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Thread: ASP 1.80 fs vs DLE 30 2s
09/08/2019 13:47:33

I have used / flown both engines and the DLE will run rings around the ASP 180 FS on power: but its noisy physically bigger when you add a decent silencer (supplied silencer is useless and just points the hot gas away from model noisily) and heavier when you include thedecent silencer,ignition unit and battery .

Horses for courses . ASP every time especially if your club has noise issues.

Thread: Solartex, any tips?
09/08/2019 11:17:25

The idea of going all over the covering and ironing down firmly after fixing the edges is especially pertinent on open structure models . Ironing and fixing it to the frame work after shrinking , stiffens the structure and prevents twisting and makes the whole model much stronger. Its done after shrinking so that any unwanted twists can be twisted out /corrected before its fixed to all of the framework locking it in place . On sheeted models it does help stop the covering bubble in hot weather.

If you have cut the surplus off of the rudder and you still have twists then you can probably remove the wrinkles by using a hot iron and press and drag the wrinkles out then trimming and sealing down the edges again . Getting a tight perfect finish all over the model is all down to getting experience with the material don't be disappointed if you have a couple of wrinkles if this is your first effort .

08/08/2019 10:12:56

The adhesive on Solar Tex and other iron on films can de grade and if as you say the protective covering was falling off then it's likely not at it's best. It usually adheres well with medium heat. I does need a higher heat to shrink it than solar-film

Modern cellulose thinners contains a high content of toluene It'sand xylene ,nasty substances by that is easily absorbed through you skin or inhalation and can affect your heart rate amongst other side effects so please be careful when using it.

Be aware that most single pack car paints Inc rattle cans are not fuel resistant and raw fuel or burnt fuel waste will remove or damage them with ease. You will need to apply a coat of fuel proofer.

Good luck and show us some pics of your efforts.

Thread: Prostate Cancer
07/08/2019 11:09:09
Posted by Andy Joyce on 05/08/2019 18:10:09:

Has anybody had the robot assisted radical prostatectomy?

Yes a friend at our club had it about 10 or 11 months ago . He is doing very well and was back at our indoor meetings within three weeks of having the procedure. He now has pee under control but did say he leaked a bit for a few months . He , as s most agree that loss of erectile function is a small price to pay .

Good luck and hope all goes well.

Thread: ED Hunter MK IV - Prop nut assembly damage
07/08/2019 10:59:31

Hi . Good luck if you try to drill and fit a stud . The Hunter was a great engine but a bit of a vibration monster. The Frog 3.49 from the same era used a bolt in the crank but had a thicker dia shaft .Let us know how it goes .

07/08/2019 08:56:54
Posted by Engine Doctor on 07/08/2019 08:50:40:
Posted by Braddock, VC on 06/08/2019 23:46:49:

Get in touch with Weston they make ED engines now and can probably help you though it might be helpful to have an extra arm and leg. Alan, the owner, is really he!lpful.

You might be lucky at Westons but I dont think he will have any spares for a Mk 1V Hunter .as He currently only supplies the Super Hunter which is a much later engine .Ask for Alan .their number is 01795-522020 or 521030.

Alternatively try putting  an add in the classifieds for a second hand spare or a clapped motor as the cranks usually survive  . There must be thousands of bits laying around .Failing that used Hunters regularly come up for sale on the BMFA , Rcm&E classifieds or on E-bay .

Good luck and hope you get it going


Edited By Engine Doctor on 07/08/2019 08:58:34

07/08/2019 08:50:40
sorry double post ?

Edited By Engine Doctor on 07/08/2019 08:59:58

Thread: Sc120fs petrol conversion
05/08/2019 11:05:41

Hello John and Ronos, Sc engines and their clones , ASP, Magnum etc can suffer from low compression due to leakage around the valve seating and cylinder head casting. This will cause poor idle and a loss of top end performance .

Easy to detect just listen to the inlet or exhaust while turning over compression and if you hear gas escaping then there is the problem . Not all of them have this problem. In fact many have excellent compression and run really well but all of the examples that I have been asked to sort out with poor idle have the low compression problem . Grinding the valves wont cure the problem, as soon as you refit the head the leak returns .

I returned a magnum 160 twin under warranty some years ago due to low compression on one cylinder . The low comp cylinder would drop at lower revs and an on-board glow sorted that . Eventually even that could not get the duff cylinder to fire up consistently The engine was stripped and the valves ground to within an inch of their lives but no improvement . Eventually they fitted another cylinder head from a new engine under warranty and returned it to me . Guess what ? that too was a rubbish head so engine was sold off cheap.

If SC' and their like had GOOD compression then a shim would be needed as Martin suggests to lower the comp and stop engine knock

As John and Martin say the carb is not really suitable for petrol as mixture adjustment is too crude.

Thread: servo repair
04/08/2019 10:39:18

Not worth the risk or the cost of a model unless it has a jeweld movement smiley. Just replace and make sure the cause (binding or jamming) is rectified.

Thread: Silicon fuel tube rotting?
04/08/2019 10:32:43

Only had this happen once years ago with some coloured silicone tubing that was new on the market . The green was the worst followed by the yellow . The current tubing in my flightbox tank is probably ten plus years old and fine. I only ever buy tubing that has a blueish tint now as it seem far more robust and less likely to split at the ends .I would guess that its nothing to do with the fuel but that the tubing is made of inferior material; however minor changes to the composition of fuel/ oil might be responsible as has the changes to petrol composition that now seem to rot nitrile tubing very quickly .

