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Thread: HobbyKing Bixler v2 setup
13/01/2020 21:53:12


Hope you get the model sorted OK. Will you be taking it out with you to St Jean this year?


Thread: Prostate Cancer
09/01/2020 22:28:21

Happy New Year to you all. I trust that all your treatments are going well or finished now.

Happily I'm doing well. After 8 weeks RT my PSA is stable and has been down to 0.14 for 3 months now.

After 9 months I'm off monthly hormone injections and changed to one every 6 months which will be much more convenient. Fortunately I have not had any real problems apart from the dreaded hot flushes. My oncologist is very pleased with progress and I will see him in 6 months time for my next check.

I'm greatful for the good medical treatment I've received. Hope you all our PSA results stay rock bottom and we can now get on with enjoying life and get some flying in!

Enjoy the new decade!

Thread: Are all chargers unreliable?
21/09/2019 15:11:10

I agree that the Reaktor 250w single chargers are excellent. I have 4 of them. I only posted the link to the dual version as the OP was talking of a multi-channel charger. My Reaktor 250w units have been faultless even though they have not been cosseted.

Thread: Prostate Cancer
21/09/2019 12:15:56

As far as treatment goes, I’ve had my prostate re-sectioned (TURP) so I can now pee normally again – hooray!. Plus I’ve had monthly hormone injections (Firmagon) since May. The result of the hormones is, as others have said, very frequent hot flushes but nothing worse in my case. (Even the manly function still mostly operates). 10 days after the first hormone injection had my PSA dropped from almost 10 to 0.17. After 3 month the consultant was amazed that my grossly enlarged prostate had almost “totally diminished” in size. (His words) He also wrote that it was “very encouraging”.

I am now 4 weeks into a 8 weeks course of daily radiotherapy. Thankfully the hospital has Rapid ARC machines which are very accurate and quick. Less than 2 minutes for the actual radiation part. Usually only 10 mins in total. As others have said, the hardest part is arriving ready with a full bladder and empty rectum after a one hour journey to the hospital. They did supply me with a jumbo pack of suppositories for daily use! So far after 4 weeks I have no real negative effects from the RT. There are till 4 weeks to go of course. I have stuck rigidly to the low-fibre diet that the consultant advises during the RT treatment. Sticking to the diet is much harder than having the treatment.

Currently the doctors are pretty positive and say my progress is good and are looking for a full cure. We will have to wait and see what the tests show after treatment is complete, and then what happens in the longer term. However, I am very positive that I will get through this and “see-off” this (2nd) cancer. I am feeling well and doing just about everything like normal. Next moth I am having some genetic tests to see what makes me so popular with cancer cells. Hopefully this will help others in my family in avoiding what I’ve been through.

Why am I writing this? It is certainly not for sympathy or because it’s pleasant to talk about. However, my experience may be a little different to someone else’s. It’s important we know that we are all different and that things don’t always happen in the same way. What I have learnt is:

  • Do insist on a second opinion if you are not happy with what the doctor says at first or, at least, insist on a referral sooner rather than later. Mine was classed as “non-urgent”.
  • Biopsies can vary enormously. Many say its’ “nothing” mine was excruciating even after local anaesthetic and gas/air mix.
  • In my case the hormone therapy was very effective in slowing down/reducing the cancer.
  • A serious cancer can be treated and treated successfully. Modern procedures and treatments can have a dramatic positive impact even with serious cancers.
  • Don’t despair. Stay positive and keep with the treatments.
  • Keep flying!
  • Oh! Did I mention? Get tested and don’t put off going to see the doctor if you have any concern about peeing or prostate. For most people it is not a problem. But you never know until you get it checked.
21/09/2019 12:15:49

I know this thread has been running for a while as I’ve been following it. I’ve refrained from posting , even though I have prostate cancer, as I thought I needed to see how I progressed before saying too much. I think it might be good to post my experience now as we are not all the same and things seem to vary so much from person to person:

I went to the doc with peeing problems last summer. He told me “nothing to worry about” , its your age (63) - have some pills. They didn’t really help. So I went back to see him and he sent me for a blood test. Result a PSA of 9. I was worried when the results came through. The doctor said not to worry as it was highly unlikely I had cancer. I explained I was very worried as I had breast cancer in 2008 (Yes breast cancer -it happens to men too) I was told “not to worry, I very much doubt its cancer. I’ll send you to see a urologist” There was a 5 month wait for the appointment.

On seeing the specialist he did a rectal examination. Result - prostate enormous & v. hard. Bad news. 2 week wait for biopsy( which was excruciatingly painful). So this obviously varies enormously from person to person. Biopsy revealed Gleason 9 (5+4) and a rare high grade cancer. MRI tests showed the cancer had spread to my seminal vesicles (this was pretty bad news to receive )but thankfully no further. A bone scan showed no problems there, which was better news. Overall the conclusion was T3b prostate cancer.

