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Thread: Anyone got an answer for my Answer?
21/01/2018 14:44:55

I run small diesels - well, Oliver 2.5cc in combat models but once the engine has started i always work from behind the prop arch. I saw a mate at school many years back nearly lose the top of his knuckle with a PAW 1.5cc engine - made me think.........

Agree with the point about electric motors though . i think we are lulled into a false sense of security with the relatively low voltages they use but the ability to draw many amps...........

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21/01/2018 09:02:25

That video did make me smile given the article in this month;s magazine by Brian Wynch about operating model engines/motors.

Thread: Where did that go.....?
20/01/2018 07:58:51

I was watching this too with interest.

Thread: Flying towards youself
16/01/2018 07:10:08
Posted by John Bisset on 15/01/2018 21:53:45:

I'd suggest that whenever you use aileron to 'prop up the wing', use a little rudder in the same direction. Always left aileron with left rudder, right aileron with right rudder , since the aircraft doesn't care which way it is facing.

The only times to use rudder independently of aileron are when sideslipping, doing certain aerobatics or when taxying.

Not sure about that as if, coming towards you the left wing drops then you would want opposite rudder to correct. I think Denis has it right. The other point to mention is that if the aircraft is slow on approach then using ailerons could cause it to tip stall. I would be more inclined just to use rudder only to pick up a dropped wing tip so if left wing is down coming towards you, left rudder to pick up what is actually the right wing tip unless i have mis understood the post which I may have laugh

Thread: Mike Oldfield
13/01/2018 07:37:01

Quad are still in business but owned by the Chinese now I believe. Borrowed a pair of ELS 57's long time back and really loved those but not for your normal sized living room I worked for Pink Triangle when the business was set up by an old school mate. I have rebuilt my 303/33 combo - and have a few spare pre/power amps in various stages of repair. I have also built my own LS3/5a's using a Falcon acoustics kits and spare KEF drivers from ebay.

07/01/2018 17:17:44

Double post


Edited By Mike Stevens on 07/01/2018 17:19:09

07/01/2018 17:17:20

I use all old seventies hi fi gear.....Quad, Spendor, Rogers and Pink Triangle...service all my own gear and yes, turning speaker units 180 degrees can revive a sagging cone.

I have many versions of TB including the triple album.😀

Edited By Mike Stevens on 07/01/2018 17:20:36

Thread: P.A.W. 1.49 plain bearing - can't adjust compression
18/12/2017 19:07:14

PAW needles have a split down the threaded part so squeeze this gently together with pliers. Close the needle fully and open two to two and a half turns, back off compression, Prime and start flicking, if no joy, increase compression until you get a fire, don't need to choke every flick but every few and make sure fuel is being drawn up. When it fires and keeps running carefully increase compression until firing smoothly and then adjust needle for max revs....don't go too lean.....

Edited By Mike Stevens on 18/12/2017 19:08:12

Thread: What do I need for flying IC glow
15/12/2017 07:19:39

Did anyone say a black bag?surprise

Thread: P.A.W. 1.49 plain bearing - can't adjust compression
13/12/2017 18:29:31

Diesel fuel and the exhaust fumes from an Oliver Tiger are just heaven!

Thread: APC tiny bite
13/12/2017 06:06:04

Nicks and cuts quite normal with diesels laugh

Thread: P.A.W. 1.49 plain bearing - can't adjust compression
12/12/2017 21:00:32

I would never use electric starter on a diesel.

Thread: Twin power set ups
07/12/2017 20:03:05

Reminded me of a recent experience on my Twin Star recently - brushless - just after take off one motor cut out but managed to land it ok with lots of opposite rudder and gently inputs of power on the one remaining motor.

Thread: Is there a foam safe CA that available in ‘normal’ shops?
06/12/2017 06:38:50

Most local model shops will keep foam safe cyno. UHU POR is good too.

Thread: BMFA website
05/12/2017 07:25:15

Now resolved.

Disappearing into spam box crook

05/12/2017 07:21:21

What is wrong with BFMA website - trying to renew but forgotten password - sent re-set request multiple times - no return e mail. I am registered as it tells me from my membership number.

I even sent e mail to BMFA Sunday advising I was having issues and no response - any BMFA bods on here who could help?

Edited By Mike Stevens on 05/12/2017 07:21:41

Thread: M/Plex Gemini
05/12/2017 06:14:55

Many thanks for that - Trying to keep it tame as a while since I have flown it smiley

04/12/2017 06:18:47

I am re- programming my M/Plex Gemini and have the following settings. With regards to the ailerons figures do i read that as 16mm up and 12mm down please?...and similar apply to the elevator - first figure up and second figure down.

Control surface travels:

Measured at the widest point of the control surfaces
16/12 mm +/-
12/10 mm +/-
20 mm L/R
Thread: Thought I'd got the right motor.
02/12/2017 07:13:51

I recently drilled out a motor collett about 1mm in a drill press but you do need to go steady and used plenty of WD40 as a lubricant.

Thread: Woodpecker
18/11/2017 07:18:55

I like this a lot and pulled the plan to build but then saw the size adn thought -hmmm - management might not be happy with another aircraft taking over the house. i have about 15 dotted so, wondered if it would work half size - get the plan reduced at a copy shop and then adjust powerhouse accordingly etc. any thoughts anyone?

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