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Thread: OS FSR engines
02/02/2020 10:15:36

The peeling liners were very prevalent on the 32 SX engines of the 90's It was so bad that Rip-Max were doing free rebuilds for a time until the range was changed I have a couple other sizes of SX and Fx with peeled liners . I had never seen it before the SX . It was obviously a fault in the OS plating process as the cheaper ASP/SC engines of the time ,although inferior in other ways never had the peeling problem . A few of the ASP/SC liners were a direct replacement for the OS parts as were some of the older Magnum parts for the FP range and were a fraction of the price !

I may be wrong but didn't this problem occur when OS tried to cut costs and engine production was moved to Tiawan. It was also when an altogether cheaper ranges of engines like the LA range and FL 70 four-stroke were introduced .The La 40 and above having Cylinder liners that feel like pieces of thin plated copper pipe ; although these didn't have the peeling problem as far as I know and last well despite the painted crankcases looking terrible JMO .Any attempt to clean them resulted in a silver LA

Thread: Chinese suppliers
30/01/2020 17:23:26

I was told at our meeting last night that posties have been given disposable glove as they are handling packet from china .

I don't know what the life of a virus is on inert packaging but I have disinfected some bits just arrived from china with some Dettol wipes just in case

Thread: Removing anodizing
29/01/2020 10:53:24
Posted by Gary Murphy 1 on 29/01/2020 08:41:48:

36hrs and still counting. the formula being changed and what notis my only doubt , what with health and safety. we used to use a cream kitchen cleaner,can not think of the name,well known,but it changed to CIF. its useless now ,wont budge marks from a white surface,i digress.

It was called " Jif " . The newer useless stuff usually has the " New improved formula " added on the packing!

Use caustic soda . I have used it to stripp anodising before re anodising a different colour. Take all precaution already mentioned have a container of clean water handy and a bottle of vinegar to neutralise any splashes and dont go away and leave it.

Thread: Custom wiring
27/01/2020 14:37:47

I don't know of any suppliers as virtually all installations are different and will need custom leads. Ask around you club as there is usually someone who can do these jobs . I have been using the battery balance extension leads for this purpose and it make assembly of model at the field so easy. Look for the heavy duty ex leads with silicone or heavier duty wires . No crimping just solder and heat shrink the joints.

Thread: Need AA cells - best source for non-fake Eneloops?
26/01/2020 10:13:43

Have a look at . I have used their "ready to go" enloope  equivalent NiMh for years and they are excellent and reasonably priced. Only drawback is they only come in button top that make welding packs a little more trickier than flattop cells.

Edited By Engine Doctor on 26/01/2020 10:17:03

Thread: Capiche 50
25/01/2020 17:57:12
Posted by Garry G on 30/07/2009 16:21:05:
Island Models appear to have stopped trading, does anyone know if these kits are still available?
I have twice e-mailed Weston, who are now selling two ARTF versions, to ask if they intend to produce the 50 size but have had no response.

Try giving them a call on 01795-521020 or 01795-521030

Alan and June may be away hence no reply but James will be able to up-date you on availability.

They list a 52 here

Edited By Engine Doctor on 25/01/2020 17:58:48

Thread: Bmfa new set up
21/01/2020 10:35:31

No need for a war and peace sized discussion with all the associated what if's , could be's and other Chinese whispers. Give Andy Symons a call or email and get a proper explanation

Thread: Stuck piston ring
20/01/2020 13:01:13

As suggested an "Italian tune up" may do the trick also as said "If its not rusty "

If engine has been stored for a long period and there's a chance it may be rusty then running it with a stuck piston ring may do damage to the liner.

Thread: Synthetic instead of caster oil?
19/01/2020 10:38:33
Posted by John Wagg on 15/01/2020 20:33:07:

I have always used caster based fuels. Both 2 stroke and 4. Just ordered some Laser 5% which is synthetic. Now on full size engines it was considered not good to change oil types (mineral to synthetic). Is there any problems switching between lube' oils on my engines?

Let's get back to the O/P and answer the question for John .

