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Thread: Glassfibre covering
04/07/2020 17:30:05

I glassed a Peterborough Models Cap 21 years ago then gave it a fancy paint job with two pack car paint sprayed carefully to avoid extra weight. It was heavier but flew fine perhaps a little faster with an old Merco 60 on the front.

The resin is the heavy part and if you soak all the excess resin up with kitchen roll it will keep the weight down.

The model is now living with a club mate and still looks the business.

Edited By Engine Doctor on 04/07/2020 17:31:28

Thread: OS 91 surpass disassembly
01/07/2020 11:09:24

I turned up a puller/holder to remove and insert the cam bearings . Its a simple steel bar turned to a snug fit in the inner race and the drilled and tapped for a 4 mm bolt but the end of the thread that fits into the bearing is only tapped with a first cut tap to leave a smaller diameter . The bit that goes through the bearing is then split and when a bolt is screwed in it expands and grips the bearing . taper the end of the bolt so as not to damage the threads if you need to remove the bolt I believe another post on here shops pics of their puller

It doesn't actually pull the bearings ,but gives purchase to the bearings so that you can pull or push the bearing to remove or insert them .

Thread: Laser Engines now closed on Friday's
01/07/2020 10:59:02

Hope it all works out ok .


Thread: In search of a LARGE canopy
30/06/2020 16:35:06
Posted by stu knowles on 29/06/2020 21:44:02:

Thanks ED much appreciated


Hi Stu. Had a measure and sorry not wide enough .



ps the link looks promising 

Edited By Engine Doctor on 30/06/2020 16:35:52

Thread: OS 91 surpass disassembly
30/06/2020 11:00:13

If the bearing won't move then your not getting the crankcase hot enough . You may need a tool for the camshaft bearings as the can be stubborn.

29/06/2020 19:34:32

Plenty of heat will loosen it then prise gently at the bottom with a blunt tool levering gently against the crank web . by plenty of heat I mean heat that will seriously burn your hands so make sure you have some decent gloves like welding glove to wear.

Thread: In search of a LARGE canopy
29/06/2020 19:27:37

I have a large canopy that I picked up----- Just in case . I will measure it either this evening or tomorrow and PM you .


Thread: Does anyone remember...
28/06/2020 17:48:03

I know its a different area but did anyone use the model shops in Clapham Junction Sw London. I used to visit and wonder at the window display at Russ' models on Battersea Rise . The was another model shop at Falcon road just round the corner from the Falcon Pub But cant remember the name . It shut down long before Russ' did . I think Mr Russ continued until 2013 and there is a video of him in the shop here on Vimeo . A real old fashioned model shop. If you went in on a friday evening there was hardly any room ! it was packed with everyone buying stuff for the weekend . Most smoked roll ups and with the smell f diesel fumes from engines tested it was a smell I will never .forget

Thread: Saito 125A
28/06/2020 10:52:49
Posted by Denis Watkins on 28/06/2020 09:02:25:

OS did, and it worked


The pipe from the cam box was not designed to keep the cowl free of oil but to draw oil through the cam box to increase/ ensure lubrication of the cam gear and followers. The nipple fitted to the inlet tract had a tiny hole so as not to upset the induction too much. OS started using it on the 91 and 120 engines, not sure about the bigger multi cylinder engines though. The clones ,ASP, SC and magnum also copied it. I don't think it affected the running at all but not a good idea if castor oil was used as it does cook into a wonderfully hard carbon and clogs the valves. Fine with synthetic oils .

Thread: spares
27/06/2020 10:39:09

Rapid RC are also worth a try. Justin will try his best to get any spares .

Thread: Hanger Rash
26/06/2020 13:29:14

Original Solar film was horrible stuff and the darker colours were worse for slacking or bubbling in the sun. The newer polyester materials HK. Pro-film and the Solar film version (forget its name Sol ar .something ) are much better . I do the final shrinking with a hot air gun and dont have the problem very often . All my models live in the garage so get a wide range of temps. My last build a wot 4 for a friend is covered with HK film . Used iron to apply and shrink. Next day its patchy bubbly .. Went over it all with a final shrink with a hot air gun and rubbed down when hot with a covering mitt and its fine after some very hot days and still tight .

Thread: How Windy is Too Windy
26/06/2020 13:03:18
Posted by Paul Marsh on 26/06/2020 10:26:40:


Excellent !

26/06/2020 13:02:18

Its only too windy if your not comfortable or competent to fly in it . Everyone is different . Simply ask yourself before a flight " Am I happy with everything ?" if your not then dont fly . Simple as that .

Thread: Irvine engine paint
24/06/2020 14:07:22

I forgot to add that if you simply wanted to repaint it a red colour then Rustoleum hard hat paint is very fuel resistant if baked in oven once its touch dry . Not as toxic as two pack paint and very durable but only available in solid colours I believe . Its used on the throttle pipe exhausts . You will still have to remove all the old stuff though or it will look like a dogs breakfast !

23/06/2020 13:54:58

The only paint that will be resistant to glow fuel is two pack that is then baked in an oven . The best bet is to just remove whats left by soaking in cellulose thinners . Remove all steel parts like bearings first . I have don LA engines like this and then bead blasted them to look like a new casting . You then have the choice to repaint or leave as silver

Thread: Zenoah G62 engine kill switch
23/06/2020 11:50:22

Hi Bert . If you fit your kill switch into the red wire where it has the connector it will work . They have obviously modernised the set up but the red wire will still be part of the low tension circuit for the coil .

22/06/2020 19:25:35

Its a wire that comes out of the coil fitted on magneto coil should be black Diagram here .

Thread: Medway MFC indoor flying this autumn/ winter Please read if you attend
21/06/2020 12:20:11

Medway MFC have just managed to book our indoor venue for the 2020/21 indoor flying session.

The venue, Medway Park Leisure has hit hard with a price increase and our entry price will have to increase from £7-50 to £11 just to break even on attendance of 26 flyers.

This may be due to the covid pandemic but its a big hike in price . As a club we dont take anything out of any profit as it all goes to our club charity the Kent,Surrey,Sussex Air Ambulance

If you attend these meetings we need and would appreciate your feed back as to whether or not you still intend to support the meetings .

Flying is still 10 am to 3pm and dates will be published on our website ;

Thanks in advance

Thread: DLE 30cc info sought
21/06/2020 10:01:42

Krumshied silencers work very well but do cost a bit . Stuart McKay of McKay engines(Moki) sells them .

Thread: 4.8v Futaba Servos
20/06/2020 11:12:41
Posted by bert baker on 19/06/2020 17:58:43:
Posted by Frank Skilbeck on 19/06/2020 17:48:46:

My vote would be to use a 4 cell sub C pack, Sub C cells seem to be better at maintaining voltage under load than high capacity AA cells.

Hi many thanks but but the Battery Backer needs 5 cell input

The S&M Services battery backer uses Schottky diodes to stop batteries balancing or discharging through one another . This drops the voltage slightly hence the need for a 5 cell pack. You can create your own by fitting two batteries with their own switch harness and a Schottky diode in each feed wire . It will take about 0.5 volt from the power .

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