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Thread: Ben Buckle Taylor craft
04/04/2010 20:16:20
Light Span  is my pefered covering  for light weight models up to about  50 inch span and excellent results can be acheved with a little effort  . It is much stonger than tissue, Dont forget to cut the litespan with the grain goin the length of the wing or fusalge. Litespan also has a matt side that looks more like a doped tissue finish or a satin side. Either side can be used and both are totally fueproof and will not need any further treatment or coating.
Photobucket">Photobucket" width="350" alt="" />


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04/04/2010 20:07:18
Here you can see the trimmed covering and the over adhesive for the overlap of covering material.

04/04/2010 19:58:26
The airframe has now been given a coat of "Clearcoat " made by solar film . It sold as a fuelproofer and is heat sensetive , its also much better tthan balsa lock or similar prodcts for fixing covering to balsa . Its fuel proof and wont let the covering lift on the overlaps .I give the airframe a coat of full strenght clearcoat where the covering will touch the air frame and allow to dry overnight. Prior tocovering apply a thin coat and allow to become touch dry . When cutting Litespan you will notice a grain running along it ,this need to run the lenght of the piece being covered. I cover the bottom then the sides and finally the top . When each piece has been ironed down and trimmed ( allow at least 3mm ,prefereably 6mm overlap ) Now apply  clearcoat on the overlap area to stick down the next piece.
Photobucket">Photobucket" width="350" alt="" />

04/04/2010 19:45:48
The whole airframe has been given a coat of clear dope  thinned 50/50 where the covering (Litespan ) will make contact . This raises the gran and when sanded produces a very smooth surface whith no spikey bits showing through the covering.
Photobucket">Photobucket" width="350" alt="" />

04/04/2010 19:41:08
The complete airframe prior to covering
Photobucket">Photobucket" width="350" alt="" />

04/04/2010 19:39:42
Another shot of the fuslage A lot of small addition were made to the fus at this stage . Areas around the dowl mountings and where the U/c enters the fuz were given landing areas to support the covering and allow adhedsive for the covering to  be fixed to.Use very light balsa for this .
Photobucket">Photobucket" width="350" alt="" />

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04/04/2010 19:35:59
Thanks Phil . The aero historians will no doubt be saying that this model was not used in the military as it is the civilian model . Well this was built for a bit of fun . A change from the vintage colour schemes we all expect .
My build pictures start with the  Fuslage construction nearly complete . Early building couldn't be filmed as my camera bust . The strucyure is typical vintage as you can see from the pics. Engine intended at this stage was an ME Snipe but the exhaust stacks got in the way of fitting mounting nuts so A Frog 150 was called into service.
Photobucket">Photobucket" width="350" alt="" />

04/04/2010 12:45:13
Hello Timbo . Think Ive sorted it . Managed to get a pic up I'll download the rest and put a blog on as soon as time permits . 
04/04/2010 12:35:30
 The finished Taylorcraft . Blog will follow if the picture  down loads .Well after down loading Photo bucket I still dont know wether or not the picture has downloaded ? This really is a complicated system  
Ben Buckle Taylor-craft">Ben Buckle Taylor-craft" width="350" alt="" />

Ah Triumph ! But why  oh why cant we just copy and paste or browse like other sites?

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Thread: Medway MFC Swapmeet/bootsale
04/04/2010 11:28:58
Hello Birdy . Yeah . I looked at the google pics and they are quite old ( 3/4 years )  its just under 10 acres with a very large over-fly area that belongs to our landlord. Its changed a bit since the photo as all the orchards have been ripped out and is now open fields . Very boggy at the moment due to all the  rain weve had. Our club has raise  a few thousand pounds for our charity ,The Kent Air Ambulance , over the last few years . Last year the weather even put the kybosh on that and we only managed £400 . Our Main objective this year is to top up Our club coffers so that we can then go on and raise cash for charity . Will you be comming to the swapmeet ? we tried it early last year and it was quite a success . Had the weather surrounding usbeen better then many more boots would have turned up . We managed about 10 boots last year and there were some really good bargains on offer . We hope to arrange a tea/ coffee bar this year . The location will be sign posted from the old A249 .

