vintage Kits offer a kit of the Radio Queen... **LINK**

And there is a copy of the plan to download from the Outerzone Plans Website alongside some details of another epic crossing.. **LINK**

Maybe these will be of use/interest thumbs up

Edited By Steve Hargreaves - Moderator on 03/06/2020 14:29:56

Thread: Poorly OS40 repair
27/05/2020 16:58:57

"As we are off down the rabbit hole on this i might ask one of the mods to start a new thread on the subject and move our posts given that its clearly a subject worth discussing."

As requested by Jon a new thread on Engine Care & storage is here **LINK** & all relevant posts moved there.

As the poorly OS40 is now mended & back where it belongs, in the air, I'll close this thread.

Thread: Recommendations for a Suitable Patternship for a rear exhaust OS Max 40 V.
19/05/2020 08:58:46

Might the RM Diamond fit the bill..... **LINK**

Nice simple build but the rear exhaust might mean a few modifications are required....wink 2

Thread: Sandbox
19/05/2020 08:53:55

Hi Piers....

You need to upload the video to YouTube first & then embed the video from YouTube.....there's a tutorial here **LINK**

HTHs thumbs up

Thread: If you like engines.........
13/05/2020 16:33:56

Amazing....did the engine actually run?

Thread: New to Electric Motors and Batteries
07/05/2020 18:27:30

Hi John & welcome to the forum & welcome back to your new/old hobby.... thumbs up

You will find so much has changed in the last 30 years it will become a new hobby.....

The Guillows Cessna looks an interesting project but I think you need to have a rethink....SD200s are more of a mini servo these days at 16g & you will probably find that 9g servos would be adequate for that model. Also the 4.8V battery pack is not needed....with electric models the ESC (electronic speed controller) usually incorporates a BEC or Battery Elimination Circuit that taps a small amount of power off the main flight battery to power the radio & servos.

Are there any good clubs in your area that you could visit (when allowed)? It might make sense to have a chat with a few experienced aeromodellers to understand how everything works in an electric model.

Alternatively if you look in the Electric Beginners section (**LINK**) you will find a lot of helpful threads to get you started. Have a read then ask lots of questions.....don't be shy...we were all beginners once...

Enjoy the forum....

Thread: New boiler installation
05/05/2020 10:53:17

That's an interesting thought Wingman.....such things are very much on my mind at the moment as I'm just about to do some work on my CH system (fit two new radiators) so I'm about to drain & refill my system. I've always used Sentinel products (X100 inhibitor) & this is used in a much lower concentration. Their recommendation is 1L of inhibitor to dose a typical system of up to 10 radiators.

My caravan has an Alde wet CH system & that uses car antifreeze (VW G13+ spec if you are interested) but I guess freezing is much more of an issue with caravans than the system in your house.

As I understand it the reason for the use of inhibitor is to reduce the reaction between the different metals used. A typical home CH system will have steel radiators, a cast iron heat exchanger (in older boilers...copper or stainless steel in newer boilers) & of course copper/brass in the pipework so quite a mixture & probably quite different to that found in a typical engine (not much copper in these...wink 2)

05/05/2020 08:42:41

Do you know what the "stuff" is FB3? Has he left a carton or a bottle?

Thread: Returning Novice
30/04/2020 17:45:39

Hi Cathal & welcome to the forum.....

We have to enjoy a bit of virtual flying these days & spend our time talking about it rather than doing it...thumbs up

Thread: OS 40 FS pre Surpass
24/04/2020 15:01:28

Best way is to upload the Video to YouTube & then embed it on this site...

Details here..... **LINK** thumbs up

Thread: If you like engines.........
09/04/2020 14:49:06

Just found the pics of Grahams Kawasaki.......




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