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Thread: The Advent Prize Draw is returning!
25/11/2020 17:50:12

Thanks to all concerned. laughlaugh


Thread: Lockdown Boredom
17/11/2020 15:27:49

could it be more weight on the right. looks as if the battery will be where the velcro is. imbalanced laterally


Thread: New scam alert!
13/11/2020 10:37:56

Had three emails from Tesco with competition offers for money prizes and one from Amazon with a offer to crack an egg on screen for prizes. Emails came from Milquakee Wisconsin USA. A bit suspicious.


Thread: Lone flying during Lockdown
08/11/2020 15:57:20

Not having read all the previous post as they would be predictable as shown above, but in recent years we have had severe weather that has wiped out several flying seasons not to mention foot and mouth so four weeks in the season of bad/poor weather is nothing to get wound up about. Just be patient.


edited for bad typing

Edited By John Tee on 08/11/2020 15:58:11

Thread: Modern domestic heating thermostats
23/10/2020 21:27:37

I used to work in the heating trade and struggled with some of the programmable room 'stats. Been retired 10 years now so probably wouldn't have a clue. Glad I'm out of it on hearing what is happening inside my old firm. Shades of British Airways.

On a similar vein, I have just changed my Ford SMax for a SMax Titanium. So many bells and whistles to learn. Auto gearbox from manual - easy. So many switches and buttons on the steering wheel and levers. Still got one switch on the indicator stalk I don't know what it does. Some parts of the manual are vague and seem to relate to other models. Took over 2 hours just to update the satnav and the engine had to be running all the time (not been updated in 4 years). Only had the car 7 weeks.


Thread: JR Aileron Mix
17/10/2020 19:34:46

Good luck with that. Maybe taking scale detail a bit too far. Would you actually notice the effect. You don't state the size of the model which may be relevant if say quarter scale. Obviously expo won't give you the desired movement.


17/10/2020 14:38:22

Just googled the manual. Try page 41 for differential.


17/10/2020 14:34:34

I don't know the JR system, but surely a Tx like JR would include a differential mix in the menus, or is this me being too simplistic. What you want to do sound horribly complicated to me.


Thread: NCSL Wire Bender
14/10/2020 14:44:13

There is a message in small type under the delivery/credit card box at the bottom of the screen to contact Peter before ordering.


Thread: Fantasy Formula 1
10/10/2020 23:19:43

I'm a happy bunny got pole prediction for the first time in a long time.


Thread: Grammar, punctuation, spelling
10/10/2020 18:06:09

I like things to be as correct as possible, but would never pull anyone up for it on a forum such as this. I do admit to complaining to my wife about the amount of Americanisms taking over our language. I do crosswords on my Kindle which is set for British style grid and English spelling, but even so there are numerous cases of "American" English in the answers. Have done them for so long now I know what words to put in now even if they offend me. I try to self edit my posts but am still guilty of posting too quickly with sentences that make no sense.

A teching assistant I play tenpin bwling with , once told me that as far as schools are concerned, if the child is undersood the spelling and grammar don't really matter.A statement I do not really agree with. I am mature but I hope not old so it must be a modern "thing"


Edited By John Tee on 10/10/2020 18:10:11

Thread: Strap for Enya 60 2st silencer
07/10/2020 18:23:33

ED. Sorry to say I haven't got one for a 60. Have several for 35/40. Thought I had an Enya 60 but nothing in my numerous boxes. Most of the 60 size silencers I have are the bolt through exhaust stub type.

Sorry can't help.


07/10/2020 17:11:17

ED. See you have not had any replies. I have a box of silencer bits and pieces, will have a look. Any idea of the hle spacing to make searching a bit easier.


Thread: Sellers beware!
06/10/2020 20:57:49

in the 50 and 60's not everyone had/could afford a bank account.


Thread: Mowing
06/10/2020 20:47:43

We have 4 regular mowers who volunteer mainly because we are retirees and have the time on a regular basis. Just so happens we are all on the committee. We only have the one field and are fortunate to have enough mowers to go round us all. Takes approx. 30 - 40 minutes each Friday. Decided this year to close the field for the morning on Fridays as we have had members turn up to fly at the same time. Some -not all - did offer to help.


Thread: Complete A Pac Kits
06/10/2020 00:24:08

I built their Mustang ands the only problem I remember (a long time ago now) was that the pre cut hole in a former for the fuel tank was too near the top which caused a problem fitting the tank.


Thread: Sellers beware!
04/10/2020 13:45:50

Could you not involve the courier as they must know where they delivered the model to. They may say they are unable to give details due to privacy rules but maybe Action Fraud could take that up.


editted for bad spelling


Edited By John Tee on 04/10/2020 13:46:42

Thread: Lockdown buidl 2, Spook 96
02/10/2020 18:58:53

My clubmate built two a few years ago . one for him and one for another clubmate which I now have. John suffered a loss of radio at the Brean model week a few years ago and big though it is nothing was heard even though reported to the local police. Last seen heading towards the Bristol channelmonster spook.jpg

Thread: BMFA kick backs/discounts for clubs
28/09/2020 12:23:54

I don't know of any financial advantage to clubs and having been a committee member for over ten years I think I should have heard of one. What I was told many years ago but never confirmed was that the BMFA got some money for very club registered with them from the sports council?


Thread: larger models
21/09/2020 16:01:30

Thanks everyone, given me some things to think about. I have collected the Super Tigres over the years and never fired them up all used motors


Edited By John Tee on 21/09/2020 16:03:22

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