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Thread: Saito 50 exhaust pipe and nut.
23/04/2020 10:20:20

Sorry for late late reply but have been doing all the things that get left in normal life like painting garden furniture,cleaning out the pond etc. Thanks for all the suggestions, especially the brake pipe nut yes. The pipe is an easy thing to make but. Like most of us n lockdown I'm going through stuff and thought I would ask first as there must be hundred lying around.


21/04/2020 14:24:06

That's the one !


21/04/2020 11:24:32

Hi all. Does anyone have a exhaust pipe and nut for an older Saito they no longer need ? I have an unused Saito 50 that I bought years ago that I have lost the exhaust for. Its the type with a pressure nipple but no silencer . Please PM if you can help .


Thread: Propeller Fitting
21/04/2020 10:07:03

Many Electric props come with a set of washers/ spacers with different diameter holes through them to fit different sized shafts. These are inserted in the recessed part of the prop to hold the prop central on the prop shaft. Ease the prop to fit snug up against the prop driver and if it's loose on the shaft fit one of the washer / spacers for snug fit .

Edited By Engine Doctor on 21/04/2020 10:12:09

Thread: RC IC Engines, you've probably never heard of.
20/04/2020 11:33:20

An interesting and entertaining video of the early helicopter Peter. I am always amused how the pilots follow the model as if its on an umbilical cable ,its as if being nearer gives them better  control smiley


Edited By Engine Doctor on 20/04/2020 11:42:16

Thread: cleaning cox 049
19/04/2020 10:41:57
Posted by BackinBlack on 18/04/2020 20:08:27:

Avoid using 3in1 oil, it does more harm than good over time as it has a corrosive effect. Better use a good 2 stroke oil.

Stay Safe


yes + 1 for that . 3 in 1 oil is corrosive and will do lasting damage ,it also sets like varnish . Two stroke oil is good . I also use Air tool oil for laying up. It doesn't set or dry out like many other oils.

Thread: Poorly OS40 repair
18/04/2020 14:53:25
Posted by Doc Marten on 17/04/2020 14:55:36:

The Alum trick I mentioned. Another tool in the box.

Removing ferrous metal from non ferrous castings.

And another

Edited By Doc Marten on 17/04/2020 14:57:45

That a really interesting tip that I had never hear of before

Thread: Anyone still using a balsa stripper?
17/04/2020 10:59:56

I still have one but have not used it in ages as its only any good on very thin stuff ,anything thicker and it didn't cut square. The last small models I built , a Frog 45 and a Auster both for Frog 1.5 power and 2 ch radio I used a straight edge and a scalpel .Any strips I need I now use my trusty band-saw .

Thread: my MAX THRUST -VORTEX 400 *review* (new thread)
13/04/2020 11:42:36

Just a little beware for the Vortex.

If you choose to fly thr Vortex in Knife edge then be aware that the aerodynamic forces acting on the air-frame can cause the canopy to un-clip and eject !!. The model without its canopy fly's very differently and not very nicely . This has happened twice now to to two different flyers at our club , admittedly when the vortex first came out . So make sure the canopy has a secure fitting(front) to prevent it coming off or modify it .

Thread: ED Super Fury Carburettor
12/04/2020 11:46:39

Contact Weston Uk . Alan might have a replacement backplate as he owns the ED Name /Rights and has some parts .Not sure about the Fury ,but its worth a try. If that fails it might be worth looking for a Alloy back.plate on the BMFA or RCM&E classifieds

Thread: Mills 0.75 compression screw
11/04/2020 13:00:52

The only Mills that existed in 1946 was like this one below, except with a parallel fin profile. This photo is a 1947 engine, I haven't got a photo handy of the 1946 Series 1, but they're identical except for the fin profile.

mills 005.jpg

Hi Broken english. When I started collecting engines many years ago I bought a MK one Mills 1.3 as above . I bought it from a old gent who flew Hurricanes in WW 11. He bought it directly after the war. The finish on the castings was as if it had been filed with a bastard file or a linnishing belt . He told me this was as he had bought it !.

In my ignorance I set about smoothing and polishing it to a chrome like finish ! I still have it although it dulled a little over the years. Should have left it alone as it obviously escaped the factory in an unfinished state !

