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Thread: Prostate Cancer
25/06/2020 21:16:23

Brian, like Martian I am so sorry that you have suffered with delayed diagnosis of prostate cancer. I can sympathise as this was also my experience. I even managed to get a PSA test which showed 10 but my doctor told me not to worry as it really didn't believe it was cancer. I had to wait 6 months to see a consultant who then v quickly diagnosed a very agressive cancer that had started to spread beyond the prostate.

However after 14 months of hormone treatment and 8 weeks of radiotherapy I now have a PSA of 0.07 and today my consultant told me he didn't need to see me again until March 2021.My life is almost back to normal again.

So we have to all keep alert and make sure we insist on regular checks. If in doubt get a second opinion. I now wish I had insisted on seeing a cancer consultant earlier. Due to my unfortunate experience I have done a lot of reading and am much better informed now. I try to make sure I ask all the questions possible when I get to see a doctor. That said, my consultant has been excellent and I can't fault the treatment I have received once it started.

Keep positive, there are so many treatments now available and research is ongoing so outcomes are improving all the time. I trust that the scans don't reveal anything negative. God bless.

Thread: Blackhorse ARTF ????
05/06/2020 05:43:07

Tigerman I have sent you a PM re Wilga kit.

Thread: LCD self-repairing?
09/05/2020 20:15:36

Thanks DaveyP and Shaunie. It is sort of reassuring when others think along the same lines and a "mystery" ends up with a rational explanation.

Now I just need to be able to get out and use the transmitter for some flying!

Edited By David Ovenden on 09/05/2020 20:16:26

07/05/2020 21:05:06

I wonder if anyone else has experienced this. It relates to a JR XG14 transmitter, but might be same on other makes.

In Feb I dropped the transmitter by accident. It all worked afterwards but there were some small black marks on the LCD screen noticeable when tx was off. Thought about replacing the screen but too expensive. Part alone was over £70.

So I left it. Haven't been flying because of lock-down. Looked yesterday and the screen was back to original condition. No black marks either with power on or off. So a self-healing transmitter?

Wonder what the explanation is. My thought us perhaps there was shock damage to the screen layers from the drop which summer heat has expanded back into place? Anyone had this happen? Or know how and why it might occur?

Thread: Prostate Cancer
28/04/2020 21:54:13

Thanks Martian,

Actually I'm very fortunate as my treatment seems to have been pretty successful. Just had by blood test results back and 6 months after my radiotherapy finished my PSA is down at 0.09 However I am still on hormones as the cancer was a v.aggressive type and I have the faulty gene too. But I'm very positive and doing well. Trust all the rest of you are too.

26/04/2020 22:41:44

Having had breast cancer in 2008 and then last year aggressive prostate cancer I was sent for genetic tests. Turns out I have a faulty BRCA2 gene. This is most often associated with breast cancer in women. However when men carry this faulty gene it can lead to prostate cancer, often an aggressive type. Yet men are very rarely checked for BRCA2. Strange given that prostate cancer is the most common cancer in the UK?

Thread: If bored from lockdown
30/03/2020 09:11:15

Well I enjoyed looking at the Scale gliding video. Made me really quite nostalgic for the days when JR was a big player in R/C. Anyone else notice how many times the JR or Horizon logo is featured in the video? Also amazing g to hear that back then Horizon paid to ship contestants' large scale gliders to a model meeting so they didn't have to transport them across the US themselves. Imagine anyone doing that today.

Anyway, thanks for the link. Off now to install some servos in my 1/4 scale Tiger Moth build. (Traplet/Hudson model)

Thread: Vibration absorbing engine mounting
30/03/2020 07:46:39
Posted by Jon - Laser Engines on 29/03/2020 23:24:06:

be very careful with that sort of thing as they can cause damage. If they arent man enough the engine will thrash about all over the place which is really bad for it.

Its not always easy to see due to the frequency of the vibration but due to the way the camera captures the moving images this video highlights the problem you might face.

all that waving around puts massive strain on the exhaust and in the case of a saito with a heavy cast muffler you could easily break something in the harmonics are right. The rubber will also degrade over time so that is another thing for the maintenance list.
Given the size of the engine and the task its intended to perform i would just use a standard glass/nylon mount and not over complicate things.

Looks just like the flex mount system that came with my World Models giant Zero kit years back. I fitted my Saito 180 to the model using that mounting system. Just one attempt at running the engine was so scarry (as per the video) that I removed it and fitted a proper/normal engine mount instead.

Edited By David Ovenden on 30/03/2020 07:47:44

30/03/2020 07:36:07

I have a Saito 45 in my Hawker Tomtit model. It is mounted on a standard glassfibre engine mount. There is minimal vibration and the engine is pretty quiet. One of the quietest models at the club. It has been working fine in the model for 20 years! So I doubt that a anti-vibration system on a Saito 40 would be worth the time/effort/money involved.

On the other hand I have a Saito 115 in a Great Planes PT-19 82" span aircraft. That set-up suffered from loads of vibration and was noisy. Mostly I think due to the design of the model and weird way the firewall / mount was fitted on wooden stand-offs! I fitted a Dubro quiet mount to the model (as suggested by Bob) and that did make a huge difference. Smoother, quieter and really transformed the model. So they can work - if you need it.

