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Thread: Answer Smash
20/01/2021 05:25:06

The way words are written has little to do with how they are pronounced - no matter which part of the country you are in. English is full of exceptions and inconsistencies. Where is the logic in the way these words are pronounced.









Edited By David Ovenden on 20/01/2021 05:53:19

Thread: Curtis Condor biplane twin
18/01/2021 15:57:12

Got nearly all the parts for the engine nacelles cut out this afternoon.

nacelle parts 3.jpg

17/01/2021 17:04:09

Maybe just me, but it's starting to look more like a whale than a condor! The plan was not very clear on where/how some of the stringers were fitted. In the end I just went by eye and used some scrap packing to get things in the right place.

I want to start on the engine nacelles tomorrow. That should be fun. The plan shows 1 degree downthrust on the engines but no side thrust. Mmmm Not sure about that! I am thinking 0 degree sidethrust on the left engine but a couple of degrees of right thrust on the right hand engine. Any thoughts?

stringers 2.jpg

15/01/2021 16:40:42

Pressing on, but its been quite a bit of metal work. I have bent the wire for the upper wing "pylons" and added the wing mounting plates. Also made up some dural wing-joiner plates to retain the outer wing panels.

Aileron servos are now fitted and I've started on adding the stringers to the fuselage,wing pylon mounts.jpg

wing bolt 2.jpg

aileron servo bottom.jpg

Thread: Winter is here....who's been flying?
12/01/2021 06:01:59

Last week when it snowed I managed to get the skis on my Durafly Tundra and get a couple of STOL flights in from the garden. (We have no neighbouring houses and have fields on 3 sides) Not all that easy to avoid the trees, plants and the chicken run on the landing approach though. The snow melted by lunchtime so time to remove the skis.

Thread: Curtis Condor biplane twin
10/01/2021 12:22:35
Posted by Matt Carlton on 08/01/2021 14:28:39:

Looking very nice indeed. Wing joins certainly very neatly done 👍

Thanks Matt. I'm pretty happy with the fit, but it is amazing that when you look very carefully you can always find some small mis-alignment that manages to creep in!

10/01/2021 12:20:33
Posted by Bob Cotsford on 08/01/2021 14:15:19:

Nice work David, that certainly was a lot of ribs!

Hi Bob,

Yes, more ribs than I realised when I started. But having started I was determined to finish.

With both wings now done I can start on bending the wire for the top wing mounts (and attach them to the fuselage) checking I set up the correct incidences for the 2 wings. Then I can build the underbelly section onto the lower wing and finalise the lower wing mountings.

08/01/2021 14:06:30

Some sort of "milestone" on the journey today. All 6 wing panels plus the 2 ailerons are largely complete. There is still a lot of sanding to do and some strut mounts to add, but nevertheless they are largely finished and I am happy with they way the wing joining works and that they seem very solid and warp-free.

2 wings.jpg

Thread: DB Sport & Scale
05/01/2021 15:20:51
Posted by kc on 05/01/2021 14:17:58:

The DB Sport website had and still has this line

" Free mainland UK shipping (orders over £200) - EU subsidised (exclusions may apply) "

I have always wondered why and how the EU subsidised this! Perhaps that's why the costs of shipping trebled - we no longer subsidise this!

They didn't!

I am sure it means postage to the EU was at rates subsidised by DB Sport & Scale to help offset the high shipping cost to other countries - and hence attract orders from customers in the EU.

In the same way shipping to the UK was not "Free" when a customer spent over £200. DB just made a business decision to pay the postage cost to attract more custom.

Thread: Curtis Condor biplane twin
04/01/2021 18:49:08

I would have got a little more done today but... we had snow overnight. The garden is just about large enough to use my Durafly Tundra. So it was on with the skis for a couple of STOL flights before the snow melted!.

Back in the workshop I got the wing tip added and an aileron built.

upper wing left with tip.jpg

left aileron.jpg

Thread: Hobbyking EU
02/01/2021 19:47:57

I had no trouble ordering from the EU warehouse yesterday for delivery to an address in France. So problems maybe linked to the new customs/ paperwork/ VAT regulations rather than Covid?

Thread: Curtis Condor biplane twin
01/01/2021 14:58:26

A little more progress today. 5th wing panel of 6, so only one more to do now. Plus the ailerons of course. I will build those on a central 1/16th sheet core (like the elevators) rather than all built up as the original design. I find the sheet core method is quicker and less prone to warp.

upper wing right.jpg

Thread: Super Glue Puzzle
31/12/2020 14:52:52

I use the bottles of cyno from Tool Station. 1.19 for a 20g bottle of med. viscosity. 50g bottles are 2.63 Last well and works fine for all my jobs.

Flight1  you beat me to it. You type faster than me obviously

Edited By David Ovenden on 31/12/2020 14:53:40

Edited By David Ovenden on 31/12/2020 14:54:12

Edited By David Ovenden on 31/12/2020 14:54:24

Thread: Inverted jpeg images?
30/12/2020 16:36:29

Have you tried resaving the image on your PC once you have rotated it and before you upload it. Sometimes it can look ok on the PC screen but is not how the image is stored on the PC.

Edited By David Ovenden on 30/12/2020 16:37:25

Thread: Mains charger / converter 13.8v anybody?
30/12/2020 16:26:15

Another happy user of the converted HP server psu. I have done 2 of them and they work faultlessly. They make a cheap yet very high quality power supply.

Thread: Curtis Condor biplane twin
29/12/2020 20:55:26

A bit more progress. Upper wing centre section just about done with wing tubes and extension leads for aileron servos installed. The partial top sheeting is not a mistake - It is where the fuel tank is on the full size.

upper wing cs top.jpg

upper wing cs 1.jpg

Thread: Advent Prize Draw - 24th Dec - last one!
23/12/2020 19:16:10

OK, I'm in the Last Chance Saloon.

Thread: Advent Prize Draw - 23rd Dec
22/12/2020 19:12:04

Light up my world - please!

Thread: Curtis Condor biplane twin
22/12/2020 13:06:26

Hi Bob,

The wing actually feels very stiff. I have added webbing between the top and bottom spars - 1/8th ply inboard where the wing tubes attach and 1/16th balsa outboard towards the tip. It seems to have done the job. The carbon fibre wing tube goes right through the centre section and 20cms into each outboard wing panel, so that is acting as a very strong extra "spar" too. However, its not until the model gets into the air that we shall really know.

22/12/2020 10:58:09

The trouble with biplanes is that there are 2 wings to build. One done now so 50% left to do. I am happy with the way the wing joining tubes have worked out. I obviously calculated correctly and cut the holes in the right places!lower wing uncovered.jpg

lower wing cs.jpg

The odd bits of wood stop the drawstrings for the motor wires getting lost. Got to build some engine nacelles now.

Edited By David Ovenden on 22/12/2020 11:25:14

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