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Thread: postage to nz
07/01/2015 23:00:50

Hi guys .

In the past the postage out to new zealand was horrific .

New zealand post have started a new system called youshop .you buy the item in the uk and the dealer sends it to a given uk youshop address given by nz post . when the goods arrive at the youshop warehouse you receive a email asking for you nz postal details . the parcel is weight and given a costing to post .

I just brought the tony nihuis dh100 vampire cnc vacformed and plan kit . straight from tonys site. its been sent to youshop and it will cost $45nzd to send .

Thats more than reasonable and a great service.

Thanks nzpost . thanks tony nijhuis for the service .

Give it a try kiwis yes

Thread: Large B-29 Display mishap - USA
13/07/2014 04:54:13

Abort the take off peter .thats what i said .. ?? point not missed .

13/07/2014 00:09:13

No need to disect what happened .. its pilots error . poor tuning , poor take off to the stage of being dragged off the ground creating a stall due to lack of speed ,more power from right side . if it had of been airbourne on the run way it would have been starting too spin looking at those props in the video .

I would say it better it got off rather than turning into all the crowd earlier .

Poor show .. abort abort abort come to ones mind ... simple really .

Thread: Thumbs Up for HobbyKing
19/04/2014 09:42:07

One problem in todays world is people have become too intolerant . . we as a race have forgotten to wait . we want it NOW. not in 5 minutes ..

Good on the supplier for getting back to the purchaser. i have ordered plenty from the international store , some arrive quickly others take a month . but they all arrived . one fault was resolved no issue . .

I read how people have issues with suppliers and wonder ( but dont want to know ) how many times these issues are from impatient snivelling moaners who get confused using their own emails to the supplier

My advise when ordering and claiming on line . be patient. read your emails carefully and write your emails clearly


Thread: Altercation with paraglider
19/04/2014 09:26:11

In my personal opinion . any craft being flown with an occupant has right of way . BUT.BUT .

In this case due care could not be taken by modeller . what was the paraglider doin taking off with you standing in his path of travel for a start . Thats like taking off into a tree . you dont do it .

Also . even tho he was behind you surely you knew he was there . its very similar for the modeller to know whats around him at the time of flying . . due care of surroundings here too .

I have to agree on whole that the modeller was at a disadvantage and the paraglider was a Dumbass...

Cheers kiwi g

Thread: Biggles' Mess (the renamed cafe!)
12/03/2014 05:44:04

i usually post older music , but theres some really good modern music about now..)

12/03/2014 05:40:44
Thread: Volocopter makes its maiden flight
28/11/2013 08:48:19

interesting .. but i ask , with so many moving parts and motors is it really practical .maintaince and the cost would surley kill it off .. .like alot of items today ..

Its a great effort and the technology is awsome which without we wouldnt progress forward .,

Thread: Is IC Dead in the Water?
25/10/2013 21:29:34

Its time we all admit that neither is better than the other ..

We all have our preferences.10-15 years ago electrics were in their infancy but have now most certainly come of age .Developments in batteries etc have gone in leaps and bounds , the same can be said for IC .

No longer do we need to chase after methanol , the other option of just a petrol two stroke mix is certainly an easy way out .with these motors now being as small as 60 size .

I personally fly both IC and electric and enjoy both for different reasons. I haven't found a reason not to fly one or the other ..maybe its a case of consideration to your flying enviroment that will dictate the choice of engine more than just the form of power.



Thread: Quadcopters etc
24/10/2013 00:34:03

Great to see the ideas coming out here..

My first attraction to a quad was for a fpv base as the quad as a camera platform seemed the best way to go .

However going from gliders to planes , then on to helis apart from the electronics side the quad to fly did seem a bit of a step backwards.. Challenge wise . The biggest issue I had at the start was directional , after all its a quad .and after one or two bad starts with gyros and bad boards I got it to settle into hover and directional flight .The real challenge coming from electronics and radio setup ... the flight part seemed too easy. so I guess that's why I was wondering if they were going to be a passing fad ..

On another point .. its interesting the aviation industry hasn't taken up on quads with full size people carriers .. maybe they have , any pics out there..

Cheers for all the replys


21/10/2013 08:44:54

Ive just been messing around with my quad copter . I am no expert on these but do have a degree of success with it .