Thread: RCM&E September Issue.
03/08/2019 13:57:14
Posted by Cuban8 on 30/07/2019 11:19:24:

Re the Petrol engine silencer............I've spent a couple of hours searching Ebay for the small silencer mentioned in this month's article using the suggested search criteria, but only turn up huge great items intended for boy racer cars. Any ideas please

Hi Cuban 8 search for 0192031209511

I fitted two on to the tail plpes on my crrm pro that has a zenoah muffler fitted . They certainly take the bark out of the exhaust sound. I notice they are listing " few left" and prices are varying upwards. My cost £7-97 plus 50p towards postage. Very well made items

Thread: Falcon Aviation
02/08/2019 09:21:12

I had the same experience with my Eurobat I bought years ago as a second hand kit. The cowling was out of shape and had very thick brittle gell coat that was cracked . The cowl went in the bin as did the Ali U/C which bent at the lightest of landings. I replaced it with a Carbon Copy Job . .A fantastic flyer thats still flying with engine un-cowled and the replacement glass u/c .

I know they did do decent glass bits as I saw them at the shows so must have been a bad batch and from the same period .

Rob try carbon copy They dont list the model but may be able to supply a cowl that fits if you give dimensions .

Thread: OS threads
29/07/2019 17:25:37

From memory I believe the silencer/muffler screws were 2.5mm . A good starting point for the NV is 2 1/2 open.

Thread: Oracover Easycover Sold As Seconds
27/07/2019 14:52:03
Posted by Martin Harris on 27/07/2019 12:53:39:

As I said earlier, I've never seen/used it but with it leaving coloured adhesive attached, it sounds rather like the dreaded Solarfilm (which I've hated since first discovering the art of making holes in it in the 70s - unlike the greatly lamented Solartex/Glosstex) so I'd always opt for either Profilm/Oracover or Hobbyking polyester unless weight was a paramount consideration.

Agreed . The only upside to most of the modern offerings is that the film used is a polyester based material which doesn't melt like the old polypropelene based solarfilm.

27/07/2019 12:36:20

I forgot to add in previous post that it's sold as "seconds" due to the odd patch of colour variation. The HobbyKing covering is better IMHO but others may disagree .

Thread: Electric Cars.
27/07/2019 10:36:09
Posted by Pete B - Moderator on 24/07/2019 10:01:13

Believe me Tom, given the amount of time the mods have had to devote to monitoring this thread, there won't be an opportunity for a second electric car thread.....dont know


yes Well said Pete. I dont mind new developments but a few enthusiastic electric car users wont save the planets and the old ic technology will only be sold to other countries to continue poluting .

Thread: Oracover Easycover Sold As Seconds
27/07/2019 10:23:47

I have just refurbished a cub for a club mate and recovered with Easy cover /coat "seconds". While it shrank and adhered ok it was lousy for double curves like wing tips and tail plane as colour came off when stretched around the tips . Fine as it was just a user model but would not use for any decent model as areas where colour /adhesive is removed from the clear film look like darker marks . As its a polyester base I found that a final goi g over with a hot air gun left it good an drum tight.

Edited By Engine Doctor on 27/07/2019 10:24:32

Thread: Mercury Aeronca Sedan
26/07/2019 08:56:05
Posted by Chris Freeman 3 on 23/07/2019 15:15:02:

Thanks Colin, It is a nice build. Plans were very good for there age. Still a bit to do but should be ready to test fly before the event.

A casual day that we call our memorial day to remmember passed members and it is becoming a long list!

An excellent build yes

We also have a "Members Day" to remember our old mates and the list like yours is getting longer . We give a couple trophy's for Best build and Helpful Member on the day . Nice to hear that other clubs remember their old mates

Thread: covering in words, not pictures.
24/07/2019 14:54:38

Hi Foxfan this may help;



or you may be able to search this site for alternatives.

YES you can use a domestic iron but they are awkward to use and be careful to set temperature low and let it settle before starting to cover model and test a small piece of covering first to check you have the temp set ok.


Check that SWMBO isn't going to catch or you have permission .

2 Take care that dont leave a smear of the latest covering color on the iron. A bright color smeard on a freshly iron shirt will usually cause some domestic discord !!!

3. Or wait until she has gone out for the day and you have plenty of time to hide your activities 

4 When all of the above has failed buy a covering iron laugh


Edited By Engine Doctor on 24/07/2019 15:01:17

Thread: Moon landing
21/07/2019 12:16:45

I watched the moon walk at the fire station when I was a young fireman not long out of training school , Southwark TS if thereare any ex LFB members out there they wil fond or foul memmorise of the place . Our Station office called everyone to the TV room to watch the moon walk ,we watched it during a work period as it was telivised during the day some hours after the actual landing. Great times.

The conspiracy theory made a great movie " Capricorn one" and I believe thats all it was a theory and an insult to all the brave men an women who have gone into space.

The only downside to all the space exploration is that we are poluting the space with junk just as we have done the earth with plastic. About time space junk was cleaned up !

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