No problem changing John . With model engines as so much fuel goes through them that any residue will be flushed out provided it hasn't been in storage for ages and set like varnish. If your engines are old / vintage engines then continue to use castor based fuel with a high castor content . This is preferred as old engines generally have poorer working tolerances and were often made from poorer quality materials needing higher oil content and higher viscosity oil ,hence Castor oil was used. Modern engines are a different breed , generate more power hence more heat ancestor oil simply turns to varnish and causes engine damage at worst . At the least it will bake onto the external cases and you shiny new engine ends up looking like a chip pan !

Model diesel engines use castor based fuel as they generally have a cast iron piston and steel liner and the quantity of fuel/ oil that passes through them protects the moving parts well and the rescue from the paraffin keeps the castor from baking on and is easily wiped away. Cox engines are similar having steel liners and pistons and run ell on any decent castor based fuel.

There are exceptions and a few diesel use ABC piston liner technology so I'll probably benefit from synthetic based fuel.

Modern synthetic oil is extremely good . I have used it in all types of engine including YS and it's brilliant.

So modern engines use modern ( synthetic) fuel .

Thread: 7 Day challenge Nigel Hawes 30" Tucano...............
14/01/2020 16:04:02

Ita great little plane . I was given the very first production kit that Nigel Hawes made by a friend who bought it years ago and gave it to me shortly after . It sat in my loft for some time before I built it it was originally powered by a Cox TeeDee 051 but changed it to electric as I constantly had problems with engine runs The old brushed motors had been replaced by brushless by the time I had removed the cox and fitted a 2750Kv outrunner , cost £5 on ebay .Its so fast and powerful on a 1500 3s lipo . It goes vertical from your hand , count to three slowly and its at the limits of sight vertically . Its a go to model when ever I want a quick flight although its easy to fly with an excellent fast glide .

I'd go so far to say thats its probably the simplest and best fun model I have built in many years .

Choose a bright colour scheme as edge on it can disappear as wings are very thin.

Good luck with the build and have fun

Thread: Stuck piston ring
11/01/2020 10:47:12
Posted by Denis Watkins on 11/01/2020 09:23:12:

Try Freezing

Then warming

Good point Dennis. The contraction and then expansion of the alloy piston will be greater than the iron piston ring and may compress the varnish/gum etc that's holding the piston in its groove .

Soaking it before hand in plus gas may soften the varnish /gum and make the effect more pronounced .

10/01/2020 16:43:51

Hello Ted . It should come out but it takes time .I have done many over the years and only occasionally have I been beaten . A good soak in some "Plus Gas " really helps . Other penetrating oils like WD 40 are a waste of time . Some heat will also help but you will need more that a oven . I have used a small blow lamp but care needs to be taken as overheating will ruin the temper of the ring . Heat the whole piston gently from the crown and allow the heat to travel down past the ring .If this fails to loosen it then soak over night in Plus Gas and try again . Then try prying the gap of the ring apart very gently with a Jeweler screwdriver sharpened to a sharp edge . Be VERY gentle or the ring can break . Once it starts to move push it back in then pry it out of the slot again and again ,gradually it will free . Keep applying plus gas to the area .

If it does break then a new / replacement ring is available on ebay for about £10

Good luck and let us know how you get on .


08/01/2020 10:38:58

As others have said " plug a Plug and socket together when soldering to prevent distortion of the mouldings" .

Don't forget though that when soldering to battery leads the contacts sticking out the end can will/can short on anything conductive like your helping hands so please insulate the bare contacts with some heat shrink.

Thread: Futaba type transmitter charging plug
07/01/2020 10:00:11
Posted by Don Fry on 06/01/2020 19:43:57:

Thanks Bob, that makes some sense. I was wondering about passing the current through a 2mm pin.

I think I will give the 2.5mm plug a go. Bottom line, if wrong, not bankrupt.

Don what current are you considering for the jack plug ? They are not meant for heavy current and the center pin is not the weak spot ,it's the spring contact that makes contact with the outer part of the plug . I may be wrong but would suggest 3 to 5 amps max and check if it gets warm after extended use. Futaba only used them for under 1 amp for charging Tx's. 

