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Thread: A request to the Forum Web Administrator
11/03/2016 10:50:09

It's easy if you're using an ipad, you just hold your finger on the link and it asks if you want to open it in a new window/tab. smiley

Edited By Essjay on 11/03/2016 10:50:40

Thread: Steve Backshall South American Adventure
07/03/2016 08:25:51

Can't stand the guy unfortunately, however did watch the start on iPlayer, and like Martin, I reckon it's an Antonov.

Steve (not Backshall)

05/03/2016 14:41:25

That's a lot of aircraft for a very good price, someone will get a bargain. I have one still in the box, same colour, same motor, wingbags and extra carbon bits. you've spurred me on to finally get it in the air.


Thread: Dash cams
03/03/2016 12:28:32

If your still looking for a dashcam, theres a product test of dashcams in this weeks Autoexpress magazine.


Thread: Nice TV programme on BBC iPlayer
03/03/2016 12:05:16

Cheers for the heads-up Wingman, recording on my SkyHD box now yes

Thread: Viewing magazine on Android device
02/03/2016 14:50:10

Hi Katy, I'm confused now, you say the archive uses Flash, so how come I can view the archive on my iPad Air2 using iOS which has never supported Flash?


Thread: 2016 Nationals
01/03/2016 20:24:22

Before I retired, one of the many areas I was involved in was Business Continuity. Basically it's a contingency plan that can kick in if you are unable to continue your business from your current premises, if an event occurs preventing it, e.g fire, flood etc, by moving to backup premises using designated staff and equipment.
Now I'm sure the BMFA (if they have any sound business sense) would have made such contingency plans for their Chacksfield office.
So, considering that the Nationals forms a great part of their 'business', that begs the question, if we're now led to believe that no such plans had been put in place (or even suggested) for the Nationals in the event of Barkston becoming unavailable, then I think someone from the BMFA has to come up with a very good reason for not doing so.

Thread: Insomniacs?
29/02/2016 13:22:11

Well I think that's answered my query, we really are a multi-national forum yes

..........albeit with the odd insomniac wink


28/02/2016 09:16:01

I've noticed recently a great number of posts are being added during times when I am away "in the land of Nod". These posts are appearing at any time between midnight and 6.00am.

I find this intriguing! Is it just that the aeromodelling fraternity contains an inordinate amount of insomniacs, or if they are of a 'certain age' such as myself, find themselves visiting the smallest room in the house several times during the night, and, failing to return to the arms of Morpheus, are turning to the forum for solace?

Steve (wide awake at 9.00am on a Sunday morning) smiley

Edited By Essjay on 28/02/2016 09:19:29

Thread: HobbyKing servo pin crimping tool
22/02/2016 23:27:52

Excellent pictoral explanation Chris. yes


Thread: Do you fancy a new Air Show?
20/02/2016 19:58:37
Posted by lightning 759 on 20/02/2016 19:32:31:
Posted by ChrisB on 20/02/2016 18:58:59:


Secondly it makes for easier preparation, risk assessment, access, parking etc as there's no messing about on the day.

above statement is correct ,unfortunately guys most shows are heading this way ,RIAT been like this for a few years now , not sure but I think old warden last show of season & the Yorkshire show at church Fenton was last year , no different to any thing else really car fest , Glastonbury etc




That's why for the last couple of years I've gone to one of the local farms near to the runway at RIAT, that allow you to park for the day and just watch the flying display in comfort (catering and toilets on site), all for a tenner for the day, and you don't have to book in advance.


Edit: I must add that the other reason I do this is that I have difficulty walking any great distance and I find this much easier.

Edited By Essjay on 20/02/2016 20:01:25

Thread: Model Shops
19/02/2016 23:39:16

A simple phone call to the shop first to check stock would have saved you a trip.

Thread: Aldi tools
16/02/2016 16:26:16

Popped into Aldi yesterday and picked up the small clamp vice for £6.99. Very good for the price. Also picked up an extending window cleaning device for the car for £2.99. yes


Thread: Never realised that The Avengers had problems with RC Models
15/02/2016 11:17:22

Best of all was the Childrens Film Foundation "Sky Pirates" from 1976. Only managed to find a 5 minute clip on Youtube, but I seem to remember the whole film there at one time, although I believe the CFF now hold the rights, so may have removed it.



Thread: Safe Discharge Dodgy Lipo
13/02/2016 18:09:45

That's a neat idea John. What I would also do is use some heatshrink on the XT60 and some insulating tape around the bulb contacts...........just in case wink


13/02/2016 14:43:28
Posted by gangster on 13/02/2016 14:06:35:

Probably simpler to chuck straight into the salt water and leave for a day or two it will discharge

I've seen a Youtube video of a lipo that was just chucked into salt water without discharging first, and the problem is oxidisation forming on the cell terminals and cable ends which prevents the cells discharging. Far better to discharge using Terry's method first, then dunk in the salt water.


Thread: Air Shows under threat
10/02/2016 12:16:22

Correction to my previous post, Shuttleworth have NOT cancelled any of their 2016 shows, I contacted them to check. Seems I quoted someone else's incorrect info. Apologies for that.



Edited By Essjay on 10/02/2016 12:17:08

10/02/2016 11:11:21
Posted by Slopetrashuk on 10/02/2016 11:07:18:
Airshows cancelled since CAA paper was released, all citing rising expenses as a major contributor:


Have fun at RIAT.

Edited By Slopetrashuk on 10/02/2016 11:07:43

Add to that Shuttleworth evening shows and flying proms.

Thread: World's SMALLEST video drone/quad
07/02/2016 18:07:48
Posted by SR 71 on 07/02/2016 17:03:50:

Huh I think a couple of posters should think before they jump to conclusions and have a go at somebody,

there's always one or two

This is the second time in 5 days that more than one person has had to "remind" Dom of a safety "slip", so I would hesitate to call it jumping to conclusions!

07/02/2016 10:15:35
Posted by John F on 07/02/2016 09:03:13:

I don't know about how other folk feel but flying that close to a dog (or any animal ) is completely and utterly irresponsible.

Agreed John, I think "Essential RC" needs to learn a few "Essential safety rules".

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