Thread: Are all chargers unreliable?
21/09/2019 10:36:02

Personally I have found the Reaktor chargers from HobbyKing to be really excellent. I have several and they several are years old now, always work and seem pretty bullet-proof. I only speak as I find. They have this double charger on offer at the moment. Any interest?Reaktor Charger

Thread: The Repair Shop
31/08/2019 16:45:38

It's a great programme. I really appreciate that they take time and use considerable skill to put old and often broken items back into useable working order. There have been very few "repairers" (if any) in the last 2 series that didn't demonstrate great skill and competency in their specific field.

Some of the restorations are of museum quality (paintings, porcelain, clocks etc) It is excellent that the wider TV viewing public get to see craftsman at work. It also sends out the message that things can be repaired and don't have to be thrown away. Bring on the next series!

Thread: Now that Solartex has gone...
03/06/2019 12:26:51

Not used this French supplier but they seem to list the product

Diacov 1000

Edited By David Ovenden on 03/06/2019 12:27:48

Thread: Wing bag and hanger
15/11/2018 06:19:13
Posted by Rich too on 15/11/2018 05:03:45:
Posted by Peter Jenkins on 14/11/2018 00:01:00:

Have you tried the wing bags from Hobby King? They are amazing value and can be hung up if you want. I made some wing bags with the radiator foil stuff and they are not as robust as the HK bags and have space for wing joiner tubes and, if you take them off, tail planes as well. £15 for a bag where it would cost £30 just to buy the zips in the UK is amazing value. Just my 2 pennorth!

+1 👍

Another vote for the HobbyKing wing bags! Very sturdy and protective.

Thread: Great Model Railway Challenge
07/10/2018 17:11:08

Well I quite enjoyed it. It is meant to be a general interest tv show, rather than a specialist show for modellers. Obviously the enthusiasts all worked hard on their layouts. Nice touch with the Spitfire and parachutists.

Worst thing was having to include a ladies shoe in the layout. That said, a couple of the teams even managed to do something sensible with that! Us modellers are a creative and enterprising lot.

Thread: Vintage Tiger Moth
04/10/2018 06:30:33

If it is 70" span it could be from a Complete-a-Pac kit or plan? I never had one so it's just a guess.

Thread: Can't fly - there's something on the runway!
28/09/2018 23:32:19
Posted by Andy G. on 28/09/2018 08:16:11:

Wow! That must be very expensive!

Well yes. But the (French) club has been awarded a grant by the national aeromodelling association and the local authority persuaded a local earthworks contractor to do the job at a special price as a goodwill gesture. It was done in a "gap" between other jobs I believe.

Edited By David Ovenden on 28/09/2018 23:33:05

Edited By David Ovenden on 28/09/2018 23:37:05

Edited By David Ovenden on 28/09/2018 23:37:44

27/09/2018 16:24:34

Went to the flying field this morning for the first time in ages. Couldn't fly as there was something very big on the runway. No one told me the contractors were going to be there putting in the foundations for the new runway today!


Thread: Throttle hold in aircraft mode
19/08/2018 06:41:58

This method works well for me.You tube video shows how on an XG8.


Thread: Flaps
18/08/2018 13:39:07

Flaps make most models more versatile and fun. My favourite is my "old" Great Planes 82" span PT-19. It didn't come with flaps but I added some inset flaps to the wing underside. Scale size, shape and position. They really transformed a nice model into a great one. A favourite occupation with the PT is take off and fly at full throttle and max climb until the end of the downwind leg. (Idea is to get as high as possible) Then cut the engine to tickover, apply full flap and adjust the descent with elevator so as to arrive at the runway ready for a touch and go then go round again! It's amazing how steep a descent and how much height one can lose with flaps!

Worth noting the model has lots of wing area and is lightly loaded. Maybe not something to attempt with a highly loaded brick!

Thread: 1:5 Spitfire Balsa Kit - Custom Control Horn Design: Length?
13/08/2018 13:35:26

spitfire elevator.jpgJust a thought. Is the elevator hinge point really where you show it in the diagram? Aren't they normally hinged at the centre of the circle that forms the radiused leading edge, rather than at the leading edge itself? If so, that would affect the geometry of your diagram.

Edited By David Ovenden on 13/08/2018 13:41:05

Thread: ASP 120 or Saito 125 four stroke
12/08/2018 16:42:03

Definitely go for the Saito if you can. They are, as others have said, really in a different class to the Chinese "copies"

Thread: 35mhz; 40mhz; or 72mhz best for electric model
11/08/2018 20:34:22

Geoff, reason for contemplating using old tech gear is because I have a "spare" radio that might/could be left in France with the model for when I'm there. If it is not viable to use the old FM set I will need to use my 2.4 radio and take it with me.

11/08/2018 18:00:17

I know what specific frequencies are legal in France. I am wondering which of 35; 40 or 72mhz will work be most robust in an electric model.

11/08/2018 16:43:04

A question for the electronics experts out there. I am thinking of equipping a small electric model for use in France. Over there 35mhz, 40mhz and 72mhz frequencies are legal. I have tx modules& receivers for all 3 bands. Which band (in a technical sense) would theoretically be the least troubled by potential RF/electrical interference from the motor/esc?

Anyone have any 1st hand experience of using 72mhz with electric models?

Edited By David Ovenden on 11/08/2018 16:51:21

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