Edited By Engine Doctor on 07/01/2020 10:01:57

Thread: 2020 BMFA power nationals
05/01/2020 16:04:47

The word must be out that its the August Bank Holiday weekend Just had the B&B owner where we stay call to check if we are still going as she has been inundated with calls for that weekend and all have said they are going to the Nats .

Thread: CAA announce New drone trials !
26/12/2019 11:32:32
Posted by Don Fry on 26/12/2019 11:17:06:

Yea, but this is Sky News. Check they can get the date right, and if the writer has every been to school, or studied anything better than an basic level qualification in useless adjectives, and in pulling the wings off flies.

It struck me that they were describing, is it extended line of sight?, already allowed for in the regulations. Unless the government moves to limit liability to bystanders, what Sky was implying ain't going to happen.

Hi Don . They Quote " up to 50 miles " Now that is extended line of site smiley

Thread: Building an electric Super Scorpion
26/12/2019 11:13:05

The Super scorpion is a lovely graceful aircraft . I don't know about the Ben Buckle version but the original KK model have a very weak dihedral brace . This was fine for free flight but often failed when converted to RC causing the wing to fold . Do please check the wing joiner and make stronger if needed

Thread: CAA announce New drone trials !
26/12/2019 11:04:47

See Sky News article re the trials or remotely operated drone trials Now many of us have signed up to the new regs imposed upon us by the CAA and DFT and paid our £9 : all of a sudden its ok to fly drones Via FPV from remote control units for deliveries and Site inspections flaunting the laws and regs imposed upon us .Not just out of line of site but up to 50 miles away according to the article .  It looks like we modelers have been used/duped  to help pay for the setting up of this CAA department, or am I just being cynical ?

Conned by duplicitous politicians and back room departments yet again ?

This also begs the question ,is it these drones that are being reported by pilots of aircraft all along ?

If we do it its called mischief or breaking the law if a company does it its called progress

Edited By Engine Doctor on 26/12/2019 11:07:09

Thread: Greetings from the land of Oz
25/12/2019 12:56:54

"Putting the E back into RCM&E". Does anyone remember when RCM&E was a small A5 sized magazine ? I was a school boy back then ,must have been 1959/60 ish. The mag always had aero, boats and some electronic DIY projects to whet your appetite. Can anyone remember the four channel TX ( 2 channel by proportional standards) that used a tobacco tin for a case. I built it as we had a local components shop near Clapham junction where I could get all the bits . Even made the PCB using Humbrol paint as the mask and Ferric Chloride that I bought at the local Chemist and didn't need a parent with me ! The only thing I couldn't get back then was a small telescopic aerial so used a bit of piano wire. It worked but  affected range and eventually the TX was binned as I managed to find a second hand REP Tri Tone Tx. With a ten channel reed bank it was possible to get about five channels using a combination of buttons.   The tobacco tin TX did work but only at about half the length of Clapham Common pond !

Good educational mag, it's a pity times have changed so much

Edited By Engine Doctor on 25/12/2019 13:09:50

Edited By Engine Doctor on 25/12/2019 13:10:56

Thread: Merry Christmas
25/12/2019 11:25:10

A merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to one and all From Medway Model Flying Club.

We had our Christmas Club meeting on 18th December. A pleasant evening with a quiz ,a raffle and an excellent buffet .

We also presented the Air Ambulance Kent Surrey and Sussex a cheque for £2000 . MMFC have collected for the Air Ambulance since the early 2000's by having Swapmeets .raffles , indoor flying sessions and tea and cake bars at our summer club days . All of the profits from these go to our clubs charity the Air Ambulance . The members have chosen again them for the 2020 club Charity.

Below are a few of our club members including the two youngest , presenting our cheque to the Air Ambulance volunteer rep Mr Wildridge . MMFC

£2000 is not a lot in the scheme of things but all contributions add up the the £3 M a year needed to keep it flying and saving lives .


Ps We must send the photographer on a course !

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