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Thread: Change of name Scottish Facebook model site
17/02/2018 21:52:02

The Facebook page, Pitlochry model aeroplanes has been changed to

Scottish aeromodellers . This due to the page owner having relocated his home. Also better reflects the popularity of this site in Scotland and elsewhere.

Thread: What Happens Next
12/02/2018 22:40:45

I would have seldom got to do anything if I had to wait for, or arrange for company. I live in the Scottish Highlands and have Walked the hills, shore fished the Lochs and seashores, as well as afloat by boat. I have been vermin and wildfowl shooting over much of the terrain. I have and still do, drive on at times, little used roads.
I would say,, enjoy life, do not be afraid 'cos someone else is. They talk I think, from a certain level of inability to function alone.

I have had injuries,, I still functioned. A very useful tip for bleeding wounds, wrap firmly in CLEAN plastic film or bags then compress as is advised by First Aid practice. Very good for keeping fibres from causing problems, also does not wick blood away so helping coagulation. I always have some in my First Aid kit/s.

Thread: 2016 Nationals
11/01/2016 17:46:53

For the AUGUST Nat's to use Elvington I suggest that this would entail a much reduced event to that which we are used to at Barkston. I would wait and see as Andy Symons suggests.

Thread: vw camper
11/12/2015 17:07:51

Good 'un Tony. You can cook the dinner next time I am at "The Nats" .

Safe travels, Bob

Thread: Winter Flying
24/11/2015 16:22:42

A useful item,,,, Little Hotties. Use once and dispose of although they normally stay useful for in excess of six hours. Great in the gloves or the pockets, also good in an insulated "Battery Box" for helping the batteries from getting too cold. Do a Google for decent priced bulk buy.

The same product also goes under other names.

Thread: SC46 cold weather problem?
24/11/2015 16:09:47

Ken's suggestion cures most of the engines given the same circumstance.

Brownie points Bob emotion

Thread: Soar Ahead Sailplanes to continue supplying
16/02/2015 22:20:54

Just been on Facebook, Three types advertised and are being offered for sale at the moment. Other than that I know nought.

Thread: Ben Buckle Novice
11/02/2015 09:20:29

I am one of the guys at that event, sitting down, well wrapped, and red gloves.face 9 The build is very easy the only "hard" part the decision on the exact shape to make the nose. a PAW 06 engine or equivalent is a good choice of engine size. It is a relaxing flyer, it will fly in a gentle-ish breeze. Dead stick landings are a must really although it just about lands itself. Thermals quite well smiley Open exhaust Diesels are mucky, the sound is good, although once in the air not at all intrusive.

Be careful with covering and paint choice as not all are diesel "safe".

Thread: Every so often I think of contributors
02/02/2015 21:17:07

I had a message given that I, Myron, and Eric had been asked about. So a short visit to say HI FOLKS. Myron is not in the best of health sadly. I did enjoy a visit with him and Chrissie last August. Eric is busy elsewhere and seems to be doing fine.

Thanks guys for the concern. I will try to pop in a bit more often. Won't be a lot tho'.... Yet.

Thread: Just Engines own brand engines are no more
24/12/2014 15:52:11
Posted by Braddock, VC on 24/12/2014 14:08:16:

If the two samples that I acquired were anything to go by, they won't be missed.

I can say exactly the same sad

Thread: Pulse jet
27/08/2014 16:46:51

The control line Pulse jets were going at the 2014 Nats at RAF Barkson Heath. Now that I did enjoy.. Not as many pilots as in the past perhaps but a brilliant performance.

I mentioned Machrihanish Airbase in the past.... As it is not now an military base but a private site owned by the community only control line pulse jets can be used. Pretty much all other models can be flown, as before.

Thread: Which zoom lens? Please help
21/07/2014 11:15:43

I really agree with Chris Bott. Go Canon Lens for your Canon camara. I doubt you will regret it. With care, you may find a decent used one on E-Bay. I did, for my Son (450D body) and he is delighted. I use 650D with EF 70-300mm 1:4-5.6 IS USM Lens. I am delighted with this combo

So, Get the best that your Camera will accept and you can afford.

Thread: Horseflies
21/07/2014 00:00:12

The Avon SSS is I believe no longer made though some stock may still be available. It was and is particularly good against Midges which "slice" into the skin surface, they tended to oil up easily too. Horse flies (Clegs) as Scots know them, are piercing insects as are mosquitoes and will go through it, especially as it wears off.

Any repellent which has a high concentration of a substance "DEET" will work very well, although re-application every couple of hours is a good idea. Any skin part missed will still tend to get bitten by the Cleg and that includes any part where the clothing is close to the skin. They are after all designed to bite through THICK hide, like Horse and Cow hide.

The good news? they dont fly when it is cool, below 14 to16C I believe.

Thread: Biggles' Mess (the renamed cafe!)
31/05/2014 20:14:25

The Weather at Longhorsley was much better than the forecast, them as wanted to fly got about as much in as they liked. Friday not good. Saturday was a bit iffy but lots of flying, with the evening wet and the BBQ postponed till Sunday. Sunday, flying progressed all day, and most of us managed to get the burnt offerings done before the rain started. Monday was nice, but pretty quiet with most leaving for home

Thread: The Flying Doctor
13/05/2014 17:53:43

Hi Martyn, an excellent bunch of blogs since I last replied. I have just recently started to take an interest in being a little more active and this is perhaps visit four or six or somat since the start of October 2013. I am delighted to read that you and Patricia seem to be having a happy life away from the BOG up North laugh .... Safe travels, from Sunny Today,,, Fort William.

Thread: Limbo dancer
09/05/2014 23:13:49

Mine is much flown, much loved, well overpowered. An OS .55AX with 12x4 narrow blade prop. Flat spins like an LP record on a turntable. A LOT of rudder authority. something wrong if one does not, as it is like a barn door.

Thread: Plaine Crazy on TV
23/02/2014 17:26:20

Yeah, he said you could not buy somethings without a licence too laugh Wouldn't mind seeing it, the series, again though.

Thread: Large petrol and plane - not sure what to do with it
22/02/2014 14:09:46

I suggest £40- £50 ,Pick-up only. Not suitable for carraige.

Someone local to you might see this and assist?

Put on the Forum for sale section.

Thread: Paisley model shop
22/02/2014 13:43:05

Neill67 and other Scots lads. Try Scoonie Hobbies for fuel. They did do orders for a minimum though of 4. Some clubs also do bulk buy in for members. who can get one at a time. Prices were ok too.

Not decrying English lads but Scoonies are a bit far North perhaps.


Edited By Chris Bott - Moderator on 27/02/2014 15:10:39

Thread: Phoenix sim on a laptop
18/02/2014 13:17:13

Going by another thread, get Phoenix 4 and do not at present "upgrade to V5"

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