11/04/2020 12:17:59

Hi Bert . Some engine seem to loosen the comp screw no matter what , possibly due to the frequency of the vibration . Many engines had a limiter pin that screwed into the head like the Mills but this limited the adjustment to just under one turn of the comp screw. Not much good when engine bedded in or flooded  and needed more or less comp than the limiter would allow so these were often removed  Back in the day lock-nut levers were sold by model shops to prevent screws coming undone. I have one fitted on a Frog 150 . They work well but not ideal if engine is buried in a cowl .

Pic from internet


capture comp screw 2.jpg

Edited By Engine Doctor on 11/04/2020 12:20:43

Edited By Engine Doctor on 11/04/2020 12:24:23

Thread: Transmitter battery
11/04/2020 11:15:05

yes + 1 for Eneloop 2000 or similar *. Simple to charge , no mods to case or lead .last really well , hold charge for months if not used.

* supply read to go cells at very good price . Tx packs easy to make.

Kiss principle keep It Simplesmiley.

Thread: Mills 0.75 compression screw
11/04/2020 11:01:12

Hi Martin you say that they ( the comp screw ?) Unscrew in flight ? If that's the case then the problem is more likely to b a loose contra piston . If compression can be adjusted very easily then a loose contra piston will be the culprit. Two possible fixes

1 Make a new contra piston

2 Remove contra piston an find a ball bearing that will sit in the recess without touching the sides. Lay contra piston on a smooth flat metal surface ,t something like a vice etc then hit the ball bearing with a hammer. The idea is to expand the contra piston slightly to restore the fit and resulting friction. Trial and error is the game. So hit it and try the fit , if it's still loose hit it a bit harder and try fit again. Repeat until a good tight fit in the top of the cylinder is obtained. If you go too far then fit the contra piston to a screw or bolt , and mount in a drill ( there is usually a thread in the top used to fit during manufacture) and using some fine art and dry paper abrade the outer surface until it fits tightly in the cylinder.

Do be careful as hitting the contra too hard can crack it.

Thread: Poly -C
09/04/2020 10:56:08

To answer original question , Poly C isn't suitable for open framework tissue. It's really a substitute for epoxy etc to fix tissue , nylon or glass to sheeted panels. JMHO but it's a poor substitute as adhesion is not as strong as dope or epoxy resin but the benefit is little or no smell.

Thread: Poorly OS40 repair
09/04/2020 10:41:39

Hello John . I have a con rod from a 52 rs that you can have if it will help ? PM me your address and I'll get it in the post . Rod came out of engine with damaged casing .


Thread: Benefits of the lockdown
07/04/2020 14:05:08
​​​​​​Posted by Doc Marten on 07/04/2020 11:35:07:

The MOT is only as good as the hour it's under test, drive away and a dozen parts could fail to make it unroadworthy.

I look after my car, as soon as it needs a repair or I spot something I see to it, for people like me the test is unnecessary.

yes + 1 . It's the only way to keep on top of things. I do most jobs on my car myself and as above fix any faults as soon as spotted. It drive me mad seeing cars with bald tyres, broken lights and occasionally some only fit for the breakers on our roads. Not as many these days but still too many.

I've just fitted new brake discs and pads etc ,then polished the inside of the wheels !

OTT yes but nothing else to dosmiley

Thread: Cox 0,49 vs PAW 80
06/04/2020 12:36:21

The Black Widow is great little engine and with correct fuel will go like the clappers. The PAW 80 is also a great engine but totally different characteristics as already said . It really depends on whether you want out and out speed or pulling power/grunt. Cox for speed (and Noise) PAW for grunt ,

Good luck and have fun .

Thread: Coverings: not sure...
05/04/2020 10:40:08

You can buy a matt finish iron on laminating film in very thin gauges (microns)  I have some 32 micron but it's probably too thick for your model . Ask the control line combat flyers what they use.  10 micron stuff is available but getting difficult to find.

Edited By Engine Doctor on 05/04/2020 10:44:07

Thread: Is Wallpaper overlap adhesive similar to Balsaloc
04/04/2020 17:14:14
Posted by Andy Stephenson on 04/04/2020 16:39:28:

The glue I bought from the local pound shop for sticking down edges of wall paper turned out to be PVA which I ended up using to cover foam wings cores with lining paper.

I wouldn't use standard PVA as a heat sensitive adhesive as I don't think it's very effective. Instead I have used Deluxe Materials CoverGrip which is made for the job.


yes +1 for Cover Grip

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