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Thread: Caption competition!
29/03/2017 00:24:25

Aussie modeller wins Monty Python's falling over backwards award.

Thread: Spring is Here....
29/03/2017 00:20:33
Posted by Tom Sharp 2 on 28/03/2017 00:31:00:

That's what I like to see, a happy bunny. cool

You'll be a happy bunny too, 'cos I cut strip whilst I was there.

Thread: Caption competition!
28/03/2017 19:37:19

I say chaps, look at our Algy, he's the only one that's doing it right.

Thread: Spring is Here....
27/03/2017 20:51:12

My trusty 14 years old trainer suffered an uncharacteristic dead stick last week. The last one, if there was one with this engine, was so long ago I can't remember it. The model was okay but the engine was a write off, bits of metal and bearings all over the place.

Today with a new ASP 46 mounted in the front I headed off to the field and was quite surprised by what happened, not only did it start easily, first time of asking (okay they do that) but after setting the main needle the idle was spot on. It just sat there burbling away nicely and when I opened the throttle after 30 seconds or so there was no hesitation in achieving the top end revs I had set for running in. Nice one Mr ASPthumbs up. I'm sure it would have been fine flown like that but I like to know the engines really ready.

So, a few heat cycles on the ground and off she went, as good as new, no issues. A gorgeous day full of blue sky, skylarks, buzzards, ravens, reed buntings and a bright yellow Irvine Tutor 40.

Really pleased smile.

Edited By Ian Jones on 27/03/2017 20:51:51

Thread: The Atom Special
27/03/2017 20:28:06

Mine's still flat packed sad.

Thread: Spring is Here....
27/03/2017 01:28:33

I believe it was busy yesterday Tom. Since it's it's not so far to travel I might get away with sneaking down there myself mid morning.

27/03/2017 00:13:16

Ah the very spot I was planning on visiting tomorrow (oops today), alas other duties call sad.

Thread: BMFA NAtional Centre website launched
23/03/2017 00:56:55

Website looks good. Quite fancy a visit to the centre sometime.

Thread: I love the experimental, especially when they work
21/03/2017 10:10:22

Well, in the first few seconds I thought he was a crumb or two off a fruit cake but he's making long abandoned ideas actually fly, as Peter said, it works!

Thanks Peter.

Thread: Electrifying a pedal cycle
17/03/2017 00:37:22
Posted by Phil Green on 14/03/2017 20:20:05:

At the Nats year before last there was a lad with a 6kw Crystalite conversion, tearing around the camping area, he said it had been timed at 58mph. You could see it had phenominal acceleration -- he told me his party piece was out accelerating cars from the lights whilst pedaling backwards!

It was full of lipos though, 120 volts IIRC.


Used on a road in the it would also be a motor cycle.

Edited By Ian Jones on 17/03/2017 00:37:43

Thread: How accurate is Phoenix 5.5.1
17/03/2017 00:26:51

Thanks Pete, tried a few, pretty good.

Thread: Electrifying a pedal cycle
14/03/2017 00:17:16
Posted by Geoff Sleath on 13/03/2017 22:55:41:

Yes, there's a charger supplied but I was hoping to be able to use my iCharger if the battery can be divided into 2 x 5S sections. A big 'IF'. I'm just hoping it's a balance charger

We don't ride off road anyway - at least not seriously. Just very occasionally if a cycle track has some loose going, like (say) the High Peak or Tissington Trails but neither of us really enjoy them.

Our old touring/camping bikes were Mercians with normal drop bars and we used them for commuting as well. We had separate bikes for the bit of racing we did (evening 10s the odd 25, that's all). Avice's racing bike is on our turbo trainer permanently. My current bike is a Kinesis I assembled about 6 years ago with straight bars and low, close ratio gears and 700c wheels. I built it because there was nothing on the market like it with mudguard clearance and eyes for carrier.

The friend, who has one from the place we're visiting, regularly does 40 mile rides through the lanes just using the battery for climbs - she's 80! But her and her husband still hold the club's mixed tandem 25 record

I certainly wouldn't dream of buying an etandem rather than converting our Cannondale. We've only had it about 5 years and it cost around £3k. It has a hydraulic front rim brake and a mechanical disc at the back and stops faster than most singles.

I usually build my own wheels. I've built them for singles, tandems and trikes and they usually hold up OK but I use DT spokes and expensive rims. Front wheels aren't usually a problem anyway, though it may be different with a front wheel motor.


Sounds to me like you have done your homework on this Geoff, be interested to hear how it all goes.

