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Thread: How do you clean your glow engined models after flying?
18/09/2020 09:16:25

I use the spray windscreen de-icer . It contains high amount of alcohol that cuts through oil and leaves models clean without being sticky like some baby wipes that I've seen being used. I also buy cheap tea towels for the cleaning and after a few rinses replace them. Buy the de-icer during the summer when cheaper or 2 for 1 . You can buy the de-icer in gallons or half gallons if you have an old spray bottle handy.

Thread: Pegasus/Galaxy Models Musketeer
17/09/2020 11:09:22

Galaxy Models always were easy build good flying models designed on the KISS principle . Good to hear they are still going .

Far more rugged than the ARTF models that abound these days providing you have room to build .

Thread: Servos
17/09/2020 10:39:49

Any decent make equivalent but dont be tempted by offers on the www unless from a recognised shop/dealer . Too many dangerous fakes around . It is listed as a "DIGITAL" servo and as the glider is a intro glider then high powered digital servos are probably not required . Any decent analogue servo will be adequate and use far less power .

Thread: Petrol or Glow?
17/09/2020 10:31:53

Everything that Brian says yes . The range of Krumschied silencers distributed by Stuart McKay are brilliant and yes are expensive . but you get what you pay for . Two stroke glows tend to scoff the fuel and are still noisy but on the plus side are considerably more powerful than a similar sized petrol . Have you looked at the NGH 38cc or the 30cc four-stroke petrol from just engines ? Good sound frugal on fuel and not overly expensive . Very mixed reviews around . A club member has two and had no problems and swears by them and the supplied silencer is adequate for most sites if propped correctly .Any of the two-stroke s available that come with a so called silencer will need a decent silencer added to the cost as the supplied units are flying site losers

Thread: Large Heatshrink
16/09/2020 17:48:50

What diameter are you looking for or what type of cells/ confusion ? I buy heat shrink for AA cells and lipo packs that fits a 4 to 6 s from Rapid RC .

Thread: Nearly that time of year again... AGMs
11/09/2020 16:57:31
Posted by Denis Watkins on 11/09/2020 14:20:15:

BACS bank transfer from now on

Is socially distanced and has no surface to carry a virus

Apart from a computer virus wink

Thread: Prolux power panel
11/09/2020 16:56:02
Posted by Denis Watkins on 11/09/2020 14:18:08:

Can you borrow another 12v 7A alarm battery Graham

These packs can often show 12v but lack power

Your panel can not provide power without power enough at the input

Voltage is only half the story when checking packs

yes Plus one for above. If its still faulty then just changing the connectors shouldn't affect the warranty .

Thread: Richmond Park, new flying restrictions
11/09/2020 16:46:46

I'm Surprised that the snooty local residents havn't stopped flying in the park by now. I last went to Richmond park back in 1959/60 as a young boy and they were already restricting flying back then the miserable lot . Back then had to catch a bus from Clapham Junction, 37 I think , and get off at the upper Richmond Road by Sheen model that was just by the bus stop. Then had to walk up a road to the park . quite a long walk as \i recall. I hope it goes well for you all and you can keep flying .

Thread: Import and VAT
11/09/2020 11:13:19

Only ever had one ball bearing that was unobtainable other than from the manufacturer ,OS in this case as it was made for a specific use/ engine. Could it really not be sourced from a UK bearing specialist ?

Edited By Engine Doctor on 11/09/2020 11:14:50

Thread: New limit on groups in England from Monday?
09/09/2020 17:54:34
Posted by EarlyBird on 09/09/2020 07:28:00:

Apparently pubs will be open but limited to six people at one table. Does that mean there is not limit for drunken people to gather as long as there are no more than six at each table?

If the above is correct then can we have gatherings of 6 scattered around the field ?smiley As we generally behave and respect the risk of infection unlike the teenagers and 20 somethings could this work wink

09/09/2020 10:22:43

According to Sky news there are exemptions. Including organised sports events . Are we not a recognised sport ?

Apparently more clarification of the rules will be released before Monday so don't pannick just yet.

Our club has just it out advertising for a swap meet to help raise funds for the Air Ambulance. Hope we don't have to cancel , by if we do then it's just too bad.

Thread: Power loss
08/09/2020 10:06:31

A friend and I compared some Turnigy Graphine against normal Turnigy hi C rated packs in an edf last year. The Graphine were new and the other batteries were well used . The Graphine were to say the least , disappointing. The standard blue Turnigy batteries out performed them easily . Our opinion / experience is that the Graphine batteries are an overpriced gimmick . Ordinary lipo batteries with adequate C rating is the way to go.