However, I would try the .40 in your Super 60 as is. Fitted with the right prop it should be fine.


Edited By David Ovenden on 30/03/2020 07:39:23

Thread: JR XG series LCD
27/02/2020 10:01:03

Thanks jrman. I have contacted Probuild UK and they are checking with DFA/JR.

24/02/2020 21:07:02

Anyone know if the actual LCD screen is the same on JR XG6, XG8 and XG14 transmitters? Obviously the software is different for each radio and the external screen protector varies with the model, but is the actual LCD screen itself the same. The screen graphics and overall size look identical to me and I imagine it would have made good business sense to use a standard item across the 3 models. Anyone know the answer? 

Edited By David Ovenden on 24/02/2020 21:08:59

Thread: PT-26 Info
17/02/2020 08:32:25

Michael, yes I still have the magazine from when I built my model from the Hodsdon plan. They fly very well indeed. Mine had a 1st version OS90FS IIRC.

My Great Planes PT-19 model has done a great deal of flying with its Saito 115. It was always a good flyer but so much better once I added split flaps and proper sprung oleo u/c legs and scale-size wheels. Touch and goes are so easy with this model now.

Looking to build a slightly bigger and more scale version now. The Sepp Uiberlacher version should do the trick and has the enclosed canopy that the PT-19 doesn't have. (keeps the dust and muck out of the cockpit)

16/02/2020 19:52:39

Thanks for looking. I think you may be right in saying the plan wasn't featured in a mag. Other examples would include the old C.A.P. plans that were not featured in RCMW.

16/02/2020 14:12:52

The plan number is MW3624.

Sarik list the plan as Fairchild PT-26 Cornell.

Edited By David Ovenden on 16/02/2020 14:14:29

16/02/2020 13:25:18

Thanks kc. Yes, I had looked at Magazine exchange and Pocket Mags but couldn't find the PT-26 plan mentioned anywhere in the descriptions on even spot a photo on the cover of a mag. Maybe it was never featured in a magazine - or maybe it was in RC Scale International magazine? Just wondered if anyone remembered seeing a write up feature on this plan.

16/02/2020 08:24:43

I have the plans for a 90" span PT-26 designed by Sepp Uiberlacher. The plans came from Traplet (now Sarik) and say they were (c) RC Model World 2012. Does anyone know if the plan feature article was in RC Model World and, if so, what month it was?

I'm also interested to know if anyone has built one and what engine they used. The designer apparently used a Laser 150.

I built a 72" span version from plans back in the late 80s and am still flying a Great Planes 85" PT-19 model so I seem to have a soft spot for this aircraft!



Edited By David Ovenden on 16/02/2020 08:27:29

Thread: Best engine to model combo x3
09/02/2020 05:31:42

Thanks for your replies.

Cymaz you had the same thought as me. 150 in the Tiger Moth, 160 twin in the Jungmeister and 120 in the Wilga. I do take Jon's point though. The 120 is perhaps too small. However, I have seen several large 85" span Black Horse chipmunks fly nicely on a 120fs and they were marketed as being for 45cc - 50cc petrol engines!

So it is surprising how models can fly on lower power than we are used to today. Duncan Hutton who designed the Tiger Moth had his original model powered by an OS 120 surpass (non pumped version). I will fit the 150 in mine though.

I will probably leave the Wilga for now and fit it with my Saito 170 radial (which is currently in a 1/4 scale Monocoupe 90 model) once it becomes available.

Thread: Prostate Cancer
30/01/2020 22:19:25

Hi Andy

No, I had my TURP before my RT started. It was very successful and had the desired effect immediately and it has caused me no problems subsequently.

23/01/2020 20:07:23

Hi Andy

All the best for the radiotherapy. I had 8 weeks of it and got through with no real issues. Only had 2 days when I wasn't suitably "full and empty"!

Re the hormone therapy I think it depends on individual circumstances, the type of cancer, and how advanced the cancer is. In my case the cancer was a very aggressive type (neuro endocrine) Gleason9 and was classed as T3b as it had reached my seminal vesicles. It has thankfully responded to treatment but my consultant is talking about me being on hormones for 3 years.

When the cancer is less aggressive and caught sooner I think hormone treatment can be much shorter. Hopefully you will not need to be on for too long. The hormones weaken the cancer cells so radiotherapy is more effective.

Edited By David Ovenden on 23/01/2020 20:08:54

Thread: Best engine to model combo x3
23/01/2020 17:14:58

Getting back to building and flying again after after a difficult year. I now have the pleasant task of completing projects that had been on hold for a while. I have 3 models that need building/finishing/assembling.

  1. 1/4 scale Tiger Moth from Traplet/Sarik plans. Only one wing left to cover and fit servos & engine.
  2. Black Horse Wilga. ARTF kit 2.2m version. (Don't want to use it for towing - just scale flying)
  3. Seagull Bucker Jungmeister ARTF kit. (I want to use a shorter more scale engine cowl so CG may be an issue)

OK, I have 3 engines available.

  1. OS Gemini 160 twin
  2. Saito 150
  3. Saito 120 (Same crankcase as the 150- Not the newer 125)

All are good runners. Which engine would you put in which model? I have my view of course but it would be good to know if any of you have experience of any of these model/engine combinations.

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