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Thread: Engine casting crack repair
29/08/2009 12:05:16
Hi . Have thought about replacing the c/case ? I know this ounds obvious but I bet there arehundreds of Indian mils out there with broken bits and good c/cases  . If you cant get one that way have you thought about using Technoweld ? It melts at a much lower temp than the ali and brass bearing and you only need a small blow lamp. Basic set costs around a tenner ( or it used to) . Hope you get it sorted.
Thread: Vacancies MMFC
29/08/2009 11:55:00
Thanks Timbo ,  key board in top gear and brain in neutral .......................again .
Thread: Cyanoacrylate safety
29/08/2009 10:53:37
Pumice stone in warm soapy water removes it very quickly from hands . Haven't tried on face though
Thread: Vacancies MMFC
29/08/2009 10:29:58
Medway MFC has vacancies for Fixed wing flyers . They fly at Iwade near Sittingbourne in kent . 7 days a week  10an to 7pm . Experienced members available to assist novices on buddy lead . All ages welcome . For further details please PM me.

Edited By Timbo - Moderator on 29/08/2009 10:50:58

Thread: SC / ASP 160 Flat Twin Help
13/08/2009 11:16:40
Hi James .Steve hargreaves is spot on with his advice . I have a Magnum 160 (they are all the same . It definately needs the onboard glow .They run very smoothly ,but make sure you buy one with good compression on BOTH cylinders . Mine had poor comp on on cylinder due to a poor cyl head and had to be replaced under warranty . Mine was fitted to an 80inch clipped wing cub and flew very well sounded and great  tick over is superb and slow with the o/b glow . Hope it helps .
Thread: OS 70 4 Stroke Needle Valve Issue
13/08/2009 11:04:54
Hello Brownie. I had a similar problem with a os 26 F/S a couple of months ago . Bought at a swapmeet it seemed s sweet little engine but like yours , the mixture couldn't be weakened sufficiently to idle. The needle just wasn't seating and I believe it was from a different engine .so check if the needle is damaged or is the correct part first . As a new carb would have cost more than the price paid for the engine I decided to modify the carb . It was a very simple fix and took about ten minutes. Remove the carb from the engine andthen remove the fuel jet (the bit that the needle screws into) . Now care fully remove some of the threaded section where the needle screws in witha small grinding dish on a dremel . Be careful not o remove too much . Now fit a lenght of silicone tubing over the jet end and screw the needle into the jet , while blowing down the tube until you can shut off the air supply .You may have to repeat the grinding process a couple of time . Once the needle can screw in far enough to shut of the air flow the job is done . Reasemble after thoroughly whashing the parts in some fuel and you will be able to tune the motor for a good tick over . hope this helps .
Thread: SC 61 problem
27/05/2009 14:03:27
Sounds to me like the bottom end is a bit too rich and a puddle is forming in the crank case . All glow  engines will do exactly the same until they are fully run in and correctly adjusted .Try closing the slow running mixture screw about 1/8 th of a turn and try again . It may take a few attempts but it should solve the problem .
Thread: Exhaust Gasket for SC.46
27/05/2009 13:55:40
Hello Scott. Dont bother with a gasket as it will keep compressing and allow the muffler to come loose or even fall Off. Use a thin bead of epoxy but make sure the theads on the bolts are oiled. It makes an oil tight joint that wont come undone until you want it to. It also allows more heat to disipate into the muffler casing unlike a gasket that is an insulator . When yu want to remove the muffler , remove the screws and give the muffler a sharp tap. Always remove any old epoxy before refitting .
Thread: Super tigre 25cc, prop size required - help with info please.
27/05/2009 13:49:11
It's a long time since we had one of these at our club .I seem to remember one in a Taylor craft fitted with a 16 x 8 . hope it helps .
Thread: Modifying the Spektrum Transmitters
27/05/2009 13:45:55
Hi all . There have been recent warnings in the BMFA news about modifyinfgTx's . Will these moifications (changing the battery type and fitting low battery alarm)  effect the CE certification  and any subsequent liability claims ? Discuss .
Thread: Medway MFC Swapmeet / Car boot sale
04/05/2009 19:39:18
Medway MFC invite you to a Modelling Swapmeet /car boot sale  on Saturday 6th June  .From 9am to 2 pm at their Stickfast lane flying site near Iwade ,Sittingbourne ,Kent . Sell anthing legal , Modelling items prefered. Planes Helis, Boats ,cars tools books etc . NO FLYING during the swapmeet but a fly-in afterwards. BMFA insurance required . All profits will go to our club charity  "The Kent Air Ambulance" for more information  or directions call Phil on 01795-476535 . Colin on 01634-317187 , Neville on 01795-877918 .visit our website at :
Thread: Covering challenge.