Edited By David Ashby - RCME Administrator on 04/04/2010 16:49:52

Thread: Super tiger 2000
03/04/2010 21:51:35
Hello . I bought the CRRC on e-bay from a hong kong seller but engine was stocked and sent from the UK and took three day for delivery.I have put the e-bay page in a pm to you both. Regards E.D.
03/04/2010 12:12:10
Hello Duane . All the large ST engines I have had havein the past  let me down at critical moments and  caused  the demise of the models, a  couple of them were very expensive . If you can afford it , go for a petrol engine . The cost of a proper silencer for your ST will be significant . Beware of the very small capacity silencers  that used to be sold for ST some years ago they only added to the unreliability of the engine  causing over haeting  . As I remember  the St 2000 wasn't a very powerful engine and was ,by todays stanards very heavy. I have just bought  a CRRC 26 version 2 with proper beam mounts .Cost around £120 .It would be a good replacement for the ST.this came complete with a muffler and ignition system . The added reliability and longevity of petrol engines makes a lot of sense .the other plus is that petrol engines use far less fuel and wont require such lage tanks as the glow equivalent. And fuel is only about £5 a gallon .I have just built a new DB Hurricane and fitted a DL 50 in it . The airframe needed the weight of the engine up front nd balances perfectly. Should have loads of power . Haven't flown it yet as waiting for better weather. Good luck with the hurricane .
Thread: magnum 25 xl
17/03/2010 21:56:02
Hi Mark Magnum are distributed in the uk by Weston UK and are IMO as good as any budget engine on the market . Give Weston a ring about a tuned pipe as their tuned or throttle pipes work really well .
Thread: ICGF 15CC Petrol
08/03/2010 21:10:45
Hello Richard.I have beenlooking for a small petrol engine for my flair spitfire . As the 120 FS I had in it was less than impressive I Googled all makes of engine I could find and the RCGF was given quite a few write ups .Might be worth a try ? I have gone for the Version 2 CRRC 26 cc as the price I found on e-bay just couldn't be beat .
Thread: Gummed diesel engines
27/02/2010 18:01:06
Hello Mat . No need to soak them and risk getting forieign matter in then . Warm them thoroughly with a hot air blower /paint stripper , or put them on a tray in the oven when your wife /girlfriend isn't around being careful with or removing any plastic parts .  When realy warm they should turn quite easily but dont force them. Once they turn then introduce some diesel fuel or light thin oil and turn over until free and loose .  It should be ok to run them now  .Really stubborn gummed engines may need more heat  . To clean the exterior after freeing off and when cooled down , rinse with some cellulose thinner /gun wash grade / used with a stiff brush or old tooth brush  this works well . Oil wth some good quality oil and store in a sealed container / plastic bag . Hope it helps
Thread: Medway MFC Free Flight and Radio assist Vintage and Scale days
23/02/2010 12:11:15

Medway Model flying Club are having three Free flight Radio assist Fly-in’s for vintage and scale at their Harty flying site situated On the Isle of Sheppey near Leysdown .The dates are 13th June, 18th July and 26th September 2010 . Cost is £3-00 al flyers The site is very large , open and flat . Engine size is  limited to 2.5cc . Electric and gliders also welcomed with no restriction on size . For further details contact Neville  or Mike Smith at >>

Directions ;From the M2 or M20 turn north to the Isle of Sheppey then turn right on to the B2231 for approx 5 miles past Eastchurch and then turn right into Hart Ferry Road (a very narrow lane) continue for about 2.5 miles and look out for the “Raptor View Point” on the left and turn left into field

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Thread: Medway MFC Swapmeet/bootsale
23/02/2010 12:08:59

Medway Model Flying club having Swap meet /boot sale followed by a   fly-in at their Stickfast lane Flying site on Sunday 9th May and August 8th  2010 Situated near Iwade ,Sittingbourne just off the A249  £5-00 a boot . Starts at  10AM until it ends . Anyone wishing to fly after the sale will have to show proof of insurance. For further details or to book in advance or Phil at

Edited By Timbo - Administrator on 03/04/2010 10:07:13

Thread: Giving it that weathered used look
20/02/2010 17:33:56
Hi Iv'e found the best way to tone down a bright  new finish is to dust with light coats of dirty thinners . Well not exactly dirty  but thinners with just a tiny ammount of black or dark brown paint added  . Apply light coats letting it fall onto the model ,dont spray direct onto model or you will get patchesof diferent shades. Any areas  that need dark streaks can be acheived with pencil lead sanded to a powder and applied with your finger.If you apply too much it can be removed with some meths .Its not poisonous as some people think . Exhuast  marks on war birds are usually a light grey colour again apply light coats of coloured thinners until satisfied When happy with the result seal it with coat of  Tough coat fuel proofer . I mix up some matt and satin together to get that proper look . too flat or too shiny will look wrong.  Good luck with the project
Nice Hurricane Gadyrdal Is it a DB ? What engine is fitted ? I have just built one for a  mate  Power is a dl 50 . I covered that with Brown paper and PVA. Panel lines were achived with either brown paper strip stuck on  a or Sheets cut to represent the actual panels . Rear of fus was covered in solartex and all the camouflage is painted on using Spectrum enamel . its waiting for the detail and weathering at the moment but will hopefully fly this summer.
Thread: Medway Model Flying Club
17/02/2010 17:18:12
Medway MFC new website address is  the link in the previous post will also work .We still have a few vacancies for fixed wing pilots, any age or experience welcome .
Thanks Timbo for editing the previous post
Thread: Cleaning my OS 46LA
03/02/2010 11:01:59
Hello Nigel  Bettaware oven cleaner or they may call it carbon remover will remove all traces of burnt castor given time . If your engine has a painted finish ,ei; blue LA or a red irvine it will strip it back to aluminium . If its already alumininum its the best stuf to use as it wont discolour the aluminium like Mr Muscle and some other products . you could also try a immersing the engine in Cellulose thinners and give it a brush with an old tooth brush or similar .Thats the downside of using castor oil based fuel . Use a good sythetic and your engine will wipe clean for years without need for brushes and chemicals . I wouldn't recomend using synthetic oil fuel in this engine especially if the piston is discoloured or laquered as the synthetic will clean away the laquer and the engine could  loose its compression .
Whoops ! Have I started a Castor versus Synthetic debate again  ? 
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