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Thread: It's all in the balance
28/11/2020 10:17:23

Just balance the model laterally when assembled as with any model.

Thread: Ben Buckle kits.
27/11/2020 15:18:14
Posted by Jim Carss on 26/11/2020 19:06:38:


hows about these two,both scaled down to 60" span by Derick Scott.

Eros and KK Falcon,iam busy with the Eros at present,both for SC30 FS power.


Nice looking model Jim

I built a scaled down Eros a few years ago ,pic below, from a kit produced by one of our club members .All laser cut and perfect fits . He did the design and Slec did the cutting etc. Brilliant . A clever so and so.

The Eros is a beautiful looking model and mine a 50 inch version was designed to take an ED Hornet 1.46 cc diesel. It flew OK but not as nicely as it looked possibly due to the tail plane being high up and out of the prop wash . Rudder authority was good but elevator was poor unless flying fast.

eros vintage model 001.jpg

eros vintage model 002.jpg

eros pics 001 (1).jpg

The eagle eyed will notice that the tail fin has a different profile made wider to increase effect for radio use . I did this after testing the model built by the kit maker as the rudder authority was poor.

It was covered in Lightspan and sprayed with a cream mixed SolarLac . Trim as brushed Humbrol . Its flying weight was under 2lbs , 29 ozs comes to mind .

Just started a Luscombe Silvair Kit from same friend . This was intended for FF and Frog 80 power but will now have 2ch radio fitted .

The last Junior 60 I had was a very used second third or fourth hand model when I acquired it and was heavy , brick like heavy ! Covered in Solar Tex and had a clapped out old OS 25 max . It flew beautifully .

I still have a Ben Buckle 54 inch Taylor Craft with a Frog 150 . A decent kit that flies well and have the bigger 74 inch kit for later with a Frog 3.49 RC

ben buckle taylor craft.jpg

Thread: Lapping four stroke valve seats
27/11/2020 09:29:40

Hi Glow engine . The valve seating doesnt need to be very wide . A gentle grind with the fine grinding past thinned with a tiny drop of paraffin cuts quite well. I use a piece of neoprene tuning pushed over the valve stem to grind the valves as follows , Apply a little paste on valve , Insert valve into head then push a piece of neoprene or silicone tubing ' a tight fit onto the valve stem . Now twist the tubing back and forth between thumb and finger while pulling the valve gently into the head. Occasionally lift the valve from the seat and reposition it and you will find the grit starts to cut again . Don't spin the valve with drill or similar as this wont make a good seal. All you need is a matt ring around the valve head and the seating. Thoroughly clean and reassemble and test seating with some paraffin or thinners poured into the port .Any leaks will soon become apparent If there are any leaks then repeat the grinding process . If you get a good seal and it leaks when fitted to the engine then it will be either the head distorting or the inserts letting by the casting. No cure for these problems except to fit another head. If compression can be felt when turning engine over it will probably run OK but if compression is very low or almost non existent then engine will probably run but wont idle well or give a good top end.

Fitting a new head can fix it but there is no guarantee that the new head will be any better. SC, and ASP are prone to this as they are budget engines and have varying QC . Other makes have better quality control and materials so don't tend to have the problem .

Thread: Litho
25/11/2020 12:54:42

Ah ! yes forgot to add. I seal edges when happy with either some cyano or Clearcote as most fuels will attack contact adhesives . I dont use the UHU POR either as its not as strong as the ordinary UHU,

Edited By Engine Doctor on 25/11/2020 12:56:47

Thread: Can you Help to Identify this Engine?
25/11/2020 10:33:10
Posted by Robin Colbourne on 22/11/2020 18:52:29:

I was reminded of a work colleague who had had a rather peaky enduro bike modified for road use. He was sitting at the traffic lights, with the thing popping and banging away as it usually did at idle. As the lights went to amber he revved up, dropped the clutch and shot off the line...

...into the car behind him.