10/04/2009 09:24:36
Hi John . Why not make up a dummy nose section and have a practice ? It wouldn't take long to fabricate a replica nose out of some scrap and you wouldn't risk damageing you model . I have used epoxy and glass no problem but I don't know how poly C reacts with the glass cloth or how quickly it becomes sticky .
Thread: Old OS 40 MAX
09/04/2009 17:54:07
Hello Gareth . You can get 3.5mm screws quite easily from engineers suppliers . I believe you can also get them from screwfix but they have a counter sunk head as they are supplied for use in electrical switches etc
Thread: ENYA 80 FS Tuning!!
01/04/2009 09:36:24
Hello Widget. I have an old Enya 60 FS that had similar characteristics and would then backfire and throw the prop .I finally cured it by fitting a Taylor short reach idle bar glow plug . it is now a really great engine to run. Worth a try but you may have a problem obtaining said glow plug. Try reducing the comprssion by adding a couple of copper washers under the glowplug .Have you experimented with different fuel ? I now run all my engines with a reduced oil content as 20% is IMO to much so have reduced it to 17.5% synthetic. Also the extra methanol gives better running .Southern model craft supply the fuel mixed to your requirement and Dave ,who is very knowlogable will advise. Other thing to check is that the air bleed hole for slow running is not blocked with old castor oil (one of the reasons I dont use it) Castor can set like a soft varnish and effectivly reduce or close off the air bleed and cause a rich bottom end setting as you describe. The air bleed screw is visible through the hole and should be approximately half way across the hole to begin with . Screw tthe slow running screw in to richen and out to weaken the mixture. allow to idle for a bout ten seconds between adjust ments and only make very small adjustments each time.
Hope this is of some help .
p.s.Steve Webb models keep spares for Old Enyas and are very helpful.
Thread: BMFA Classifieds !
29/03/2009 12:18:16
Hello all . Glad its not just me ! I thought somthing may have gotten into the system ?
I'm glad they are trying to stop the Scammers as they are a real pain . Hopefully a small update on the BMFA homepage will appear . Keep up the good work BMFA .
Thread: Diesel or glow?
29/03/2009 12:12:37
Hello Steve ,have you tried Googling Dave Boddington ? That may giveyou a contact . I recently read about his engine either in the RCM&E or the BMFA news and I believe a contact number / address was given . You could also give Flight Hook a call ( cant find their number just now ) they supplied some fantastic smal diesels and may be able to help .
Thread: BMFA Classifieds !
29/03/2009 11:58:15
 Hi all . Is anyone else having trouble getting onto the BMFA classifieds  ?  For a couple of days I keep getting " error check data base settings" every time I try to log on .
Thread: .30 Size Plane Ideas Please
24/03/2009 13:51:41
Chris foss made a 30 sized trainer kit called the uno wot . If assembled wiyh no dihedral it makes an excellent sport model .
Happy landings
Thread: Auto transmission fluid
24/03/2009 13:43:40
Hi Frank . Auto trans fluid is ok for after run oil . I now use a product from weston UK called Vapour Oil . Put a few drops in the carb , flick a couple of times and the oil will creep and protect the whole inards of the engine . Cost is about a fiver a bottle but I can recomend it .  It really is good for long lay ups or storage and wont gum up like trans fluid .warning ! if you get it on you hands DONT touch your mouth or eyes as it stings ! Guess how I know ?
Thread: Carbs/fuel control
08/03/2009 13:11:11
Hello Barrie . The SC rear mounted needle valve can be easily converted to fit most engines. As most chinese engines are very near copies of OS they are all very similar dimensions and slight elongation of the mounting holes on the needle valve mounting bracket allows you to fit to most engines. I fitted a rear needle valve to an OS 60 FP a couple of weeks ago  Took a couple of minutes and cost about a fiver for the part as I already had a needle .(I bought a bracket for a Magum 60 ) The rear mounting bracket from ASP SC or magnum are quite cheap and easy to obtain. The JEN engine range are possibly from the same source so Just engines may be a good source for the Parts.The original needle valve on the FP carb was broken so I just soldered over the end of the broken thread allowing a clear passage for fuel to enter the carb.
Hope it Helps
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