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Thread: ASP etc gone
24/06/2019 19:12:42
Posted by Percy Verance on 24/06/2019 19:06:00:

Laser and PAW need to take advantage of this opening if they're able to......... Now might be a good time for PAW to consider the glow market?

Edited By Percy Verance on 24/06/2019 19:07:10

Here here and if PAW could include a decent silencer with the engine ,not an expensive add on it would help preserve our club sites.

Thread: Foam2Foam glue
20/06/2019 08:54:29

I have found Foam2 Foam is excellent fills minor gaps, sets clear but does take longer to set/cure. Gorilla glue is ok ,sets quick but foams out of joints and unless painted is unsightly. Gorilla clear is also very strong but no good if joint is loose as it doesnt expand . All have their plus points and negative points. For assembly if you have the time I would go with Foam 2 Foam,

Edited By Engine Doctor on 20/06/2019 08:55:28

Thread: Kings Lynn Model Shop
13/06/2019 08:56:49
Posted by Jon - Laser Engines on 12/06/2019 16:59:34:

I had a problem with some paint i bought from them. It had all bits floating in it and was a nightmare to spray with. As i was on a mission and committed to the job i pushed through using a tea strainer to sort it out. I phoned them explaining the problem but didnt expect a reply as i had used most of the paint and thrown the tin away

Hi John .it's off topic I know but paint with bits in it can be rescued by straining it through a piece of SWMBO old tights. Don't use the foot bit but tie a knot at ankle part,cut off foot then cut off a few inches above the knot. Always used to strain car paint as before matter of course before spraying as bits of stuff often got in the mix. Old house paint can also get bits of dried paint from half used tin . Strain in the same way and save buying new tins every time.

Thread: Mills 75 setting up throttle
08/06/2019 10:47:29
Posted by Alan Coppen on 04/06/2019 17:16:03:

Thank you all for the advice, I am going to ditch the throttle on this particular engine . My problem really was run time for radio assist. I will fit a larger tank and play around with prop size and settings. I have previously tried a restrictor, a smaller diam plastic insert in the venturi. It worked fine but the decrease in consumption was marginal. I think the original thimble tank is ok for FF but not for radio assist. I also fly electrick, but as an oldie, much prefer "proper" engines!! Viva the Oily Hand Gang!!

Hello Alan. I make tanks for my vintage diesel powered models from tinplate . Any size or shape to fit in any available space . Since most diesel engines are a bit thirsty I make them as big as I can to get a decent flight time .I use old Cellulose cans as a source of tin plate and resin cored solder for assembly . Very simple and satisfying job .

One tip if you go this route. Wash new tanks out thoroughly with cellulose to dissolve any flux before using . This saves annoying blockages as diesel fuel doesn't dissolve flux .

Keep up the oily hand society/hand presence yes

Thread: Good luck to the BMFA
08/06/2019 09:25:26

I note that the number of responses received in the news article is 6000 ? That means that around 28000 BMFA members have decided to let their mates do the campaigning for them. Shame on any who have not responded and written to the out of touch authorities . Or are those 28000 lazy lot our problem flyers.

I know that many in my club have not bothered to respond even after repeated reminders from our club. It appears that many just roll over and give up. It was a good job our grandfather's didn't give up on "D Day".

Keep up the good work BMFA and good luck.

Thread: Drone harassment
06/06/2019 10:31:17

With police numbers so low and them having to prioritise calls ,thanks to our knowledgeable penny pinching government indecision, don't expect any response to calling them if a drone is looking through your windows, flying over houses, roads or wherever they shouldn't be. The new laws that will affect us law abiding flyer's hard won't affect any of the idiots who fly wrecklessly . Only chance of catching them is if they post film on YouTube like a few speeding drivers have done in the past.

Hopefully the CAA won't copy Canada's approach and make model flying on par with full size ,complete with flight and maintainance logs any large fines ! See diet on you tube.

Ps hope this thread doesn't turn into a 100 page rant ?

Edited By Engine Doctor on 06/06/2019 10:33:03

Thread: Mills 75 setting up throttle
03/06/2019 21:14:07


I have a couple of diesel models a Frog 45 and a  50 inch Auster from a  Ben Buckle kit. Both are powered by Frog 150 engines with no throttle and larger tanks for 8 to 10 min run . Just set engine to the speed you want to fly at and launch . Great fun watching the sterile leccy flyers faces when they see and smell the diesel smiley

Edited By Engine Doctor on 03/06/2019 21:16:34

Thread: Beth's off.....
29/05/2019 10:54:25

How about " Poly Di-hedral "smiley

Thread: Irvine 61 Problem
29/05/2019 10:45:25

Hi Have you run the engine in the past? Is it a red crankcase or the silver three piece crankcase ?. If cylinder is in correctly and it still pressurises the tank then it could have a reverse rotation crank fitted .They were often fitted on the early engines whit three piece crankcases  for use in twins or for a pusher installation or when the engine was fitted to a reduction gearbox for using larger props. I believe the crank had a "R" stamped on the web. Could possibly be a reverse crank on the red version but not sure if they were available .

Edited By Engine Doctor on 29/05/2019 10:50:29

Thread: Best cleaning method?
26/05/2019 15:49:19

Hi Simon . Ask around your club if anyone base a bead blasting cabinet. It will bring engine casings up like new. Make sure the blast medium is " glass bead " or it will cause a tough finish but beads will furnish the finish to original

Engine will have to be stripped out totally but it is worth it and will be like new.

