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Thread: What star sign are you? Is there a trend with flyers?
23/08/2016 23:14:51

It's interesting to note that (at the moment) Aries is out in front. Just goes to show what goes on during those steamy summer months eh! blush

Thread: Are all aeromodellers aviation enthusiasts?
15/08/2016 08:19:21

I suppose it's a bit like cars. There are those that love driving, there are those that love cars, and there are those that love driving AND love cars. I guess you could call the latter 'enthusiasts'. Same goes for aircraft (full size or models) I guess!.

Edited By Essjay on 15/08/2016 08:24:37

Thread: Recommendations for good first model for FPV / Air to air video
12/08/2016 06:57:47

Ted, I believe Martin is referring to the video you've linked to which shows a blatent disregard for all of the laws and regulations governing such flights in the UK.

I'm all for the use of FPV in the UK, but it has to be done correctly..............and legally.

Thread: Eachine ET 200 video tx
07/08/2016 08:53:57


06/08/2016 21:57:46

Hi Chris, have a search for the Eachine L250 on Banggood and all will become clear.


06/08/2016 12:01:22

I have an Eachine light L250 which fits to the side of my GoPro Hero3 and I've noticed that runs quite hot as well. I haven't covered mine for that very reason. I don't think handling it is likely to cause any significant static damage. Besides leaving it uncovered will allow any airflow over it to cool it.


Thread: Big surprise in Little Gransden
01/08/2016 13:04:20

I too was at Little Gransden yesterday, and had a great day, coming away thoroughly sunburnt. Must remember the sun-block next time.

I witnessed the demise of the large French Spitfire, and was listening to the comments made by some of the well known show pilots on the showline. I overheard one well respected pilot say "that was an accident waiting to happen". The pilot seemed to be attempting some fairly violent manoeuvres on a downwind turn and simply tip stalled. Very unfortunate, but surprisingly little damage.

As both Martin(s) have said, there were some really exceptional models flown by pilots whose skills I can only wish for. This was my first visit to this show, and I will certainly put it on my calendar for next year.


Edited By Essjay on 01/08/2016 13:05:55

Thread: Windows 10 - Any Advice
29/07/2016 09:02:48

One interesting snippet of information that has come to my attention is that the Windows 10 Anniversary update (due on 2nd August) will make the use of Cortana compulsory, and you will not be able to remove or disable it.

This means every search you perform on your PC's contents will be automatically sent to Microsoft angry

Big brother or what?

Edited By Essjay on 29/07/2016 09:07:27

Thread: Heatshrink adhesive
14/07/2016 13:33:17

Hi Glyn,

Try using a little less heat where the overlap occurs to avoid too much shrinkage, and then what I like to do is apply a bead of Clearcote along the seam, using a small pointed brush. This should stop the film lifting or pulling away and getting fuel/dirt underneath.

Removing the excess glue will probably require some acetone, but don't get any under the existing covering or it will lift.


Edited By Essjay on 14/07/2016 13:35:19

Thread: Aircraft 108 inch span
09/07/2016 22:23:13

That looks very much like a McCulloch motor which has been converted to electronic ignition.

I had a McCulloch 32 in a quarter scale cub some years ago. The trouble with these strimmer motors (as I found) is that they are really heavy and underpowered. Mind you my Super Cub did weigh the best part of 18lb!!

Speaking of cubs, that cowl looks remarkably like the one on my Super Cub.


PS. There's a pic of my Super Cub in my photos

Edited By Essjay on 09/07/2016 22:25:25

Thread: Any one going? This weekend!
06/07/2016 14:28:59

Going where, Brian?

Thread: Who's going to Cosford?
06/07/2016 14:06:59

Haven't been for a couple of years now. Does anyone know if they're still using the far side of the runway, or if they're going back to the original side?, as I'm quite limited in the distance I can walk.


Thread: Show us inside your models
05/07/2016 11:37:24

I must admit I didn't study Steve Jones pictures close enough and you may be right on those Rick. My apologies.


05/07/2016 07:27:00
Posted by Rick Tee on 05/07/2016 06:00:41:

Might be me but 2 of the images on this thread look like the servo ferrules might be upside down.

Edited By Rick Tee on 05/07/2016 06:06:54

I'm not sure that's the case Rick. I think what you're seeing is the collar on the hex-headed servo screws, which may make it look like they're upside down.


Thread: Sitting down whilst flying - what do you use?
02/07/2016 21:25:59

Stevo, I must admit to being an extremely large person (my brother calls me 'nutritionally challenged', and I tried all sorts of chairs and stools, with nothing really coping with my large frame, until I came across the Walkstool, a little on the expensive side, but the most comfortable folding stool I've ever used. It copes very well with my voluminous butt so I'm pretty sure it'll cope with anything.

Have a look

PS. I notice they are available on Amazon as well.

Edited By Essjay on 02/07/2016 21:29:37

Thread: Songs to describe BREXIT
25/06/2016 23:01:24

Down down, deeper and down..............Status Quo.

Thread: New Car Brokers
25/06/2016 20:28:39
Posted by Percy Verance on 25/06/2016 12:52:02:

Apologies for the BMW skit Frank, but I was once quite openly insulted by a BMW dealer many moons ago. I'd called into this particular dealer to look at a car (not a BMW) which had been traded in. As soon as I set foot inside the showroom door, the salesman approached me and asked "how much can you afford?" Without uttering a word I turned on my heels and left........

Similar thing happened to my late father. He was looking to buy a new BMW, and spent ages wandering around the showroom before anyone even looked in his direction.

Eventually a guy who really looked like he wanted to be somewhere else sauntered up and said "are you looking for anything in particular". Well dad was apparently so disgusted by being ignored for so long that his reply was..........

"As a matter of fact my company was interested in purchasing 6 models for staff cars, but as I've been ignored for so long here I'll recommend we go elsewhere!.", and promptly walked out.

Thread: Hobbyking Fly-In 2016
15/06/2016 10:47:15

I got an email just over a week ago advertising the Hobbyking Live event at Rougham on 2nd-3rd July, with a link to a registration page for anyone who wants to attend.

I thought I'd like to try it and registered, but since then I've heard nothing!. I even registered a second time, and still nothing!

I've made sure their replies have not gone to my spam folder, and they're not there.

Just wondering, has anyone been able to register, and actually get a reply?


Thread: Caption me!
13/06/2016 11:58:11

Thankyou Beth, what a pleasant surprise! I think the last time I won anything I was still at school, and that was a looooong! time ago. yes


Ooh! I just noticed....500 posts, what a coincidence! 


Edited By Essjay on 13/06/2016 12:04:28

Thread: KFm-7 Stepped Airfoil 165cm span Delta Wing + Maiden Flight
12/06/2016 19:00:02

Just an observation, and I may be talking complete botox, but when you were gliding (motor off) everything seemed to settle down. It only seemed to dive when power was applied.

Could it be that you need a little more 'downthrust' on the motor, bearing in mind that would mean shimming the 'lower' mounting screws as it's a pusher.

Just a suggestion, and as I say I may be talking rubbish.


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