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Thread: Southport air show's unsung heroes.
18/09/2017 09:44:14

Not forgetting these!




18/09/2017 09:32:30

I went to Southport airshow yesterday. I haven't had time to sort and edit the photographs, but I really don't want to lose any time in thanking the guys who put on such a great display of model flying during the morning. For some four hours before the full size show started they kept the growing crowd entertained with a superb display of flying. Jets, i.c., and electric power all featured in a fast moving and varied show over a wide range of disciplines, with several well flown formation displays. There was hardly a minute in the entire four hours when there wasn't a model in the sky. There were a couple of minor incidents, an electric flying wing spiralled in after going into a series of uncontrollable rolls (servo failure?) and a superb tiger moth suffered what I hope was minor damage from an unscheduled meeting with a planet, but the level of flying throughout was tremendous. Sadly, at the end of their display the event commentator did not thank them nor call for the round of applause they so richly deserved. In front of what must be one of the biggest non-model aware crowds to watch such a display they did much to raise the profile of the hobby and to show the general public that it's not all "drones over airports". Thank you gentlemen. Sadly we were not even told who you were, but as ambassadors for our hobby you did a great job. Once again, thank you.








Thread: The 'share your photos' thread (not model flying)
19/07/2017 10:09:04

Another year, another RIAT. Weather not great, and so far very little time for editing, but here's a few of this year's crop. More may follow.

a lancaster, a hurricane and three spitfires. bliss!.jpg

b17 sally b, also dressed as memphis belle.jpg

britten-norman islander with a severe nasal problem!.jpg

p51d mustang.jpg

red arrows pushme-pullyou.jpg

spirit b2 and f15s.jpg

us thunderbirds.jpg

Thread: Cosford this weekend
19/07/2017 09:36:05

Would have loved to have gone, but was already committed to RIAT at Fairford. Guess there are only so many weekends available! Grrrrsad

Thread: You'll always find the tree....
04/06/2017 12:53:41
Posted by Peter Christy on 04/06/2017 12:27:51:

I thought all modellers knew: Trees are MAGNETIC!






Thread: The 'share your photos' thread (not model flying)
25/05/2017 09:47:05

I went to a track day at Oulton Park yesterday, just to spectate and take some photos. Here's a few of the better ones.

dsc_0062 small.jpg

dsc_0097 small.jpg

dsc_0183 small.jpg

dsc_0307 small.jpg

dsc_0405 small.jpg

Thread: Help, two speed teapot.
19/02/2017 23:24:14
Posted by PatMc on 19/02/2017 20:59:56:
Posted by Geoff Sleath on 19/02/2017 20:00:01:
Posted by PatMc on 16/02/2017 13:25:11:

You won't get a decent cup of tea using tea bags. Sort the teapot, buy a strainer & use proper tea. smile p

I'm sorry to say this, Pat but, as I'm sure you're well aware, all proper tea is theft.

¿ Que ?

Mr Sleath appears to be employing what Mr Terry Pratchett would call "A pune, or play on words". He is alluding to the extreme left wing slogan "All property is theft", and misquoting it for humourous effect.

Explanation is the enemy of comedy.

Phil Brooks - Pedant's dept. cool

P.S. Geoff beat me to it!

Edited By Phil Brooks on 19/02/2017 23:30:31

Thread: Sign of the times - funnies
14/02/2017 16:42:13

Also said on BBC news that they play four-tree-tree formation

Thread: Can You Name ALL These WW 2 Aircraft?
09/02/2017 16:00:48

44, but several of those were arrived at Sherlock style, by eliminating the obvious wrong answers. I don't see much resemblance between a Bell Kingcobra and a Short Stirling, for examplesmiley

Thread: Confessions of a Bodger
30/01/2017 16:24:04
Posted by Mike Etheridge 1 on 30/01/2017 14:13:01:

Easy just sail the barge into a lock and drain off the water. Then someone should take the wheel!

It ain't a barge, it's a narrow boat!

Phil Brooks - Nit-picking Dept.

30/01/2017 13:10:34

Not sure that this comes into the category of a "Bodge", but I think it's a great example of lateral thinking and adaptation!

canal rover 02.jpg

canal rover 01.jpg

22/01/2017 11:33:46

We recently bought a new washing machine, which of course needed to be fitted under a worktop. The best option for supplying power was a 13A socket above the said worktop. The delivery guy told me that if I cut the fitted plug off to allow the cable to be fed through an access hole that would invalidate the machine's warranty. My only option was to fit a short extension cable from the socket to a flying socket below the worktop, allowing me to plug in the machine's power cable below the worktop, i.e. to bodge the job. angry

Thread: The 'share your photos' thread (not model flying)
14/01/2017 13:54:10

Back around 1964 I bought a Thornton Pickard quarter plate camera, complete with a double sided plate carrier, at an auction for 35 shillings (£1.75). It sat on the shelf looking decorative for 50 years. Put it into another auction a year or so back and got £120 for it. Smug!

14/01/2017 11:42:21

Thanks Ken. Been there, done it! My first proper camera was a Pentax spotmatic, bought in the mid sixties when I was young and relatively rich. Sold it a few years later after getting married and receiving our first rates demand. I remember blacking out the kitchen and setting up the enlarger after loading the developing tank inside the lightproof bag. Went digital some dozen years ago, my last film camera was an Olympus OM10, don't know what happened to it, it may still be in a cupboard somewhere. I must admit that I love the freedom that digital systems offer, would hate to have to go back to rationing exposures to keep processing costs down. Then again, I am a bit of a tightwad!

14/01/2017 09:59:35

Just for fun I've been experimenting with rendering some of my pictures into monochrome. Here's a few of the results:-






Thread: Most visible coverings and patterns
13/01/2017 13:34:38

Depends where you are flying. I once covered a trainer wings in flourescent yellow, then had a deadstick and landed out in a field of rape in flower! Found it eventuallysmiley

Thread: FrSky Taranis - user chat
10/01/2017 13:10:20

Diagnosis confirmed! I ordered another module last weekend, it was delivered this morning, plugged into the Tx and worked immediately. Result. Thanks again for all the suggestions and help.

28/12/2016 13:26:18

Thanks for the suggestions guys, I've already been down those all of those routes. It would appear that nobody on this forum has had this problem, which indicates to me that despite doing all the right things AND in the right order, I'm not getting the right result. Conclusion:- faulty module. I will take the time to contact banggood, thanks for the info Dave, but as I said above it's not gonna break the bank if I have to order another. In the meantime it is still useable, and will probably amuse the grandkids this weekend! If it survives that then I'll take the next step.smiley

28/12/2016 08:57:38

Thanks Dave. I'm running OpenTx 2.1.9. I also have the EuroLBT firmware, but had assumed that that was irrelevant as the internal RF module is not active, and the plug in module looks after the RF. Summarising, the E010 will happily bind with its cheapo Tx, the RF module has been tried in two different X9D+s and does the same thing in both. When I power the Tx with both sticks held down and right the module LED flickers for a second or so then goes steady green, but the poor little E010 just sits there with its LEDs flashing waiting for a signal it never gets. I'm guessing there's a fault in the module. Next decision to make is whether it's worth raising a complaint with Banggood, or just bin the thing and order another one. For a measly £7 it's probably not worth the hassle, just one of the (hidden) costs we have to accept when buying cheap from foreign parts! sad

27/12/2016 22:10:47

Have now found how to set PPM+. The youtube examples all seem to accept the -ve option, but it won't bind with either + or - selected.


Edited By Phil Brooks on 27/12/2016 22:39:35

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