Thread: Petrol engine cutting out on take-off
25/05/2019 22:16:34

Suggest you fill in the holes in the dummy engine and only leave the holes in front of the cylinder open. Also have an exit hole two to three times bigger than the inlet to draw cool air through the cowling . You may have to fit some ducting /baffles to guide the air flow. Radial cowls are notorious for cooking engines unless they have some form battle to guide air over the engine.

Thread: Medway MFC Swap-meet Sunday 2nd June
25/05/2019 10:06:18

Hi all.

Medway MFC will be having a Swap-Meet at our Stickfast lane Flying site on Sunday 2nd June . Weather dependant Rain will stop play.

Starts at 10 am . 9am for set up.

Pitches cost £6-50 includes two people . Buyers entry £1 and children are free.

Modelling related items only please.

ALL profits go to our charity The Kent ,Surrey and Sussex Air Ambulance

Postcode is ME9 8QE . site is near Iwade ,

North Kent ( near Isle of Sheppey )

Pm me for more info or visit

Thread: OS Irvine 46 query
22/05/2019 13:34:03

Re " not coming from front bearing " Often these engines wear around the crankshaft allowing crank case pressure , not to be confused with Blow by to push fuel mix out of the front bearing . This can be cured by fitting a sealed bearing instead of the shielded bearing fitted as standard .. Its usual to remove the inner seal although they can both be left in . In extreme cases you cam also fit a sealed bearing to the rear of the crankshaft but remove the outer seal ( facing the Crank pin. A leaking font bearing often throws the fuel clear and appears to be coming from the carb. I have repaired a few of these Irvine engines over the years and they seam to be prone to spitting fuel , far more than other makes Blow by wont cause the problem as any gases blowing into the Crankcase will only cancel out the vacuum causing poor running . If Compression is good then it wont be blow by.

Going by your description I would double check that its not the front bearing leaking I sure try replacing the rear bearing with a sealed type with the rear seal removed . All bearings are available from Simply Bearing ..

Thread: What a sick world we live in
20/05/2019 09:50:26

The culprits are often badly parented individuals and will by no kno how to milk the system robably claim to be deprived etc and then be sent off on an activity course as a "punishment/ re-rehabilitation" costing us thousands. After .having a great time they then commit another act or vandalism and get "more punishment / rehabilitation "

The youngsters who have been well brought up and taught to respect others and their property and who keep out of trouble often cant afford these treats . Where has it all gone wrong ?

There was a lot to learnt from a short sharp dose of the birch but society is too soft and every one claims to be a victim while the real victims are left to get on with it !

Rant over yes for crowd funding .

Thread: My Veron Concord on Ebay finishing tonight
19/05/2019 14:48:52

Id have a bid on that if it wasn't so far away ! good luck

Thread: Revolver 46 with Saito FG 14
17/05/2019 00:05:38

You say "You never connected the wings " Do you mean you never fitted the wings or were they fitted and not plugged in ? Running an engine on any model without the wings fitted will allow it to vibrate badly . The wings dampen and absorb most of the vibration from the engine . Try it again with the wings fitted , it should be a lot smoother..Its also worth checking the prop and spinner balance.

Re the servo deflection . Is the Ht plug connector pushed down firmly on the plug ? Some times they have to be tapped down to connect properly.

Are you using a separate Ignition battery ?

I had similar issues with my first petrol engine and had to replace the ignition unit . Anything above idle the throttle went berserk and the rudder and elevator would kick randomly from side to side . The aileron servos worked fine..

ps . Sorry Martin didn't mean to double up on your post, you beat me to it and  posted while I was typing 

Edited By Engine Doctor on 17/05/2019 00:08:53

Thread: CAA registration consulation
15/05/2019 17:04:57

The "Failing Grayling" (nice one Percy V) is probably trying to claw back some of the millions he squandered on the ferry fiasco remember the  start up ferry company with no ships or personnel awarded £14 m and then the £33 m compensation to Eurotunnel . The incompetence in our so called government is staggering .The worrying thing is there is no alternative as they all go to the same parties ! Vote another lot in and it all starts again .

Edited By Engine Doctor on 15/05/2019 17:06:16

Thread: Battlife Guard
15/05/2019 08:50:01

This sounds very similar to the so called "Intelligent chargers" used for car /motorcycle batteries when vehicle is in storage or laid up. Fine for a lead acid type battery but don't fancy leaving a lipo plugged into a charger if I'm not there keep an eye on charging and battery is in a safe place for charging ! The tech blurb will probably say it's super safe etc etc but we all know these units are built to a price and failures happen . Fail on a pb would mean a ruined battery but fail on a lipo means in all likelyhood a fire . Is it tech for tech sake?

Thread: CAA registration consulation
14/05/2019 19:36:59

I'm still amazed at the modellers I meet that have not written to the various bodes ! I am constantly nagging at my club members to get on an write their letters. I have also put notices in the three local model shops and hope it gets the message to a few more of us. Keep up the good work Andy.

Phil @ MedwayMFC

09/05/2019 09:57:59
Posted by ken anderson. on 09/05/2019 09:43:00:

as an aside,i read yesterday that someone(52 year old)had been arrested in Scotland for flying his "Drone" near a nuclear sub at Faslane…..silly man-I hear you think?.....or part of the times we now live in?.....(the norm)

ken dept.

So with all that's going on a plonker flew a drone over a sensetive area !!!!! angry 2We don't stand a chance ! Some mother's do have emailed.

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