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Thread: Damage after crash - motor shaft off center
11/10/2019 13:17:07

If the motor mount is firm and the foam is not crushed around the mounting up then the thrust angle is still ok . Check if the prop spins ok as the crash is far more likely to have bent either the motor shaft or the ali prop adapter , both easily remedied /replaced

Thread: Suggestions for sport planes for an OS 25 FX engine
10/10/2019 08:37:49
Posted by S V on 09/10/2019 19:25:53:

One more query - does the OS 25 FX compare favorably in power to a SC 32 - some of the plans I have call out 25 - 32 2 stroke engines, and I prefer being at the higher end of the recommended engine.


The 32 will have the edge and if you put a Weston UK mini pipe on it it will really go Same crankcase size so I'd plump for the 32 as you can always use the throttle . The 25 is a good engine but doesnt have the grunt of the 32 . A 36 is even better and still the same size . Have flown fun fighters and fun flys on both 25 and 32 and would go for the 32 every time . The 25 will do the job but IMHO its better to have the option of a little more power.

Re your query about the Capiche  If the plan was a Malcolm Corbin plan then you can rest assured that its a good flyer and all of his plane were sorted  before being put out as plans unlike some other plans in the mags . Some of the later ARTF Capiches had modified wings and some were horrible things to fly and by then  had nothing to do with Malcolm . I believe the latest range are fine but Malcolm has not had any input for some years since he left the hobby.


Edited By Engine Doctor on 10/10/2019 08:45:49

Thread: Latest CAA Update
09/10/2019 10:36:13
Posted by Peter Christy on 09/10/2019 08:35:59:
Posted by Steve J on 08/10/2019 21:47:52:

Posted by Martin_K on 08/10/2019 21:33:13:

Dave Phipps does not make reference to the specific category, Matty does.

If you go back to Opinion 01-2018, the draft article that became article 16 explicitly referred to the specific category, for some reason it no longer does, but article 3 makes it clear.

"(b) UAS operations in the ‘specific’ category shall require an operational authorisation issued by the competent authority pursuant to Article 12 or an authorisation received in accordance with Article 16, or, under circumstances defined in Article 5(5), a declaration to be made by a UAS operator;"


Edited By Steve J on 08/10/2019 22:07:14

And presumably only when there's an "R" in the name of the month!

Who writes this guff? Where's the Campaign for Plain English when you need them?



" Yes Minister "

Thread: BMFA site
07/10/2019 10:09:13

Just tried to connect and get the same message. Will ring them later and get an update.

Thread: What's your favourite way of attaching a canopy?
04/10/2019 11:41:13

Zap-A-Dab-a-Goo form zap glues is good if you can still get hold of it . I bought a few large tubes some years ago when it was getting scarce .

Just checked on the net and its still available but seems to be priced parallel to the gold standard !. Alternatives are Goop or Shoe Goo

Put a bead on and hold in place with tape . Very strong .

Thread: Guess the fault
04/10/2019 11:19:26

Hi Cuban 8 . Since loosing a good model some years ago due to 1 cell going down in a nearly new pack ,I now ckeck packs regularly with a load applied . This shows up any weak cells after a few seconds . I also use two packs with a diode on each pack on bigger models to insure against such a problem occurring again.

Lady luck was on your side that day , well spotted.

Thread: SC53 Four stroke
02/10/2019 09:37:18

Hello Douglas . If you mean turning the throttle arm 180 degrees then yes its very simple . You need a small allen key to loosen the set screw on the center mounting. turn the arm and re-tighten . Job done .

Thread: Think I've been spammed!
01/10/2019 12:26:43

Well done Simon for persevering and well done to the bank . I hope the culprit gets done well and truly by the law.

Thread: Cleaning engines using ultrasound.
01/10/2019 12:16:07

Hi Dave . Ultra sound will remove dirt but wont restore the finish if its etched into the surface . A strip down and wash then a bead blast will restore to a near new finish . Polished parts will have to be re-polished . Followed by another thorough wash to remove any glass beads/debris before re-assembly .

Below is an early OS 120 I bought as a box of black oily castor coated bits .Its been bead blasted and now looks splendid Only parts to be replaced were the bearings , as you would expect ,cam cover and camshaft and followers .

I now regularly do rebuilds for club mates on old engines that are sound but look tatty . 



Edited By Engine Doctor on 01/10/2019 12:17:02

Edited By Engine Doctor on 01/10/2019 12:18:58

Thread: Club Night?
01/10/2019 09:48:21

We have tried having speakes or demos in the past but the low numbers attending have made us question whether it's worth while.

A neighbouring club invited us to a brilliant talk given by Tony Nijhuis some years ago and our party of five outnumbered their members! So it appears all clubs have the problem .