When batteries no longer power EDF models I've found them fine for lower power hungry models . My FMS zero fly's for long flights on batteries that are no longer fit for high power applications.

Thread: Electric fence battery
07/09/2020 19:37:25

Its a pity about local thieves/ half-wits !!! we daren't leave anything out in our field as it will either be stolen or smashed up . We even had to bolt the port-a-loo to the container as the local idiots tipped it over !

What enlightened times we live in sad

07/09/2020 12:50:02

Nasty . Were the vent blocked ?

I had it happen to me many years ago in a workshop . Battery on charge while changing a clutch on my old Jag . Somehow ( Sod's Law) a socket extension fell off a tool chest and directly onto the battery terminals . It blew the battery to bits covered everything with acid . Fortunately I was working in front of the car as engine/ gearbox was removed .

Thread: Medway MFC Swap-Meet / Bootsale
07/09/2020 12:05:12

Medway MFC are having a Swap-Meet/Boot-sale of modelling goods at our flying site on Sunday 27th September . If its raining then it will be re-scheduled for Sunday 11th October .

ALL proceeds will go to the Kent Surrey Sussex Air Ambulance .

£5 a pitch £2 entry for buyer/browsers No need to book just turn up on the day..Please have correct entry money if possible to avoid handling change


We are situated approx 4 miles North of junction 5 of the M2 .Postcode ME9 8QE any further info please use our "contact us " at

We will be having a raffle and there will be a tea /Coffee bar .

Hand sanitiser will be available but please bring you own if possible .

Face masks are optional as it is an outdoor event and social distancing will apply .There will also be a track and trace form ..........just in case .

The Air Ambulance is desperate and low on contributions this year due to Covid so please come along and support us to raise funds for the AA, sell your unwanted items and possibly find that bargain .





Edited By Engine Doctor on 07/09/2020 12:06:08

Thread: OS Max 15LA Won't Run Upside Down
06/09/2020 17:29:09

If your engine runs fine when upright and set correctly then plays up when turned inverted I would suspect the tank set up or possibly the plumbing in the tank . If it as anything to do with the plug it would behave the same upright .

Thread: Can I have two Life batteries powering my Futaba receiver?
04/09/2020 12:29:43
Posted by Andy Joyce on 04/09/2020 11:03:00:

interested in this thread as tried to establish in the past what is the ideal set up within a larger model. Regarding the need to have dual batteries doubt this is actually required. Yes a battery could fail in flight but the most likely cause of brown out is incorrect capacity of a battery being selected or failure to charge the battery prior to use.

Therefore came to the conclusion that the ideal set up was a single large mah rated battery, two switches wired in parallel with the switch output wiring split to feed individually 2 separate Rxs.

Everyone to their own ;however, When you have experienced an expensive or large model suddenly not responding and subsequently find out when sifting through the bits that its a cell that has failed in effect totally switching off the power , not even allowing a fail-safe to work, you suddenly realise that a second battery and dual switches is a good idea enlightened. The diodes give added protection should one of these batteries develop a defective cell from discharging the good battery . Similarly dual switch harnesses give redundancy should one fail

We are not talking about brown out that's a totally different thing but battery / cell failure . Dual batteries with the increased capacity will also protect from brown out .

Also testing the flight batteries under load is a good habit to get into as batteries can show fully charged only to completely collapse when put under load .

Cell failure is comparatively rare however it does happen so why go to the trouble of fitting dual Rxs and switches only to use one battery?.


Edited By Engine Doctor on 04/09/2020 12:31:23

Thread: Please Help With Removing and Re Fitting Valve Collets
03/09/2020 19:56:38

I often use a small screw driver with thick grease on the blade to position the collet on the valve stem with is also treated with tiny amount of grease to hold the collet once in place. As in other posts a block of balsa cut to hold the valve against its seat while fitting the spring and the big plastic bag .

Thread: Compatability of spectrum TX's for paired training
03/09/2020 10:23:50

Can't be sure about Spectrum but Futaba radio needs to have the "trainer" faculty switched on every time that model is selected. Every time you exit that model setting the trainer mode defaults to "inhibited" . Either ask on of you club instructors via phone while your incapacitated or you can download the manuals for both Txs from the internet. I'm pretty sure the Dx7 and Dx6i I'll work together.

Thread: Medway MFC indoor flying Cancelled due to Covid restrictions
02/09/2020 12:11:03

As per Heading, Medway MFC have had to cancel their indoor flying sessions due to start in October through to March 2021. This due to the venue having decided to use the hall for other activities during the restrictions . Sorry for any disappointment but we hope to re-start the sessions as soon as the restrictions are lifted . Hope to see all the regulars again once this Covid is under control .Keep well ans safe


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