I am struggling to really see what the real attraction to flying these machines is . A plane its not , a helicopter it certainly isnt .

Are quad copters etc a passing fad or is it more the use of fpv and photography thats the attraction .

Your thoughts .

Kiwi g

Thread: New site appearance
15/07/2013 09:42:00

Im just wondering if the dislikes are from the site change or if the dislikes just dont like change ??wink 2

12/07/2013 21:38:32

New layout looks great , works fine down here in nz .. good easy layout and no issues unlike another site i use to frequent.. keep up the good work ..

kiwi g

Thread: Experiences with a 2m glider,
06/06/2013 02:03:26

Great thread .. lol

Ive worked out what BEB is missing ..


03/06/2013 22:10:08

One question BEB

How do you veiw you aeromodelling . Do you see and build it from the way a aircraft looks , or from the view as to how an aircraft flys ..

my reason is some people build for looks and some for flight..

03/06/2013 22:01:47

Reading your post BEB reminds me of a guy I know who bought a glider. He would power it up and glide?? no thats wrong, fly it back to terrafirma. he said gliding was boring and slow..then went back to power flying ..........

That same guy said my blue nose mustang didnt do aerobatics as well as his MX2.. wonder why ..Answering him politely was said as .....WEELL DERRRR... Its not meant too.Its a scale warbird.Very narrow minded some people.

I enjoy all aspects of aeromodelling and was bought up with slope soaring . its in my own opinion that alot of glider pilots make better pilots due to the nature of unpowered gliding .. I see alot of people have an engine out and end up panicking with a wreck as the result....

Take the parkzone stryker mk1 .. lots of guys including me love tearing up the airfield at full noise ,but very few of them can throttle back and soar .. I find my stryker soars and thermals not too bad..

Ido admit some gliders are shockers for thermalling , but thats design over flying experiance . Im sure if you looked deeper into the aspects of gliding BEB you would find that gliding is very skillfull and enjoyable, a form or pure flight even . a challenge ,maybe even exciting . try telling a dynanic soarer his hobby is slow and boring .. 450km ..yip dont think its slow..

First impressions arent always the best..


Edited By kiwi g on 03/06/2013 22:02:32

Thread: Should I go i.c. ?
10/04/2013 06:08:02

Should I go IC..Good question .. simple answer .. do you feel comfortable giving it a try ..

Any issues from a starting point are usually down to the mechanic and builder .. IC is simple to use. I hear of people complaining of tuning problems... but i believe that the tinkerer is his own worse enemy, most of my ic plane are start and then warm the engine, then tune a little if needed .. not like many guys ,start then tune then tune some more until its totally messed up....

I find it very easy to pick up a plane and go to the field for a fly ..I fly IC and electric ,but (and this is only my opinion ,) i find when i want to fly electric there seems to be more waiting involved compared to my IC ....certainly i take less gear to the field with IC ..

Thread: Incredible quadcopter SAR from a Castle...Inspiring story, a must see.
24/03/2013 00:26:21

Rules ,laws , call as you will .. at the ernd of the day comonsense prevailed .. was there anything dangerous .. no

I could see more danger in alot of u tube videos with rc flying. What has happened to our society when a safe unpopulated area such as mat was in becomes the subject of rule bullies ..Comeon rules are there for safety for sure .. but did you see anyone come close to being in harms way. Most weekend flyins probably have more incidences that matt had there.

I remember a guy talking about the fluro jacket brigade , he was annoyed he had to wear one and said if he was behind a truck it didnt stop the truck from backing over him ... what a foolish thing to say and it shows he had no common sense not to stand in an area where a truck is backing ..

The chance of the quadcopter causing an incident here is alot less than an out of control rc aircraft at a airshow with plenty of people ..

Im glad I live where i do ..

Edited By kiwi g on 24/03/2013 00:28:51

Edited By kiwi g on 24/03/2013 00:29:25

23/03/2013 21:51:15

Too many rules ...

Didnt see any others in first part of video, , quiet site , open air , no real issues .Apart from a couple starting to do maybe something they shouldnt in public .. Whos at fault ,the quad or the courting couple..

Great job at a rescue ,

That will teach matt for being distracted.. I wonder who the courting couple were .. captain slog maybe ... lol

Thread: Rugby
19/03/2013 06:16:08

go the all blacks ... yeeeeehaaa

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