Hi Robin . A lot of petrol engines used port induction and would happily run in either direction if the ignition timing was adjusted to suit. In fact some bubble cars in the 1950s used this feature for a reverse function ( Messerschmitt and Sachs) and had a separate set of contact breakers for the different engine rotation. You simply turned the ignition key in the oppersite direction. So your friends motorcycle probably had badly set ignition timming and bounced back in the wrong direction , a bit like bounce starting a four-stroke glow. Front induction engines like the MVVS won't run in reverse unless a correctly timed crank is installed.

Pre ignition would only throw a prop if severe . The problem will I'm sure be a mechanical fault with the prop driver unless the engine internals have been modified that we are unaware of.

Its also worth checking that the head shims have not been removed . MVVS came with a set of different thickness shimms for different applications. This in itself wouldn't cause the prop to keep coming loose but would make the engine more fussy to start and tune.

Thread: Litho
24/11/2020 19:34:12

I have always used contact adhesives like UHU . You have to apply the adhesive evenly though as any dragged adhesive , through over spreading , can show through when the litho is rubbed down. Never tried epoxy.

Thread: What's your favourite fuel proofer
24/11/2020 14:43:31

Hi Doc . We only get bits of the story . It was done for some reason , why ? we will never know . Perhaps a bitter man ?

Thread: Anyone with experience with ProBuild YS servicing?
24/11/2020 14:35:28

Hi Andy . Yes if the crank is a few thou out then the con-rod will be running a few thou out and not supporting the piston properly also the valve timing will be out by the same amount as its driven by the gears on the crank . I would strip it again and heat the crank case again using a hot air gun to really heat it and the bearing should then seat correctly.

The bearings may well feel ok but will undoubtedly be a bit worn. Heating and removing them can bake on oil that will cause the races to wear so I always fit new bearings when stripping an engine  Bearings are readilly available from Simply Bearings From budget to expensive named brands . For the sake of a tenner or £15 if you change the camshaft bearings its worth doing. Even the tiniest amount of wear  on the cam or the rear crank bearing will affect the running .

If your unsure then get it done for you . I live in kent . If you are in that area I can sort it for you . Otherwise get an engine man from the club (most clubs have them ) to sort it for you .



Edited By Engine Doctor on 24/11/2020 14:39:08

Thread: What's your favourite fuel proofer
24/11/2020 14:20:19

I think the excuse of " flammable and couriers wont take is " is just an excuse as they cant be bothered . I have just ordered and received. Some disposable gas canisters , 5 ltr can of cellulose thinners . 1 ltr Two pack paint hardener etc. All flammable and delivered by couriers OK not the Royal Mail but no problem . I was lucky with some Clearcote as a friend bought me a liter of it at old warden last year.

You could perhaps arrange your own collection from Solarfilm via a courier . Wont cost anymore than a normal collection/delivery.

I arranged a collection for a large box of engines last year and no problem

Thread: WW2 Memories.
24/11/2020 12:13:00

Can anyone imagine what the response of the public would be today if they HAD to obey these sort of rules ? Even dog walkers think they have a god given right to walk through crops here in kent with no respect for the farmers lively hood. I wonder what would happen if a farmer herded some cattle onto their front lawn's .

Those fines in the OP were a lot of money back then and You had to pay them . Today most of the fines for Covid rule infringements go unpaid according to an online news article .

Impossible to enforce virtually any rules now given today's attitude to general respect and discipline .

Having said that "The good old days" were only good through rose tinted spectacles

Thread: Anyone with experience with ProBuild YS servicing?
23/11/2020 16:18:27

As Martin says , Dont run your engine with the rear bearing not seated properly . If the bearing is not seated properly then the crank and con-rod will be out alignment and will wreck the engine . Did you change the bearings when you stripped it down ? If you did then check that the replacement bearing is the same width . A thick gasket to make up the clearance  is a bodge and will end badly .