13/03/2017 22:10:04

I was looking at converting my racing bike, I didn't for quite a lot of reasons, including the cost of a conversion versus buying new. Conversions can work but:

  • Standard wheel spokes are not usually stong enough to cope with the torque
  • Most purpose built ebikes weigh 15KG or more, there's reason beyond the battery for that, the frame itself needs to be stong enough.
  • The narrow alloy rims on my racer wouldn't have been strong enough either, especially for use on off road cycle routes. I live close to several canals which are cycle routes too - it's great to get off the road.
  • The cheapest conversions are front wheel drive, arguing which drive method is best is like arguing which fuel is best but front wheel drive didn't suit me.
  • The best drives in IMHO the ones fitted to the bottom bracket (AKA mid dive) but those were way out of my price range but a rear wheel drive was a good compromise.
  • Fitting a battery to a racer wouldn't hide the fact that it was electric assist, fortunately I eventually realised that didn't matter, an ebike hybrid tourer is far more comfortable over bumps, again especially over off road cycle routes.
  • Then there's brakes to consider, again especially off road, rim brakes I find get very quickly clogged up with mud etc, that can happen with disc brakes to but being nearer to the hub (that is furher away from the muck) they are less prone to that.
  • Beefing up the bike was going to extra cost on top of the conversion itself.

There are conversions intended especially for tandems, but a tandem ebike would be a better choice IMHO.

It might suit some people to buy second hand too, that's because of a change in regulations that came into effect last year. A new ebike (or conversion) can now only go up to 5mph (something like that) on battery only, prior to this year a lack of clarity in the wording of the regulations meant that ebike could be made that was legal up to 15.5 mph on battery only. These older bikes remain legal due to the [before] date they were built.

Interestingly the EU has had a hand in the regulating ebikes so each member country state has the same regulations you might think? Nope. I hired an ebike (with a Bosch bottom bracket drive unit) in Switzerland last year, the power output was greater than permitted here, 350 watts IRC, what a machine and they were everywhere!

When I eventually settled on a Freego Hawk (got a good deal for two actually) it was quite a culture change but I soon got over it. I get between 30 and 45 miles per charge, depending on how much I have to use the battery, my legs aren't good these days but on one occasion last year I exceeded 45 miles on a charge. I often ride out withlittle or no battery assist then use the battery to get home, that extends the range considerably. I would consider going for a higher capacity battery though.

Ooh, I meant to say, no matter what thoughts there may be it's worth visiting more than one supplier/retailer and get a spread of opinions and just as importantly try some ebikes. They might surprise, some look quite racey but looks aren't everything.

Ooh re-reading the OP, the kit will come with a battery charger surely?

Edited By Ian Jones on 13/03/2017 22:13:52

Edited By Ian Jones on 13/03/2017 22:17:25

Thread: Fusion 360 for modellers
10/03/2017 21:47:46

Good Man Bob. I've just read your first pdf, it's excellent, well done.

A lot of us are going beneifit from this.

OG Fusion 360 can be traced back to AutoCAD but I don't know whether it still carries any similarities, I suspect not.

Is there anyone that can run a similar thread for AutoCAD I wonder?


Edited By Ian Jones on 10/03/2017 21:56:18

Thread: The BPC
10/03/2017 21:40:53
Posted by Ian Jones on 08/03/2017 00:29:16:

Well I suppose all the usual protests will follow, looks good to me though.

As predicted.

Nothings changed except that there is now an achievement level for those that would otherwise have been excluded from the opportunity to go for one. thumbs up

There's really nothing to get worked up about.

Thread: 3D Printers, where do you store and use yours
10/03/2017 18:34:07

No you can't Bob but you can do this:

Prusa Heatbead

That's a pdf uploaded into Thingiverse but instead of copying the page url, right click on the actual pdf file & select "Copy Link Location" and make link to it from a post on here.

Oops that didn't work, external links are intercepted by the Thingiverse website. Oh well, you can link to the page with the pdf on though.

If you have any free webspace provided by your ISP you could use that, or Google drive and link to them that way.

Edited By Ian Jones on 10/03/2017 18:39:16

Thread: Where are we with 3D printers now?
10/03/2017 11:57:57

School kids helping school kids, brilliant.

BBC news item "Warrington school makes boy, 5, prosthetic hand", click here

Thread: PrintRite DIY modular Printer from Hobby King
10/03/2017 11:47:53

Thanks MAL, looks like HK has withdrwan the UK plug version (hence the broken link).

Edited By Ian Jones on 10/03/2017 11:48:10

Edited By Ian Jones on 10/03/2017 11:48:41

Thread: 3D Printers, where do you store and use yours
10/03/2017 10:29:33

Yes I'm sure you are right, perhaps one of these exits?

Just a suggestion, you might already have your own ideas formulating.

Thread: 3D design
10/03/2017 01:37:36

Love the merlin exhaust stacks and the dummy engines look very convincing. I've still got a spit to build that would look great with those - in a set of 6 of course.

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