We still have our monthly meetings with any club business and then a social evening but numbers are low. We could possibly fill the seats if we had all the soaps showing after the club business smiley

Thread: Balsacraft Limbo Dancer IC
30/09/2019 09:34:44
​​​​​​Posted by SIMON CRAGG on 30/09/2019 02:14:41:

Having had a plethora of "Fun Fly " models over the years, I would fit an 1100 mah Life pack for the RX, and a more powerful lightweight engine (.36 size ideally). For more grunt fit a power pipe if required. A fine pitch wide blade prop is a good idea as well. These models need to be kept light, and every little helps.

yes + 1 .as Simon says keep it as light as you can . I used to use a 5cell AAA pack and never had any problems but check battery before each flight. A LiFe would be ideal. Fit a heavy engine and they become sluggish at lower speeds . I have had a few fun fly models and generally used a 32 /36 engine with a Weston throttle pipe. They often turn up at the club with a 46 or even an occasional 53 fast vertical or straight line flying but lose the low speed agility.

Edited By Engine Doctor on 30/09/2019 09:36:57

Thread: Toni Clarke fuel tank - how do they go together ?
29/09/2019 10:58:52

The fuel supply to carb goes on the cap . the other two nipples are a filler/drain and a breather and can be fitted in any suitable side of the tank. . No sealer should be required if parts are seated correctly ,just snug them up with correct spanner. Tip when you run the breather tube out of the model insert a piece of tube that is crimped with a pin in it . remove the pin and this will allow tank to breath but reduce any spills

Thread: Buying cheap new or (slightly) cheaper s/h?
28/09/2019 10:13:02

yes + 1 for the DX7 . I'm not generally a Spectrum fan but do have a DX 7 for the Ready to fly small models available. The DX7 will work on DSM2 and DSMX and as already said will "model Match" . Model match is one thing I wish my FF9 had . Its also made by JR and feels a sturdy Tx. . Be careful of fake Spectrum rx on the market .

28/09/2019 10:13:00

yes + 1 for the DX7 . I'm not generally a Spectrum fan but do have a DX 7 for the Ready to fly small models available. The DX7 will work on DSM2 and DSMX and as already said will "model Match" . Model match is one thing I wish my FF9 had . Its also made by JR and feels a sturdy Tx. . Be careful of fake Spectrum rx on the market .

Thread: Crashed my Spitfire now i will repair it
27/09/2019 10:24:56

Good to see new parts fitted that makes a strong and light repair. Some repairs I've seen over the years can only be described as a flying epoxy brick .

Good work.

Thread: A newbie trying to save some money
27/09/2019 10:20:39
Posted by Chris Walby on 27/09/2019 09:19:17:

.... do people have a thing against mode 3 and 4? Can and does anyone fly these modes?

They do but are probably wired up wrong smiley,.........,joking. I did know a chap who flew a very odd mix and had elevator forward for up ? And throttle up to closed ? He crashed regularly . Keep it simple and do as your instructor does

Thread: Buying cheap new or (slightly) cheaper s/h?
27/09/2019 10:05:01

If you are considering second hand then you can afford a Futaba or JR tx . A FF9 is a great tx and can be picked up for well under £100 as can the JR TXs . If you go for a 35 met set you can convert to 2.4 using FrSky module and Rxs.

Simple plug in conversion and very reliable, plus you can expand the model memory by pouting in a CamPac. Look for the later FF9 super easily identified by a red an blue led when switched on . The earlier model had a red and green led and is still a good TX . The "Super" has a few more features.

Thread: Have You Ever Noticed...
26/09/2019 17:34:43
Posted by David Davis on 24/09/2019 12:20:02:
Posted by Engine Doctor on 24/09/2019 11:31:04:

Its the main reaspon I dislike ARTF models. all clones of one another ! making your own colour scheme makes a model special . I was given a Cougar 2000 a year or so back . It had some damage so I stripped and recovered it giving it a totally different scheme. Its still just a Cougar but stands out head and shoulders above other cougars at the club

capture cougar1.jpgcapture cougar 2.jpg

Its now called "A Cougar Brexit Special" Fly the flag smiley

Edited By Engine Doctor on 24/09/2019 11:36:11

PS. Nice Cougar Engine Doctor! How did you manage it? Solartrim ?

Hello dave . yes its solar trim put on wet and Squeegeed .

Thread: The Repair Shop
25/09/2019 08:23:47

Providing they don't get a Mike Brewer type to present itangry It will survive

Thread: 2019: Britain's new air disaster
24/09/2019 12:17:45

I wish the media would stop "Droning " on about it at the slightest excuse !

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