Edited By Engine Doctor on 23/11/2020 16:19:03

Thread: Can you Help to Identify this Engine?
21/11/2020 15:22:56

Hi sorry for the late reply .The engines crank looks ok . I think the problem lies with the brass collet or the prop driver . When the prop nut the prop driver should be pushed back onto the tapered collet and compress onto the crankshaft and  locking all three parts together. This should , once tightened need a puller to release the prop driver if needed This grip on the crank shaft is what prevents the stud or nut coming undone . Its nothing to do with the stud that screws into the shaft .The pic of the collet in the prop driver doesn't look correct. Is that a hairline crack at about 1 o'clock ? or just an oil mark . The gap in the collet is too big and has been opened with a saw blade . When the collet is fully inserted into the prop driver it should sit proud . This then sits onto the crank up against the bearings inner race.  I would put money on the Prop driver being stretched / cracked  or the collet being faulty or both . Re insert the stud and look for a replacement prop driver and collet. If the rest of the engine is good then its worth doing as they run really well and last .Just Engines used to distribute them and might have the parts

The prop driver is easily damaged , stretched or cracked  in a crash or has been overtightened .

I will look but don't think I have any MVVS parts in my spares box anymore 


Edited By Engine Doctor on 21/11/2020 15:52:44

Thread: Liteply compositionPoplar 87%
21/11/2020 10:24:21

As I understand it true light ply is made from Ceiba wood , similar to balsa but with a long open grain .It can be very light and sometimes brittle. Another feature is that cyano glue can travel down the wood structures and glue you to the wood some distance way from the application site blush a bit annoying at times.The other types of light ply sold is made from poplar and it is a lot heavier than the proper light ply . It should be called Medium ply or Poplar ply as it certainly isn't light.

Thread: Ben Buckle kits
20/11/2020 10:56:15

They fly well on a 25 ic glow so a 25 equivalent that can swing a 9"or 10 inch prop with a 3 s power supply should be fine. Robot birds should be able to advise .

Thread: DLE 30 Pitts exhaust
19/11/2020 10:09:29

Speak to Alan at Weston UK . He will be able to help but it won't be an off the shelf job.

Thread: A Shortage Of Balsa And Lipo's, Where Do We Go From Here?
18/11/2020 15:04:15
Posted by Martin Harris on 18/11/2020 13:04:24:
Posted by Peter Miller on 18/11/2020 12:02:28:

Now how about electric power for cars. A nice big windmill (balsa filled)on top of the car driving a generator which drives a motor to power the wheelsH

Or perhaps a sail smiley

Light ply comes from the heart of a balsa tree as well. I bought some so called light ply recently . The main problem with it was that it was made from Poplar and while lighter than Birch ply is twice as heavy as proper light ply.

This idea of no I/C cars from 2030 announced by Boris is an ill thought or rather a NO thought given idea JMO . It might be possible by 2040 but only eight years and no real infrastructure for charging the millions of vehicles we have . On the date of the ban no doubt fuel prices will be hiked and the average person wont be able to afford to run a car. watch the riots start then ! The hurdles to overcome are staggering and this is announced by a PM who cant even get his cabinet to wear face-masks and distance from one another ! Many homes wont be able to charge at home , lack of materials for batteries as already suggested , the list goes on , and on top of that where is the power to charge vehicles going to be generated ?

Thread: Best Heating Option For Your Hobby Shed
17/11/2020 16:07:51

Thanks for the reply Gary . When price goes up will have to get my son to siphon a few liters from his home tank every now and again .

17/11/2020 10:32:53

Has anyone used heating oil instead of red diesel ? I think it's the same so shouldn't be a problem but worth an ask .Red diesel or gas oil is currently only 61p a liter here in Kent. If it goes up to the same price as normal diesel then an alternative is worth looking for. My son's oil boiler seems like a giant version of the cab heater. Any heating engineers that can shed any light on things ?

Thread: WOT 4 FOAM E - engine wobble
17/11/2020 10:15:17

Best way to fix the faults on a foam wot 4 is to buy a Riot instead , up the power to the 4s set up and your away wink.

Just my opinion having flown both models many times. Please don't start a bun fight smiley.

Failing that get some DeluxeMaterials "Foam to Foam" adhesive in the joint . Excellent stuff with good bond and decent gap filling properties . Will have to be left to harden for a day or so 


Edited By Engine Doctor on 17/11/2020 10:19:58

Thread: BEC and Throttle connection ?
16/11/2020 11:20:44

A BEC can be connected directly to the power-lead plug or via a "Y" lead. I assume you have an opto ECU and need power for the radio . Dont know anything about S Bus

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